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Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    Quote from Sheriff-K »
    Why do you say that? What non-Permanents do you think are necessary? There's only a few I was considering, like the aforementioned Primal Surge.

    I'm tempted to run Pact of Negation, just in case. And a Villainous Wealth for value. I also plan to include Crop Rotation, because I want to focus on a Land-type strategy, imploying Dark Depths and Realm Seekers.. Not sure how useful that could be, but it's one of my favorite Cards, so I figured I may as well finally make use of it in Commander. Also, I will probably put a Tabernacle in the deck. (Is GSZ worth running, so we can T1 ramp via Dryad Arbor?)

    There are plenty of cards that are great for Muldrotha that justify not being 100% in on permanents. Just to name a few: Cyclonic Rift, Intuition, Fact or Fiction, Forbidden Alchemy, Forbid, and Gifts Ungiven.

    One thing that is, in fact amazing about Muldrotha is that Instant and Sorcery spells are dead cards in the graveyard because you can run Snapcaster Mage or Archaeomancer to return them to your hand or cast them again.

    Trying to just slam 100% permanents + Primal Surge is a great way to kneecap the true potential of your deck.
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  • posted a message on Muldrotha: The moldy stax
    If you're looking to do Muldrotha Stax I have a few suggestions.

    Lethal Vapors - With Muldrotha on the board, this either kills every creature your opponents attempt to cast, or causes one of your opponents to lose their turn every turn cycle. In either instance I think this card is pretty sweet. And replaying it every turn when your opponents are losing turns to destroy it is just icing on the cake.

    Standstill - This card serves two purposes. First, it makes some of your opponents not want to cast spells, while also making your other opponents that get to draw cards thank you for the card draw. This helps alleviate a little bit of the hatred you'll get at the table for playing a Stax deck. And second, when you go infinite with Muldortha, LED, and Phantasmal Image, Standstill is your win condition as it allows you to just have your opponents deck themselves.

    Glacial Chasm - Don't play the cumulative upkeep, and just replay the land every turn. Never lose to damage. GGs friends.
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  • posted a message on Muldrotha, the Gravetide: Trying out this BUG reanimator thing.
    So, I've been theory-crafting a list and there are a few hilarious cards that seem like they'd be extremely good in Muldrotha.

    Lethal Vapors - Kill every creature until an opponent decides to skip their next turn. And then play it again once it's your turn.

    Pack Rat - Not only is this a great card to help you get cards into the graveyard, but is a veritable army. And being able to recur the main rat also lets this rodent army just keep coming back, and back, and back. Your opponent's better call an exterminator.

    Lion's Eye Diamond - First off, LED lets you cast Muldrotha on turn 3, which is great. You don't care about discarding your hand since you get to recast everything from the graveyard, and the insane mana acceleration you get from it makes it probably a mus-have in this deck.

    Snapcaster Mage - Running Snappy makes it easier to justify running Instant and Sorcery cards in a Muldrotha deck. Eternal Witness also helps in this regard. Honestly there are a lot of Instants and Sorceries that are just too good to pass up for this deck. Main of which is...

    Intuition - Have you ever wanted to cast a Demonic Tutor and grab 3 cards for you to use? At instant speed? Because that is literally what Intuition is in this deck. Triple Demonic Tutor, at Instant speed, for 2U. Yup, that's definitely fair.

    Forbidden Alchemy - Obviously cards that are good for a graveyard deck are going to be good here. I agree with wanting a heavy permanent theme in the deck, but not making room for cards like Alchemy, Mulch, or Grisly Salvage just seems like you're intentionally making your deck just a little bit worse.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    This is why I am saying a Stax style deck may be the best build for Muldrotha.

    Sure you can have stupid games where you can go off with Muldrotha on Turn 3/4 and just win the game with LED, Phantasmal Image, Animate Dead, and Standstill/Walking Ballista.

    Otherwise, the bulk of your deck is playing a bunch of cards meant to tax all of your opponent's resources, making them much more susceptible to the insane combos you can pull off with LED.

    Honestly I think it'll take a very specific opening hand in order to combo off with Muldrotha and LED during turns 1 or 2. But once you get to some later stages in the game, you can kind of just go wild. Also you can always just slot Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir into your 99 and call it a day :p
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    While the Cloak is Instant speed, that is only relevant while it is in your hand, since Muldrotha only works on your turn. Immunity having Shroud itself, means it's a more difficult enchantment to get rid of, meaning it can potentially keep Muldrotha around longer.
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    Quote from beard_umbra »
    I love decks where Dream Halls is good, and it's going to be among the best cards with Muldrotha. It gives your opponents the same ability, but you use it immediately to cast Muldrotha and go to town, since discarding a card ceases being a detrimental cost when you have Muldrotha in play. Dream Halls will possibly be level with Lion's Eye Diamond in my opinion for top mana effects for Muldrotha, and it's much easier to acquire.

