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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    I've considered moving to some place like Lebanon or the Philippines in the past because in Lebanon men are respected more and my dollar would go miles farther in the Philippines. But other than that, no Islamic Extremist Countries for me thank you.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    No, Fluffy Bunny and Sunshine Dan are pretty much spot on with the kind of places I'm looking for and my goals of what I wish to obtain from those places.

    I wont be replying to Valarin anymore, since it's become obvious to me he's just trying to bait me into flaming him so I get infracted as his way of silencing my voice. But that aint gonna happen. Nice try.

    Infraction for flaming --Senori
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  • posted a message on [TOC] Round 1, Match 13: Team "Way of the Warrior" vs. Team "Viva la Revolution"
    Quote from Poring
    *checks Plane*

    *checks Kamahl*

    Wait, Kamahl doesn't make saprolings (or any other creature tokens for that matter), so how does that result in double the army?

    I was making a comment about the flavor of Kamahls ability. I nominated him, I know he doesnt explicitly make saprolings. But he modifies lands to become creatures, which when you're dealing with trees, thematically would look like a saproling.

    If morphing the land doesn't count as token generation, and the rules explicitly state that there is no summoning...why did you even include this plane in the list of possible planes? It presents no bonus' or detriments to anybody under that context.

    Even assuming this is true, don't sell V short. He can act as Amon's bodyguard while they close in so Amon can use his powers on them.

    I have a hard time believing that V is going to be comfortable being a human meat shield when his revolutionist ego would want to be the guy in charge of the operation, but that's besides any point.

    Oh, and Kenshin is also "just a strong human", but I'd put him on level with V in combat, being that V's been exposed to experiments that made him a supersoldier and whatnot. He and Kenshin would probably fight to a standstill. :p

    Uhm...Kenshin moves at a faster rate than even the eye can see during some of his better sword wielding techniques. I don't even think Kamahl could in a direct physical confrontation, even with magic.

    Uhm... not really, because...

    Actually, Amon's range is pretty far. The man can manipulate an entire group of people in a large room and incapacitate them, and his bloodbending is psychic. Unlike most Benders (including the Avatar himself) Amon doesn't even have to move to use it, just think about it (his father, who is arguably weaker than Amon himself, could do it while having both his hands tied behind his back), and he's perhaps the strongest Waterbender in the series as a consequence. If the battle gets anywhere within melee range, and Amon is still concious, Kenshin and Kamahl are screwed (he only needs around five seconds with Kamahl to take his powers away by severing his connection to the elements and blocking his chi, and bloodbending at the speed of thought would allow him to incapacitate them long enough to do that). One could even argue that all he really needs is line of sight to operate his bloodbending (and even then, perhaps not because he can "sense" if there's water around... like the water in his opponent's bodies...)

    I think unless Amon is some sort of a multi tasking God character, that he's not going to be able to just bloodbend Kamahl, Kenshin an an army of Tree Minions that have been created all during a 30 minute period at the same time.

    When it comes to his ability to "dissect" Kamahls connection to the world and of mana, then you're also incorrect that Kamahl could be unwilling to use the Mirari Sword if that was proven as his only means of attack or ability to do damage.

    Kamahl may be a repentant druid, but he is also a Barbarian and a fierce and competitive fighter. If he's aware that there is a dude who's capable of taking away his ability to do magic entirely, the Mirari Blade is coming into play. I even included it in his write up saying that he has access to it as apart of one of his selling points because I knew that Kamahl just by himself would be no match normally going toe to toe with Planeswalkers and Gods.

    While I'm not going to argue that V could take Kamahl, I'm pretty sure he'd put up a good fight against Kenshin. V was exposed to experiments that made him superhuman, capable of taking down an entire room of armed gunmen with nothing but knives. IIRC, Kenshin can do something similar, leaving the two perhaps evenly matched.

