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  • posted a message on July 11, 2019
    Votes: netn10, Indighost

    Gardener of Vigor GG
    Creature — Elf Druid (R)
    Whenever a land enters the battlefield tapped and under your control, untap it.
    “The soil might look devoid of life, but all the small invisible living organisms it contains could defeat a giant by working together.”
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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] DCC Discussion Thread
    Quote from Flatline »
    I just posted my first card on the new site. Lookin' good so far.

    I envy you. For now, I'm not even able to register on Nexus...
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  • posted a message on MTGNexus has launched
    I have problems with registration on Nexus. I've sent you a pm. It would really help if you could answer to that asap.
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  • posted a message on July 10, 2019
    Votes: Indighost, DiscardUnearth

    Blightning Wielder 3BR
    Creature — Human Wizard (U)
    When Blightning Wielder enters the battlefield, Blightning Wielder deals 3 damage to target player. That player discards two cards.
    “Have you ever said that you’ve been suddenly struck by an idea? Well, the concept is kinda the same...”
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  • posted a message on July 9, 2019
    Votes: Indighost, netn10 (I really like the card mechanically, but the flavor is off to me, there are no Slivers on Ravnica, even though if there were any, the Simic would certainly be more than glad to "improve" them)

    Divine Vision 3U
    Instant (C)
    Target player draws two cards.
    Overload 1U (You may cast this spell for its overload cost. If you do, change its text by replacing all instances of “target” with “each.”)
    “A vision is nothing but a skein of symbols and hidden truths.”
    —Pravlos, priest of Kruphix
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  • posted a message on July 9, 2019
    The DCC: July 9, 2019

    Welcome to the DCC!
    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the DCC Discussion Thread.

    How To Play

    How does this card-making game work? It's simple! Whenever your card receives a vote in the day's poll, you receive [1] point for the month. If your card ends up with the most votes for that day, you will receive [2] additional points for the month. In the event of a tie, each person who tied receives [1] additional point. At the end of each month, the person with the most points on the scoreboard wins that month, then the scoreboard is cleared for the next month. You can participate in as many or as few days as you want in any month.


    • Each day you may post any card you want. On the next day all of the posted cards will be put into a poll the thread as long as your card didn't get disqualified - see the next point for more details. If you post more than one card in a DCC thread, only the first card you post will be taken.
    • When you vote, you need to make exactly two votes for two different people. Vote for the cards that are listed in the first post, not other cards being posted in the thread. If you notice that you've only voted for one person, include your second vote in a post, even if you're not submitting a card.
    • If you want to change your vote for any reason, post that change in the day's thread (you can include it with your card if you want). Changed votes in the discussion thread will be ignored.
    • Voting for only one person, for three or more people, or for yourself will earn you an asterisk by your name in the monthly leaderboard. So will failing to vote if you've posted a card. (We're not going to do anything about people who don't vote or post cards; that would be kind of silly.) This indicates that you're on probation for the next 21 days. If you're on probation and you make another improper vote, your card will be disqualified. Repeated disqualification is grounds for warnings and/or infractions for not following the game rules, so please don't do it.
    • Voting for everything in the poll will be grounds for a lifetime ban from the DCC. Don't do it. It just wastes the thread creators' time.
    • If you wish to post a render, please use the hyperlink option when posting your card and make the card name the image link. Renders are usually large enough to clog up the list, so submit a text-formed card and (optionally) a link in the name to the render.
    • This thread is just for your card submission. Take your questions/comments to our discussion thread. If it's a question, comment, or complaint about probation, PM me instead and I'll explain it.
    • Anyone can post the new thread for the day. When you post it, make sure that:
      • You have a poll in the thread;
      • You include everyone's cards (excluding cards that have been disqualified);
      • The poll is marked as public and multiple choice with a one-day time limit; and
      • You update the leaderboard with the previous day's scores.
    (An easy way to post the new thread is to hit the multiquote button on every post in the previous day's thread, then click Post Reply. Select everything in this post, copy it, and then paste it into the first post for a new thread. You'll have to clean up a few small things, like quote tags around the opening post and the previous day's cards.)

    Notes of the Day

    This note will probably remain the same the whole month: This month of the DCC will all be taking place here on MTGSalvation, MTGNexus will formally open to the public in mid-July, the first MTGNexus DCC will begin in August.

    Filling in for void_nothing today. This is the first time I post a DCC thread in more than three years... it feels good to be back!

