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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Incanur »
    I can't decide whether to replace Hellkite Charger with Scourge of the Throne.

    Well here's the pros and cons of both to help

    Hellkite Charger
    #1) His effect is repeatable, provided you have the mana, allowing for multiple combat steps
    #2) He has haste, meaning you can attack immediately after the turn you either cheat him in/cast him

    #1) His combat ability requires a hefty amount of mana to use for each use, as long as you though have sufficent mana this isn't a issue
    #2) He's only a 5/5, meaning he can be hit with 5 ping effects

    Scourge of the Throne
    #1) His combat based ability doesn't require mana to use.
    #2) He gets bigger upon attacking, depending on who you attack

    #1) He doesn't have Haste, so a enabler is required.
    #2) His effect for combat isn't repeatable, so it's a one time use effect
    #3) No actual effects other then flying sometimes, since his ability can whiff.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Paliano, the High City - Useless or House Rule (Spoiler)
    We have Command Tower and the like to fix our mana just fine, I'd never allow this period cause it's a cube only card in my eyes, which is a draft format.
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  • posted a message on [[CNS]] SCG Preview (5/22) - Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
    Quote from wallycaine »
    To be fair, that's a four card combo, which usually is the point at which I'm willing to call it okay. But yes, Reito Lantern basically becomes "5: Put target creature card in your graveyard with power less than or equal to Grenzo into play." which is a pretty strong synergy.

    Yeah it is a four card combo, but still being able to assemble all the pieces as early as turn 4 or 5 in red/black, depending on how you build the deck means there's quite a lot of potential here for this guy to be fair.
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  • posted a message on God EDH Flavor help
    I actually have a friend who's built this style of deck, but it's more of a enchantment theme deck since he doesn't necessarily use the gods to attack, unless he has Opalesence in play to make them all respectable sized creatures with their effects still, however the one thing I know he loves to do in his deck is Enchanted Evening plus Opal to nuke all the lands in play, while having Enduring Ideal going off every turn to fetch that one more enchantment to win the game, though he's never won with the deck as far as I am aware, it's still hilarious to watch.
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  • posted a message on [[CNS]] SCG Preview (5/22) - Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
    Quote from Galspanic »
    Quote from Cephalopods »
    It seems like this set is basically designed to be boiled down to its grixis parts and built as a commander deck with the Black Rose as a commander. Everything these colors is so good.
    Glad I'm not the only one seeing that. I mean, they printed Reito Lantern in this set and THIS guy? Silly.

    Yep, I do believe he's going to make Red/Black generals fun again, but this screams super combo, I mean, Ashnod's Altar, Reito Lantern and this guy at 9 power, yep, so I'll just take back anything that's in my yard now thanks. though I do believe anything that makes more then 2 bodies with these out gives you infinite colorless, net 1 per activation, so um Siege-Gang Commander anyone?
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  • posted a message on [[Judge]] Promo Mana Drain?
    Mana Drain unfortunately is on the reserve list and we've seen how bad the reserve list has become, due to the fact that there's some prominent legacy staples on said list, so they would never be able to reprint mana drain unless they somehow abolish the reserve list at some point in time.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Nekusar, the Mindrazer
    People seem to forget Notion Thief exists in this format, so flashing him after casting a wheel effect seems pretty legit.
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  • posted a message on Dies to general damage...from their own general
    I've had the honor of doing it once, when I was playing Barrin, Master Wizard as the general, I stole the Sharuum the Hedgemon from the Sharuum player and 5 attacks later, whoops he's dead to his own general everyone at the table laughed cause I killed a combo deck with it.
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  • posted a message on Commander League In Toronto
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone from here who attended the Hairy T north league over the past 9 months, alas it has officially died however, I am kind of sad to see it go, but everyone who's attended should at least get some compensation in the form of store credit there, so there is that.

    If we can get it back up and running within a year that'd be great and all, however just I wanted to thank everyone for attending and making it a semi success, hopefully someone figures out how to restart it with some input from other people here, but it was overall very successful for it's 9 month run, most leagues I know don't normally last more then 6, so I'm overall very happy with the turnout.

    If anyone wants to pick this up and run with it here, that'd be great keep the tradition alive.


