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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] DailyMTG Previews 1/20: Chromanticore; Spirit of the Labyrinth; Glimpse the Sun God
    I can't for the life of me figure out why the spirit of the labyrinth isn't Red...?
    or hell even green?
    I realize I no longer understand, what the color pie is supposed to do.
    A card that is so obvious a hoser should be in the opposing colors, unless its an anti-block like with spectral lynx and the likes...

    I don't get it....:no:
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  • posted a message on Funny Stories on 'trice
    This thread. Well, there are going to be rude people in life, I just accepted that. I've been kicked a lot for getting hands with multiple BTE, or winning with mono-red in standard, but I really thought this thread was gonna be about actually funny stuff. Not "the time some guy rage-kicked me", oh well.

    All things considered after reading this, I think that if someone says: Tier 1 only... then it's actually okay for them to kick you if you're playing something NOT considered tier 1. Like in standard right now, if someone says Tier 1, they're most likely talking about Popularity of play more than how good a deck is.
    So to me in standard for example it means like: Mono-Black, Mono-Blue, G/R Monsters, and maybe R/W devotion, or U/W control those are the most likely decks you're going to have to face right now A LOT, so If someone's actually trying to get some testing out of their room I'm not going to bother them if I'm practicing Grixis control, or even G/W Andrew Shrout (unless I ask them before hand if they mind if I test that). Some of it is about respect for what the other person is trying to accomplish with their time.
    You might have developed a serious and terrifying Mono-G devotion deck (for example) but the guy asking for Tier 1 or Serious Decks only is gonna look at that and think "Omg, he's trolling me" and kick you, and to some extent he's not wrong.

    I try to stay caviler about, generally when someone does the whole "Mull to 4" I'll say HEY!
    "Draw to 6" because most of them quit at that point anyway, and they might be reasonable if I show compassion for mana screw, and also... because I need indulgence myself because a lot of the times I'm TESTING a deck to see if its worth putting together, beating up on a totally mana screwed opponent doesn't help me test. I'm glad for cockatrice personally, I think overall the people are like any other people reasonable and rational, yeah there are some rude ones out there for no reason, but... such is life.
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  • posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] U/R 4 drop creature needs to happen.
    Quote from Zanzabar21
    Can they print a U/R 4 drop that is good? like ever? I really don't think U/R has ever had a creature in the 4 drop slot. It might be time, use izzet mages are crying every spoiler season...

    Hmmm... I don't think they can. They given Izzet Colors the worst combination of things from Red/Blue as far as I can tell.
    I'm not sure what a "Good" U izzet creature would be like.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Buy-A-Box promo "Fated Conflagration"
    This card is another wasted rare slot for red. Normally this happens with enchantments. . . but it happens almost every block, i guess.

    This card is godawful. Worse in every way than hero's downfall. Really its just disgustingly bad design.

    4+CC red cards have to basically win the game or almost win the game when they're cast.

    The whole "Scry if on your turn" is just insult to injury.

    Anyone talking about playing this in red devotion, is being intentionally misleading or doesn't understand that deck, this thing ISN'T going to replace overloaded mortars or Fanatic of Mogis. . . and any Sligh variant "again" has to run game winning cards at that cost if at all.

    Well at least its not mythic I guess.
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  • posted a message on Primer: Heroic aggro
    Seems solid, reminiscent of the hexproof decks in some ways. So I can't help but wonder, is this a deck that dies the same way? I'm supremely leary of being serious about a deck that appears to lose to any of the tier 1 decks available.

    This "LOOKS" like something that would scoop to U/W, and esper, which are pretty popular where I'm at. Gods willing and boros charm seem like they might help quite a bit but I'm not sure that where anyone wants to be against Revelation.dec
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  • posted a message on Combo decks in Standard, where are they?
    Quote from Moa
    That is such a backwards view, because you don't like a deck they shouldn't be viable. Ideally decks of every archetype should be viable and represented. Saying combo decks are unfun to play against is a personal opinion. I have fun playing and designing against combo decks, control decks, prison decks, and aggro decks because I have to approach each match-up differently. What is blatantly unhealthy is your me first opinions on game design.

    I can only imagine that Wotc feels similar to him, as they've said as much sometimes. Buuuuut.... to be fair Colossal Grull.
    There you have it. Its a combo deck, and really good at that.

    So I mean. . . without going deep into what constitutes a combo deck. Thats you're best bet in standard right now, i think.
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  • posted a message on Control on the draw vs. disruption
    Ah. Yeah. Those Machine Head style decks. . . sigh.

    I... I'm gonna have to say I agree with you. Drawing vs them is likely the correct move, but its not a popular deck I'd not worry about it to terrible much.

    I think the problem vs Monoblack, B/x in general for U/X players is that they can go "Disruption~packrat" and then discarding all non relevant cards to more rats and any deck that runs swamps has that at their disposal.

    Ultimately though, I think your analysis is spot on. The extra card is more relevant than and perceived loss of tempo. Since if they do what they WANT to do then you're likely top tdeck the thing you need to win.
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  • posted a message on Going to time and forced draws

    The "I had you beat ages ago" argument is pretty poor. . .

    On of the weaknesses of a deck that has 1 win con is... FINDING that wincon.

    The reverse of this is a R/x player wanting you to conceded because you're at 1 life.

    Its not about "I can still win" but "My opponent has to actually WIN". period.