    DCC July Scoreboard

    void_nothing 20 (+2)
    netn10 19 (+3)
    kwanyeegor 14 (+1)
    bravelion83 11 (+1)
    DiscardUnearth 11 (+7)
    IcariiFA 11
    Indighost 8
    Zemoo 2
    Phyrexian Editor 0
    Rudyard 0

    Quote from bravelion83 »
    Votes: netn10, DiscardUnearth

    I can't help but notice how few people are competing this month, in all three contests. I hope it's just because people are waiting for Nexus to go up.

    Wooden Citywall G
    Artifact — Fortification (U)
    Whenever you tap fortified land for mana, add one mana of any type.
    Fortify 2
    The mayor of Avabruck thought to make his citizens happier with a new protection all around the town. What they didn’t know yet was that danger had already entered it.
    Quote from Indighost »
    Discard, void

    Life has become a lot more hectic as of late, this is merely one of many hobbies that have fallen by the wayside.

    Abyssal Lore 6BB
    Sorcery (R)
    Search your library for a card, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.
    Quote from kwanyeegor »
    netn10 discardunearth

    Speed Attack 1RG
    Instant (Uncommon)
    Target creature gains haste, hexproof, and double strike until end of turn
    Quote from netn10 »
    Votes: DiscardUnearth, bravelion83

    Exoskeleton Sliver 2GU
    Creature - Sliver Mutant (Rare)
    Slivers you control have graft 1 and evolve.
    "Our motto is 'if we could, we should' but after our latest discovery, I believe we should change this motto."
    - Robak, Simic Biologist

    Quote from void_nothing »
    Votes: netn10, DiscardUnearth

    Chilling Devil 1R
    Snow Creature - Devil (U)
    When Chilling Devil enters the battlefield, each tapped land you control doesn't untap during your next untap step.
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  • posted a message on [Daily Card Contest] DCC Discussion Thread
    I will do it right now. EDIT: Done.
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL Discussion Thread
    I like "Nature Awakened" a lot. Now I wish I had thought of it. If I had, that would definitely be Hakolp's title.

    Yes, a mountain range as its spine would have very probably worked better, but again, I just didn't think of it.

    Such a long list of keywords looks a bit unelegant to me, but it certainly would have helped the card feel more mythic. I was going for aesthetics: three colors, three abilities. But again, I've been taking it for granted and just didn't think about using more. (Can you see a common theme?)

    I 100% remember reading about the wording with "it" being introduced in an "Oracle changes" article. I thought it was the one from Dominaria, but maybe it was actually later and my mind is just bad at remembering things (which it kinda is sometimes). I'll try to find the article again.

    Don't worry, I'm not worrying about your judgments or the points I am or am not getting. This is just a very nice and civil discussion, and I will always be open to those.

    EDIT: I'm trying to find the article. For now I've checked the Oracle changes article for Dominaria, and you're right, it wasn't that set. It has a lot of changes, but not that specific one. In the meantime, while I keep looking for it, here's a Gatherer search for cards with that wording:
    https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?text= [%22:%20It%22]
    Can't properly link to it because the forum software doesn't like the square brackets in the URL. If you want to check it, you should just do a copy and paste of the whole line.
    I do notice that the "it" wording appears to only apply to damage dealing abilities. My treasure hunt for the article I remember continues. Further updates will follow.

    EDIT 2: Ok, I've found it. It's the last change in the WAR Oracle changes article. The human brain is a wonderful thing... or at least it would be if it worked properly. I thought I had read it over a year ago while actually I had read it not even three months ago. And anyway, yes, the required conditions, detailed in the article, essentially imply that it mostly only applies to direct damage, so Hakolp shouldn't have it and you were right all along. I have no problems admitting a mistake. I apologize.
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  • posted a message on [Card Creation League] CCL Discussion Thread
    Thanks to Mr. Rithaniel for the very detailed MCC-style critique. I just wanted to answer a few points.

