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  • posted a message on [Deck]Eva Green
    Quote from NovemberMike
    Is it just me or is dark ritual not good any more? The deck doesn't rely on any other 1 drops really so there's no reason to turn on their missteps.

    thats true, but what i realized playing today on cockatrice is that this deck is getting wrecked without dark ritual.

    Those stompy decks going off on turn two when they have the play is devastating. you don't have enough speed to keep up with them to get rid of the threat they present.

    not sure if i really like jitte and bitterblossom right now either. its just too slow.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from penatbater
    and we tend to be able to kick hivemind and NO decks (generally) Grin oh the fun of legacy XD

    Really...how does merfolk fare against NO Rug. they claim to have a positive matchup against merfolk
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from ReaNiMaTe1
    Yea decks like Junk/Rock seem like tough matchups with all of the removal and hand disruption they have

    Yea, my eva green deck beats merfolk a good number of times. However, Eva green gets its butt kicked by hivemind and NO decks.
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  • posted a message on [NPH] running tally of highest priced cards -- Updated 11/22
    Quote from jeffbcrandall
    Sorry for the lengthy delay in an update, Ive been wicked busy lately between my ebay and brick and mortar store sales, but better late than never I always say :).

    As always my prices are determined by ebay completed listings, the low end of ebay buy it nows, and the low end of online store prices. Enjoy!

    Top rares/mythics:
    Phyrexian Obliterator: $20 (For me, still hasnt moved, Im not sure Ive ever seen that before)
    Sword of War and Peace: $14
    Karn Liberated: $12.50
    Batterskull: $12
    Spellskite: $8.50
    Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite: $4.50
    Urabrask: $4
    Phyrexian Metamorph: $4
    Surgical Extraction: $3
    Puresteel Paladin: $3
    Birthing Pod: $3
    Blade Splicer: $3
    Sheoldred, Whispering One: $2
    Jin-Gitaxias, Cor Augur: $2
    Hex Parasite: $1.50
    Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger: $1.50
    Everything else is worth $1 or less.

    Total value of mythics: $73
    Total value of Rares: $33
    Total value of uncommon/common sets: $10
    Total set value: $116

    Dismember: $4 (4x reprint in event deck will likely cut price in 1/2, wont drop below $2 though)
    Mental Misstep: $3
    Beast Within: $1
    Tezzeret's Gambit: $1 (Still selling like crazy, market price closer to .75)
    Despise: .75
    Dispatch: .75

    Average Box value:
    Mythics: $7.30x4.5= $32.85
    Rares: .94x31.5=$29.70
    Uncommon/commons: $10x1.8=$18
    Foils: $6.45
    Total average box value: $87 (Box value increased by $3 this update)

    Average Pack Value:
    $84/36= $2.42

    Overall the set is showing some strong staying power. While mythics dropped some, some also went up (and of course Obliterator stayed the course and still hasnt moved an inch from its $20 price tag since the set was released, Ive never seen that to my knowledge.) Rares actually managed an increase this time around, with the couple of declines more than offset by the strong increases in spellskite, birthing pod, and blade splicer. Uncommon/common sets continued to show greater strength as dismember overtakes mental misstep as the hottest uncommon of the set (though due to the 4x reprinting in the coming event deck, the price will likely settle back down to around $2 or so, but I strongly feel it wont drop below that, the supply being added by the event decks simply isnt comparable to the supply that is currently out there, anyone hoping they will drop below $2 I think will find their estimations to be wrong, but I suppose we'll see in a few weeks.) Overall the average box value actually bucked trends and increased this time around, nothing stupendous mind you, but an increase is an increase :).

    Anyhow, enjoy the info, and Ill try to do another update in a couple weeks or as time allows.

    there's going to be an event deck with dismembers?
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Eva Green
    Quote from chainsawromeo
    Decided to switch over from Pox to Eva Green, and would like any advice/suggestions that could be offered about my list.

    Is Bob ok at 3-of, or is he needed at 4? I'm just very nervous about running him with Seize, Snuff's, and Fetches. The Jitte is good at remedying this along with the Hawk, but i'm still unsure of the correct quantity. On the same note, is Jitte x2 ok, as i'd really like to run 3.

    How vital is Gatekeeper of Malakir? I excluded him in my list as i'm very tight for space, but if he's a must have now, I guess I could drop a Hippie, Stalker, and something else to run him at 2 or 3.

    What are people's thought about running Smallpox in here? Does the downside hurt us more than the upside helps?