    Note: All people who placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd will get the respective things they were promised, I have seen to it personally, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Flash
    And there's a reason Protean Hulk is banned, solely due to this particular card.
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  • posted a message on Karn, Silver Golem
    Quote from Burntgerbil
    Hey - fantastic article! Its great to see Karn still making new lists. Have you considered Staff of Domination since it became legal - or is the prospect of it too easy, you think?

    Staff of Domination only works on a few creatures and the one for Karn is sitting on the ban list Metalworker so it wouldn't do him much good,
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  • posted a message on Phenax, God of Deception Wall/Defender Build (need ideas)
    No Clone effects in the deck to target your stuff?
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Release Notes (40-odd new cards)
    So someone accidentally all the set it seems, nice wizards.
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  • posted a message on Creating a Commander League
    Well most leagues have a points based system which award points when specific achivements have happened during a game. For instance you can have a player kill be 1 or 2 points, to balance it effectively and have specific negative things like deter mass land destruction/etc or combo be a lack of in your league since most leagues are casual like.

    I'll throw my points system as a example here.
    Basic Points
    [+2] Fatality – Eliminate a player. This award can be earned multiple times, but only once per turn.
    [+2] Frontline Commander – Eliminate a player through commander damage.
    [+3] Last Planeswalker Standing – Win the game by having all other players eliminated.
    [+1] Fateful Kill – Eliminate a player when you have 5 or fewer life.
    [+1] Get Creative – Eliminate a player through a method other than damage, commander damage, or poison counters.
    [+1] That's a lot of mana - Cast your general for the 4th time during any one specific game, [Can only be earned once during a game, for all players]
    [+1] Playing with a Full House - Control a Planeswalker, Artifact, Creature, Enchantment and a speciality land during any point in the game [Can be earned by all players during the game, only once per game][Artifact Creatures and Enchantment Creatures only count towards 1 of these, either artifact, enchantment or creature, you get to choose, but they don't count towards both.]
    [+1] Have A Big Guy/Gal - Control a creature with power 20 or greater at any point in time during the game [Can only be earned once a game, every game by all players.]

    Note: The god weapons count towards the full house rule too, since they are both enchantment and artifacts, you may choose one of the two types, but not both.

    Co-Operation Points
    [+1] Quick Save – Save one opponent’s creature from another opponent’s removal.
    [+1] Get Back In There – Save another player from being killed by another opponent.
    [+1] Gift of Knowledge – Cause another player to draw 3 or more cards with a non-symmetric effect. (Symmetric effects include Howling Mine, Arcane Denial, etc.) [This effect can only be earned once per player, per game]
    [+1] Gather the Tribe – Control six or more creatures with different names of the same creature type. (Conspiracy effects don’t count.)
    [+1] Hey, that's My Spell - Copy a player's targetable spell, then take out one of your opponent's creatures with the copied spell

    Note: All Co-Operation points are 1 time per game, once you earn it, that is it, this is to prevent grinding of points.

    Negative Points
    [-4] Nice Game, Bro – Eliminate a player before they have taken their fifth turn.
    [-2] Natural Disaster – Destroy one or more opponents’ mana base. Examples include Armageddon and like effects , using targeted land destruction to destroy a player’s only source(s) of one colour , or using Wasteland and Crucible of Worlds to prevent a player from further developing their mana base. [This can include recurring effects such as Sylvan Primordial and Deadeye Navigator's soulbond ability, essentially preventing players from playing any spells whatsoever of those colors.]
    [-1] Hog the Spotlight – Take more than 2 additional turns in a given turn cycle.

    End of Game Points
    [+2] No Tutors, No Bribes – Finish the game without searching a player’s library for a nonland card. Effects controlled by other players that cause you to search your library do not cause you to lose this achievement.
    [+1] Wild Card – At the end of the game, each player secretly votes for an opponent whose playing they enjoyed the most. The player who receives the most votes gets this achievement.
    [+1] What a Shame, Here have a point - Players who receive 0 points total during a game, automatically get this achivement.
    [+1] What is it good for - Control the least amount of permanents when you are eliminated from the game, this effect happens when general damage, lack of cards, etc eliminates you from the game [Can be earned by all players once per round]
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