    Quote from Mr. Rithaniel »
    So, I believe the idea behind this is that Hakolp is an elemental which takes the form of an immense hydra?
    Close. In my head I imagined it as a hydra but made of different natural elements instead of flesh.
    The title "Woods Awakened" throws me off a little bit, however. Is Hakolp more of a giant wood elemental or a mixture of different elements?
    The latter, definitely. It's true that I've had troubles with its title. I've been thinking about a better one until the deadline, but it didn't come to my mind. As is, I imagined it as the whole forest awakening, with its trees but also the rivers, rocks and mount peaks, but I didn't want to use the word "Forest" because it has a different specific meaning in MTG. I don't know how strong this idea is, but this is what it is.
    (Also, the mental image of a head containing mountain ranges for teeth being supported by a tiny tree trunk made me laugh a little.)
    It's kinda supposed to. It's meant to be a strange chimera made up of different elements instead of different animals. The image is kinda comical.
    I like the power to cost ratios you've establish. Four mana for a 2/2, five mana for a 4/4, six mana for a 6/6, etcetera. The only cost where you might argue that it's power and toughness are too low is when it would be a 2/2 for four mana. Aside from that, all potential cost-to-power-and-toughness ratios seem to be on-point.
    Totally intentional. It probably shows that I've thought about rate a lot on this card.
    ...the cost of 1 in the activated ability...
    That's there as a safety valve against potential infinite loops and things like that. I don't know if it's really needed, but I decided to put it in just to be safe. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.
    "It gets" should be "Hakolp gains."
    Not as of Dominaria. This is part of the wording changes introduced in that set. What's true is that the verb should be "gains" and not "gets", that's just an unfortunate leftover from an earlier version of the card, where that activated ability also granted a P/T bonus (that requires the verb "gets") which I later removed to both shorten the text and simplify the card, forgetting to change the verb to "gains" as I did. That's my real mistake, the "it" not only isn't wrong according to current editing rules, but it's actually the required wording now.
    Why are we using that particular list of keywords?
    Mechanics. It's just a list of three abilities found in each of the three colors. No flavor reason.
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  • posted a message on July 8, 2019
    Votes: netn10, DiscardUnearth

    I can't help but notice how few people are competing this month, in all three contests. I hope it's just because people are waiting for Nexus to go up.

    Wooden Citywall G
    Artifact — Fortification (U)
    Whenever you tap fortified land for mana, add one mana of any type.
    Fortify 2
    The mayor of Avabruck thought to make his citizens happier with a new protection all around the town. What they didn’t know yet was that danger had already entered it.
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  • posted a message on July MCC Round 1 - Kaleidoscopic end
    Ok, the design deadline has come, so the round is officially closed. No need for Mr. Rithaniel to judge, three judges are definitely enough. Brackets are as follows. As an exception to the regular MCC rules, due to the extraordinary circumstances of this month, with Nexus opening very soon, the top 3 from each bracket will advance to round 2 instead of the top 4. Very probably, I will just follow the structure that Eventide Sojouner did last month.


    Judge: Algernone25
    Jimmy Groove

    Judge: bravelion83
    Eventide Sojourner

    Judge: void_nothing
    Mr. Rithaniel

    Judging starts right now. The judging deadline is July 11th 23:59 EDT. My "very important note" in the OP applies. Judges, good work! Let's do our thing!

    Judgments complete. Strange how I found myself judging four Boros cards out of five in my bracket, but as a fellow Boros soldier, I definitely like it.

    Also, right while I was writing these, Nexus went up, with its own CCCG forum, where all our three main contests will be starting next month, so you should probably check it out, and I better go (try to) register right now. Both links courtesy of void_nothing.

    Token of Iroas RW
    Artifact (C)
    T: Add C.
    RW, Sacrifice Token of Iroas: Scry 2, then draw a card.
    Prayers offered to the God of Honor and Victory were returned with naught but desolation.

    (2.5/3) Appeal - I don't think Timmy cares too much, even if he does like mana acceleration. Johnny likes to dig for combo pieces and such. Spike really, really likes a mana rock that lets her also scry and draw.
    (3/3) Elegance - Just one word: perfect.

    (3/3) Viability - There are many cycles of similar cards (see Uniqueness), and assuming this is also part of one such cycle, I have no problems with its colors or its rarity.
    (3/3) Balance - I think you'd certainly play this in limited if you're in Boros colors. Being 2 CMC instead of the usual 3 is a huge deal for constructed, and that coupled with the highly desirable "scry and draw" ability might let this card also take a shot at Standard playability. No problems in casual or multiplayer.

    (1/3) Uniqueness - This artifact is just the last in a very long design line playing in very similar space. Once there were the Talismans (first the allied ones in original Mirrodin, then the enemy ones in Modern Horizons), then the Signets in original Ravnica block, then the Keyrunes and Cluestones in Return to Ravnica block, then the Lockets in Guilds of Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance. This is just the next one in the series.
    (2.5/3) Flavor - I don't like that much the use of the word "token" in the name. In Magic, that word has a specific meaning, but I admit that its normal English meaning works perfectly here. I wonder if you could have used a different synonym. I just love the flavor text.