    Bitterblossom with Bob is a no-go, I'm assuming? I'd really like to run both, but I think the life loss will be too great.

    Finally, what and how are people sideboarding these days?

    drop the hypnotics for 4 nighthawks, and 3 bitterblossoms.

    that would be perfect for this control based meta. bitterblossom will be the first 3 cards for you to drop when you see combo.

    i think the general consensus is that everyone is dropping the dark rituals.
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  • posted a message on B&R List Discussion
    SFM is fine for now.

    Just nothing silly like a 5/5 Living weapon and it'll stay in check. Sure the swords are pretty good, but Stoneforged equipped itself is pretty bland. Stoneblade takes abou 4 turns before they start attackign anyways.
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  • posted a message on White Weenie
    try death and taxes primer
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from Lyracian
    I will just chime in supporting everyone else.
    Well the Merfolk are really cheap so if you already have the counter magic you might as well build the deck just for fun.

    I was the same a couple of years ago and spent $20 getting the creatures and have had lots of fun with Merfolk as we play a lot of tribal magic.

    how's the deck against zoo?
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk

    how does this look? what should i cut to add the 2 sower in the board? what about threads of disloyalty
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from Marcelus09

    so.. "tweaking it"

    i found myself cutting the 4th standstill towards the 21st land (i was doing 20)
    i always run jitte MB (as 2of) until dissmember showed up.. i dunno.. i prefer the instant as it can deal with relatively large criatures fast enough (and as i play UB lives are not always a problem)

    the cursecatchers... well.. against aggro they well drop on the floor and cry... as they don't really help much (at all?). The metamorph is a great card also (as i do not own any Kira i run him as 1 of) to deal with some pesky dude that is aiming for your face.. at worse he is another lord (in ocations) or a Batterskull or any Sword... or even the woese scenario.. FoW fodder.

    It depends on how you feel runnig the deck.. any cut or addition may work marvells if you find a way to abuse them.. My best bet would be to add the Standstills and the dissmembers, as you will own many decks 1st match via

    kira + standstill + dissmember

    but.. is really up to how you feel the deck and how aggresive your meta is

    would the deck run pretty smooth without kira. I don't really want to spend 15 bucks on 2 cards just for something that isn't all too great.

    so i should move 3 curse catchers to the sideboard then? my meta is wide open. lots of RUG, BANTS, hivemind, everything....it is Los Angeles.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from Marcelus09
    Ohh.. believe (us? anyone help me? :p) me the deck is really good.. Have a LOT of strong edges... Rerally works against almost everything but (and i may get heavy about this (i dunno if it means the same in USA than here :D).. but is just how it is) heavy aggro. UB has really good post board support to deal with this.. and UW has really good MB answers too. Overall.. is a good deck, that in a given point.. it explodes on your oponent face.

    Your call.. i dare say you wont regret it Smile

    indeed true! she is the MVP of the deck. I passed it up and did not notice to mention it.. thanks!

    thanks, but how would i tweak the deck to add 4 silvergills, 4 standstills, and 3 dismember in the mainboard
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from penatbater
    I would also suggest upping silvergil to 4. certainly does alot for a 2-drop. Grin

    where would i find space for 3 dismember in the main and 4 standstills?
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from Marcelus09
    the problem is not only the 2UU, but the sinergy you loose by running JtMS.

    Even thou a sick card.. this deck doesn't really need him. This means by no way that you wont make him work for you, but this (i believe at least) that would change completly the face of your deck, and you will end up tweaking here and there to make him work and fit better.

    I dunno.. maybe you try it and find that it rocks hard, but it depends on your meta. If you includ Jace 2.0.. im sure you will need to change your strategy from pin-explosive aggro/control to ALMOST fully control with some merfolks

    here you could cut 1-2 Metamorph towards 1-2 sower of temptations she comboes away with kira.

    Also i see you run no Dismember MB.. how is your meta evolving to your match up? don't you have problems against aggro?
    And as usual.. i will ask you..


    not sure. i wanna get into merfolk. i have all the staples except the actual fish, so i was wondering if this deck is good.
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  • posted a message on B&R List Discussion
    Quote from Dragon23
    Probably not. It's not one sided, is easily dealt with, and doesn't just win right there. it's an excellent enabler, but you'd have to ban Sneak Attack, and Natural Order with it, which is completely unnecessary.

    No...the difference is that Sneak Attack and Natural order are 4 mana costs cards. The color its in is not protected by counters as much as show and tell.

    I believe if hive mind continues to make half of the top 8 appearances, it will be banned.
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