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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Hello all,

    I am not a Humans player. Can't stand the deck - in the sense that the deck I play has a horrible matchup and I feel like most of the time I'm not playing to win but just trying to stay alive (kudos to the deck! It can be a true monster)

    I propose an exercise - what is Humans afraid of? What ruins your day when you see it on the other side of the battlefield? I'm trying to look for anti-Human tech, but I was wondering if there are any specific effects in particular the deck doesn't like in case I'm looking at it completely the wrong way. Maybe it can help with self-awareness of your own weaknesses? I kinda figured the pilots themselves might be a source of help, but I am fully half-expecting to be flamed to oblivion.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    So I played another 3-round shop tourney this past Friday, this time 3-0ing it! I intend to play GP Toronto in 3 weeks with this list (or whatever else it gets tweaked into), so if any of you are on MTGO with non-blue-tron decks, I'd love to play against you to learn how to play against other meta decks (Spirits, KCI, Hollow One, etc). As always, any and all discussion/comments/suggestions

    The tourney itself was pretty unremarkable. I once again forgot my notebook at home and wasn't keeping track of how exactly I boarded. Hopefully, next Friday I'll have it with me.

    Round 1: Abzan 2-0. Game 1 was won by keeping in line with the whole "one activation of Mindslaver is enough to wreck them". Game 2 I used a boarded-in Elder Deep-fiend to Time Walk them and pulled way ahead because of it.

    Round 2: Humans 2-0 (or 2-1? I don't remember, but it may well have been a quick and painless death). The guy was not playing well, but it was still rough. Obviously, different pilot would have made different decisions, so we don't know what would have happened. Game 1 I managed to Gifts my way out of a silly boardstate, keep myself at 1 life for several turns with Wurmcoil Engine, and drag the game into a Mindslaver lock. Game 2 I used some new (to me, at least) tech in Displacement Wave to reset the board (including a Damping Sphere and bait the Meddling Mage to name that and run right into an Aetherize. Again, I ended up dropping to 1 life, but I pulled through.

    Round 3: GW Hatebears 2-0. Walking Ballista was MVP in game 1, and was recycled by Ruins once or twice. Game 2 I was slowed down by Gaddock Teeg keeping me off Mindslaver and Ugin, but then I started dropping Wurmcoils and it went uphill from there. Tapped out with both on the attack to bait Leonin Arbiter and Teeg to counterattack, but I was holding the Nature's Claim for surprise blockers.

    Here's the new list!

    Notable inclusions areHaven of the Spirit Dragon, World Breaker:
    -Haven of the Spirit Dragon was brought up in conversation last week. Its purpose is the third ability to recur Ugin, which makes it safer to try to grab him with Gifts, since I can also gain access to Life from the Loam.
    -World Breaker was brought up several posts above - it eats a problem permanent on cast (and it's never a dead cast since it can eat lands too), and recurs itself, which is bonus points since it doesn't need a package to show up in a Gifts package. I sent Thragtusk to the board for this, and I suspect that the final GP list will have 1 of each of these between main and board - I haven't decided whether I want more help vs aggro (tusk) or recursive threat/removal (Breaker) in game 1.
    -Silent Arbiter came in to replace Solemn to help with aggro game 1 - though now that I'm looking at the above Tusk vs Breaker argument, I can't help but think Tusk is a bit more helpful than Arbiter game 1 and I should move Arbiter back to the board. Tusk gains life, takes bigger things down, and leaves a body when removed, while Arbiter just slows the game down enough for me to stabilize.

    The sideboard underwent some changes too. I removed Oblivion Sower and Platinum Angel and Negate to try to address the concern of fast aggro. Humans was my one loss last time, so I just went with "what could be good against Humans" and found a thread in the main Modern forum where someone suggested Displacement Wave. I was curious enough to try it out, so I picked up a couple copies and 1 Aetherspouts to "blow out aggro". In hindsight, I feel like between Aetherize and the creatures, and now D-Wave the Aetherspouts is probably overkill and is the weakest link. But I really do like Displacement Wave, and feel like it warrants a revisit (if it hasn't recently). Again, perhaps I'm zoning in on Humans too hard, but the Wave seems pretty good in the matchups where you board it in - and the kicker (pun intended) is that you can set what you bounce (make the X low enough to bounce blockers, and get in with the Wurmcoil Engine!). Even considering X=2, it pretty much resets the board vs Humans, Hardened Scales, Lantern Control (X=3 if you need to remove the Bridge), and technically just the UU can blast tokens. Sorcery-speed, true, but the idea is to buy time vs the fast decks, so this can be an option. I intend to continue testing it.

