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  • posted a message on May CCL, Finals - Plans Into the Infinite
    On it now

    Magus of the Gemstone
    Creature - Human Wizard (r)
    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses a color. Until end of turn, lands tapped for mana produce mana of the chosen color instead of any other color.

    Verduran Hollow
    Legendary Land (M)
    T: Add G
    Whenever Verduran Hollow is tapped for mana, if it's enchanted, add an additional mana of any color.

    Forceatog 2G
    Creature - Atog (u)
    Remove a +1/+1 counter from a creature you control: Forceatog gets +2/+2 until end of turn.
    The forceatog never finishes its meals.

    Dinamic Barrier1W
    Creature - Wall (r)
    Other wall creatures you control get +1/+1 and may attack as thought they didn't have defender.

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  • posted a message on May CCL, Finals - Plans Into the Infinite
    I do, please,
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  • posted a message on MTGS MCC Finale June 2019 Round 2 - Two Roads Diverged...
    Heart Elemental xG
    Crature - Elemental (r)
    Heart Elemental enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
    You may remove X +1/+1 counters from among green creatures you control rather than paying for Heart Elemental's mana cost. If you do, untap each creature that had a counter removed this way.
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  • posted a message on ETB damage strat ideas
    You might want to throw Blasting station in if you can generate enough disposable bodies.
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  • posted a message on Non-Legendary Creatures that you wished to be Commander/Legendary.
    I feel Marionette Master can really have a nice deck built around.

    I'll second Tamanoa, too.
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  • posted a message on CCL The Last (June '19) - Round 1
    Eventide Soujurner: Searching for any land is a very powerful effect, but you need 4 mana and some time to end up getting hold of them, so it looks fair game if you compare it with Hour of promise. The suspend doesn't work from the command zone, so as a commander it is rather bland but very in line with monogreen spirit.

    Cardz5000- Very powerful effect in two ccolors that care for comboing and storming. Wouldn't this be labeled "Eminence"? I'm.not so fond of the lack of interaction for such a poweful effect. You also got it right with commander suspend.

    Artorias: Excellent pesky little fellow, pairs nice with wraths and such. I'm.not fond of the lack of mana cost, as you are rendering it useless as a commander and he would really be an awesome one.

    netn10: I don't think I like Zerax much, but it has a weird, twisted charm. The idea of having this guy work on a arbitrarily chosen number itches in my brain and I am sure that many would be thinking atrategies gor Zenax on three, eleven or 100, I'm already chuckling at the idea of winning the game with this and Barren Glory or Near-death experience. Tticky things aside, I tbink it is not big or bad enough as a creature compared to something like Deep-Sea Kraken, so I would tweak a it a bit. A Zenax for 6 or 7 deserves a bit more beef.

    Subject 16: While this doesn't look like it's ever going to hit the battlefield via suspend, the ETB effect is amazing if you cheat it somwhow or the game stalls enough. The trigger on counter removal is also potentially devastating if you manage to hit an early monstruosity. It looks rather hard to play with, but for those who like minigames within the MTG gamez it looks fun. The fact that it doesn't have a cost and can't be used as a commander is probably foe the best in this case

    TotallyHaywire: I think the last ability breaks the guy too much. Two is too little for something that fueled your hand to seven and can lose counters for three cards.

    kwanyegor: It's a bit like a Mantis Rider which is cool. The way it's worded, the guy will trigger the damage from stuff like Light up the stage, which looks seriously dangerous given that it has deathtouch and also counts lands.

    1. Artorias
    2. Evnwtide Soujourner
    3. Subjwct16
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  • posted a message on CCL The Last (June '19) - Round 2
    Burst of Selfworth 2WW
    Sorcery (r)
    Creatures you control gain myriad this turn. Tokens created with myriad ability this turn are not legendary.
    Flashback - Tap two untapped creatures you control.
    "When we stand to defend the home and the people that made us, each of us is worth ten."
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  • posted a message on May CCL, Top 4/Round 4 - How Unusual
    Fajen Thygia: I like the CIPT clause, but one mana of any color would have been very good enough, given how narrow is the chance of getting this untapped outside Dragons or Slivers. The clause could have read "a card that's five colors" as to have it read smoothly in rules text fashion without having impact on the effect outside those transguild golems, whij doesn't aound like a winning synergy.

    Eventide Soujurner: A blue [card]Maro[/mana] with evasion can explode on your face, so I'm really happy with the upkeep drawback. This is still very powerful with it.

    Kwanyegor: The last ability is annexcess ofbtext, but I get you needed a drawback to balance it. I think you should have tried something else, like tinkering with cost and stats. But in the enf, it just does too much for 4 mana,

    1. Eventide Soukpurner
    2. Fajen Thygia
    3. Kwanyegor

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  • posted a message on CCL The Last (June '19) - Round 1
    Jez of the Endless Parks 1GW
    Legendary Creature - Dryad Druid (m)
    Suspend 3 - W/G mana
    Cascade  (When you cast this spell, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost. Put the exiled cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.)
    W/G mana : Exile Jez of the Endless Parks with three time counters on it.
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  • posted a message on MTGS MCC Finale June 2019 Round 1 - Best of Both Worlds
    Animal 1GU
    Instant (r)
    Target noncreature permanent becomes a 5/5 Beast creature with trample in addition to its other types until end or turn.

