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  • posted a message on BridgeVine
    Quote from Depian »
    The good thing about this is that you don't exile your bridges after dealing with their creature but yeah, we probably should keep Darkblast as it is better in the early game (when there are no creatures in our graveyard) and is still able to kill stuff if our opponent has RIP or Leyline

    This right here is what makes this card amazing. Being a removal spell for the deck that keeps our bridges up is insane.
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  • posted a message on [GRN] Guilds of Ravnica previews and spoilers: Modern edition
    Quote from cfusionpm »
    Narcomoeba scares me that they're going to accidentally print something that breaks Dredge again.

    Nah Narcomoeba works really well with Surveil, I think that's why it is in the set.
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    So from the testing I've been doing this week I have been loving Cryptbreaker in the main board. It shores up one of the decks problems (not enough discard) while also fixing another potential issue (lack of card draw). Hell against a UW Control opponent I drew 10 cards off of Cryptbreaker(s) throughout the game, which always kept me ahead on resources, which is pretty nuts.

    Haven't been as impressed with Haunted Dead. It kind of has the same issues as Cathartic Reunion, in that you don't often have 2 cards in hand to discard to it. I thought having Cryptbreaker would help offset this, but I was always wanting to instead just discard a single card to make a zombie instead of discarding 2 cards to reanimate Haunted Dead.

    Unfortunately I have not got any testing done with Shriekmaw. In every game I boarded it in, I never drew it, so that still needs work :p

    So I think I may actually cut the 2 Haunted Dead for 2 Bone Picker and see how those work. Wish me luck Grin
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    Depending on the cards in RTRTR I might consider makign the deck 4-colour, adding in Gemstone Mine and Mana Confluence
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    Congratulations on the win. Glad some people are still putting up good results with the deck.

    I've noticed a sort of lack of innovation while trying to look at lists both in 5-0 lists and in MTGO leagues. And while it is a bit disheartening that it seems no one is willing to try new things with the deck, I suppose that just means I can do it :p

    So I will be attempting to try out the following cards this week:

    Cryptbreaker - This is a card a few people have mentioned as a way to get around getting Leylined/RiP'd. Personally I think that this card can have potential in the mainboard especially if you're playing a list like mine that has cut every copy of Goblin Bushwhacker (sorry, I think the card is bad)

    Haunted Dead - Attempt number...what, 45,678? on finding another discard outlet for the deck. Haunted Dead seems fine, and can help you enable Gravecrawler plays even after a sweeper. It also works together great with Cryptbreaker's draw ability (in that you have more cards in hand to discard, Dead coming into play tapped makes me sad)

    So for the main board I will be testing out 3x Cryptbreaker and 2x Haunted Dead and we will see how it flies. Speaking of flying....

    Bone Picker - I've seen some discussion online about this card having potential in the deck. It will be something that will most likely have to wait until after I am done doing testing for the above two cards, but I do like the idea of essentially a Delver of Secrets for our deck to go along with the War Cabbages.

    Shriekmaw - People run Lightning Axe and Big Game Hunter in their sideboards, but why not just run Shriekmaw? That's the question I will be attempting to answer this week as well. What black creatures are in the format that could punish us for running Shriekmaw? Death's Shadow? We honestly go so wide that deck isn't even worth considering. Honestly I can't come up with a single deck outside of Grixis Death's Shadow that runs black creatures in Modern (obviously besides the mirror, but we have different cards for that) so Shriekmaw seems to be in a good spot.

    I will hopefully have the time to both record and test these cards on Magic Online this week, so hopefully I can get back to everyone with my findings by next Monday.
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    Quote from Depian »
    Quote from Skitzafreak »
    And when you have Gargadon with Station, it lets you set up board states where you can have a field of zombies, with like 6+ untap triggers for station on the stack to either just deal massive damage to your opponent, or to clear out any blockers they have. Definitely a fan of this card, despite what I said about 3 mana cards in my previous post >_>

    I am interested in testing the Station but I don't understand this sentence. What's the extra benefit from having Greater Gargadon and Blasting Station at the same time? Isn't the station already creating a bunch of zombies if you have a Bridge from Below in your graveyard?

