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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)
    Quote from DementedKirby
    Agreed on Selarom Otreb and Portal Sliver. Now I'm happy with Judgment Sliver :D. Lol, I actually forgot to update Gatherer Sliver. I'd changed its name to Salvage Sliver.

    With this latest revision I'm comfortable with considering the Sliver cards to be over and done with. What do you think?


    Judgement Sliver really doesn't need the Progenitus/Colossus shuffle clause.

    There's no reason for Amassing Sliver to not just give all Slivers banding, given how banding works. (It's entirely optional to put stuff into a band.) That said, given the flavor, you could also change it a different way:
    "0: This creature gains or loses banding until end of turn."

    Solar-Powered Sliver isn't changing? I thought you liked that idea...

    Hermit Sliver: How do you have "fove" lands?

    Mobilizing Sliver: Capitalize 'during'.

    Portal Sliver: Spelling of 'creature' and capitalization of 'exile'.

    Burrowing Sliver: Capitalize 'sacrifice'. Also, READ Jhoira of the Ghitu. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WORD THIS CARD.

    Frost Sliver: You really can't add S to your mana pool. You can add 1 and make all slivers snow creatures, though.

    Stun-Gaze Sliver: Capitalize 'whenever'.

    Amorphic Sliver: Capitalize 'you', and comma between 'battlefield' and 'except'.

    Infiltration Sliver: Comma after the word 'battlefield'.

    Sliver Hive: Comma between the symbols 1 and T.

    Chakra Sliver: You're right; don't capitalize ninjutsu in the sentences (though leave it capitalized for the ability itself).

    Absorption Sliver: Remember to lower the life gain to 3.

    Soul-Fueled Sliver: This is still awkward. Paying 2 life is almost always better than mana anyways, and now you're giving more incentive. You might as well just say "Pay 10 life" in this case. Assuming you want Phyrexian mana, don't do the gimmick of counting how much life is paid. It's just messy.

    This brings up another important point, which is the power/toughness differences that I was putting in. It is sensible to try to distribute rarity. I attempted to do that when I made these into pictures. You can see for yourself the power and toughness levels I used. I would suggest you go with those and put rarities on the Slivers that way.

    I think after addressing all these points (and any unaddressed ones in the last couple of posts, such as READING Jhoira of the Ghitu), unless there's any little things that I'm still missing, you should be good on just the Sliver cards, for now. (Little edits will probably come up later as the sets change.)
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Prerelease promo cards
    What should be a correct translation (Spanish fluency and English grammar/spelling skills are useful):

    Silent Sentinel 5WW
    Creature - Archon (rare)
    Whenever Silent Sentinel attacks, you may return target enchantment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
    It serves a higher justice than the whims of the gods.

    Mediator of the Ideal 4UU
    Creature - Sphinx (rare)
    Inspiration - Whenever Mediator of the Ideal becomes untapped, reveal the top card of your library. If its an artifact, creature, or land card, you may put it onto the battlefield with a manifestation counter on it. It is an enchantment in addition to its other types.

    Devourer of Hope 5BB
    Creature - Demon (rare)
    B, Sacrifice another creature: Regenerate Devourer of Hope.
    2B, Sacrifice two other creatures: Destroy target creature.
    The gods can be appeased, but the demons cannot...

    Firestoker Dragon 4RR
    Creature - Dragon (rare)
    1R: Firestoker Dragon deals 1 damage to target creature. That creature can't block this combat. Activate this ability only if Firestoker Dragon is attacking.
    The Akron adorn their coffins to honor the dragons, not to protect from them; for that they would provide little help.

    Wild Nessian Devastator 4GG
    Creature - Hydra (rare)
    Tribute 6 (As this creature enters the battlefield, an opponent of your choice may put 6 +1/+1 counters on it.)
    When Wild Nessian Devastator enters the battlefield, if its tribute wasn't paid, you may have Wild Nessian Devastator fight another target creature.
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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)
    On second thought, I hadn't seen some of the changes that you put in. Also here's some solutions to some of the problems brought up in my earlier post:

    Selarom Otreb: I still think the minus abilities should be -3 and -7. Oh, and if you want this to be blue-red-green, assuming you want to keep the same functionality, its second ability should become "Put a copy of target Sliver creature card in your graveyard onto the battlefield."