    Fuse  (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand.)
    Animus 1WB
    Instant (r)
    Exile target creature.

    Fuse (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand.)
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  • posted a message on May CCL, Top 4/Round 4 - How Unusual
    Passage of the Chosen1GUW
    Enchantment - Aura Saga (r)
    Enchant creature you control.
    I: Create a token that's a copy of enchanted creature.
    II: Populate.
    III: Exile all creatures except for enchanted creature and creatures with the same name.
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  • posted a message on May CCL, Top 8/Round 3 - Off Balance
    Fajen Thygia: Pheres-band Centaurs shows 3/7 for 5 is possible at common. Tjis being a rare and having defender should be balanced with a powerful ability and the choice you made is a bit underwhelmong. This can indeed gain tons of life if left unchecked. The factbthat you can proactively gain life or do it incidentally is pretty interesting, and tye fact tjat it works on your opponents is good too, and amazingly annoying in commander, but I would have prefered if it triggered on opponent's black mana and red mana . The design is fine and powerful in what it does but a big wall that gains tons of life is a bit unexciting. Also 4W would look nicer and signal its potential a bit better.

    kwanyegor: Outlast is an interedting ability, specially in limited, and tbe possibility of doing it instantly is very promising. That said, I feel the colors are a bit around. Black is not known for changing timing, that's in green and even white's domain. So selesnya with a black outlast might have looked better and even offer design choices (like adding a life payment tomit). I think a card and two life is a lot, I don't feel drawing a card is too powerful here because you are making very big compromises in deckbuilding to have it work, and it's a nice way to tie draw to a specific effect. Life should be cut, imo and a bit of tougness reduction would go a long way into balancing it for limited, but alas, this is a rare and getting tjis one in limited should feel like hitting the jackpot,

    RaikouRaider: I like flexibility. For four, you can get a beefy 5/5, a 4/4 and a loot, a 3/3 and a careful study or a 2/2 and three loots. All are aweaome options. In limited, the possibility of looting away excess lands is very valuablw, specially in 3-color enviroments that tend to up the land count a bit.

    Subject16: I think that without the evoke cost, this would have been very good and flexible but by adding the evoke cost you kind of overdid it. The option of being an Elviah Visionary and a Ravenous Rats is good by itself, so the evoke cost that cheap for getting both effects is a bit much. Of course that tying it to casting mana goes a long way on avoiding recursion shenanigans.

    Artorias- This feels undelwhelming for a rare. both multikicker costs are present on common creatures and the body is at common value. Still, tje Volver + multikicker idea is very cool.

    Eventide sojourner: I feel tbat between the cycling effect and the actual effect the difference is rather minimal in terms of gameplay. You get a card and instant speed at blue for one more mana and things are not gone for good,

    1. RaikouRaider
    2. Kwanyegor
    3. Eventode Sojourner
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  • posted a message on May CCL, Top 8/Round 3 - Off Balance
    Naya Battledruid 1G
    Creature - Cat Druid (u)
    When Naya Battledruid attacks or blocks, add RW
    RW: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
    Celebrating life goes hand in hand with defending it. May lillies adorn our heads and bloodstains adorn our pikes.
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  • posted a message on Random Deck Discussion: WizardMN - Karador [6/19]
    I like the Orochi here, the mana boost on your own turn can be very valuable and it makes everything kind of going on working without Yeva. With the numbers this deck manages in terms of P/T, the extra muscle looks good.

    What so you think about the new Vivien for a bit of redundancy?

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  • posted a message on May CCL, Round 2 - Spiral of Stats
    Algernone: Nice graveyard hate, as a creature, it is a bit cumbersome to grow but the fact that can use your graveyard too can add up to the planning a bit. Still, repeatable targeted graveyard hate is good to have.

    Blackwatz: Tbis is sick and cool. Very nice Ghaltaish reduction and enrage trigger, on green, the color of fixing, this is lovely

    netn10: I kind of like it but this looks so breakable I'm a bit scared. In commander this can give the chance to counter tbings around the table off a monstruous hand, as maximum hand size is often annuled in the format.

    kwanyegor: Immune to bolts and deathtouch is a good combination. Thr fact that it can gain flying and vigilance is nice (Well, not vigilance, untapping has lovely extra tangents of abuse!)

    Artorias: Well, this is very ellegant and fit. 3/5 are really fitting stats for a treefolk. So are the abilities. As a common, It lacks suoc value but ultimately these are the cards that feed tye game. I like that it is a card that gives you a little room for decisions.

    Eventide Soujurner: Well, a mana producer with a self-untapping ability begs to be broken in half. What I do not like is that with the existance of snow lands it ramps too easily by its own. I would up the cowt by 1 mana as to balance that.

    Awesome entries this time, I can't really I didn't like any of them. Its hard to choose a top three but here it goes

    1. Darkwaltz: Wacky 5 color bonanza, very fit for a 5/8 body
    2. Artorias: Elegant, simple and solid. It suows you based your design on stats first, which is what the challenge asked.
    kwanyegor: I feel a bit ofbthe same here, like your design being a bit of a puzzle put together from the stats.
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