    The problem with Dream Halls though, is that once you run out of cards to discard, it does nothing. I definitely agree there is a great upside to the card, however I also feel that the various ways you can loop LED will provide more than enough mana and you won't need halls. Besides, I think the best way to play Muldrotha may be to play a Stax type list, and letting your opponents cast cards for free counteracts that strategy.

    Quote from beard_umbra »
    A couple more thoughts: A diversity of permanent threats besides Muldrotha will be a sound way to win a grindy control game, so personally I look forward to playing Control Magic, Dragonlord Silumgar, Hedonist's Trove, and Damia, Sage of Stone. Also, people will learn very quickly to kill this general on sight, so I will be playing redundant recursion effects like Crucible of Worlds and Glissa, the Traitor, in addition to effects that anticipate the target on a resolved Muldrotha like Leovold, Emissary of Trest, Siren Stormtamer, and Lightning Greaves.

    Ways to protect your commander are pretty standard. An interesting card I think would be great for protecting Muldrotha is Diplomatic Immunity. Let's say you use LED to play Muldrotha on Turn 3. Unfortunately, you can't cast LED from your graveyard and then get back something like a pair of boots. However, you can cast Immunity, which protects Muldrotha from everything but sweepers.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from SiegeDino »
    OMG in Greece the first 3 are 60 euros and explosives are like 35 euros

    Remind me to order cards from Greece, provided the shipping doesn't cost the $30/card I'd be saving :p lol
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from SiegeDino »
    Also will it be Karn, Mox, Explosives , Bob or Cavern to cross first the hundred dollar mark? (thank God prices in Europe are lower)

    If you live in Canada, it's already all of the above except for Explosives, which is currently at $75. All the rest are floating around $120 up here Frown
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  • posted a message on Permanent card for Muldrotha
    So I've been wrking on a list for Muldrotha, because that is one fiiiiiiiiiiiiine elemental lady. This is where I am at so far, wondering if there is anything glaringly obvious to everyone that I am missing, except for planeswalkers, I haven't figured out which ones to run yet.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    Damping Sphere will be amazing in Lantern. The question obviously is what to cut for it. Because I firmly believe it isn't a sidebaord card, but a mainboard one.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    So I took a look at the Modern banned list, seeing if there were any cards I'd want unbanned. After doing some thinking, I came to the following thoughts.

    1. The Full Artifact Land Cycle, however only if Mox Opal gets banned

    One of the nightmare cards for Robots to deal with is Stony Silence. Imagine Modern, where we have moved back to players actually using Affinity creatures in a deck called Affinity. Running these lands makes your opponent's Ancient Grudges because double Stone Rains. Robots doesn't care about a Blood Moon, but with artifact lands, Stony silence just stops them from ever making mana. Honestly for me this unban would be 100% contingent on them banning Mox Opal. If they don't ban Opal it is too easy to abuse the fast mana. And banning Opal hurts decks like Lantern, and Ironworks, both decks that I love. I honestly don't realistically see the artifact lands coming off the banned list, but it was still something I thought would be interesting.

    2. Dig Through Time

    DTT got the axe along with Treasure Cruise, when the latter was proven too be a completely busted card. DTT however, while still definitely good, wasn't obscenely broken. Those who played during that time will remember decks like Burn explicitly splashed blue, just to play Treasure Cruise. However decks weren't exactly stretching to play DTT. The UU cost for it makes it so you can't just splash it in your deck. Now yes, DTT is a powerful card, and will most likely give blue decks another push in the direction of powerful options available to them. However if you look at MTGGoldfish at their metashare (which I know is not all that accurate these days, but it's the best I have) there are only 3 blue decks in the Top 12 decks being played; GDS, UW Control, and Jeskai Control. GDS most likely would not run DTT as between Angler and Tasigur you'd have way too many delve spells. And maybe UW and Jeskai control need another push, since Jace didn't seem to do much of anything for them (to the surprise of a lot of people). So maybe DTT is the card blue decks really need to do better in Modern. Who knows. But to me it looks like a safe card to at least try out in the format.

    3. Punishing Fire

    Is Fire + Grove really that good of a combo in Modern? Honestly, it's debatable. There is a chance that it will be devastating for creature decks, much like Jitte would be. There's also a chance that it does nothing like Sword. I can see some negatives to this card, but at the same time it feels woefully inadequate. Humans is by far one of the better decks in Modern right now. Maybe a card like Punishing Fire will help take it down a notch. Maybe it'll do nothing because of those pesky Kitesail Freebooters or Meddling Mages. We have a lot of really good creatures decks in Modern, perhaps we need something to push back against them a bit.