    (2.5/3) Quality - In the flavor text, the words "god", "honor", and "victory" should not be capitalized (see Arena Athlete for an example involving Iroas himself, -0.5). A Gatherer search for "god of" returns 31 results, almost all from Theros and Amonkhet blocks. Notice the (lack of) capitalization in all of those cards. Copy and paste the URL if you want to check it (link doesn't work properly because of symbols in the URL): https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?output=spoiler&method=visual&action=advanced&flavor= ["god of"]
    (2/2) Main Challenge - Good.
    (2/2) Subchallenges - Both met.

    Total: 21.5/25

    Standard-issue Blade
    R/W mana
    Artifact - Equipment (u)
    Equipped creature has +1/+1 and double strike.
    Equip 4 mana
    Equip white and red creature R/W mana
    The first toy of every future soldier.

    General comment (written before starting judging)
    Can't get the space to appear before hybrids...
    I've tried in all ways to tell you how to do it, both answering in the discussion thread and sending you a pm to make sure you saw that post in the discussion thread on time. Unfortunately, it looks like I haven't succeeded. I'm writing this before making the actual judgments, so I don't know if you will advance or not yet, but if you do, I advise you to always use mana tags in the next rounds (and everywhere really). They always work as intended, while mana smilies often don't, in several ways. Knowing that this was your situation, wanting to do the right thing but not knowing how, I will be a little more generous than usual in Quality, but I still have to make a deduction for this anyway, even if smaller than the one I would normally make. I'm sorry, especially because I tried everything I could to let you know the answer to your problem.

    (2/3) Appeal - Timmy is very interested in giving his creatures a P/T bonus but especially double strike. I don't see much for Johnny here. Spike is halfway between Timmy and Johnny: she potentially likes the effect, and definitely likes the mana efficiency of the mana cost and the equip variant cost, but four mana for regular equip might look a bit too much to her.
    (2/3) Elegance - Not too long and very easy to understand except for the equip variant. In fact, there is a potential ambiguity with it: can you use "equip red and white creature" (see Quality) for creatures that are mono-red, mono-white, or both red and white, or can you use it only for creatures that are both red and white (excluding monocolored ones)? I think the intention is the latter, but I can't be sure, as this wording isn't fully clear. This reminds me very much of "devotion for two colors". When it was first previewed (remember, if they come from Wizards themselves, they're "previews", not "spoilers" or "leaks"), a debate arose: a hybrid mana symbol counts for one or two? Two parties formed, and I was in the wrong one. To me it feels more intuitive to count a hybrid mana symbol as both colors, as it also normally does in the rules by the way, so Boros Reckoner's devotion to red and white would have been 6: I count its devotion to red (3), then its devotion to white (3), then I calculate the sum (6). That would have been the most intuitive way to me, but it would also have been quite overpowered, so devotion to two colors has been defined in the other way, and a hybrid mana symbol only counts for one. But the debate went on for weeks if I recall correctly, until Wizards announced the CR changes for Born of the Gods. I think this would spark a similar debate.

    (3/3) Viability - Everything here is something that both red and white can do, so it's a perfect hybrid design. I also think that rarity is right.
    (2.5/3) Balance - In any format, you want to equip this using the discounted cost. Four mana for the normal equip feels like a bit too much, but I think this is intended, to push you towards actually using the discount, in the same way as Blackblade Reforged with legendary creatures. Once you clear up the ambiguity I've talked about before (see Elegance), I see no problems with this card being played in limited, and maybe making a little splash in Boros aggro decks in Standard. I also see no problems in casual or multiplayer either.

    (2.5/3) Uniqueness - Equip red and white creature (see Quality) is technically new, even if kind of an easy place to go after equip legendary creature in Dominaria. This would have felt much more original if it had been designed before Dominaria was out, but I also admit that this vein of design space has just started being explored, so the score doesn't suffer too much from this.
    (2.5/3) Flavor - This card is in the same exact situation as the previous one. Was there a way to avoid using the word "standard" in the name, given its specific meaning in Magic? But again, it does work here if you use the normal English meaning, and the flavor text is just a work of art in my opinion. I absolutely love it, and it feels very appropriate on a Boros-themed card. Anyway, same situation, same score in this area.