    So no... you totally can't make people concede pretty wild thing you want there actually, since you're choosing to play a deck with 1 wincon, and a alt wincon of letting the opponent deck them self. You should be prepared to deal with the repercussions of such a deck. Time managing opponents being 1 of them. Call a judge, bring a clock... whatever... but that might work against you at some point too. you might NEED to stall 1 day as a control player. (i know surprising right?). I suspect thats one of the reasons why U/X control is generally played less online, less "bluffing"/"stalling" such as it is.
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  • posted a message on GW Aggro/midrange
    Wescoe wrote an article about a version today that he was planning on playing in Dallas.

    here: http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=11546
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  • posted a message on Thoughtseize hate
    Yeah. I'm in the camp that it doesn't need hate. Its kinda silly that people WANT hate for it, but...

    It does something well that black needs. You're not dealing with BBB=Discard 3 cards, but black has to have strong disruption cards or its seriously not a thing anymore.

    Imagine what you're asking for as a cycle of cards... it'd ripple through all of magic, and screw up other formats, for a little inconvenience for people not wanting to deal with a card that is actually really well balanced.

    Card you want? If Color does "thing its supposed to do" we get free powerful hoser? That's a poor direction for the game, imho.

    Its not thoughtsieze that's causing you to lose, you + deck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Red Black Control
    Seems you forgot to take into account that zombie hits white as well. Blood Baron and Obzedat are extremely relavent. At least at my FNM they are. Selesnya is still a thing too
    Today 02:09 PM

    You're right I did, but to be fair I guess that's pretty meta dependent.
    Sometimes I want to right off say "selesnya is not a deck" but there's always one or 2 guys backing it in the room at a large tourney.
    Thats why I'm sketchy on it as being a "solid" disruption creature, it's actually pretty narrow "Bloodbaron being what it is" compare with the closet similar guy "sin collector" and it becomes apparent. If lifebane said either " creature card" or even "g or w card" then yes it'd be super powered but from here its not that amazing less you just need a body. I does miss last breath though.
    UW elixir: 60/40
    - All comes down to nabbing that elixir, but with my 4 slaughter games or even the more theoretically correct 3, it's not that difficult. I haven't played this particular version too much to be more confident than 60/40. +1 TS +2 connections +4 Slaughter Games -3 Anger -2 dreadbore -2 away/devour
    UWx w/o elixir: 70/30
    - G1 is pretty even, but G2 and G3 slaughter games crushes them. They end up forced to play a lot more threats and go much more midrange-y, which is where we already excel. +1 TS +2 connections +4 Slaughter Games -3 anger -2 rat -2 dreadbore

    Great, thats the actual matchup that I was most wondering about.

    I'm suspicious of r/x because sometimes... often nowadays it produces "Dat Draw" where they curve perfectly and kill you, but pharika's cure and anger seem like cards good enough to bank on.

    The most important things with these "Not the most popular in the format deck" is the matchup guides w/sideboard tips, I think.
    Its super important.

    Question, why not side in Slaughter games vs Black devotion? They seem pretty weak to having gary yanked (assuming you have removal for rat)
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Red Black Control
    Quote from Rage Scoop
    Isn't Lifebane Zombie a solid disruption creature? I've been running him mainboard with good results.

    I... don't think so, no.

    I'm not seeing any green decks really right now at all, which really there's what 2? Monstrous and Dredge?
    Still I guess mainboard he at least gives you a peek so you can sequence better but really I'd like a decent specter or a r/b Sin Collector. Thats niether here nor there though.

    In anycase what I've been wondering about is the match-ups any updates?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Red Black Control
    This deck is missing something.
    I don't know what. I feel like it needs a good B/R disruption creature.
    Don't know.
    I feel like its evolved and every angle of its been looked at in this card pool, so no we kind of circle around it trying to get it to perform better. I can only surmise that the people winning with this must be amazing pilots, but yea, its missing something to be great. Maybe its just not found yet.
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  • posted a message on [Event Discussion -] Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth
    I'm gonna have to agree with the above. Also though, some of magic is luck... people call it variance now but some of it just plain luck. Anyone tells you different is lying to you and themselves. SOME of it. It takes a lot of good decisions to get to the seat at the top 8 so it can't be all luck.
    Though originally right on the first few sets of magic, the game was billed as "a game of luck and skill".
    Rudy's game with the game loss, and subsequent win. . . he was winning the game when he received the loss imho.

    Winning in spite of overwhelming odds against you like that? I think it was just "Due" I'd have hated to see "gameloss -> mana screw", but that happens.

    But as someone here in Dallas right now, most people don't appreciate the GRIT of the people who came to this particular GP. Ice in north texas isn't prepared for like ice in the north texas. About 3-8 people have died on the ice out there so dealing with all that, plus the stress of playing like that.
    You guys did great. I applaud you, if you're still in town, I'll buy you a beer.
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  • posted a message on [Event Discussion -] Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth
    The match-up was really only slightly in the Red Deck's favor to begin with going into the match-up, and given how U/W control actually functions it was at all a "surprising" win in the least. At no point did I feel that the game was so heavily in the favor of the Red player's that Jenson had to massively outmaneuver the opponent to win.

    I agree 100%

    I thought that type of response was stock response when anyone playing U/x control wins, they do it with Wafo Tapa also. . . but now, after watching that series of matches. The announcers are just riding the higher ranked guy. Which hats off to jensen and hats off to marlon as well, long days freezing unseasonal temperatures, here in dallas. good games all around.
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