    Judgement Sliver: Okay, so the issue here is that you're not designing a Sliver right now. So here's a cleaned up version, as stupid as I may or may not feel even dignifying this card with a response any more. I'm sorry, but this card is frustratingly dumb.
    Judgement Sliver 3WUBRG
    Legendary Creature - Sliver Avatar
    Changeling, annihilator 2.
    Sliver creatures you control have "Whenever this creature deals combat damage, that player sacrifices a permanent he or she controls."
    "What have I awakened...!?" - Selarom Otreb

    Arsenal Sliver: "an ability of a sliver creature" and cut the last sentence, actually.

    Manaburst Sliver: So I'll get back to this later, but I made this a 1/1 so that you could have a rarity spread. That's a similar reason for a lot of my power/toughness changes. Though also it is good design philosophy (especially with Slivers) to use equal power and toughness often (but not all the time). Hence the change on Stun-Gaze Sliver, too.

    Hermit/Venturing Sliver: Fix the text of Hermit Sliver...

    Gatherer Sliver: What about a name change, at the very least?

    Portal Sliver: Noooooooooo!!! This was better designed in its earlier version.

    Infiltration Sliver: This is already looking better. Now just cut the WUBRG ability and it could even be called well-designed.

    Powerstone Sliver: See my comment on Manaburst Sliver.

    Experiment S: Keep in mind, hybrid is very different from gold. And most of the time in this set, you should be using the latter.
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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)

    Amassing Sliver: You get to choose whether or not you put the creatures into a band though, so it might as well just be simple and not gain it at random times.

    Arsenal Sliver: Hmph. Rings of Brighthearth is kinda crazy, but I suppose... "Slivers you control have "If this creature is untapped, whenever you activate an ability of a Sliver creature, if it isn't a mana ability, you may pay 2 and tap this creature. If you do, copy that ability. You may choose new targets for the copy.""

    Burrowing Sliver: Reread Jhoira of the Ghitu. Then look at your version. Then look at my version. I'm pretty sure about this one.

    Chakra Sliver: You're right.

    Chromatic Sliver: I don't think there is actually a way to word this that isn't either insanely wordy or quite functionally different from what you are intending.

    Darksteel Sliver: But that would be bad... 9 for a 5/5 is reasonable...

    Delegating Sliver: I'm pretty sure I copy-pasted this. Your current version is insanely good (and still has an incorrect mana cost; GWU is correct).

    Drone Sliver/Constructor Sliver: This is one of the most egregious examples of the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach, anyways...

    Experiment S: 2GGUU; this isn't really a WUBRG card anyways.

    Frost Sliver: Hate to break it to you, but "Add S to your mana pool." doesn't actually do anything within the rules of the game. If you want to do something like that, make them produce colorless, or make this also have Gemhide Sliver's text.

    Judgement Sliver: I'm just going to ignore this card so I don't just throw up my hands and give up on this altogether. (Though this is also where I am with some other stuff right now, but that's for a later design point, after the Slivers are all fixed up.) I will remind you, though that annihilator for any more than 2 is incredibly oppressive.

    Larvae-Carrier Sliver: Oh, yeah, that could be reasonable. But I don't think it's necessary. Look at Brood Sliver.

    Portal Sliver: As crazy good as it is, it's more reasonable as is.

    Powerstone Sliver: I didn't think I was going to comment on the flavor texts, but you want to keep them from being overly confusing; they need to mean something to the player. I think this was one of the most notable examples where it didn't seem to do so.

    Ravenous Sliver: All Sliver creatures have "If a creature dealt damage by this creature this turn would die, you may pay 1. If you do, exile that creature instead."

