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  • posted a message on [Deck] LED Dredge
    Quote from Izor
    Are your problems consistency problems? Or do you really have the feeling that Dredge isn't strong enough against the 'top tier' decks?

    Zirath is right. 3 DR Targets is too much most of the time. Tera main is something I've never needed and I doubt that I ever will.

    And yes, I've played some of the Top tier decks recently. To cut the matter short, no deck with less than 5 dedicates sb cards against me could stand a chance, except for TES. Even against Storm Combo I seem to win just as much as I lose. At the last tourney I attended I honestly had the feeling that I was playing a different game and that my game was definitely the stronger one. Sometimes I felt sorry for my opponent, it must feel bad to see your opponent drop Chosen for 35 followed by Iona on Red against Burn...

    I think part of my problem is that I've been doing most of my testing on MWS. I used to have an LED build that goldfished T2 50-60% of the time but on MWS I can't get a decent hand to save my life. The reason I started main decking terastodon was because I found myself bringing him in vs almost every deck but I guess stuff like lands, stax, and enchantress were pretty popular. I've never been happy with iona because iona doesn't equal an instant win. Also I always had chosen in my board but never brought him in. Why DR chosen then iona when you could've won on the spot with say sphinx and fkz.

    I haven't been able to test a lot recently because I've been so discouraged by inconsistentcy but matchups I'd be interested in hearing about are loam variants (jund colors specifically), Bant, wgb rock (dark horizons?), and 3 sphere aggro decks (stompy variants).

    EDIT: @moil thanks for the info. I will definitely try out null rod, brainstorm, and truth. I've been kinda conditioned against brainstorm in Dredge but never actually tried it. On the plus side I just found out that there are not 1 but 2 weekly legacy tournies around here so hopeful I can play with cardboard and that will solve some of my consistency issues.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] LED Dredge
    Quote from Moil
    I finished 2-1-0 in last nights legacy event with the list in my previous post. I beat combo elves 2-0 and Mono-Black Reanimator/paintedstone and I lost to a 4c GBwr zoo/rock deck that ended up winning the event.

    The elves games were extra straight forward. He did not have any graveyard hate. :0

    The MB reanimator with painter/grindstone backup plan was a lot closer. In game one I killed him on turn two which was fortunate since his T1 was grindstone, T2 Painter Servant. Thankfully, he did not get a turn three.

    Game 2, T1 P.imp for him and Darkblast for me (he discards Iona). T2 Exhume-->Iona on black, I careful study and dredge into a bridge and ichorid. T3 painter servant for him and null rod for me. The rest of the game involved me returning ichorid, dredging into narcs to block is iona and then passing the turn. I was generating zombies off of ichorids and narcomeoba blocks. Eventually, I had enough zombie tokens to turn sideways for the win. I got luckly. He showed me his hand. Platinum emperion. He had a pimp in play most of the game preventing me from attacking(could not afford to lose my bridges). He never drew the reanimation spell.

    Against the Zoo/rock hybrid, I crushed game one. In game two, he had turn 1 tormods crypt + a clock which included an active knight of the reliquary for bojuka bog. Game 3 was more of the same except he had 2 tormod's crypts and drew bojuka bog. When I conceded I had a narcomeoba in play with no cards in hand or graveyard. Staring down knight and 2x goyf.

    Still happy with the build but the side board is now being renovated. I like the options the rainbow manabases give in the sideboard particularily ancient grudge and/or nature's claim.

    Interesting build. I have some questions for you about it. How is brainstorm? I never liked it. Your mana base confuses me. Only 2 seas because that's all you have? How does only 4 permanent discard outlets work for you? Why only one CoV in the board and 3 truths? I like the null rod tech but how often to you get one into play? Darkblast seems pretty weak to me in Legacy dredge (it's pro in vintage though :P). Stifle seems cool but how often does it come in and how useful is it?

