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  • posted a message on Commander Decklist Database
    Thank you for all of the work you have done to maintain this resource for us scoeri. You did a very valued service for salvation and I am happy that we had you to help us with this.
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  • posted a message on Control decks: How do you stay alive against the whole table attacking you early?
    Put up active defenses using things like Ghostly Prison and Fog Bank and have ways to gain life so you aren't stuck with no HP.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from cryogen »

    I lurked for a bit. But yeah, I joined you, ISB, and WF when Gaka and Weebo left staff.

    I am like... 90% sure that WF joined staff after you did. He actually didn't join as a commander mod at first (I want to say he was a mill mod) but was later added when we saw that he was posting like.... literally everywhere.
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  • posted a message on What you want to see in Commander themes
    I would love to see mono colored commanders again. I say this from the standpoint that I would love to see more payoff effects for creating mono colored decks.

    I wouldn't mind more partners so long as they don't go crazy strong with them. I hate partners with mechanic though as I feel like it takes all the fun out of it.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Quote from cryogen »
    Seven years ago today I started arguing into the void and asserting my correctness in EDH. Good lord that seems.so long ago.


    Then we decided to put you to work Weird
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  • posted a message on Edgar Markov - Low Mana Curve Build
    Quote from Vlasiax »
    Hi ISBP, how's been Judith, the Scourge Diva performing for you so far? Do you think it might be pseudo "lord" and drain effect for us?

    Also could Scheming Symmetry be a budget replacement for Imperial Seal or should I get something else in that spot?

    I have been juggling things and waiting for the new cards to show up for M2020 which has kind of delayed me testing. I sort of hate testing decks as I wait for a bunch of changes so I have been putting it off. I still don't have any testing in for Judith but I will try to report back if and when I do manage to see and test her.

    I would probably say Gamble is more likely to work out better for you than Scheming Symmetry. Keep in mind its topdeck tutoring at sorcery speed meaning that the other player gets their card before you get yours. It technically is the Imperial Seal effect but the fact that you give away an Imperial Seal is my concern. There are a lot of other possible tutors as well they are all just less efficient. Some other draw or vampire could also be an option if you don't come up with something that quite makes sense.
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  • posted a message on New Website - MTGNexus
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    I'm sure it's legal to advertise new forums in this forum, but it still feels kind of wrong. You could've advertise this on EDHREC, which I'm sure many of us visit anyway, at least then it would be a neutral ground for people to pick and decide. Posting it here, alongside with a negative outlook, you're actively contributing to the "last gasp" by luring people away, while benefiting your new home.

    Technically promoting Nexus goes against the rules of the site. The issue is in part that almost the entire moderator team is transitioning off. The fact that we were told that the site would be entirely shut down the moderator team started making plans to replace salvation. The announcement that was made came well after Feyd our technician started making nexus well after we had ourselves attempted to purchase salvation to keep it going and were told that would not be possible.

    Its actually kind of *****ty to tell everyone that the site is closing, make alternative plans, and then say its all good its going to continue. The point being that they have created a fractured community with how this was handled. I am not on staff anymore and am not in the loop but the last I heard the new owner had not really done much communication with the staff about plans and how to continue and replace the staff that were leaving.

    So, yes technically everything about this thread should not be allowed but the staff that would normally stop this from happening have all been burned essentially with this transition. I have no idea who plans to still be on site working as a staff member but I have already seen several step away. If you look at the commander forums you will see that only two of five moderators are still listed. I believe wildfire is an admin on nexus as well so I don't know what his plans are but I think bob had intended to remain here (not really sure though).

    So, yes its kind of *****ty but lots of people feel burned on this and the advantage of moving is mostly that Feyd (who was our technician here for the last several years) is essentially the sole owner of the new site and he is making huge changes and improvements all the time where salvation has been limping along for years now from a development standpoint.

    I have no idea what the new owner's plans are. Maybe he will be amazing. I haven't had any interactions with him in several years at this point though and I think a lot of the staff are sort of fed up with the unknown.
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  • posted a message on New Website - MTGNexus
    Quote from Onering »
    If you already have an account here you just register there? There's nothing special you have to do to verify?

    There might be an email verification process I can't remember but its not associated with any other sites so signing up is quite easy.
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  • posted a message on New Website - MTGNexus
    So we basically have two mtg salvation right now, or something like that?
    I haven't fully understood this whole situation...

    Its more than just a second site. To give some back story, MTGSalvation has recieved almost zero development time in the last year and a half. A year and a half ago, we were given the deckbuilder which we had expected to point out the bugs in it quickly and have them be fixed. I think we got like one or two days of developers reviewing and a few minor bugs were fixed in it and then we received no further assistance from development other than to make sure that the site was still up and functioning since then.

    Before the deckbuilder, it was probably a few years before that that we recieved significant developer assistance on the site and it was probably mobile which was the previous attention we got.

    In a nutshell, we have not received much for attention from development since curse bought and transitioned the site which has been something like.... 5 years now I would guess. We had a HUGE backlog of requests of which a lot of the fixes were small cosmetic things that could have been quickly fixed. The upside of nexus is that essentially Feyd_Ruin (who was our previous tech) wrote the whole site and is updating and fixing things as he goes. The current product we have now can be requested to be improved and I believe Feyd will actually continue to improve the product there. MTGSalvation is like a half sunken ship on the other regards. Its unsure as to what kind of assistance it will have from the new owner but the backlog of requests is kind of large at this point.