    So using just Blasting Station, your opponent has the chance to respond to the untap trigger from you getting a zombie. However when you also have a Gargadon suspended, if you have multiple creatures to sacrifice this lets you still be able to untap Station in response to whatever an opponent's answer might be.

    EDIT: Here, I'll lay it out a bit.

    Battlefield: 2x Bloodghast, 1x Gravecrawler, 1x Vengevine (fairly standard board state), and Blasting Station
    Graveyard: 1x Bridge from Below
    Exile: Greater Gargadon (9 Counters)

    I activate Blasting Station sacrificing Bloodghast to shoot my opponent. In response to either the Bridge's Zombie trigger, or the untap trigger on the Station, they cast Path to Exile targeting my Vengevine. In response I sacrifice Vengevine to Gargadon, which triggers Bridge and the Station untap again.

    Honestly, this is more a praise of how good Gargadon is (it's insane) more than it is talking about how good Blasting Station is.

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    Quote from stonecrowe »
    I played the deck last night and found that I was getting Vengevines and Bridges stuck in my hand far too much, just hoping to draw faithless lootings.
    Has anybody tried Burning Inquiry as looting 5-8? I'm wondering if giving up a degree of sequencing for critical mass of cards hitting the yard is a good thing.

    (I would normally test this myself, but I have a PPTQ coming up on Sunday and no more tournaments to try it out on before then)

    Having tried Inquiry in previous decks featuring Vengevine, the card is pretty awful. Vengevine has you make your deck in a way where you want to be able to choose specifically what cards you want to discard. If you randomly discard all your 1 mana or XX creatures instead of your Bridges and Vines, you just instantly lose the game. It's a lot different than Hollow One which has it's entire deck built around making use out of discarding essentially anything.

    If you're looking for more discard outlets, I'd try some number of Macabre Waltz, Cathartic Reunion, etc. Probably no more than 2 however.

    In other news I tried out the following list in a Competitive League last night

    So first off, my initial impression is that I was incredibly wrong to remove Bloodghast from the deck for previous versions. The card is nuts. The reason I think I felt it wasn't all that great however was because I wasn't running the full playset of Greater Gargadon. Gargadon is just a stupidly good sac outlet, and Ghast makes it almost criminally unfair. Both the cards were amazing for me.

    Secondly, 18 lands is too many. I flooded in almost every game, which I think is say a lot, so I am going to go back down to 17. I initially decided to go up to 18 to help facilitate Blasting Station, but overall I think 17 is fine as you get to see enough cards more games. And in my honest opinion the games where variance sticks you with just one land wouldn't have changed much if you have decided to run 18 instead of 17.

    Finally we have the star of this test run, Blasting Station. Now I ended up going 2-3 in the League, but I attribute that more to be playing the deck awfully than it being bad. There were a few match ups where I had station and instead of just gunning down my opponents board via Ghast and Crawler, I was instead trying to get some value with my Bridge from Below. If you want to run Station, I am going to firmly say that you need to be willing to let your Bridges get exiled, otherwise you will be playing the card sub optimally. But damn, it is so good at helping close the game or in killing small annoying creatures like Meddling Mage. And when you have Gargadon with Station, it lets you set up board states where you can have a field of zombies, with like 6+ untap triggers for station on the stack to either just deal massive damage to your opponent, or to clear out any blockers they have. Definitely a fan of this card, despite what I said about 3 mana cards in my previous post >_>
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/08/2018)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    It's outrageous to me that a small contingent of users in this thread (and the community overall: see Brad Nelson), as well as in the just-locked iteration of this thread, continue to talk about the format as if it is unhealthy, too linear, failing, broken, or some other unfounded criticism. I feel like this all started once those Day 1 Team PT numbers got posted and we never looked back. Or it's been continuing nonstop for years and it's more acute now in light of the Team PT numbers.

    Over time I've come to realize a lot of people's complaints about Modern are, "Your deck does something that makes it hard for me to play my deck. So instead of accepting that the format has changed and my deck might no longer be good, I will instead complain about how the format is horrible, disgusting, degenerate, and these cards that make your deck possible need to be banned."