    V's claim to fame is assassinating fat, lazy, corrupt politicians and their yellow spined armed guards. And he still ends up biting off more than he can chew and getting shot multiple times, leading to his death.

    Kenshin schools murderous assassins that even the military fears too much to oppose, I don't think they are comparable. Except for the fact that they are both perfectly mortal, and if they ARE struck by blades or shot with guns, they will go down relatively easy. But Kenshin far and away is the superior damage dealer.

    Well, the terrain is cityscape, which V and Amon are both used to fighting in, as opposed to Kahmahl and Kenshin who would rather just fight in the wild or in an arena. Amon and V both have experience in using stealth in a large city area, so the terrain might not be that lopsided in Way of the Warrior's favor. If the rebels get close enough with their stealth capabilities to get the drop on the two warriors, or worse, if they never see their opponents coming...

    The Cityscape does definitely fit into V's favor with his ability to traverse these regions rather easily. But Kenshin still has even greater sensory abilities that allow him to catch ninjas off guard and notice what nobody else does based on the slightest of hints that he's in danger.

    Kamahl? Not so much. He is a dense barbarian after all. But so long as Kenshin and Kamahl stick together, Himura won't let V get the jump on them.

    And I thought Among wasn't going to be engaging in stealth anyway, considering he can apparently Bloodbend people from halfway across the world with his eyes closed just because he's aware of their existence?

    And yet he dies in an exploding boat. Lovely.

    Your points bring to light that V and Amon probably don't get smoke as easily as I initially believed. But I still surmise that if this gets anywhere close to a Melee Fight, than Warriors outclass the Revolutionists.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    Quote from Valarin
    Yeah, it's kinda what I thought. Anyone who doesn't think you are right is definitively "wrong", and anyone who doesn't mourn for your plight in life thinks you are "evil incarnate".

    Funny, because I don't recall calling out "everyone" who has criticized me in this thread, as some people have some valid points to bring.

    But you on the other hand, have said I was a horrible person from the start, so it's pretty obvious you've come to picture me in devil's horns and pitch fork.

    You've got your own victim blaming picture in your head about how I'm just a bigoted privileged white guy who shouts his faith from the roof tops on a daily basis waiting for the stones to fly in my direction, so that's how you're going to perceive me and treat me.

    And I'm telling you, that you're nothing special. Your reaction to me is the same reactions I get from customers and strangers on a daily basis.

    So this is the part where you realize you've made your point, I've told you you're wrong, and there's nothing left for you to say. So there's the mature path of moving on and realizing that you're not getting through to this particular individual, or theirs the other path where you stick around and keep stamping your feet insisting that I'm a witch hunting, gay bashing, segregationist bigot who deserves what's happening to him, while the rest of us move on without you.
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  • posted a message on This is True.
    The biggest reasons why your argument is flawed (it still is, by the way) is because you just keep chirping "It's racist because it's racist" or "It's racist because America has been racist since it's inception" which really is just a wordy way of repeating the first quote.

    You're not backing up your claims that American Holidays are systemically and irreversibly racist because of racism so ingrained in our society that we just can't "see" it.

    Points have been made against your argument showing the flawed presentation of your claims, and you just continue to reply with essentially "That's besides the point, the holiday is still racist". Which isn't doing a thing to convince anybody, or to even help anyone understand your point of view.

    If you hate American holidays so much because all you see is "White America" everytime Veteran's Day comes around than don't celebrate it. But don't expect the majority of rational people to agree that they are all celebrating racism every time they fly an American flag in tribute.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    Quote from Valarin
    They why can't you be respectful, sympathetic, and non judgmental about these "extremists?" (which FYI is a very disrespectful, unsympathetic, judgmental term to use)

    If you are saying you just walk down the street minding your own business and you have random people walking up to you out of the blue and say "It's your turn to be discriminated against now, you white male Christian!" then I'm sorry but I don't believe you.

