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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banlist Discussion (7/14/2014 - 1/19/2015)
    Quote from Idrareb »
    This thread finally gets an interesting topic to talk about after a whole season of dead air and we ruin it by trying to define tempo and combo...

    A few people said a few pages back that BGx was dead or tier w after the DRS ban.... wut? It didnt dominate for ONE GP and that was because it was misbuilt (courser is a trap card in modern bgx). Once twin took up a solid third of the top 16, BGx (particularly Junk) was pretty much the best deck in modern.

    BGx will still be strong in a post Delve meta the decks just need to restructure themselves. You know, adapt. Delver is crushing Junk right now because they got a new toy (cruise) to fight against a deck that is still playing the exact same 75 it played pre khans. Delver plays 12 creatures and some decks are even cutting snapcaster and counterspells to be more proactive and draw more cards from cruise. Junk can and will adapt to that. Kill all the delvers stonewall the swiftspear and pyromancers and the deck cant win no matter hhow many cards it draws. Does junk get annihilated by Dork Storm? Yes. GOOD. Having a tier 1 deck that crushes another tier 1 deck is called BALANCE. I play twin. Lre Dig Through Time my junk matchup was like 80-20 maybe 90-10 in their favor aka hellabad. Now its still not great but the numbers are spiking.

    Its just like someone said earlier: if pod had just been printed in this set people would be marching towards seattle with pitchforks and torches. Just give it time to adapt and it will. These cards are not broken and give blue a push that it did in fact need prior to khans. Golgari was the best guild to start your deck with, not close.

    This is exactly what I have been thinking, but you've articulated it way better than I ever could. Thanks!
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  • posted a message on [Promo] Magic is back at SDCC this year
    Liliana of the Veil, it should've been you!
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Alms Beast
    All I know is this guy is like the sickest wall ever for decks that don't care about the opponent's life total (ie. decks that win with drownyard)
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  • posted a message on [M13] 48 cards
    Quote from zemanjaski
    Blue getting a most likely unplayable flier for U? Quell Horreur!

    Fixed that for you. This card is pretty much just the second coming of visions of beyond, which has seen ~0 play in standard so far. It won't be big early enough in the game to have that much of an impact imo, unless you are playing cards specifically to mill your opp, which are strict card disadvantage (other than thought scour, which doesn't fill their gy fast enough anyway)
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  • posted a message on [Official] The Standard Banned List Thread
    Does anyone have any idea what Chapin has to gain from something getting banned? Last week his article was openly pushing for something to get banned, and this week's (you can see it already posted in the scg mobile app) is the same thing. It just seems like such a hasty and knee-jerk reaction to one week's worth of (competitively soft) scg open results.

    Is delver more widely played / dominant than any other "best deck" in recent years that had nothing banned (ie Jund, Valakut, Faeries)? I don't think so.
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  • posted a message on Was Snapcaster Mage Really a Mistake?
    Quote from xadith
    Something galls me about his article. I had a hard time putting this in words, but I'll try.

    It is of my opinion:

    1) Standard need very little fixing. Having good decks in the meta does not mean those decks are broken. Having a balanced meta is not synonymous with any kitchen-table brew being competitive. With that in mind, while delver might be slightly better than what WotC can be comfortable with, the meta is quite diverse and balanced. This is certainly not a one-deck meta. (as a side note, the more homogenous a metagame is, the easier it is to break. Take a look at Pat Chapin's Grixis list if you want to see something that eats Delver for breakfast). What this card is doing is marginalized UBx control even more.

    2) If this card was pushed out to punish snapcaster mage, as Zac has stated was the purpose, they will be sorely disappointed. This puts the hurt on permission-based first, and only tangentially affects Delver decks. Snapcasters will still be casting vapor snags and ponders. And it can be easily played in a delver deck too, making geists and such uncounterable. If you think this makes Delver worse, you're fooling yourselves.

    3) They obviously did not properly think of the ramifications in non-Standard formats. It's fine when we no true combo decks that control is somewhat subdued. But in Legacy and Modern (and I suppose Vintage , but I'm not qualified to speak about the format since I don't play it), where there is combo, and creature-based combo pieces at that, this will see play. I hope that they didn't make a huge mistake with this one.

    4) His statements on some "broken" cards rubbed me the wrong way. This is as strong statement as any that remand, mana leak, signets, swords, etc... are not seeing the light of day again.

