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  • posted a message on Blue's the Bee's Knees
    Quote from OhDaisy!
    Is it just me, or has this thread made it really obvious that Semantics and T1memaster are the same person? Wink

    Whats obvious is there's some really bad players on this forum, including Semantics. Either way he provided me with a nice quote.

    I'd like to add that Semantics entire post goes against everything the actual pros(like Conley Woods) have said about m13. I like how he called himself a core set limited guru that was hilarious.

    Quote from Semantics
    I'm insulted. I at least make a concerted effort to use correct grammar, and I'm so long winded that it's impossible for me to even have time to make more posts than I do. :p

    When all else fails and you get completely logically destroyed, make a comment about grammar or typos. You are as transparent as you are stupid. "significant;y"

    Infraction for flaming. Calling other users stupid is not acceptable.
    Double posts merged, as well.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Switcheroo
    Quote from Puddlejumper
    T1me, no offense intended, but there's no reason to hate on the card just because some pro doesn't like it. Anyone can clearly see the card is capable of blowouts, and it's completely possible that the environment allows for them to happen fairly often, if you build correctly. The fact that there's disagreement among pros is because the value of the card is completely format-dependent.

    Also (slightly more offense intended) the fact that you think it's bad is probably a good reason to like it. I have yet to see you be right on these forums.

    If i took advise from people like you and Semantics that call archaeomancer "the best common in the set" and get excited over Switcheroo I'd be a worse player. Thank god i don't blindly follow the moronic opinion of someone who claims a worse gravedigger is the best common in the set.

    Disagreeing with others' opinions is fine.
    Calling those opinions moronic is not.
    Flaming infraction issued.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Switcheroo
    Quote from Commons
    Then you will get DQed for playing cards that aren't in the format Grin . We don't play in a vacuum.

    While i don't think Archaeomancer is "insane" which for a common is like mist raven or doom blade. It is still a good card, returning spells often better then returning creatures mainly because good creatures tend not to die much in core set.

    Also most pro are on the Archaeomancer is good bandwagon. For example LSV Review of the card

    So LSV is dead right 100% of the time? Conley woods gave it a 2.5 which is right where i think it should be.
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  • posted a message on Blue's the Bee's Knees
    Quote from BogdanBravad
    I find these two statements to be somewhat contradictory.

    Go read Conley woods review and he gives it a 2.5 which is exactly where it should be.

    A 3 means you should always be playing that card if you are in that color, clearly this isn't the case with Archaeomancer because if you don't get the sorceries and instants to go along with it its worthless.

    "This is generally going to be worse than Gravedigger is due to consistency issues"

    Either way its not the "best common in the set"
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Switcheroo
    Quote from Semantics
    I am absolutely in love with this card. No, it's not as direct and blunt an object as Mind Control, but because it's so tricky and becomes much stronger with other cards, it's exactly the type of spell I adore playing in draft and sealed.

    This thing with Archaeomancer is simply absurd, for example. Sure, just about any spell with Archaeomancer is absurd, but there's something extremely satisfying about making a trade, getting it back, then giving them the now middling 1/2 for something more threatening.

    Hell, you can even Unsummon the 'mancer afterward and go to town again. Did I mention how insane I think Archaeomancer is?

    YOU did, sadly pros have described it as a worse gravedigger and thats exactly what it is.

    Lets look at what Arcaeomancer is at face value, a 4 mana(double blue) with a 1/2 body(already worse than gravedigger), it returns a sorcery/instant which is also worse than returning a creature like gravedigger does.

    You can have those, Ill take my mind control and gravedigger.
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  • posted a message on Blue's the Bee's Knees
    Quote from magicmerl
    Now now, play nice. I know the post you were responding to was just a troll, but there's no need to go on the same level, is there?

    I think that you are exaggerating how good Archeomancer is. Sure, Eternal Witness is a great card and outside of UW the 'mancer effectively is an overcosted and underpower version of the witness, since the best target will almost always be a removal spell.

    Actually I'm not a troll, but he is. You either have to be a moron or trolling to say Archaeomancer is the best common in m13, which is he?

    How many sorceries and instants are you planning on playing, how about the times where you don't draw your sorceries and instants and its a 4 mana JUNK 1/2? This is why other "competent" players reviewed this card and accurately described it as a worse gravedigger.