    I've seen this multiple times. Every time some new deck pops up that makes it so people can't just pick up the exact same 75 they've been playing for 4 months we get the groans and moans about how Modern is "broken" or "degenerate" and that something needs to be banned to fix it. But it isn't. Modern is a non-rotating format yes, but the metagame is cyclical. What is a good deck today, might be a horrible deck tomorrow. Hell I have personal experience with this via Lantern Control. Before PT Rivals Lantern was in a good spot. You could do extremely well in Leagues or at tournaments, and the field wasn't overly hostile to you. Post PT Rivals things got a little more hostile, I mean the deck did win the PT, it's to be expected. But it ended up settling down a bit, but then KCI took off like a rocket, and all of the hate people have been packing for that deck has tangentially made Lantern almost unplayable right now. I'm sure we'll get to a point where the format calms down a bit and I can play my good ol' prison deck again, but until then I have adapted, and picked up a new deck. Now I get to throw V8's at people all day long.
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    Have you still been on the deck after your last report? Is it still working out for you or are you running into any glaring problems. There's some thoughts that Bridgevine's current configuration has the surprise factor going for it, but people have figured out how to answer it cleanly and thus the deck is already starting to fall off.

    Hopefully not, at the least I had hoped conversation here would continue with the aim to find more technology for the deck to keep it from being just a flash in the pan (essentially I have most of the pieces to this deck now and I would like to stick with it having made the investment.)

    So I took the deck to a PPTQ on the weekend and ended up going 0-3 drop. Though honestly that was more due to bad variance and my deck just refusing to show up, and people being prepared for it and me getting crushed because of that.

    Round 1 I played against GW Taxes, and had him dead by Turn 3 Game 1. In game 2, I kept a pretty aggressive opener that had my opponent down to 12 by the end of my 3rd turn, but here is where I started having problems. I was stuck on 1 land. SO my third turn of playing Neonate, discarding Vengevine hoping to find a land, didn't find me a land. As such I didn't have the mana I needed to suspend my Greater Gargadon I had drawn that turn, which had both of my Vengevines get exile by a Declaration In Stone on my opponent's next turn. And Dec In Stone wasn't even a hate card for my deck. I know the guy who plays this deck well and he's been playing Dec In Stone in GW Taxes since it came out in SOI. Game 3 I again kept a good aggressive opener, but once again got stuck on 1 land. This really hurt when my opponent landed a Rest In Peace. I never got a second land at all, yet I drew all of my Destructive Revelry. What did I do to piss off lady luck I suppose? At least one thing I gleaned from this match up was that Bontu's Last Reckoning is a garbage card. If you want to run a sweeper effect, run Blasphemous Act as the decks you want sweepers for go as wide as you so act usually costs like 1R or R.

    Round 2 I played against Esper Control, and once again I obliterated my opponent Game 1. Game 2 once again my deck refused to show up, with my losing pretty hard to a Surgical Extraction on Vengevine, and then proceeding to draw blanks for like 7 turns. You know what this deck just straight up cannot beat? Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. Turns out the Control deck used a Gifts package to win, so that's fun. For Game 3 I sided out my Revelries thinking that there was no way he'd bring in RiP with him being on the Gifts plan. Thank god I kept a hand with Thoughtseize to get rid of the RiP he had on him.... Though as if trying to prove some sort of prophecy I draw no more than 1 land all game and lose the round to him just having more removal and ways to deal with my stuff than I actually have things to kill him with.

    I played ROund 3 because there was a slim chance I could make Top 8 going X-2. I was playing against Counters Company. Game 1, I lose to a turn 3 CoCo into the Vizier of Remedies/Devoted Druid combo. Game 2 I run him over, keeping a hand with both of my sideboarded Darkblasts which just keep 'bolting the bird' so the speak. Game 3, I play the tune I've been playing all tournament. I keep a good hand, am able to deploy a Vengevine on turn 1, but I never draw a second land. my opponent gets the Vizier combo, but has no payoff for it at the moment. I end up losing to him slowly pumping all his creatures with a Gavony Township while I proceed to draw every Vengevine and Bridge in my deck while seeing no discard outlets outside of the faithless looting that was in my opening hand. Oh, and also no second or third land either.

