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  • posted a message on MTGO Peasant Matches
    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    Play on cockatrice for free?

    I'd do that too. haha. I enjoy the overall layout and gameplay on mtgo and I think it's worth the $3-5 to play it that way.

    However, I'd gladly play on any program if people are down to do it!!

    EDIT: it's been a while since I've played on Cockatrice, so I can't speak to its current iteration as of right now
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  • posted a message on MTGO Peasant Matches
    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to share something I've been doing with some of my friends that perhaps would interest some of you cube owners (especially the Peasant cube owners).

    A couple months ago I purchased every card in my Peasant cube on Magic Online. Two of my friends purchased my cube on MTGO as well.
    We either host a live draft of my Peasant cube on TappedOut.net or just draft the cube on CubeCobra and then export it into MTGO.

    We then play matches online and voila, we get a virtual cube!

    Even if you don't own the cube, it's very easy to do either of these drafts, export the pool into MTGOtraders.com, and just buy your pool for a couple dollars ($5 minimum for buying the singles online) *a few exceptions for some cards that are expensive like Daze or Ancient Tomb
    you can just buy each card for your deck/pool from the mtgotraders.bot in the trade section of mtgo (takes a little longer, but no minimum.. you just use your tickets)

    Anyways, my point is, if there is anyone interested in playing some Peasant matches using either of these methods, let me know and perhaps we can organize one and play some games!

    If we can get 4 people, we can host a live TappedOut.net draft and actually do a legitimate 4-man virtual cube.

    I have a discord for my cube created, so we can talk through it.

    Just something to think about as it would be a cool way to get some of us Peasant Cubers drafting together, since obviously we are all over the world.

    Let me know if this interests any of you!

    Happy Cubing
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  • posted a message on [380][Peasant] Peasantville !!!
    Alrighty.. I've finally updated my cube change log, deleted the cube seasons on the original post, and updated my info page. Also updated my signature to Cube Cobra, which I think we can all agree has taken the place of cubetutor for many of us.

    We got 2 cubes in yesterday. A nice back to backer. There has been a lot of changes to my cube recently - focusing primarily on 2-color archetypes and synergy. The cube is in a really great place as all of our games yesterday were super competitive and synergistic.

    Even though I've stopped showing every winning decklist on my thread, I will like to showcase some winning lists time to time that I think are cool. With this said, I'd like to show you my winning list from the 2nd cube of the doubleheader. I played a mono-blue brew and it completely dominated. Take a look!

    On a side note, my playgroup and I have been having concerns about the power level of Merchant Raiders. We all understand that it's a powerful effect, but having 4 toughness and a corner-case 2nd line of text that has actually been relevant in numerous games will be getting this card banned. The will of the playgroup has spoken. I don't think it's necessarily a broken card and there have been some cubes where its not a game-changer, but in the games where it's 2nd line of text mattered or it was being playing too defensively, it felt oppressive and at times unfun. At least cards like Flametongue Kavu and Ravenous Chupacabra have 2 toughness and can't block as effectively. Its a conversation we've been having for a few weeks now and we finally will be putting him to rest.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons 2 spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Can't wait to Mutagenic Growth my Flametongue in response to its trigger.

    Great card. Scales decently. Just an overall fun card. Probably replacing Fire Imp in my cube just because he does the job better for being versatile.
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  • posted a message on Strixhaven for Peasant
    Thunderous Orator was stolen with Control Magic on Saturday. That person had Grimdancer with lifelink/menace.....

    In my experience, keyword soup cards are certainly super fun and can definitely make some interesting gameplay. Who doesn't want to curve this guy into Aerial Responder.... or even Healer's Hawk into this guy...

    The sequences where he's fun to play make him worth it. Plus a 2/2 vigilance isn't useless in combat...

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  • posted a message on [380][Peasant] Peasantville !!!

    My presence on this forum has been little to none as of late, since life and other things have been getting in the way. I still cube and make updates, but it's been getting increasingly harder to follow up with my decklists and power rankings. I have made the decision to stop recording every deck and compiling the power rankings or Seasons. It's been really fun to do this for all these years for over 300+ cubes, but I can't find the motivation or energy to continue it. I am retiring from that aspect of my cubing, but hopefully a few of you Peasant cubers got something from it. I'll still post decklists from time to time if I can manage to find the motivation or if I think the deck was super fun. It was really a labor of love to document all those decks and compile all that information. It was never really meant to be for anyone else but me, but if anyone got a kick out of it or if it helped them make any changes to their cubes at all, then it was even more worth it. I wish I could spend more time on this forum, but it's been tough for me. I still cube a few times a month, and will continue to post some decklists, but that aspect of my forum will certainly end.

    As for a decklist, I had a 4-man cube draft earlier today and I ended up kicking some butt with my U/B Control deck.

    Take a gander at this beast:

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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    Quote from user-23643864 »
    If someone doesn't like the monarch ability of Fall from Favor or Feast of Succesion, delete that mechanic from those cards. But to say, "I pass" on the best wrath we have in black seems hard.

    Some of us have a hard time just putting an errata on a card or house ruling something. At least I would never do that, simply because it would drive me mad on an aesthetic level. I will agree with you that it's just the best wrath I've ever seen in black. I would even play this if it was printed without monarch.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    I really do dislike Monarch as a mechanic, especially in our format. However, Feast of Succession excites me so much as a control finisher where I might add it into my cube on a short leash. SHOOOORTTT leash.
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  • posted a message on [380][Peasant] Peasantville !!!
    What's up guys?!

    We got a 4-man cube draft in a few weekends ago. I included 2 of each color of the MDFCs and found that they either didn't make that big of a difference OR they had players playing less lands.. not sure if I like that type of gameplay.