    Speaking of sideboard, I was hoping to get some insight and thoughts on how to make it better. I feel like the deck has pretty good game against the field, and just needs help against fast aggro/combo. I am thinking of cutting Jester's Cap and Aetherspouts (at least), but I am historically terrible at compiling sideboards and planning a 15 to cover several matchups. Any tips?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    I don't recall comparing World Breaker to Titan, but that definitely sounds like something I would have done Smile When I was updating my list for the tourney, I actually ended up cutting the Titan, despite my irrational love for it. Looking at World Breaker now, I am tempted to run a copy in the main, as it always has a target and isn't sometimes awkward like Titan. I also definitely appreciate the built-in recursion (making it Giftable) and the ability to synergize with Loam. At the same time, it would be a candidate for an easy SB swap for Nature's Claim for faster answers and Damping Sphere. I think I like it. Reach can definitely be relevant in a meta with Spirits, Mantis Riders and Phoenixes...

    I used to brew a bunch of differently-colored Tron lists before, so I would definitely be interested in seeing your Ur list. What do you mean by "pierakor-style"?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Okay, so here's the list I played on Friday:

    It's been a while since I last played Modern, so some choices are leftovers from what I thought worked ~2 years ago. Some things I feel like I'm ready to let go of, having played the tourney (Solemn) and some are definite improvements (Ballista was absolutely fantastic).

    Tourney report (sadly, without SB info)

    R1 - Izzet Phoenix 2-0

    Game 1 was won by Ballista, Game 2 by a non-looped Mindslaver wrecking their hand/board. MVP was Spatial Contortion so the Phoenixes didn't stick around too long.

    R2 - Bant Humans 1-2

    Game 1 was an absolute massacre. Game 2 the guy was mana-screwed, so by the time I went on the offensive, a flashed in Elder Deep-Fiend was effectively a Time Walk. Game 3 was close - Thalia, Guardian of Thraben kept me off-curve, so I dropped my Silent Arbiter turn 4 instead of Aetherize-ing his board. My "mistake" was dropping Thragtusk the next turn instead of holding up mana, since I forgot that Reflector Mage was a thing and his board went around 'tusk for lethal.

    R3 - Amulet Titan 2-0

    Counters are good, as are colorless threats that let me hold up countermana. Walking Ballista got there game 1. Game 2 was closer until he dropped Cavern of Souls naming Titan (I reconfirmed if that's what he wanted twice) and naturally, the big green Giant got countered.

    - I worry about having a better game 1 against aggro - I'm thinking of dropping Solemn in favor of something like a mainboard Aetherize or Wail since there are a surprising amount of creatures and Wail targets running around.
    - My sideboard needs an extreme makeover, and I feel like that's grounds for another post, after I have some time to think about it.

    I had an idea of 'hate' artifacts that I could search for with Gifts/Fabricate and be able to recover with Academy Ruins. I'm not running Chalice in part because it's super expensive, and in part because I feel like I don't know the format well enough to play it well.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    So I found out that there's a Modern GP coming up in my area, and decided (possibly against my better judgment) to get back into Modern (hadn't played in ~2 years) with my Ug list, which I was rather happy with - before my hiatus, I felt like there were more games I lost due to pilot error than because the deck was incapable of it. I played a small shop tourney (3 rounds) last night to a 2-1 finish. I'll have my list and a better report either edited in or posted later tonight or tomorrow.