    So yeah, I got obliterated by variance and felt like I wasted my afternoon. But I'd definitely make the following changes to the list I was running:

    -2 Bontu's Last Reckoning
    -1 Destructive Revelry
    -1 Darkblast
    +2 Blasphemous Act
    +2 Big Game Hunter

    As mentioned previously, Act is 1000x better than Bontu's. 3+ mana card in this deck are just awful, so keep as far away as possible. As for BGH, it would have been great out for me to deal with Elesh Norn in the Esper Match up, and I can honestly think of a lot of match ups where it would do good work. Kind of kicking myself for not running it before now. As for what I am cutting for it, I've found I have never really wanted all 4 Revelries in the deck, with me usually only bringing in 3 of them. As such I am cutting one from the board entirely. And as for Darkblast, it's a good card, but you really only ever need the 1.
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    Quote from Depian »
    Quote from Skitzafreak »

    How do you deal with Rest in Peace or Leyline without the green splash? Are you just resigned to concede those games? These seems like an exceptionally poor decision, especially on Magic Online where everyone is now running either of the previously mentioned cards because of how many people are playing this deck.

    I play 1 Cryptbreaker in my main and another 2 on my sideboard, it is a great card to keep fueling your hand while allowing you to discard and it is able to build an army (and draw you cards on the way) when Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void are on the battlefield.

    That doesn't at all solve how with RiP or Leyline on board your deck is just a bunch of *****ty creatures.
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    With concerns to sideboarding I'm usually doing something like this:

    If Leyline is not good/only mediocre in the match up:
    -4 Leyline of the Void
    -1 Macabre Waltz/Hangarback Walker/Gravecrawler
    +3 Destructive Revelry
    +2 Lightning Axe/Brutality/Darkblast/Bont's

    If Leyline is good in the match up:
    -2 Macabre Waltz
    -1 Hangarback/Gravecrawler
    +3 Destructive Revelry

    That is for Game 2. In game 3 you have to decide if you want the 4th Revelry, if there are any other cuts to make, etc. But generally that's how I have been sideboarding. I find you always bring in 2-3 Revelry for every single Game 2 because it is just better to err on the side that your opponent is running Leyline.
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    Quote from lwdgg »
    I have some questions about your choices and the deck in general, I have been trying it out in a couple leagues on mtgo and having mixed results with a variaty of lists... going from 5-0 , to 0-3 drop lol...

    - Do you really think Leylines main are good ? From my experience on mtgo, the decks seems less explosives with 4 leylines main, but it's able to go to a longer game, due to bridges never going away... still, it's weird.
    - Do you think the green splash is worth ? Let's be realistic, we almost never cast Vengevines with 2 greens, usually we mill 1 of those, or something like that, because most of the time you can't fetch them... RiP isn't a big of issue, only Leylines, if you are not facing a lot of mirrors and leylines in general, seems sketchy to deviate from your aggro plan and use desenchant effects...
    - What do you think of splashing white for wear//tear instead of green, since casting vengevine is very unlikely?
    - Thoughts on only 1 Bushwacker ?

    srry for bad english :p

    So honestly, Leyline is a weird card. I really do like it in the mainboard as it does a lot against a lot of decks. Like some match-ups where it just does really well for you game 1 are Grixis Death's Shadow, Storm, Dredge, KCI, and decks running Snapcaster Mage, etc. You get a lot of splash damage running Leylines in the main. On top of that against other go-wide creature decks like Humans you have the added benefit of getting to keep you Bridges around while killing their dudes, which is amazing. Though it is important to note that against decks like Mardu Pyromancer, their tokens dying will still exile your Bridge, even if you happen to have a Leyline in play. However in order to play with Leyline correctly, you need to pretend it isn't in your deck. I know, it's weird. Essentially you need to be fine with not aggressively mulliganing to find Leyline, and also know to mulligan a hand even if it contains Leyline. It is a very good card to help you with your game plan Game 1, but not so good that you can blindly keep every hand that has it, or feel forced to mulligan down to 4 to find one. If you have one in your opener, cool, it'll do some work for you this game. If you don't, well you have some discard fodder.

    How do you deal with Rest in Peace or Leyline without the green splash? Are you just resigned to concede those games? These seems like an exceptionally poor decision, especially on Magic Online where everyone is now running either of the previously mentioned cards because of how many people are playing this deck.