    Anyways, here's the winner:

    Power Rankings: Mulldrifter is in 1st place overall with its 54th win! Perilous Myr in 2nd with its 52nd win!

    Season 10 (Draft #5 of 20): Mulldrifter and Eternal Witness lead the chrage with their 3rd win! This is Beyeen Veil, Pelakka Predation, Spare Supplies, Bonder's Ornament, Grimdancer, Faerie Duelist, and Zulaport Duelist's 1st win!

    PS: BIG UPDATE TONIGHT OR TOMORROW - Will be addressing deathtouch issues, adding new effect packages, and adding synergy and replacing underwhelmers.
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  • posted a message on [540][Peasant] Flex's Cube
    I love that you were inspired by my cube man! Here's to the best format ever! Glad to have you with us.

    I don't quite have experience with that size of a cube, as my cube usually fluctuated between 375-390 over the past 8 years its been around.

    I would always start by asking yourself, "What archetypes am I supporting?" This is the easiest way to know what's good enough to make it into your cube. Every card I put into my cube is in there for a specific reason. Few exceptions for power level , but for the most part, they all support a pre-determined role in one or more archetypes that I have enabled for every color / color pair.

    I went through every two color combination in my cube and figured out what I wanted those decks to be doing. Then I went through every cmc of each color and made sure there were cards there that supported those archetypes. There were cards that were specifically for one kind of deck and some that were meant to overlap. For instance, white has a lifegain theme in Orzhov and a flying them in Azorius. That is why I added Healer's Hawk into my cube. That card supports both of these strategies, while also being a decent card to enchant in the Selesnya deck.

    When you define each two color combination into being 1-3 different strategies (not sure how that mindset changes at your cube size), your card selection becomes a lot easier. Find cards that support that archetype very well as well as some cards that support it decently, but overlap with another one.

    Biggest thing to keep in mind.. a lesson I learned the hard way over 8 years of cubing.. is SYNERGY > POWER LEVEL. Don't forget that. I've moved into a more synergistic and focused card pool and have never regretted it. Less 2 for 1's and more archetype cards lead to way more interesting games of magic.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    One of my favorite games was a comeback victory after i mulled to 4. If you don't want varience don't play card games. If I brick on my third land 5 draws in a row do you mind if I just search for one on my next draw? Dumb.

    I don't play with free mulls. I never have and never will... but that variance is specifically what makes magic such a frustrating game sometimes. I don't make a really fun deck with so many cool synergies to lose because I get statistically unlucky. Mulling to 4 or 5 is usually a loss, and really sucks the fun out of a match. Imagine even being the opponent to someone who mulls.... I don't cube JUST to win... I cube to win AND play interesting games of magic. Winning in the finals because my opponent gets land screwed game 1 and mulls to 4 game 2 has happened before and is really horrible and vice versa.

    I can absolutely see why people play with free mulligans. I personally don't because I like honoring the rules of magic, but I certainly wouldn't call that sort of thinking dumb.

    PS. I cubed the other night with the new MDFCs and didn't care for them. That whole argument about mulling and keepable hands was cute, but I found that it didn't really make a big difference... Started a cool conversation though.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    I am half tempted to take 2 MDFCs of each color, add them to the pool of my next draft, and just see how they play out. I have to imagine that MDFCs will lead to less mulligans, which will in turn promote smoother game play. I don't mind sacrificing a little power to add some versatility and a higher percentage of "keepable" hands. However, I'm not convinced of how much of a percentage it'll actually add. Is it really worth it. Obviously, "getting there" with a 17 lands and powerful spells will always feel better than playing a MDFC or two.

    Who knows...? It's a cool argument to have and I've heard great things about how they play out. I think it's worth testing. I'm never opposed to depowering to promote smoother gameplay.

    Would people really miss Gods Willing (an effect I am playing, especially for the aura decks) if I replace it with Sejiri Shelter? Is the 1 extra mana worth a potential smoother draw. A 2 lander with Gods Willing vs a 2 lander with Sejiri Shelter.. which one is more keepable? Maybe you draw lands and have a slightly overcosted protection spell, but if you whiff, you have an out and didn't have to mull and start the game with 1 less card.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    Quote from Leelue »
    I decided that the whole colorless think twice thing is better than I thought and will try it. I love decks like boros control. The instant speed on, say, the front half of a white version of think twice isn't *that* much of a big deal, but being able to fit in 2 mana instead of 3 on a second turn might be more valuable than it seems.

    If Harmonize is good enough to be a staple I think a colorless version of a different reasonable standard playable would make a decent number of naya colored decks.

    I couldn't imagine running arcane encyclopedia. What is the gameflow that allows this card to be good? And I'm the guy who is re-adding capsize.

    I've never played a card like the Encyclopedia before. It seems a bit clunky, but I like the concept of repeatable colorless draw. It may end up being way too slow, but my interest in these effects make me want to at least try them and see how they work in the nonblue decks.
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  • posted a message on [380][Peasant] Peasantville !!!
    What's up everyone?

    We got a 4-man cube draft in last week. I made the Jumpstart Changes for that cube and it was a ton of fun.

    I played a Rakdos aggro deck, and we also had a 4-color deck, Selesnya Midrange, and U/W Fliers. I ended up taking it down with a pretty cool list. Very synergistic. Synergy is something I've been focusing on a lot more lately, making sure that my guilds are very much supporting what I want them to be and making sure every color has the tools it needs to synergize with other colors.

    Anyways, here's the list:

    Power Rankings: No major movers.

    Season 10 (Draft #4 of 20) Charging Monstrosaur joins the tie for 1st with it's 2nd win!
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