    (1/3) Quality - Mana cost on a different line as the card name, and a missing space before the hybrid symbol in the last ability. You already knew both of these. Normally I'd deduct half a point for each, so one point total, but given what I've written in the "general comment" on top of this judgment, I'll do -0.5 total. But wait, there's more: it should be "Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has double strike", so wrong verbs in that ability (-0.5). Colors are always mentioned in WUBRG order, and in the Boros color pair, red comes before white, because for two-colored pairs you always take the shortest path in the color wheel. In this case, red-green-white is shorter than white-blue-black-red, so red comes before white, and so it should be "equip red and white creature" (-0.5). Finally, Blackblade Reforged also shows that the equip variant should come before the normal equip (-0.5).
    (2/2) Main Challenge - Good.
    (2/2) Subchallenges - Both met.

    Total: 19.5/25

    Fountain of Delight GWU
    Artifact (Rare)
    T: Scry 1 and add C
    T: The next time you draw a card this turn, you may reveal it. When you do, you gain life equal to that card's converted mana cost

    General comment (written before starting judging)
    I've tried to tell you about the right formatting for text cards on this forum (and I think it will stay the same on Nexus) in every way and in every place I could, but apparently I haven't been able to pass my message. I've written about that in response to your cards in both the DCC and the CCL before getting here, to try to give you the chance to adjust this card in the MCC before the design deadline. Unfortunately, now I have to do exactly what I have tried to avoid in all ways, failing, and I have to give you a very low Quality score. I apologize in advance, but the MCC is the most formal contest we have (and personally, that's what I like so much about it). I don't know yet if you will advance or not, but if you do, please, please, please do check the advised formatting in the forum rules that I've linked to in the OP, as I always do on my months and other MCC hosts also often do on their months.

    (2/3) Appeal - Timmy likes life gain, mana acceleration, and the thrill of "what card will I reveal? How much life will I gain?" but I honestly don't see him falling in love with this card. Scry is good for Johnny, and the last ability looks open-ended enough for him. To Spike, this card just has its first ability, which she does like, but the rest of the card could not be there as far as she's concerned.
    (2.5/3) Elegance - Not too long and easy enough to understand, even if it does require you to remember about the last ability when you draw your next card. But most players would just activate that ability in response to the draw, provided that it's not the card you draw in your draw step (you can't respond to that turn-based action, but you could just activate this in your upkeep in that case) so this is not a big problem. Let's just call it a small potential memory issue.

    (3/3) Viability - All three colors are represented in the card's mechanics: blue scries, green adds mana, and white gains life. That's good. I think that the complexity of the last ability by itself requires this to be rare, so that's also good.
    (2.5/3) Balance - No problems in limited except for the restrictive mana cost, which will be hard to pay if the format doesn't support multicolor play. If you can pay it, you'll play it. In constructed, the "scry and add mana" is a highly desirable ability, but the lifegain one not so much under ordinary circumstances, at best being something you might want out of your sideboard against aggro decks. I think that if this sees a little Standard play, it will be mostly because of its first ability, and again, the hypothetical Standard format this belongs in should support multicolor play, something that doesn't always happen. The current one does, but it's not a given once the so-called, though not officially, Guilds of Ravnica block (GRN, RNA, WAR) rotates out next year. Another thing to consider, especially for constructed, is that the last ability makes you gain life but at a hidden cost of revealing information to your opponent(s). You usually don't like to reveal the cards you draw to them. Is gaining life enough to offset such a hidden cost? I don't know. This is one of those situations where playtest would be needed. I see no particular problems in casual or multiplayer.

    (2/3) Uniqueness - I can't remember anything existing that works exactly like the last ability here, but it's nothing groundbreaking. All the rest of the card is nothing new.
    (2/3) Flavor - I have no problems with the name or the concept of this card. I do with the lack of flavor text. There is plenty of room for it here, so I would have definitely liked to see some.

    (0.5/3) Quality - The name is not bolded (-1 because it's a very well-known thing that the name is bolded, and it's also in the forum rules as I've already said in my "general comment" at the top of this judgment). Two periods missing at the end of both abilities (two times -0.5 makes -1). The scry and adding mana should be separate sentences in the first ability. A Gatherer search for "and add" returns only two cards: Carnival of Souls and Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion. Both do different things from what this card does. I could see an argument for using "then", like in Isolated Watchtower, but I haven't been able to find any precedent for a similar use of "and". So the first ability should say "Scry 1. Add C." (-0.5) But I also want to include a positive note here: the correct and proper use of a reflexive trigger ("When you do...") instead of the normal "If you do". Cards like this are exactly the reason reflexive triggers have been invented in the first place.
    (2/2) Main Challenge - Good.
    (2/2) Subchallenges - Both met.