    Scavenging Sliver: Well, "in a graveyard" or "in your graveyard" are the two correct wordings. Make of it what you will.

    Selarom Otreb: How old? Also his effects are actually pretty solidly in green, blue, and black.

    Sliver Husk: I wanted to have it be "An-Havva Scout" or something of that sort...

    Solar-Powered Sliver: See my comment on Drone Sliver, though.

    Soul-Drain Sliver: I was somewhat trying to differentiate flavor text, because honestly, having them all be Selarom Otreb is ehh.

    Soul-Fueled Sliver (nothing to do with Soul-Drain Sliver, lol): Why not at that point just say "Pay X life: Sliver creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn?" It's much simpler and more elegant.

    Strionic Sliver: For the most part, your cycle of three are the most over-powered things here... Giving any of these effects to all your slivers (or even just all slivers) is completely ridiculous.

    Clairvoyant Sliver is fine; make it a 3/3 if it wants to be common/uncommon, a 4/4 if it wants to be rare.

    I'm working on some comments about the non-Slivers, but I'm going to wait for the steps of getting the Slivers and the sets as a whole into workable forms first to be done. To give you a hint of one of the "as a whole" points to come... Yes, I said sets plural, not set.
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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)
    Ok... So I spent my day working on putting the sliver-related cards into at least semi-workable forms. Helping you with this has kinda become my pet project for the week or so before I head back to school. I will warn you ahead of time that despite prior years of experience with custom set design and development (not on this site, but I've been working on a custom cube with classmates for the past four years or so and had done some design before that), my picture and flavor choice skills may not be anything special (though I don't think that either are particularly terrible); I'm mostly a mechanics-focused designer. That said, I will definitely have flavor comments to make either from my self and/or from other people before this is over.

    The card images can be seen here.

    If you have any specific questions about suggested changes, either post them, and/or I may go about attempting to set up an additional contact of some sort.

    Oh, and I realized a slight change that makes Riftcast wording even a little nicer: 'CARDNAME' to 'this spell'.

    The ones with panda pictures I have some further comments on beyond suggested changes:

    Blinking Sliver: I might call this, say, Riftcast Sliver...

    Chaotic Sliver: Yes, I'm still suggesting you reduce the life. Think about this situation: You have three Slivers out, for a reasonable generic number (with Slivers, the chances are actually that you might have more, but whatever). You roll the dice four times each turn, for 6 mana each turn. Your chances of rolling chaos are just above 50% each turn. So probabilistically with the original life gain, and this is disregarding any other helping factors of any sort (such as Powerstone Sliver), each other turn you gain fifteen life. If you get more lucky, it feels even more ridiculous. Hence my suggestion of no more than 3 life per sliver. Which is still really good.

    Chromatic Sliver: Here's a simplified version. It still provides for potential memory problems, and the use of counters would put this back to unwieldy word-wise.

    Delegating Sliver: This card is way too good. It's up to you how significantly you want to change the effect.

    Distributing Sliver: I was wrong earlier; confused proliferate and populate. This should be blue-black. Sorry about that. I also don't like the name very much; maybe you can think of something better.

    Experiment S: Reworded and Recosted. This is a lot more clean mana cost and templating-wise. That type line is awful, but viable, though.

    Gatherer Sliver: I'd suggest finding a better name for this, mainly, though its power level has always been questionable...

    Judgement Sliver: Balanced Annihilator variant is not impossible, hmm? The issues with Annihilator are mostly solved by making it not an attack trigger and not any permanent. (Oh, and yet still keeping it no more than a single sacrifice.)

    Primordial Sliver: This just wants a better name. Right now it sounds like a green card.

    Resonating Sliver: This was the other main mistake on my part. A friend of mine pointed out that this should be a larger creature if anything.

    Reverberating Sliver: This is still crazy good, but it can't necessarily be helped...