    How dare you call it the best common in m13 and don't act like your poor assessment of a cards power level means anything.
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  • posted a message on Blue's the Bee's Knees
    Quote from Semantics
    So I've seen a bunch of people's early evaluations of M13 limited, and the apparent consensus is that blue is the set's worst colors. I have only played three events, mind you, but I consider myself a bit of a core set limited guru, and while I think it's a bit early to say that blue is the set's best color, I think it's significant;y more in the conversation than people are giving it credit for.

    As I've posted elsewhere, Archaeomancer is my pick for the set's best common. In a format in which board presence is everything and the intrinsic value of cards is rarely amplified, this card puts decks way over the top. Sure, the 1/2 body is often irrelevant, but blue makes really, really good use out of bodies like this, not only through cards like Switcheroo, but through having a defensive core of cards like Augur of Bolas and Scroll Thief that can make combat difficult in multiples. Add that you're always getting back either a removal spell or something else that will effect the board meaningfully, for the second time, and you have a common that changes the game meaningfully.

    Blue's depth at common is also much more impressive than people are admitting. Blue has five cards I actively want, and it offers about three to four others that I don't even mind playing in my limited decks. Encrust, Wind Drake, Faerie Invaders, Archaeomancer, and Welkin Tern are all excellent in this format, more so than they would've been in M12 due to other colors' general lack of fliers this time around. Beyond that, I have no problem playing stuff like Unsummon (susprise: made much better with Archaeomancer...the limited player's Snapcaster/Vapor Snag combo, in a way), Divination, Scroll Thief, and Essence Scatter. The color is more than deep enough at common to justify stronger props and consideration than it has thus far received.

    At uncommon, though, blue really steps up. Talrand's Invocation is probably the set's best uncommon, and Switcheroo is very good in it's own right. Sleep is much better here than it was in M11, even if it isn't insane like it was in M10. Again, not surprisingly, these are made absurd by the addition of Archaeomancer, and either one plus a 'mancer often creates an advantage that it nigh impossible to overcome. The great part about this is that Invocation in particular is not a card coveted by other colors. It's like blue's Overrun, essentially, in that it's basically unsplashable and will make its way to blue players through non-blue ones at most competitive draft tables.

    All colors have their bomb rares and duds, so I'm not terribly interested in going through those.

    Compare this to most other colors, and you have at least a power symmetry. The caveat here is that I think blue plays really well with just about every other color in the set. Blue's quick evasion and opportunities for card advantage (mostly Archaeomancer, as it amplifies every Murder, Searing Spear, and the like that you include, but also stuff like Scroll Thief and Divination) play quite well with every other color to create a strong, existing archetype:

    B/U is controlling, maybe more toward midrange, using removal and evasion to peck away for the win.

    G/U is a solid midrange/tempo deck that abuses cards like Switcheroo even more through inclusion of value dorks like Arbor Elf and Elvish Visionary. Tricks of the Trade might actually be a nice 1-of that pushes through as the final huge chunk of damage on something like a Vastwood Gorger.

    W/U is what W/U always is: evasion and curve. Sure, there are fewer overall fliers here than normal, but this color combination still offers more winged things than any other, and it can curve out with them pretty nastily. Add in Arctic Aven for extra insanity.

    R/U looks to be my favorite archetype, abusing Archaeomancer with the good burn red has to offer, especially Volcanic Geyser. This is likely the most straightforward control deck of the bunch, which I love to play whenever possible. I was absolutely obliterated by such a deck in the final round of one of the sealed events I played this past weekend, and it had me drooling in anticipation of my next draft. Luckily, my slobber evaded his cards.

    Overall, I think blue is the strongest color in the set because of all of this, and while it's certainly not miles ahead of any other color, I don't think listing it as the worst is at all reasonable.

    Once again you prove how wrong you are, you are saying Archaeomancer is the best common, you gotta be kidding me. Also i think its funny you are excited about switcheroo when its a worst mind control and in some cases a dead card depending on board position.

    The only thing i agree with you on is Talrand's Invocation, too bad green has a common 4/4 spider with reach and vigilance to completely shut you down.
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  • posted a message on [Official] The Pick vs. Pick Thread - Innistrad Edition
    Quote from urafever
    Y'know, I don't usually like to stoop to this level, but just stop it.

    Semantics is a very good player - he has actually done well in big tournaments. Other people on here play on the pro tour, and many of us who are more focused on playing online are MODO players who grind really hard and do consistently well.

    It's already embarrassing for you that you have that ridiculous sig of semantics, who is someone you should be listening to - not someone you should be mocking. Now, you're trying to be condescending here - just stop it.