    Total: 18.5/25

    Wojek Incendiaries R
    Artifact {U}
    1R, T, Sacrifice Wojek Incendiaries: It deals 2 damage to each creature.

    (2/3) Appeal - Timmy likes dealing damage but not to his own creatures. Johnny is interested in finding some way to recur this. Spike just sees this as the next Pyroclasm variant, and those are usually good enough at least for sideboard play.
    (3/3) Elegance - Is being more elegant than this card even possible?

    (3/3) Viability - Obviously red, and obviously uncommon for today's standards. Good.
    (1.5/3) Balance - I have a very easy time seeing this played in limited but a very hard time seeing this in constructed. I think most players would just play Pyroclasm over this, as it costs one less mana total, counting this card as if you want to cast and activate it in the same turn, which you'd most often want to do, and it doesn't sit there for the opponent to just play around it if you wait to activate it instead. And Pyroclasm is not a very played card in constructed as is, most often coming out of sideboards. If there are no other Pyroclasm variants legal in the format, this might see a little Standard sideboard play, but that's the most I can see this card doing in constructed. The fact that Pyroclasm is a sorcery while this can be activated at instant speed helps to justify the higher total mana cost, but it's not that relevant in the comparison between the two cards in my opinion. This card gets a little better in multiplayer as you have more creatures to be damaged and potentially destroyed, and this is not a bad thing. Overall, and in summary, this card looks a bit too weak to me. Being too weak is better than being too strong, but it's not ideal either.

    (0.5/3) Uniqueness - This is not a full zero, but just because that's reserved for submissions containing already existing cards or functional reprints. This card comes as close as it can while still being technically new. This card feels very unoriginal to me, and reminds me of several already existing cards. For example, Pyroclasm and all its variants exist, as well as the Seals from multiple different sets, and others. I'm sorry.
    (2/3) Flavor - It's curious, it's the second time in my bracket that in this area a card is the same exact situation as the previous one, so let me just copy and paste what I've already written as it applies here too: I have no problems with the name or the concept of this card. I do with the lack of flavor text. There is plenty of room for it here, so I would have definitely liked to see some. Again, same situation, same score in this area.

    (3/3) Quality - As I've had the chance to learn in round 1 of this month's CCL, this use of "it" on a direct damage ability is the correct wording as of WAR, so congratulations for being up to date with the latest changes in templating. I just wanted to point this out here.
    (2/2) Main Challenge - Good.
    (1/2) Subchallenges - Not multicolored, but doesn't contain "end".

    Total: 18/25

    Gloryseeker's Greaves RW
    Artifact – Equipment {U}
    Equipped creature has haste and renown 1. (When this creature deals combat damage to a player, if it isn't renowned, put a +1/+1 counter on it and it becomes renowned.)
    If equipped creature entered the battlefield this turn, it has indestructible.
    Equip 0

    General comment (written before starting judging)
    Welcome to the CCCG subforum! It's very nice to see a new player in a month where all the three main contests have registered a rather sharp decrease in participation, and I always like to welcome new players whenever it falls on me to judge their cards (always remember that we judge cards and not people here). I hope you have a lot of fun here! But I also have to say that the timing of you showing up has been a little unfortunate... I hope you know about Nexus (see the link in my signature if you don't know what I'm talking about), and I hope to see you there as well.

    (3/3) Appeal - Timmy likes everything on this card. Johnny might be more interested in using a zero-mana haste-granting permanent to abuse some activated ability with T in its activation cost rather than to attack. He can also like indestructible as protection for his combo pieces if they happen to be creatures. Johnny would love to play this in something like Splinter Twin: first, you play this. Then, all in a single turn, you play your untapping creature, give this to it and finally enchant the creature. Now you have an immediately working Splinter Twin engine (thanks to haste) that's also protected (thanks to indestructible), and you can immediately combo off. Obviously, Splinter Twin is currently banned in Modern, but you get the point. This is the kind of things that Johnny wants to do with this card. Spike also likes to give haste to her creatures for free, while also getting even more bonuses at a reasonable price in mana.
    (3/3) Elegance - Not the shortest card in the world, but far from being too long, and very easy to understand anyway. I'd say this is definitely good enough in this area to get full points.