    I can't even tell you how often I have had to say, that's a great idea, we can add it to the stack but for the foreseeable future we don't know when we will get dev time next.
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  • posted a message on Heliod - Draw Go Tokens
    Wow I need to update this list kind of badly. I just figured I would drop in an update. I have been having some issues with lots of players attacking me while playing this deck with threats both flying and just chunky things. Due to this I am resorting to do some testing with some things like Seraph of the Sword, Dawn Elemental, and Commander Eesha as defensive measures. I am also going to do some testing with things like Lyra Dawnbringer and Baneslayer Angel as threats that give me some sticking power through lifesteal and add vigilance nicely.

    With the new pickup of a bunch of sticky flyers I am also going back and seeing if I can test out Dowsing Dagger and Sword of the Animist with a small equipment tutor package as well. I originally shyed away from them in part because I didn't have a lot of creatures that could pick up and carry them but I have added a lot more 4/5 mana flyers recently and so I wanted to circle back to them for testing. Having Sword of Feast and Famine in my list gives me a nice late game tutor for the equipment while the other two give me great early game ramp. Ramping lands is also a little less fragile for me given we usually refrain from mass jacking with lands in my meta.

    Thalia's Lancers also was missing from my list which I didn't think about much due to not having that many legends but realizing how many of the lands I actually want are legendary I quickly added it in.

    The OP is way out of date though with where I am at right now. I will see if I can get some testing in with some of my recent changes and update this thread.
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  • posted a message on London Mulligan
    I've always wondered why EDH / Commander never had a set mulligan rule for the format but now that we finally have one it seems as though there's been some backlash for it lately. One of my friends made an argument saying that since EDH / Commander is a casual format by default that it should be up to the players to decide what type of mulligan rule that their playgroup adopts. Problem is that it ends up creating an unfair advantage among players in a 4+ player pod or at least that's the way I potentially see it anyway.

    As for me I personally don't have a problem with it but I understand that this is an issue that should be determined based on house rules. Friends of mine who I've been playing Magic with for years have been so used to the old mulligan rules (Partial Paris / Vancouver) that they think that the rules were fine the way they were. As long as I get used to the new change then it shouldn't be a problem though If other players want to mulligan the way they've been doing it for years then who are we to judge If that's how they enjoy playing Magic?

    Commander does have a set mulligan rule, its the same mulligan as every other format. At one point it was Partial Paris and there were rules outlining how that worked but as wizards moved to the Vancuver mulligans the rules committee decided to move away from Partial Paris and adopt the official mulligan rule that all other formats would be using. This reduced the number of rules for the format and brought it more in line with the other formats not to mention decreased the average speed of starting hands.

    There is nothing saying people can't ask and suggest an alternate mulligan system for games. The rules committee usually encourages people to adapt based on what players want.
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  • posted a message on 7/8 Banlist
    Quote from Artaud »
    Someone is out of his mind unbanning Servant while cards like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon exist. Iona was just icing on a cake of banning it. Prepare for Grindstonning...

    Do you think that anyone out there who is willing to do this couldn't just run some other combo?

    Grindstone Combo: 7 mana to do everything in one turn and its an artifact creature + artifact which are probably the types of permentant that have the most options to remove and or respond to not to mention it only eliminates a single player not the table.

    Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: 11 mana combo and also it is something easy to interact with not to mention somewhat difficult to tutor up being a planeswalker + creature / artifact.

    Neither of these are very efficient and an artifact creature is very fragile as far as combos go. Generally speaking I doubt any of these options are better than combos that blue, black, and or green could already assemble so maybe for red, white, or boros colors it might be something new but I think this is probably a big knee jerk reaction.
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  • posted a message on Banning Criteria discussion: Allow players to win out of nowhere
    I would be interested to hear a bit more on "Cause severe resource imbalances". There can be a great many cards that you could examine under that stance. Cradle and Coffers for instance are cards that create great resource imbalances but you could also say the same about Necropotence. Its such a broad criteria that it can really be widely interpreted. I feel it might be one of the more vaguely stated ban criteria.

    I suspect there is probably a lot more depth to this mostly involving how quickly it comes online and how complex it is to set up and cost to assemble as well as what it does for you. For example if you were to cast Sphinx's Revelation for 20 it would be a big resource imbalance but that would be ignoring the setup you put into doing that effect.

    I guess what drives me a little crazy is how vague and up to interpretation it is. Tolarian Academy for example could be either kept banned or unbanned depending on where you draw the line with this. Really the same thing could be said for anything that produces mana, ramps lands, or draws cards. Hell, you could call a Wrath of God effect a means of imbalancing resources assuming you are clearing out a resource you have little of that someone else is using.
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  • posted a message on July 2019 Ban List Update
    Quote from Hermes_ »
    I guess the combo of PS and grindstone wasn't a concern as much as it used to be with the new philosophy document.

    I haven't had a chance to look at the document but I would guess to some degree the same reason that Hermit Druid never got the axe (it has ways to play it fairly) is perhaps the same reason it came off the list. There are a good number of cool and niche uses for painters servant like say Oona, Teysa, or Blind Seer where it isn't a card that needs to be banned.

    This is purely a guess though, I have not gotten a chance to read the new updated policy.
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  • posted a message on July 2019 Ban List Update
    Its worth mentioning that some of the problem of Paradox Engine is that it is colorless which means that the places it can be played are far more widespread. Given we just came out with the new Urza it seems like we constantly get commanders who can break the card in half. If Paradox Engine had a color or colors it might not have been as big of an issue.

    Paradox Engine also doesn't seem like it has a purpose outside of going off infinite or close to it. Thats just what the card is intended to do.
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