    Anyways, sorry - I didn't mean to derail the thread there.

    Air elemental has been a first pick in every format ever - and air elemental/looter should be the same. These cards are very close, and it is difficult to assess at this early stage in the format which is better here.

    As much as it pains me, I do agree that I would have taken stingerfling over sengir vampire, but that is more out of just personal preference. That's a very close pick. This one is also close, but last time I checked, drawing cards is awesome and I'll always take something that has the potential to get me extremely far ahead. The fact that it beats for four in the air and happens to be blue are both bonuses as far as I'm concerned.

    You lost me at very good player, i can walk into my local FNM card shop and point out 3 players much better than him.

    Id like to add Ive played against murder of crows in draft and won, its a good card obviously but its not the "carnifex demon" type bomb that people are making it out to be.

    You keep getting told to not attack Semantics, and you keep disobeying. Infraction issued.
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  • posted a message on UW blade
    How viable do you think it is? Yes you lost some things but you also gained stuff, and i think with celestial purge and other cards in sideboard you have a good chance against the current top decks(like rdw).
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  • posted a message on [INN] Non obvious tricks and tips
    Pretty obvious but traitorous blood + any sac effect.
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  • posted a message on A rookie's bad experience at a pre-release.
    Quote from urafever
    I have played against plenty of people who say "entering combat step" or something to that effect when there is a tapper or other effect on board. Heck, that's what I always do. That way it eliminates confusion.

    However, saying "attacking" is a shortcut that everyone knows means: 1) entering attack step 2) declaring attackers. It's perfectly fine for the other player to say "wait, I will tap your guy before attackers are declared." That's 100% correct.

    Thats what i said and Neon tried to act like saying "attacking" meant you were wrong.
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  • posted a message on A rookie's bad experience at a pre-release.
    Quote from Neon-chan
    But you are wrong ^^ you quoted the right rules but came to the wrong conclusions. Once the declare attackers step starts, no player receives priority before attackers are declared. And once they are declared, tapping them is too late. You missed the important part (bolded) that this doesn't use the stack, so you can't tap inbetween.

    He should have just said "I like to declare attackers" or "beginning of combat" or "attack?" or something similar. Just declaring attackers is jumping the gun on his part, so the OP can decline to use the shortcut and stopp in the beginning of combat step (last chance to interfere before attackers are declared) and do his tapping, flashing, etc here.

    Everyone Ive played with says "declaring attacks" at which point you respond with tapping their creatures or something else. You sound like an idiot trying to argue word usage.

    Your only point is he should have said "beginning of combat" and how many people actually say that? AFTER he has declared attackers and you dont do anything its too late, if he says "declaring attacks" and you tap his creature in response, im sure the judge is not going to argue word usage like you are.

    Please don't call people "jackass" or "idiot". Infraction issued.
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  • posted a message on A rookie's bad experience at a pre-release.
    Quote from _
    No, that's not how it works at all. Once he declares his attackers it is too late to tap any of the creatures he wishes to have attacking.

    508. Declare Attackers Step

    508.1. First, the active player declares attackers. This turn-based action doesn’t use the stack. To declare attackers, the active player follows the steps below, in order. If at any point during the declaration of attackers, the active player is unable to comply with any of the steps listed below, the
    declaration is illegal; the game returns to the moment before the declaration (see rule 716, “Handling Illegal Actions”).

    508.1a The active player chooses which creatures that he or she controls, if any, will attack. The chosen creatures must be untapped, and each one must either have haste or have been controlled by the active player continuously since the turn began.

    508.1f The active player taps the chosen creatures. Tapping a creature when it’s declared as an attacker isn’t a cost; attacking simply causes creatures to become tapped.

    That's right from the rulebook, dont tell me im wrong when im not jackass.
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  • posted a message on p1p1 charmbreaker devil vs silver dagger
    Quote from Anssi
    Dagger is probably best equipment in set (I don't count Blazing Torch), it is very good in aggressive white decks and is good in all aggressive decks. Nonetheless, the Devil is stronger 1st pick as it will win the game itself most of time and is hard to remove so I'm happy to pick it. First picking it also allows you to build bit slower deck so that you can get most out of it.

    You take it over butchers cleaver? To me if you are running humans the lifelink is more relevant
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  • posted a message on Creepy Doll
    Like everyone else is saying its basically a wall for 5 with a 50/50 chance to kill something. Might stop your opponent attacking with ground guys but they can beat in with flyers or just alpha strike.
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