    Rhystic Sliver: This still is disgusting rules-wise. But an activated ability that removes abilities is even more disgusting. So comparatively this is okay. But it's also no longer Rhystic. So I don't know what you want to do about this. This also may still have rules problems with any Tarmogoyf-styled Slivers. Though hopefully those won't exist.

    Soul-Fueled Sliver: Okay, so you know what's completely unreasonable? A 7/7, 14/14, or infinity/infinity turn 1 for 10 life. So instead, here's another phyrexian-mana-based Sliver legendary. I don't like it very much, but at least it's not broken to all get-out or rules-breaking even.
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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)
    Rather than explain what's wrong with Riftcast directly, I'll just give you a fixed version of the ability and you should be able to tell what was wrong from what I added.

    Fixed Riftcast (Use this format any time the ability itself is on a card):

    Riftcast {Mana} (If CARDNAME is on the stack, you may pay {Mana}. If you do, exile CARDNAME, then put it back on the stack. You may choose new targets for CARDNAME.)


    On a side-note before card comments, I think you might want to have a decently higher percentage of the flavor texts be by someone other than Selarom Otreb.


    Moving on...

    Card by card comments:


    Selarom Otreb: The first ability seems fine, the second seems too powerful for its cost, and the third is something that should be replaced with something that isn't as problematic of an ability (Mangara of Corondor is a weird card in the rules). The mana cost of this guy is ridiculous. As a general rule, it is wise to try to avoid mana costs one would never see on a card. From now on, I'll mark cards with unnatural mana costs by including just "Ridiculous mana cost." as one of the sentences.

    Resonating Sliver: I like this guy as a 5/5, but this may be a little too good now. Maybe a 4/5?

    Disruptive Sliver: Watch out for this being too oppressive.

    Erasing Sliver: This is pretty awkward. Maybe cut or make it not a Sliver effect?

    Shrieking Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Also, this card is too powerful. Giving all of your creatures battle cry is already insane. I once designed something for a custom set that was a Sorcery for 2RW that gave my creatures that for a turn. That in and of itself would be powerful. This is much worse. Maybe a 5-6 mana creature with size no more than 3/3, less if it costs 5?

    Judgement Sliver: Annihilator has some issues as a mechanic. Annihilator 1 on a single creature can be fine. Annihilator for more than 1 gets incredibly oppressive very fast. I'd probably just say cut this card.

    Rhystic Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. This is an anti-sliver that has two faults: First, not being strong enough as a creature. And second, causing confusing rules interactions.

    Scavenging Sliver: This might be okay, but keep in mind that Varolz costs the same amount for this effect.

    Chosen Sliver: This has similar problems to Shrieking Sliver power-level-wise, and it's one of the primary examples of feeling pulled from a random card. This might be okay, but probably wants to be 3WW for a 2/2.

    Lunging Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. This card is just awful power-level-wise. Please, for the sake of all that is good in this world, hide horsemanship-related card ideas far away and never let them resurface.

    Reassembling Sliver: This could probably be okay, but needs reasonable balance. Probably 4BB for its current body. (Note the lack of high numbers of mana symbols, as suggested in earlier cards.)

    Raging Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Ah, Rampage. That ability that basically does nothing most of the time, that most people don't remember, and that has a better version in Spined Sliver. I would not suggest putting rampage on one of these creatures.

    Offering Sliver: Hiveshift seems like it could be okay. I'm not 100% comfortable with it with Slivers, but I'm not necessarily against it. Oh, and order your mana symbols correctly.

    Delegating Sliver: This card is cool, but I'm not really sure if this should be given to all slivers. Oh, and you should order your mana symbols correctly.

    Amassing Sliver: I love banding, but for the sake of anyone that might consider playing with this set, please don't use it without having it be an explained theme.

    Ravenous Sliver: This could probably be a 3/3. Otherwise, this is very good.

    Oxidizing Sliver: This is fine. Maybe it could gain a toughness, or even become a 2/2.

    Strionic Sliver, Arsenal Sliver, Reverberating Sliver: All three of these have the same pair of comments: Ridiculous mana cost, and this ability should be nowhere near a Sliver, because of the power level.