    Some more general things. I like Terastodon main. Just because DRing him t2 or 3 and blowing up all their lands or vials or whatnot is pretty much gg. I hate autolose cards like solitary confinement ghostly prison, propaganda, elephant grass, ensnaring bridges, etc. I play 3 dr targets just to fit him in (FKZ and sphinx being the other 2) however if i was determined to cut it to 2 I would honestly rather play terastodon over fkz. I left this archetype for a while and recently I can't seem to win with it. Has anyone played any of the top tier decks recently?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Been playing more burn, and it's one of my new favorites decks to play because most of the thinking goes into building the deck as opposed to playing it. Anyway, I think I might agree with urduj about pyrostatic pillar/mindbreak trap not being necessary. It seems like storm decks have slowed down quite a bit and don't seem to be much of a problem. I haven't played the matchup a ton but I haven't lost a match to storm just by racing them; I've never been able to find one of my pillars. Still, I don't think I would feel super comfortable playing without them. Shard volley has really been a problem child. I've been in situations where I would have lethal with a bolt + fireblast or bolt + bolt + blast, or bolt + blast + blast and shard volley has ruined it for me. Also, I still really, really hate volcanic fallout. Like really. The only match that it seems good in is merfolk. Vs other aggro decks 2 often isn't enough vs control decks it's obviously pretty lame and vs other aggro/control decks (team america, bant) it doesn't do crap. On a positive note I am in love with PoP. The other day I was playing vs MUD and he had lethal on board and was at 10 life. I passed the turn with only 2 land untapped. He had 4 nonbasics and my only hope was that he would play another land before attacking. He did and I PoP him for 10 Smile

    Does Bant seem as unwinnable to everyone else as it does to me? I know in the OP he talked about it being an awful matchup but I was just wondering what kind of tech/strategy you guys use. It's usually pretty close for me but it just feels really awful. I guess for 1 thing I should probably put in the 4th magma jet but still...They have lots of things that need to be answered as well as lots of answers for our threats. Like if they play jitte I'm holding a pyroblast and when they play their war monk I have smash to smithereens. Not to mention between 4 and 8 cantrips and Jace. Another matchup I don't like is Team America. Actually that feels worse than Bant to me. T2 hymn is an awful feeling. I've tried bringing pillar in vs. TA because everything they play is basically 1 or 2 but much like with storm I tend not to see my pillars so I can't say how I feel about that idea. One idea I had was meekstone but that just doesn't feel right.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Hey guys, so I played in a legacy tourney yesterday and after staying up all night testing various decks I ended up with only three hours of sleep and no solid decks. So 30 minutes before it started I panicked and threw good old burn together. I ended up 1-2 drop which is pretty awful but I figured I'd write up a report anyways :p

    Here's my list:

    I really liked this list. Pop was an all star and I would like to fit the 4th in somewhere. Sulfuric Vortex was a surprise heavy hitter and I would feel comfortable playing 3 or maybe even 4 in my 75 in the future. Fallout was a disappointment all around. I played shusher over Pyroblast[/Deck] because I figured it would be better vs Countertop. I'm almost certain that was the wrong call. Anarchy is there because I read a report by someone talking about playing against Story Circle and Circle of Protection: Red and I wanted an out to them.

    I didn't take good notes so I'll just give an overview also what I say for boarding is kinda just guesses.

    Round 1 vs MUD Stompy 2-0
    This was a super easy matchup because ancient tombs hurt them sooo much. I won the roll and led with a guide and he revealed a tomb. He played a top with his tomb and topped. I laughed because I almost played the same deck. Anyway the game was over in four rounds I think I bolted, rift bolted, and sulfuric vortexed him. He played wurmcoil the turn after I played vortex but they the vortex damage had him down to four so I fireblasted for the win.
    -2 fallout -1 marauder
    +3 smash to smithereens
    Game 2 was close. I can't remember all the specifics but he had a turn 2 lodestone golem that I bolted. He got a steel hellkite and started bashing but pop really pulled its weight and I burned him out with only 4 life left.

    Round 2 vs Affinity 0-2
    Game 1 he exploded but I was able to slow him down by burning some signal pests and stuff. I pop'd him for 8 and it was pretty close but he ended up outracing me.
    -2 vortex -3 lava spike -1 Marauder
    +3 smash to smithereens +3 ratchet bomb
    I considered pyrostatic pillar for this matchup and I think that would have been a good call. I kept a 1 lander that I thought seemed like a god hand, I think it was mountain, guide, fallout, smash to smithereens x2, pop, magma jet. I figured one more land and I could magma jet for another land to fallout with the board and smash + pop ftw. I ended up not drawing a land for 4 turns. When I got my land I had to smash a MoE to avoid dying then sac my lands to fireblast in response to a plating equip. Needless to say I lost pretty bad.

    Round 3 vs Affinity 0-2
    This was basically the same as the round before. MoE, Tezz, and plating wrecked me. Pyroblast would've helped for MoE and Tezz plus I think it's better vs. Fish than shusher. One game I ended up with 9 of my 20 lands. :/ Guess luck just isn't with you sometimes.