    With that in mind, I mean you can splash white instead if you want to. Wispmare and Wear//Tear are both fine magic cards. A while ago there was someone who even ran a Ranger of Eos in their sideboard, which I thought was kind of cute. Personally I prefer the green splash because then you just have Destructive Revelry as a catch-all, which takes up less sideboard slots.

    1 Bushwhacker was great. I've been doing previous testing with 4 and I hated it. There are so many times when you're running 4 Bushwhackers that you just get too many Bushwhackers that end up being bad Raging Goblins, which makes you feel horrible. I've heard some people make the argument that that isn't a problem because you can at least trigger your Vengevines, but you wouldn't put Raging Goblin in your deck, so why do you want to put potentially worse Raging Goblins in your deck? The games where Bushwhacker isn't Raging Goblin though are amazing, so you definitely want some number of them. I could understand maybe running 2 instead of 1, but I'm liking my singleton. With me running 2 Macabre Waltz I can kind of cheat and run up to 3 Bushwhackers in the deck without actually putting 3 Bushwhackers in the deck.

    BTW, your english is perfectly fine. Smile
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    Okay so, I didn't have enough time to do a League on MTGO last night, however I did go 4-0 at the weekly Modern event. I split for prizes in the last round, but we played matches anyway so I could get some more testing in. Here are how the games went.

    For the event I took a note one of the users on the /r/spikes subreddit suggested. I mulliganed every single 7 or 6 card hand that did not meet one of these two criteria:

    1. Stitcher's Supplier and a sacrifice outlet. For this, part of me wanted to consider hands with Walking Ballista and two lands meeting this, but I decided against it.
    2. A payoff card with at least one discard effect

    One benefit to this deck is it mulligans extremely well. And if you actually keep yourself honest with the above criteria, you get to keep a lot of hands that are pretty gas.

    Round 1 - VS KCI (2-1)
    Game 1 was pretty close. I managed to get enough power in play quickly enough that he died before he could even cast Ironworks.
    Game 2, using my above mulligan rules I ended up mulliganing down to 5 cards. The hand I kept was 3 lands, Vengevine and Macabre Waltz because honestly, I can't really envision too many good 4 card hands, and this was at least a sub-par hand. Drew a Vengevine on turn 1 (yay) and just kind of slowly fetched up some lands. On turn 2 I drew a Neonate, and figured since I only needed to draw a single castable creature that I should try to go for getting a Vengevine on board. So I cast Neonate, activate it pitching a Vengevine, and draw Gargadon. Oh well. I put Gargadon on suspend and pass. Turn 3 I draw a walking Ballista. So I cast Waltz, returning Neonate and Vengevine to my hand, discarding Vengevine. Then I cast the Neonate, discard my other Vengevine and cast Hangarback to reanimate both the V8 juicers in my graveyard. Time to get in for 8 baby! The next turn I draw a Stitcher's Supplier which mills over a Gravecrawler. So I sacrifice both Vengevines to Gargadon, cast Gravecrawler, remove another counter from Gargadon, and cast Gravecrawler again to reanimate the Vines. Gargadon now has 6 time counters on it. On the battlefield my opponent cast Scrap Trawler, and I know he has Ironworks in hand because he revealed it off of Stirrings two turns ago. My opponent is at 12 so I need to kill him this turn. So I sacrifice Supplier, Crawler, and all 4 of my lands to Gargadon to put it into play, and then swing for a crisp 17. My opponent has to block Gargadon with Trawler, so he goes down to 4, but he loses the Trawler so it's a win for me. Unfortunately he had the second one in hand, so he untaps, plays Ironworks, sacs a few artifacts and goes off. Even though I lost I really enjoyed this game as it showed to me the potential of Gargadon and Waltz. If my opponent had not had the 2nd Trawler already in hand, I more than likely would have won that game.
    Game 3 was pretty good. Ended up getting some early aggression in and got him down to two life. I keep doing the math, and I don't think my hand lined up so that I could have done that 2 damage at any other point in the game, so it is what it is. He untaps, plays Ironworks and tries to go off. But he never finds Retreiver or Trawler so he concedes. First win in the bag!