    5) His statements on titans, really rubbed me the wrong way. Appetite for Brains is not a good answer! If Zac thinks memoricide shreds Wolf Run, well then I don't know what else to say! And to top it off, what sideboards would these cards go into...UB zombies will lose some tempo to play these, and oh yeah UBx control...except we hosed that pretty well with this card anyway.


    This post was absolutely amazing, and I agree 100%. Thank you for taking the time to voice this opinion. I am definitely not looking forward to the Cavern of Souls - Primeval Titan "combo" metagame Frown
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  • posted a message on What Deck will Win Worlds????
    Quote from xitaun
    wrath's? 4 beast within? i think you have looked at the wrong list. the one i'm seeing is RG, 1 beast within in SB. anyway, the only good thing against WWR in the steel list is hero of bladehold, so i bet on the ramp deck.


    above, the link to the lists of the top 8

    I think the match(es) will come down to how many copies of the card Tempered Steel are drawn and played. The wolf run player only has 1 card in his 75 that interacts with it (1 beast within in the board). TS pumping up flyers (including inkmoth nexus) will make quick work of him.
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  • posted a message on Sword of feast and famine gaining in popularity?
    I would say that if a whatever-blade deck posts good results soon after rotation, SoFaF's price has nowhere to go but up (unfortunately). Pre-ban cawblade typically used 1 copy, which drove the price up to around $20. The post-rotation blade decks are likely to use 3 copies so the demand and price should rise accordingly.

    Look at it this way, Vengevine was selling for over $30 for quite some time after Fauna Shaman came out, and it didn't even have that great of an affect on standard. I see no reason why SoFaF doesn't have potential to reach ~$35 depending on metagame results.
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  • posted a message on Consecrated Sphinx
    Quote from Ole_Miss_Rebel
    Consecrated Sphinx is becoming a staple in most top control decks. He also was heavily involved (usually as a 2-of) in the Top 8 of this year's Nats.

    Where's the ceiling on this guy? $20?

    I'm thinking that he probably won't surpass the $15 mark. He's fairly weak to instant speed black removal (as well as dispatch in white) as paying 6 mana for no effect is pretty backbreaking.

    He was heavily played at US nats because it's the perfect trump in the cawblade mirror, as they only really have o-ring to remove it.
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  • posted a message on [M12] Timely Reinforcements
    I never thought of this card specifically to use in some kind of token or soldier deck, but rather more as a general sideboard hoser against all manner of aggro decks.
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  • posted a message on GP Singapore Coverage
    Quote from pxds
    They only have text coverage, is there anyway we can watch it live?

    No. Apparently they only have video coverage for domestic GPs where they hire out ggslive to cover it for them (a la the recent GPs Providence and Denver).
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  • posted a message on NPH Planeswalker Hate/Counterhate
    Quote from Sigismond0
    So, want to hear a funny story about Hex Parasite? You can take the counters off, and then attack that same planeswalker! Or suck counters off over two or three turns!

    Why are you presenting it like it's a one-use card?

    If your opponent is getting 2 (or more) activations out of Jace they're very likely to win easily. The PW hate they printed in NPH is fine against "fair" PWs. The problem is that Jace (and Gideon to a lesser degree) is just so good it's causing problems in the current meta.
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  • posted a message on [NPH] presale prices
    mental misstep is good...but not $5 good.

    I agree. I think part of the reason it's going for that much is due to legacy-only players. They looked at the set and figured that's the only card they want, and they are fine with paying $20 total for all the cards they want from the new set.
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  • posted a message on Why is Lashwrithe amazing in MonoBlack?
    Quote from Colorous_Pius
    Unless people haven't noticed yet, if you build mono-black Infect, this card becomes an MVP, making your t2 Plague Stinger or T3 Phyrexian Crusader deadly on T4 with this card. +4/+4 on T4 in a poison effectively means your opponent HAS to deal with it or it is over quick. Also, you want to do something neat, try T5 Lashwrithe (leave it unequipped and there as a blocker or something for now) and drop a T6 Skittles, pay 2 life to equip, pay B for haste. Seems slow, but if you can get rid of counters and removal early, this is a viable late game strat.

    That doesn't actually seems slow to me, as you're not actually building your deck around and relying totally on that 2-card "combo" (Skittles and Lashwrithe), but it just happens to give the deck a rather surprising and powerful lategame (oops I win!) using cards that are good alone and that you would already be playing.
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  • posted a message on Combo making a comeback?
    Quote from Count
    I'd see it more as 8 card transformative sideboard plan, enough to bring back Pyro Ascension to Standard.

    Exactly right. This way they will never be able to know exactly what kind of sideboarding to do against you.
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