    Here's what I would play in the future:

    I would like to try slagstorm in this spot or maybe hellspark elemental. I really dislike fallout, that might be the best. I don't know how necessary a sweeper really is. Fish seems like the only matchup where I really want a fallout. Well, maybe next time I'll have some better luck with burn. It's pretty fun to play plus I don't have to think so much which is nice when I don't get enough sleep.
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  • posted a message on Aggro Bant
    Quote from Deusex
    Bant has definitely evolved over the past couple of weeks from adding Cryptic Commands to Time Warp and finding a balance between counters and removal it seems.

    My Updated List:

    I've been messing around with Bant recently and I've found Rhox War Monk to be an allstar. I play him over crusader but I haven't tested crusader extensively. I have a few questions about your list. Why does garruk get a nod over elspeth? How often do you see your singleton cryptic and colonnade in situations that they're actually relevant? And why stag over thrun?

    Another thing I've messed around with is mulldrifter and lark but they weren't good enough to justify cutting something for them. Also, what do you guys think of Jace TMS? I haven't tried him and he doesn't seem to really fit the gameplan but he's just sooo good. I'll update this with my current list in the morning.
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  • posted a message on kuldotha forgemaster combo
    Quote from marximus
    Continuing with the testing, I've been trying out the deck verses the more recent Faerie builds and have been pleasantly surprised by how well it's been going. The switch from Doom Blade/Grasp of Darkness makes more of a difference than I originally thought. I know that Faeries aren't the completely dominating force that they have been, but they still are one of the best decks.

    I've finally dropped the Faerie Mechanists and though I think that they are still really good, there isn't room for them and Tumble Magnet and Tumble Magnet is just better. There are times where the Mechanists are really good, but in a format where Swords are everywhere, the Magnets are pretty sweet. I'm also running a misers copy of Scarecrone because of all the Swords, and the fact that it can win games all by itself against control/midrange decks.

    If you are interested in running a list this weekend, this is what I would be running in the main.

    I know that there has been a lot of critique for the deck and a lot of the interest in it has basically died down, but I still think that it has the potential to take down a PTQ. Oh, and for those of you who don't have Tezz, I would probably just run +1 Sphinx Summoner, +1 Thousand Year Elixir, +1 Mox Opal.

    As an aside, it is of note that a potential foil to the plethora of Swords running around is Painter's Servant. If you name Green then both Swords will simply "fall off" of whatever they are equipped to.

    So I've been messing around with your list a little and there's two problems that I consistently notice. One is that seeing the right line of play is often very difficult and two is its very hard to choose what to take out in sideboarding. I was just wondering if you could give some examples of what your typical Forgemaster progressions are and maybe some general sideboarding advice (what to take out not what to put in).

    Anyway, here's my typical Forgemaster progression:
    Sac three whatever for battlesphere -> sac battlesphere + 2 tokens for sharuum returning battlesphere -> sac thee tokens for tye -> sac three tokens for Transmuter

    As you can probably tell I tend not to get a whole lot of value from tye and Transmuter unless they are already out when I drop Forgemaster. Also note that vs some decks (i.e. Jund) I just go for my fatty ASAP.

    On a side note I think people are preparing for this to be a deck to beat. Forgemaster went from being a bulk rare to being ~$2. Not a huge change, I know, but I think stores are hedging their bets a little (it probably also has to do with the small rise in popularity of legacy Forgemaster decks). Anyway, its kinda nice to see more people (begin to) recognize how powerful Forgemaster can be (tinker on a stick? Seriously?).
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  • posted a message on Why isn't Oblivion Ring being used in Ext?
    Quote from weise guy
    If GW trap plays emrakul, attacks you in their extra turn, and you are both still alive and controlling enough permanents to cast oblivion ring, then it is good. However, that situation hardly ever comes up. It isn't really good against sword because they will hit you and then have mana up to either counter your o-ring or just get really far ahead. Most often if valakut plays prismatic omen you die immediately, so it doesn't help you there. It does beat fatties, I guess, but who plays those? If titan landed you still have two valakuts to deal with, mistbind taps you out, and vengevine and demigod still smacked you for 4 or 5 before you killed them. You can get a jace, but if they brainstormed first you are still down one card, and similarly against bitterblossom they could have made tokens off it already (also playing a 3 mana card to answer a 2 mana one is an inefficient use of your resources).

    tldr: Sorcery speed + poor value makes o-ring suboptimal in this meta.

    Umm...trap doesn't get an extra turn from emrakul. That said the only thing that's efficiently handled by o-ring is planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on Timeseive
    So I've been playing some games, both with anvil and without and in my experience anvil is better goldfishing but really hard to win irl. That's not to say my other list does much better. I've been losing to just about every competitive deck and there's not a single matchup that I would say is good. Not many are even even. Maybe my build is bad or I'm a bad player but I'm thinking of giving up on this deck. Anyway, here's my list maybe you guys can tell me how to make it better:

    My thoughts on tezz 2.0: just don't.