    (3/3) Viability - Haste is red, indestructible white, and renown was primary in both colors in Origins. Good. I can also see this card at uncommon rather easily. Also good.
    (3/3) Balance - Usually you want your noncreature spells to be either removal or combat tricks in limited, but if you're in Boros colors I can definitely see most players trying this out even if it doesn't belong to either of those categories if they have room for this in their deck. Maybe you could see this as a sort of permanent combat trick, and it looks quite good in playing that role. Haste and indestructible, even if just for a turn, for a free equip cost definitely looks good enough for you to actually want to try it out in limited, and maybe Standard too. In older formats, I've seen Lightning Greaves getting played, and this looks similar enough to be considered at least. I see no problems in casual or multiplayer.

    (1.5/3) Uniqueness - There aren't too many cards that care if a creature has entered the battlefield this turn, which is the most original thing this card has, but about ten do exist, printed years apart from each other. The oldest is probably Chaos Lord from Ice Age that cares whether it entered the battlefield this turn. If you only look at cards that care about other cards having entered the battlefield this turn, then the oldest might be Novijen, Heart of Progress and Simic Guildhall in original Ravnica block. Then a few more exist, but the list is too long to mention all of them here.
    (2.5/3) Flavor - No problems with the name or card concept. This time, I had to check MSE to see if there is room for flavor text. It turns out that one line could fit without any problem, but the card looks indeed much more elegant without it, and the text box is very nicely filled up. So I'm still deducting something for the lack of flavor text, but only half a point instead of the full point of the previous two cards, for which I didn't even need MSE to know that there is room.

    (2.5/3) Quality - If Eldrazi Crabs could talk, Drownyard Behemoth would say that the second ability should be "Equipped creature has indestructible as long as it entered the battlefield this turn." (-0.5)
    (2/2) Main Challenge - Good.
    (2/2) Subchallenges - Both met.

    Total: 22.5/25

    slimytrout: 22.5
    Eventide Sojourner: 21.5
    Hemlock: 19.5
    kwanyeegor: 18.5
    RaikouRider: 18

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  • posted a message on CCL July, Round 2 - Optional Payment Plan
    Saprophyte Myr 2B
    Artifact Creature — Myr (U)
    (2/B): Saprophyte Myr gains menace until end of turn.
    (2/B), Exile a creature card from your graveyard: Put a +1/+1 counter on Saprophyte Myr.
    Some myr don’t feed on metal, but flesh.
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  • posted a message on July 7, 2019
    Quote from netn10 »
    The forum was broken when I tried to post here yesterday... oh well.
    Yes, apparently it went in read-only mode for four hours, and that happening to me was exactly my own fear too. I kept trying to post every few minutes until it actually let me.
    EDIT: Apparently quoting has now been fixed too, it just let me do it without any problems.

    Votes: Indighost, void_nothing

    Hire Mercenaries 2(U/R)(U/R)
    Sorcery (R)
    Choose target creature an opponent controls. If UU was spent to cast Hire Mercenaries, gain control of that creature. (This effect lasts indefinitely.) Otherwise, gain control of that creature until end of turn, untap it, and it gains haste until end of turn.
    Some are hired permanently, others just for the day.
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  • posted a message on CCL July, Round 1 - Weight on the Scales
    Critiques complete.

    Infiltrated Rebellion XUR
    Sorcery (MR)
    Target opponent creates X 1/1 red and blue Rogue creature tokens named Embedded Agent with "This creature attacks each turn if able." and "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to an opponent, that opponent draws a card."
    Every great leader has to face resistance. The wise makes sure that the control that resistance even more strongly than they control their own empire.

    I like the flavor text very much, but there is a typo in it: "The wise make sure that they control...", and I also think that the first period shouldn't be there in the rules text. As for the card itself, it's very complicated but at least it does work as intended. This is certainly supposed to be a mythic.
    Azologtep, Who Consumes XXBBB
    Legendary Creature - Demon (M)
    Flying, trample
    Devour X
    When you cast Azologtep, each opponent sacrifices X creatures. It enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it for each creature sacrificed this way.

