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  • posted a message on The Shifting Mana Cost Game
    Solar Life Stealing Machine Model 12 1WRUGB
    Gain 1 life whenever a colored spell resolves.
    Urza disregarded the idea of a machien that could be powered by the sun as fallible and unreliable, due to the high amount of fiery smoke in the air.

    ~i make no implication that i know how to word things correctly as im an older player, and am not accustomed to the new way of wording things.
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  • posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game (Anime and Manga Edition)
    uhm, arent we up to "O".

    Oolong UU
    Creature - Shapeshifter Pig
    When Oolong comes into the battlefield, you may pay UU,
    if you do, Oolong becomes a copy of target creature you control with a converted Mana Cost of 5 or less.
    T: Oolong cannot be the target of spells this turn.
    P/T: 1/2

    ~~` joo liek?
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  • posted a message on The Real Card Art Game
    ^^^^? Need an art here bud!
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  • posted a message on Another Winner is Judge
    i apologize if i make any spelling/grammar erros, i haven't written any MTG cards in about 4 years, aside from the revised Dakmor Lancer...

    Arthur W
    Creature - Human
    Arthur gets +0/+1 for every Wizard type creature you control.
    When Arthur is equipped with an Equipment card that has Sword in the title you may sacrifice him to search your Library for a "King Arthur the Young" and place it in play under your control.
    The young lad was unsure of why these strange men were protecting him for stealing a sword.

    King Arthur the Young WWW
    Creature - Human King
    T: Place 1 Study counter on King Arthur the Young.
    King Arthur the Young gets +1/+0 for every Study counter on it.
    When King Arthur the Young has 3 or more Study counters on it, you may pay UU and sacrifice King Arthur the Young to play a "King Arthur" from your hand without paying it's casting cost, if you do, you gain 3 life.
    His studies include horseback riding, sword dueling, and under Merlin, spellcasting.

    King Arthur 1WWU
    Creature - Knight King
    King Arthur has protection from Black.
    WUT: Counter target creature spell.
    As a full-fledged Knight, Arthur has been able to repel the enemy's advances by being a better tactician than a better frontline soldier. He is still renowned for his defeat of the Black Knight.
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  • posted a message on a revised Dakmor Lancer, (dont hate me.)
    an admirable idea indeed.

    but im glad in the end that you get the idea that im trying to cheapen his casting cost, while retaining his ability to kill 1 thing when he comes into play./

    after looking over the very few cards with "Dakmor" in the title, i was gonna do a small set based around it as a Swamp with the various living creatures cohabituating. i dont have enough time for that though,
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  • posted a message on a revised Dakmor Lancer, (dont hate me.)
    heh, right. its jsut a revised version of him. me and my friends usually made cards with the idea that it required 1 mana per power/keyword, and 1 extra per ability, i got lucky with this guy and was able to split him evenly.
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  • posted a message on a revised Dakmor Lancer, (dont hate me.)
    Title: Dakmor Lancer
    Mana Cost:2BB
    P/T: 3/3
    Abilities/Keywords: Kicker 2 Destroy target nonblack creature.
    Flavor: The darkness of his shield reflects the inky blackness of his soul.

    favorite card ever since me and my brother got it in that starter set, it's the only one i've kept from my early days of MTG and card gaming. and quite obviously the reference for my username, on MANY forums since about 2002ish. so, it's got a place in my heart, i just hate that its a big fat phony of a monster. too high of a cost for weak abilities. so i reworked it, let me know what you think, and if you care, make it a full image card, that'd be neat. Smile

    the original in case you don't know the changes i made.
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  • posted a message on immigration bill in arizona
    Mexico's Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinoza called the ruling "a first step in the right direction" and said staff at the five Mexican consulates in Arizona will work extra hours in coming weeks to educate migrants about the law.

    just this part.

    why would a foreign secretary of a nation, whose citizens are leaving to enter another nation illegally, call it a step in the right direction? What does htis mean? Does this person not care about this nation who this person has said they woudl contact associates in to train these illegal persons on how to most likely, learn the gaps in the rules of being there under this bill?

    it seems like all of mexico is dieing to give us its poorest peoples, and daring us not to take them in.
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  • posted a message on wow, this is ironic.
    this is perhaps the first time i'm using this screen name, or any variant of it, on a magic the gathering site, when it is a magic the gathering card. OMG

    lol. usually i just go by the first part of the name, but that's kind of, ambiguos?, as to the character(card?) i prefer to be called.

    anyway, i played a bit with family, friends around 6th/7th edition, way back when, never really could get into it to deeply without a tournement scene, and being in PA, there aren't really many going on. i'd pick up a pack every couple of releases just to see what was going on, i remember buying a pack of torment, scourge, and 1 theme deck of that ravnica thing that happened...

    don't play anymore, just here to find out some info about card creation.
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