    Very brief report:
    Round 1: Izzet Phoenix - win 2-0
    Round 2: Bant Humans - loss 1-2
    Round 3: Amulet Titan - win 2-0 (MVP was opponent dropping Cavern and triumphantly declaring "Titan" as creature type in Game 2)

    I feel like the one game I won against Humans was almost a fluke - they were mildly screwed, and the turn I went on the offensive a flashed-in Elder Deep-Fiend sealed the deal - but Game 1 was a massacre (Game 3 was closer, and could possibly have been winnable if I made other decisions before the blowout play). What do we do against those quick decks that are either often uncounterable (Humans) or have control of their own (Spirits, I guess)? I'll have my list up later, so I wonder if I'm not including the right cards, or if I just got unlucky and didn't get the things I needed when I needed them...
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  • posted a message on Jund Pod in Commander
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    Many helpful suggestions

    So this is what a Pod Pro looks like... Looks like this deck will take a while to learn and master... Challenge accepted!

    The ramp suggestions are definitely on point, as is the recursion, not to mention the potential Pod chains are definitely doable. While I won't be able to test a list until next week (sadly), I will likely have a list drafted up by then. I fully expect to start my chains at 3 and work on up.

    Quote from darrenhabib »

    Flayer of the Hatebound works with Gyrus, Waker of Corpses ability to deal damage as well, plus undying means that you get to Pod this and get it back.

    I am not sure Flayer of the Hatebound triggers off Gyrus. Gyrus exiles the creature and creates a new token. Nothing is entering the battlefield from the graveyard.

    I would not expect to get more than a couple activations off of pod (in my meta). Unless your playgroup is removal light, it should get removed quite quickly. It is a massive value engine and will not go unnoticed at a competent table. I would not build my entire creature base around abusing it when you are likely to have it removed. As long as you have a good creature curve, you should not be lacking targets, and will always get value.

    Do not play too many high CMC silver bullets just to make a pod chain. They will get stuck in your hand if you pack too many.

    Brutalizer Exarch and Rune-Scarred Demon are both high costed and can be had lower on the curve. Also Rune-Scarred Demon is a blue players toy if they hit any copy effects. At least Sidisi, Undead Vizier required a sacrifice to tutor, so no crazy clone chains can happen. Greenwarden of Murasa is also high on the curve even if it returns two cards. At 6 cmc you will likely want to affect the board a little more unless you are heavy on the mass removal.

    I like Woodland Bellower at 6 for the toolbox and Inferno Titan for Haste with Gyrus (except it looks like you don't get double burn triggers). Protean Hulk will always do broken things, if you want to try it out.

    I am not *too* worried about the Pod being blown up, since the deck is mainly being built around Gyrus itself with the Pod being both a value engine as well as dropping bodies into the grave for the Hydra.

    I definitely do want to try out Woodland Bellower to pull more creatures out of the deck for Gyrus to eat.

    Quote from darrenhabib »

    The deck plays awesome btw DasNekros, I'll probably post in the deck list section in a few days. I have a few tech cards that I found, so I like to explain the deck interactions in primers I do so will fill you in on that stuff DasNekros when I post it if you're interested?

    I would very much be interested. I understand that the way we use Pod is different (looks like your list puts it to a much much higher emphasis), but some of your inclusions/chains/interactions might get my own brewing gears turning.
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  • posted a message on What is your favorite commander?
    Homura, Human Ascendant because I built it in part very much around the Commander, and in part this was ~7 years ago to challenge my playgroup's claim that "red is the worst color".

    Borborygmos Enraged because 60 lands.

    Sen Triplets because the theme is theft and it has no explicit wincons of its own, but aims to use the things it stole from everyone else.
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  • posted a message on Jund Pod in Commander
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    Well I do have a specialized Bant deck based around Birthing Pod. With blue I am able to make multiple copies of it Copy Artifact, Clever Impersonator, etc, to get a huge value train going in a turn.

    Before we even get to the creatures, here are some tips.

    Firstly there is getting the Birthing Pod, without it the rest is pointless. So you do need a number of tutors, what ever your budget can afford.

    You will also need to be prepared for it's removal, it becomes a must get rid of for opponents, so expect it to be targeted immediately. So also a number of cards that can get it back from graveyard.
    Eternal Witness, Golgari Findbroker, Greenwarden of Murasa, Seasons Past.

    If it's exiled then that's it. That's why having copies is good, as well as being able to use multiple Birthing Pod's in a turn.
    The copy effects I can think of in Jund are Sculpting Steel, Mirage Mirror, Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient, Mirrorworks, Prototype Portal, Cogwork Assembler.