    You are trying to portray yourself as a victim, while leaving out the role you are playing in the situation. If you conduct yourself in such a way as to seek out prejudice, chances are you will find it. If you want to find things that offend you, chances are you will find them.

    Reminds me of the comment Jon Stewart made about Glenn Beck's "Freedom Town": He wasn't looking for freedom FOR things or people he agreed with, he was looking for freedom FROM things or people that he disagreed with. It sounds like that's what you are thinking you can get in the South: not freedom for your beliefs, but freedom from anyone who doesn't share your beliefs. I would submit that your basic goal here is flawed and should be re-examined.

    Uhm, I can be and I am. It's kind of a part of my daily job in customer service to let people yell at me and have it roll off my shoulders. So I save my vitriol for liberalism until I log onto the internets and have a chance to rant about it there.

    You're just dead wrong with your perceptions of what happens to me during my daily life since you haven't walked a mile in my shoes and know what I encounter and deal with.

    But I can hardly blame you. A guy comes into this forum and starts a thread disagreeing with every single one of your world views and says he's sick of hearing those kind of opinions and it's natural for you to picture me wearing a Klan hood the entire time as I prepare for a good ol' midnight lynching of them there homosexuals.

    Just know that you're wrong, and continue to believe that I am evil incarnate. It's no different than the reactions I'm already used to on a daily basis. Smile
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    I can be as respectful and sympathetic and non-judgmental as possible (which are traits I already exhibit, I'm a lot more mellow in real life than the keyboard warrior you talk with on a regular basis on here) and it still doesn't change the hearts and minds of extremists who hate you just for being you.

    Which brings me back to the typical justification of "It's your turn to be discriminated against now". Which I always figured was what equal rights activists were fighting against, but what do I know, I'm just a racist sexist white guy.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    You're right, the things I am doing that draw a negative oppressive reaction are the following:

    I'm a Christian and I defend my faith when it is attacked.
    I'm white and I don't feel guilty for the actions of ancestors 200 years older than me.
    I'm a guy and I don't subscribe to the tenants of believing in the Patriarchy and Rape Culture as a thing.
    I'm straight and I'm not attracted to people of the same sex or transgenders of the opposite sex.
    I'm proud to be American and don't participate in Flag Bashing everytime someone mentions the military.

    When you are these combinations of things in California, you are the outsider. If you are white you better be ashamed of your privilege. If you are Christian you better not ever talk about it. If you are a guy you better believe women are better than you. If you are straight you better be into BDSM, open to experimentation or something alternative lest you be branded a bigot.

    Somehow, I feel like The Bible Belt will not have nearly as many of these problems as I currently face today.
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  • posted a message on [TOC] Round 1, Match 13: Team "Way of the Warrior" vs. Team "Viva la Revolution"
    I'm also gonna have to vote for Team Way of the Warrior. Tentatively at least, being that I nominated them. lol.

    But also because I think they can utilize a great one two punch that Team Revolution doesn't have access to.

    Kamahl will utilize the terrain to his advantage, generating a great number of minions during prep time. These little saprolingesque distractions will come in really handy for taking Amon and V's traps to the face or otherwise keeping Amon occupied enough so that he can't just Blood Bend his way to victory.

    The two of the one-two comes from the fact that as the doubling minions are distracting Amon and V, then the Melee range comes into play. With which Amon and V become utterly decimated.

    I also don't think any of Amon or V's inherent charisma will come into play for trying to convince any of Kenshin or Kamahl to turn on one another. Kenshin beat Shisio, who pretty much is an expy of Amon and V's motivations. So he's used to seeing through bull****. lol.

    I think the only way Revolution wins here is on the back of Amon somehow being able to close the gap of range enough to Blood Bend both Kamahl and Kenshin at the same time. Because Kamahl and Kenshin are far and away the better fighters.

    V's usefulness begins and ends with the 30 minute prep time. After he's done laying his traps he really can't do much in the way of ranged or melee combat against a magical barbarian and one of the best swordsman of fictional feudal Japan.