    Round 2 - VS 8-Rack (2-1)
    Game 1 I came out of the gates swinging. I believe I had 2 Vengevines out on turn 2 after casting Supplier and Hangarback. My opponent eventually lands an Ensnaring Bridge on turn 3, tapping out for it with 3 cards remaining in his hand, and being at 4 life. So my Vines can't attack, but I have a Supplier and Gravecrawler in play, so I untap and attack him down to 1. Then I cast Viscera Seer and pass the turn. On my opponent turn, he points every discard spell he has at himself, putting himself down to 0 cards. At end of turn I sacrifice Supplier to Seer to Scry, end up hitting a Bridge off of the Supplier Trigger. Perfect. Sacrifice Gravecrawler, get a zombie, scry. Sac both Vengevine, get zombies, scry. I am just sacrificing my board continually scrying to the bottom looking for my single out. Eventually I scry to the top and let it be my turn. Untap, cast Walking Ballista for 1, and kill my opponent.
    Game 2, I mulligan down to 5 because of my mulligan rules. With the hand i keep I scry a Destructive Revelry to the bottom of my deck because I have only fetchlands in hand. Honestly this was a mistake that probably cost me the match. Something similar to Game 1 happens where I get locked behind an Ensnaring Bridge. Only this time my opponent has a Shrieking Affliction in play so he has a clock. Unfortunately I am unable to find an out and I lose the game. If only I hadn't let myself get that Revelry :\
    Game 3 I came out swinging. Reanimated a Vengevine on turn 1, as well as another one and some zombies on turn 2. My opponent was dead before he got a turn 3.

    Round 3 - VS Grixis Death's Shadow (2-0)
    Game 1 I keep an opener with Leyline. Put out Leyline, cast looting discarding two Vengevines, pass the turn. Opponent cycles two Street Wraiths, plays a MIshra's Bauble, then concedes. He apparently kept a no-lander and was hoping he'd both:
    A) Find a land in the top 4 cards and
    B) Be able to quickly cast the Gurmag Angler in his hand.
    He didn't find a land, and Leyline shut down B, so we move quickly to game 2.
    Game 2 wasn't too special. I was able to go really wide with Bridge from Below and he wasn't able to stay alive.

    Round 4 - VS Burn (2-0)
    Game 1 had a bit of a back and forth. It ended coming down to him needing to top deck a burn spell, and me having an army I just needed to untap with. Luckily for me, no burn spell was top-decked and we went to game 2.
    Game 2 my opponent aggressively mulliganed to find a hand with Leyline of the Void. So I sit there for a few turns not doing too much, then I Revelry the Leyline, and proceed to go off. Again I get a little lucky off my opponent's draws. He is 3 damage short of killing me but he never draws the 2nd land for the Searing Blaze he has in hand. GGs.

    So all in all the deck worked wonderfully. I ended up sideboarding my mainboard Leylines out in every match I played tonight (except GDS) because they just weren't really match-ups that Leyline was fantastic against. Sure, in Game 1 it gives me some good mileage against decks like KCI as well as protecting my Bridges, but if it isn't good, it needs to be cut for better cards.

    I found it was pretty smart to proactively board in 2-3 Revelry every game. If you know you can get extra mileage out of it, putting in all 4 is also good.

    I was thoroughly impressed with Macabre Waltz tonight, as even though it was a 2-of I basically had it almost every game and was able to get value out of it. I like to think of it like Tormenting Voice only you get to choose what you actually draw, which is nice.

    All in all, I don't think I'd make any changes before the PPTQ this weekend, but I'll try to get some more testing in and report back.
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    So after ruminating on it for a bit, this is the decklist I will be testing out at tonight's weekly Modern event and (if I have enough time afterwards) in some Competitive Modern Leagues on MTGO

    I'll make another post either tonight or tomorrow to let everyone know how I did.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 02/07/2018)
    What is the typical Hearthstone payout look like?

    Here's a start:

    For Hearthstone being astronomically larger (competitively) than magic, Pro tours don't look too bad by comparison.

    Some more info-
    Hearthstone top paid pro -
    Magic top all-time earnings list -

    Magic has definitely been around a lot longer so keep that in mind. With that said though, these numbers certainly aren't small.

    The problem with Hearthstone is that the random elements of the game make it hard for players to consistently do well. Some people just lose tournaments literally because of die rolls. With that in mind, the fact that Pavel has won enough to put himself in 21st place if we place him on the MTG money leaders board is....just wow.
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