    Also might pay to run Heroic Intervention to avoid exiling targeted removal.

    Right so as far as the creatures, there is a lot of different angles to go. But you can get a lot of value out of persist and undying creatures.

    One really important aspect of a Birthing Pod deck is lining up your commander or commanders, so that you can get value from the Pod immediately, and know exactly what you can get.
    So for example, say you pick Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper as your commander. You know that you can sacrifice it to get a 6 converted mana cost creature.
    With this in mind you could go for Greenwarden of Murasa, immediately getting back Sek'Kuar from your graveyard (you put him in graveyard, rather than command zone).
    Then you know that next turn you can sacrifice the Greenwarden of Murasa to get a 7 converted cost creature, maybe Protean Hulk or Rune-Scarred Demon or Sheoldred, Whispering One or whatever.

    What I'm trying to point out is that you can really line up very specific sequences with using your commanders converted mana cost.

    With this in mind, partner commanders can give you access to multiple converted mana costs.
    Say for example you have Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper and Vial Smasher the Fierce.
    You can use Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper to get a 6 converted mana creature, say Mikaeus, the Unhallowed.
    Then you can use Vial Smasher the Fierce to get a 4 converted mana creature. But you can keep Mikaeus, the Unhallowed in play because you didn't need to sacrifice him due to having another commander at your disposal.
    The undying will just give you a value train.

    Sequencing is like my specialty, so when I make a Birthing Pod deck, I'm planning out exactly which creature will be going into the next one. So rather than just picking "value" creatures, you really want to plan out your converted mana cost creatures, with the idea of going from A to B to C, etc.

    You can probably tell that I love this sort of thing, so let me know what style of play you like, your budget, and anything else, and we can try and figure out some lines of creatures you might want to pull off.
    Birthing Pod is really one of the most fun cards to play in all of Magic.

    Looks like I found the correct person to ask for advice! I want to give special props to you for your infinite Saheeli list, as I've started tinkering around with her as well [double pun intended].

    I suppose context is important here - I'm trying to build Gyrus, Waker of Corpses, and since he (she? it?) likes creatures in the graveyard, I decided to consider Pod as an engine to dump things into the yard while maintaining some amount of board presence. It's also a card that I've seen played on the other side of the table too often (used to play a lot of Modern) and thought that it had one of the coolest designs and lines of play.

    Do you have a list to your Bant Pod list for reference? My major concern is getting too cute with value and not generating enough threats. That said, when I often build a new Commander deck it starts off pretty janky, and I trim it as I figure it out - I realize that the strict efficiency of Pod requires very specific choices sometimes, so I'd wanted some outside input before throwing together a list that falls flat on its face. I knew that I had to plan ahead with chain links, but I will admit that I hadn't thought about Podding the commander away as an "always-available" start to the chain. In terms of sequencing, what would you say is a good spread of mana costs for creatures?

    Definitely forgot about Rec-Sage and Wood Elves. I like all of the suggestions.

    Pass on Mindclaw Shaman. I have tried it, and it usually is disappointing. Expecially if there isn't a blue player at the table, which most of the time there is. But still is very hit or miss, and there are better cards at 5 cmc.

    +1 for Massacre Wurm

    Definitely a fan of all those suggestions, especially the Demon - removal on a relevant body is always welcome.

    Quote from Skios »
    If you're running a creature base built around Birthing Pod, maybe consider running Hibernation's End too? It's slower than Pod, but some nice redundancy if you're running a more long term game plan.

    This was my pet card several years ago, and I failed to do anything exciting with it. Maybe this will be it. Will definitely try to dig it up and see how it goes.

    Thanks to all! I hope to have a list up sometime this week to keep the Pod going.
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  • posted a message on Jund Pod in Commander
    Hello all,

    I've been thinking of building a creature-based Jund with heavy use of Birthing Pod and generating value off creatures while dumping them in the grave to reanimate later and keep the value train going.

    In general, what advice would you give for building Pod EDH? Whether if you've played it yourself, or have seen others play it.