    Well that's it. Those are my three thoughts on things that should/could be unbanned. Do I see #1 happening? Hell No. However I definitely see #2 & #3 as possibilities in the future. What do the rest of you think? I believe I made some sound arguments for the latter 2. The artifact lands are more of a "what-if?" scenario, but I think if they ban Opal unbanning the lands won't be too powerful or format warping for Modern.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ironworks Combo
    Quote from rpgking4 »
    Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle could be a potential Myr Retriever replacement. Retriever has the added benefit of being an artifact. Does Teshar have have an upside for the combo that Retriever does not?

    Only upside I can think of is it doesn't die to Gutshot
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Quote from tronix »
    ive been trying to get people to ask themselves this question about any of the unbans. the prevailing response seems to be that cards that dont seem too powerful should just not be on the banlist out of principle. /shrug

    I know that this is always my response when I am talking about taking something off of the Modern banned list. If a card isn't too powerful, why is it banned? If it is on the banned list because it not being there would allow a completely broken deck to be in the format, then you can't say it isn't a powerful card can you?

    With concerns to cards being banned, for me there are only 3 reasons a card should be banned in Modern:

    1) The card's existence in the format warps the format around whatever deck it is in. This can be seen as a card that makes a specific deck very powerful and format warping (Deathrite Shaman/Eye of Ugin), or a card that adds too much consistency too a deck, making it too large of a metagame share because it is the obvious best deck (Rite of Flame/Ponder).
    2) The card is just way too damn powerful. It's a case where in a lot of instances if you aren't running this card you're either playing a specific deck it is bad in, or you're just being bad (Umezawa's Jitte/Treasure Cruise)
    3) The card isn't overly powerful, but is definitely strong in Modern in a way that can restrict what WotC wants to develop and release in future sets (Stoneforge Mystic/Birthing Pod)
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    A previous user made a list of all the Modern cards from the previous few blocks, and it's fairly sizable and consistent between sets. I can't find the post I want to cite so hopefully another thread regular can locate it. There's a popular narrative that new sets are too weak for Modern with few playable cards, but when you actually look at how many cards feature in tiered and tournament-placing decks, there's a fairly wide representation. Every preview season sees players unhappy about how few cards are Modern playable, and every new set sees a number of new cards making an important Modern impact. I expect Dominaria will be no different.

    I can't find the post, but I can easily make the same kind of list.

    Battle for Zendikar:
    Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
    Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
    Painful Truths
    Crumble to Dust
    Cinder Glade
    Sanctum of Ugin

    Oath of the Gatewatch
    Matter Reshaper
    Reality Smasher
    Thought-Knot Seer
    Warping Wail
    Kozilek's Return
    Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
    World Breaker
    Reflector Mage
    Sea Gate Wreckage

    Shadows Over Innistrad
    Gryff's Boon
    Thalia's Lieutenant
    Pieces of the Puzzle
    Insolent Neonate
    Duskwatch Recruiter
    Tireless Tracker
    Prized Amalgam

    Eldritch Moon
    Blessed Alliance
    Collective Brutality
    Liliana, the Last Hope
    Spell Queller

    Ceremonious Rejection
    Glint-Nest Crane
    Cathartic Reunion
    Chandra, Torch of Defiance
    Kambal, COnsul of Allocation
    Inspiring Vantage
    Spirebluff Canal

    Aether Revolt
    Baral, Chief of Compliance
    Fatal Push
    Renegade Rallier
    Walking Ballista
    Spire of Industry

    Cartouche of Solidarity
    Gideon of the Trials
    Vizier of Remedies
    Flameblade Adept
    Hazoret the Fervent
    Sweltering Suns
    Rhonas the Indomitable

    Hour of Devastation
    Hour of Promise
    Hollow One

    Settle the Wreckage
    Search for Azcanta
    Kitesail Freebooter
    Hostage Taker
    [card}Field of Ruin[/card]
    Unclaimed Territory

    Rivals of Ixalan
    Dire Fleet Daredevil

    These cards are grabbed from the Top 20 Modern decks listed on MTGGoldfish. Since we're just trying to make a list of "what is used in Modern" any card that was used, even as a 1-of in the 75 has been included.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    Quote from sk00gle »
    I'm not sure I see how that can possibly be true. Take the Burn matchup, for instance. It seems to me that that's a matchup in which we need to give ourselves Hexproof as quickly as possible; without the turn 0 Leyline of Sanctity, there's a very good chance that we're just dead before we can stabilize.

    Burn is an odd match up. You can put in extra Leylines, get your turn 0 Hexproof, and your opponent just draws a creature heavy draw and you lose if you don't find a Bridge. Or you find a Bridge, don't get Hexproof, and your opponent gets a spell heavy hand.
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