    EDIT: Just wanted to say, how awful are the borderposts, amirite? CiPT lands that can be hit by any discard, countered, angle are vulnerable to artifact destruction? Ugh. I hate that we have to run that jank.
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  • posted a message on G/w Liege and Titan
    Secret tech: vexing shusher?
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  • posted a message on Timeseive
    Quote from el_pato
    8 Borderposts has been the convention for some time, of course we all know how conventions are broken all the time. I'd think about experimenting with -1 borderpost +1 land or +1 mox but the thing is, a hand with one basic one borderpost can do a lot more than one basic one mox, so mox would be a risky replacement. As for -boderpost + basic, that sounds like it could help hit an untapped fifth or sixth land drop. I'd have to play a couple hundred games to know for sure.

    I've been liking two Cryptics +6 other fogs, 4 Lullabies and 2 Angelsong. Hitting a fog-type effect is so important that you need 7+ in your deck to reasonably see one on turn four. Idk about Spell Pierce. What I'm really afraid of right now is elves. Sometimes they kill you on turn four, and if they are on the play, that means your only way to win is to double fog. I don't like md Spell Pierce against elves, or the other thing that terrifies me, Qasali Pridemage. Countering Maelstrom Pulse is great but I expect Jund to be only ~8% of the metagame.

    Spell pierce would be mainly for fae to hit turn 2 bitterblossom and also for uw control to protect important spells. I guess with uw playing more aggressively fog effects might be more important. In my experience against elves (albeit not playing time sieve) dropping one sweeper is basically game. Especially true for combo elves that don't play some kind of back up plan (i.e. vengevines). If you're packing Ratchet bombs and dojs + your fog effects it seems like you should be fine, although I don't know how much you can comfortably take out and still be consistent. Which reminds me of another question. Can someone give me some general sideboarding advice? Seems like there's not much room to move stuff around.

    Few more questions. Why are most people rocking temple bell instead of font of mythos? Is Jund as unwinnable as it looks on paper to me?
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  • posted a message on What killed 4/5c contol?
    Quote from cbus05
    It's still playable, but it hasn't really done anything since the start of extended.

    It's not just from MBS, Cruel Control wasn't being played much once Faeries were established as the go-to deck to play.

    Thanks for clarifying that. I was under the impression that it had a decent game vs faeries and was therefore the best non faeries control deck.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] UW Control
    Quote from Larzdk
    Extremely. It's a hard-to-deal-with creature, and this deck needs as many of those as possible.

    Thanks. Guess I'll need to bite the bullet and pick some up. Still probably gonna be cheaper than building something else from scratch.
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  • posted a message on Timeseive
    Quote from el_pato
    That's a fine build. It does a lot of things right:
    Cryptic Command is good at 1-2 to protect your Tezz Ultimate turn, but 4 is too many because often you will not get triple blue on the critical turn, plus two mana fogs are better in this deck than 4 mana fogs.

    Mox Opal is incredibly powerful, but cutting basics hurts quite a bit. 2-3 is right, but if you go 3, don't go below 14 land.

    Tezz the Seeker is superior in the fog version of the deck. Agent Tezz is powerful but you'd have to change your strategy to accommodate him.

    Idk about Thopter Foundry. I don't like it unless I'm sure I'm going to play against faeries three times. It's so mana intensive and doesn't topdeck well.

    Good post, I was gonna ask about the right number of cryptics. All 8 borderposts is the right number to run? How many non-artifact spells do you think this deck can comfortably fit in the main. 2 tezz, 3-4 OtV and 4 time warp of course but beyond that I would like 2 cryptic, 4 spell pierce and some combination of 4 fog angle removal effects (maybe 2 pollen lullaby + 2 path). Is that getting too greedy?

    Also, I've seen the argument about semblance anvil and I agree it is not a great card for the deck. However, what about etherium sculptor? Is turning on removal too much of a disadvantage to use him?
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  • posted a message on What killed 4/5c contol?
    Sigh...cruel ultimatum is such a timmy card. Not much beats the feeling of resolving one. You guys have made some good points but for some reason they don't satisfy me. Seems like the only real metagame change is SoFaF and stoneforge mystic. Is it a bandwagon thing or is cruel control gone for good?
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  • posted a message on What killed 4/5c contol?
    Where did it go?
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