    What Jund-colored Enter/Leaves battlefield shenanigan creatures have you seen do work? So far, here's what I have going in:
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  • posted a message on Izoni, Thousand-Synergies
    Ashnod's Altar goes infinite with Nim Deathmantle and Izoni with at least 1 creature in the grave, and makes an arbitrary number of 1/1s and colorless mana with more than 1, while still being a sac outlet and "ramping" you into bigger things.

    For big-mana synergies, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa can be made to Overrun several times in a turn for a large swing.

    Reanimating Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Massacre Wurm several times can also be pretty cool.

    My pet card for any non-super-optimized-or-highly-competitive deck which involves your own things dying is Cauldron of Souls to squeeze out a bit more value (or recover from a wipe). Taps so only once per round, but can target your entire board, and goes into overdrive with Mikaeus and Seedborn Muse.
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  • posted a message on Clone/token copy and temporary supertype changes
    Darn. Figured. Thanks!
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  • posted a message on Clone/token copy and temporary supertype changes
    I suspect I already know the answer, but just to confirm:

    If I use Liquimetal Coating to turn something (say, a Mountain) into an artifact, and then create a token copy of it (such as by Saheeli's Artistry, will the token copy still be an artifact? My gut says no, but I want to be sure before my dreams are crushed and my hopes are dashed.
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  • posted a message on Sen Triplets Theft - If you shake my hand, better count your fingers
    Made several acquisitions today...
    -Soul Ransom, +Control Magic because it's the same effect without giving anyone the option to take the target back
    -Island, +Exotic Orchard
    -Plains, +Isolated Chapel
    -Rout, +Merciless Eviction because I feel like potential flexibility might be more important than expensive flash
    -Brago, +Restoration Angel because same CMC but flash, easier to cast, does what Brago was supposed to, and doesn't need to connect.
    -Quicksilver Gargantuan, +Kheru Mind-Eater because reasons above.

    Also looking at Dead Man's Chest but skeptical since I can't play exiled lands.
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  • posted a message on Incidental Lifegain
    Quote from darrenhabib »
    I have this conundrum where I'm playing a control deck, but there are often games where I wanted at least one big life gaining card to sort of put me out of harms danger, when you go deep into the game.
    We are not talking about a dedicated life gain deck like Oloro, Ageless Ascetic.

    As far as I'm concerned there is no amazing duel purpose card (in Esper at least) that you're happy to have at all times.

    There are some powerful cards, but they also draw attention, which is not ideal as you'd prefer them to sit idle and just go ignored, while it keeps you at a manageable life total. For example;
    Sunscorch Regent
    Kambal, Consul of Allocation

    Palace Siege has some versatility in that if your life total doesn't seem in danger then you can do the 'Khans' recursion instead of the life gain.

    Wall of Reverence is like a super safe option, as it's good at blocking and gaining a little bit of life each turn.

    Another safe option is Obzedat, Ghost Council, but the life gain is minimal and 5 mana is quite a bit.

    Sun Droplet is surprisingly good at keeping a steady flow of life gain, but not great if it comes late in the game and you want to push yourself ahead of a low life total.

    Pretty much if you want to get the biggest guaranteed life gain out of a single card then Resolute Archangel or Exquisite Archangel are the most reliable.
    I've found the Exquisite Archangel is the worst of them, as opponents can remove it before you get effect, where at least Resolute Archangel you get the life gain.

    If your Sen Triplets has some good mana production, then Sphinx's Revelation could be worth a slot.

    Thank you! I will definitely look into the Wall and Kambal.

    Quote from void_nothing »
    You might like Augury Adept and Daxos of Meletis.

    I most definitely forgot I was already running Daxos for steal reasons, but thanks for the Augury Adept! I did not know about that one.
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  • posted a message on Incidental Lifegain
    Hello friends,

    I'd like to include some lifegain into my deck, but I worry that the effects are either too small, or intended for a more dedicated deck. Are there any sources of lifegain that are not dependent on theme? (I remember there's an Elf that gains life for each Elf in play, but that's not exactly what I'm not looking for). My current context is WUB Sen Triplets (theft theme), but this really applies to any and all colors as well (bonus points for artifacts).

    What lifegain do you use? Or is it just stapled to other effects you'd have played regardless?
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