    If they were on a more technological plane than I might give this one to Revolution, but this is an example where Terrain really cynches it for one team over another. Kamahal is the ONLY guy capable of abusing it, and he'll use it well.
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  • posted a message on [TOC] Round 1, Match 14: Team "Insane" vs. Team "Mythology"
    I creamed myself when I saw this match up take place.

    I vote for Team Mythology.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    I don't really want to multi quote all the posts I want to reply to, so I'll just say a few additional bullet points that I think addresses the majority of what people have been saying.

    1) First of all, thank you to all who have had serious replies and suggestions thus far. Even if it laced within posts that attack me, I do appreciate it.

    2) The poster who said I was more tired of being vilified rather than just being around "non-white people" is correct. I have no problems with people of alternative sexualities, races, genders or creeds. I myself perfectly respectfully allow those around me to believe what they want to believe without ramming my beliefs down their throats. I'm of the belief that you're not harming me, even if I find you squiky, it's none of my business to tell you how to live your life.

    However, where I'm from the same courtesy isn't afforded to people like myself, white, straight Christian males. Where you are shamed and berated until you fall in line with their politically correct world view. They justify it by saying "Well you white straight Christian guys have been in charge for thousands of years, so it's about time you got a taste of your own medicine" despite the fact that you know, A- I've done nothing wrong rather than just existing and B- I thought this line of thinking was what liberals have been fighting AGAINST, not trying to subvert into just being reverse racism and sexism.

    3) That's what I mean by "where people can just be people". I'm not trying to dehumanize homosexuals or anyone else, but at least in the South I've always heard that there is Southern Hospitality where everyone treats like a neighbor should and children are taught to respect their elders, women respect their husbands and societal norms are just that, the norm.

    4) Funnily enough when it comes to the Time Machine comment, I've always told people that I feel like I was born in the wrong generation. My wife and I firmly believe in the normatives of the man being the head of the house and being the breadmaker while the wife stays at home at takes for the kids. So I've often wished we could be blasted back to the 1950's where our traditional values would be praised, rather than shunned and gawked at.

    5) Bottom line is, if I can just find a peaceful place to live where I can walk down the road to my suburban neighbor and say "Have a Blessed Day" and they would shout back "We are blessed!" or at least not scowl at me like I just hit a vampire with ultra violet rays, than I would be in heaven on earth.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    My problem is that I was cursed to enjoy many hobbies that most other conservative or religious leaning people don't enjoy. Such as nerdy card games, roleplaying games, computer related stuff, science fiction, things I assume would not be very popular in a particularly religious community.

    But my faith and the ability to speak about it in public without risking getting stoned (ironically) is more important to me than any particular hobby I have now.
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  • posted a message on [TOC] Round 1, Match 11: Team "Assassins" vs. Team "Micro Mech"
    I'm hoping for Team Suplex Machine. lol. I know they don't have a chance in hell but my opening arguments are gonna be hilarious.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    I'm not too worried about rushing into it. I'm probably gonna give it a good 6 years of saving up money and resources so that my Son won't be too old to have any friends and will be just old enough to start going to public school.

    Most of my "sick of it" sentiments were venting because these are the kind of things I want to say but can't due to the obviously taboo nature of my opinions. But I certainly will exercise patience before making a big leap in the middle of nowhere.

    I was also hoping for The Wraith to post here because he seems very passionate about Texas and might be able to sell me on a few places.
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  • posted a message on I really want to move to the Bible Belt
    I have to admit, that when I saw Galspanic as the first post I figured the thread was locked and was just a matter of time before I saw the banhammer.

    Dallas, San Antonio, Tulsa, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Springfield, maybe Abilene due to the high amount of Christian Universities to study at.

    Also was gonna be open to suggestions from any serious replies that weren't just gonna be shame posts and flames.
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