    At the very least, reminder text is required for devour, as any non-evergreen keyword, even though on a mythic you can leave it off if there's no room, but MSE shows me there is room here, so it should have it. I also have a few doubts whether this actually works as intended in the rules. With devour not being a triggered ability, but an "as this enters" ability (that is, a static ability that modifies how this enters the battlefield), the value of X you declare when you cast this might actually be seen by devour, even though I'm not sure, I'd need to check the order of the various steps of casting a spell in the CR. What I know is that if devour actually was a triggered ability, it wouldn't work. In those cases, specific rules exception as needed (see Polukranos, World Eater and monstrosity for example).
    Oh, I hadn't read the triggered ability yet. That is a perfect example of the value of X not passing from the mana cost to a triggered ETB ability. As written, this doesn't work in the rules. It would be easy enough to tweak it to work, but as is it doesn't. I'm sorry.
    Familiar Faces XXUUBB
    Sorcery (Rare)
    Choose X target creatures you control from your graveyard and/or from the battlefield, then create a token that's a copy of each of them.

    I like the effect but I'm almost certain that the wording is wrong: something like "...then, for each of them, create a token that's a copy of it" would very probably be much closer to how this would be if it were printed for real. I have nothing else to say about this card, but I will admit that I would have liked to see some flavor text. There's plenty of room for it here.
    Increasing Terror XBR
    Sorcery (Rare)
    Target opponent discards X cards. If Increasing Terror was cast from a graveyard, repeat this process for each other opponent. Increasing Terror deals damage to each player who discarded a card this way equal to the greatest converted mana cost among those cards.
    Flashback XXBR

    Overall, I like this enough, and the piggybacking on the Increasing cycle from Innistrad works very well, but I do have a couple remarks. First, a rules doubt: I hope that repeating the process doesn't interfere with targeting rules, I'd need to check the CR. Second, an ambiguity in the text: if you're flashing this back, so you're making all opponents discard, do I look for the greatest CMC among all cards discarded and then all opponents take that same amount of damage, or do I check for each player singularly the greatest CMC among the cards that were specifically discarded by them? Does "among these cards" at the end refer to all discarded cards regardless of their owner (so the answer is the former) or to each player singularly (so the answer is the latter)? With the wording you used it's not clear. Still, there are cards with worse problems or that I like less in my bracket, so you might end up in the top 3 anyway.
    Spontaneous Revelation X(U/R)(U/R)(U/R)
    Instant R
    Draw twice X cards, then discard X cards at random.
    "The answer came to me in an instant. Like a lightning strike in the dead of night, all the details thrown into sharp contrast for a single heartbeat."
    —Academy Director Royan Shole

    There's nothing wrong about this card design-wise or flavor-wise, but it's just not my style of card as a player, for just one reason: the words "at random" being there. I would never play it just for that reason. But as Maro often reminds us, if I don't like this kind of cards, it just means it's not for me. I'm sure there will certainly be people who like this effect. I'm just not among those people.
    Earthquake Ariser X(R/G)
    Creature--Hellion Hydra (Rare)
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a land
    Earthquake Ariser enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it
    Whenever Earthquake Ariser deals combat damage to a player, you may activate activated abilities of land cards in your graveyard as though they were on the battlefield that many times this turn. Exile those land cards instead of paying T in those abilities' costs in this way

    There is a reason why I advised you to keep an eye on the formatting of your cards yesterday in the DCC. If we were in the MCC, this would just get a full zero in Quality. Name not bolded, double line in the type line (I understand that you wanted to represent an em dash, but you can just make one in several ways if you're in Windows, I'm sure there are ways in other OS's too, and if you use MSE it automatically uses it when you export the card as a text card for MTGS, that's what I do all the time with all my cards in all the contests I'm in, included Hapolk here), three periods missing at the end of each ability, and I'm also not sure about the wording of the last ability. Anyway, even if all those Quality mistakes were fixed, this card would still be just too complicated for my taste, again, especially because of the last ability. I'm sorry.

    Top 3
    1st place: netn10
    2nd place: Jimmy Groove
    3rd place: Subject16
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  • posted a message on July 6, 2019
    Votes: void_nothing, kwanyeegor

    @ kwanyeegor: I like the card so I'm voting for it anyway, but please remember that the card name should be bolded, in the MCC too (obviously there is a reason why I'm mentioning this... there are still a little less than 24 hours before the design deadline). Also, there's a missing period at the end.

    Deadly Combat 3BB
    Enchantment (R)
    Creatures you control have deathtouch.
    At the beginning of your end step, if the total number of creature cards in all graveyards is twenty or more, you win the game.
    Winning a battle doesn’t imply winning the war.
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