    Dextrous Sliver: Probably can be a 3/3 or maybe even a 4/3. I'm otherwise fine with this card.

    Manaburst Sliver: This should cost G less and be a 2/2.

    Feral Sliver: Why not just have this be a T ability?

    Voracious Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Otherwise, sure. Make this cost 1BR and it will be fine.

    Savage Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Otherwise, sure. Make this cost 1BR and it will be fine.

    Supporting Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Make this a 2/2 for 2RRW, and then you'll probably be okay.

    Larvae-Carrier Sliver: If you want this effect to be in Black-Green, that's fine, though I'd probably just suggest green. Maybe 4G for a 3/3.

    Stun-Gaze Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Make this 1WU for a 2/2, and then you'll probably be okay.

    Soul-Drain Sliver: A little bit ridiculous mana cost. You probably should just choose one of white or black. Also, it could be a 2/5.

    Distributing Sliver: Capitalize 'sacrifice' and 'proliferate.' That would be all, but also, this is in completely the wrong colors. 1GW as a mana cost, and then this is fine.

    Armor-Plating Sliver: This isn't how Reinforce works. I think you mean the following card:
    Armor-Plating Sliver 2WW
    Creature - Sliver
    Each Sliver creature card in your hand has Reinforce X, where X is its toughness. The reinforce cost is equal to its mana cost.
    Reinforce 3 - 2WW

    Topsy-Turvy Sliver: Untap effects are really quite good. Be careful with giving it to all slivers.

    Ghost-Flicker Sliver: Deadeye Navigator can be a very oppressive card. This would be even more so, especially with etb triggers on slivers. I would not suggest keeping this card.

    Blinking Sliver: Mana symbol ordering, and this should probably be worded and costed as such:
    Blinking Sliver 2UR
    Creature - Sliver
    Each Sliver spell on the stack has riftcast. The riftcast cost is equal to its mana cost.
    Riftcast 2UR

    Frost Sliver: This doesn't seem very useful...

    Solar-Powered/Lunar-Powered Sliver: This is so wordy. This also is rather ehh design-wise. I'd probably just cut it.

    Drone/Constructor Sliver: This seems fine.

    Conquest Sliver: Landfall as a word on a card means nothing. You'd want the card text "Landfall - Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, this creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn." Also, this can be a 1/2.

    Feasting Sliver: Morbid as a word on a card means nothing. You'd want the card text "Morbid - Whenever a creature dies, this creature gets +0/+1 until end of turn." Also, this can be a 2/1.

    Mobilizing Sliver: In red? Red??? Really? This isn't a red effect at all. It's green, then blue, then white.

    Gatherer Sliver: Just exile. No need to sacrifice first. Also capitalize 'Put' and 'Exile' once that is fixed. Oh, and this can be a 1/1.

    Portal Sliver: Please just cut this card. This is going to be horrifying to balance and horrifying to read.

    Primordial Sliver: This should cost 2UB. For wording and templating, see my comments on Armor-Plating Sliver.

    Burrowing Sliver: This will piss people off to play against or with. It feels like cheating, it feels unfair. I'd suggest just cutting it.

    Darksteel Sliver: This can be 12 for a 7/7, I think.

    Amorphic Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. For 4UU this would probably be okay.

    Chromatic Sliver: See the first 5 and last 3 words of my comment on Portal Sliver.

    Soul-Fueled Sliver: This could be okay, but it does provide for a memory record that one doesn't necessarily want to have to deal with. Also, flickering and P/T boosts are completely broken with this card. Also, a 14/14 for 10 life is dumb. Also, I believe this goes infinite with itself. In the layer system. It creates a queue overflow.

    Graveborn Sliver: This is fine except for templating; 'exile' and 'put' should be capitalized. I might suggest moving a B/ symbol from the ability cost to the base mana cost though.

    Powerstone Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. This can also be a 2/3 or maybe even 3/3 for 2R. Otherwise, sure.

    Chaotic Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. Also, in the form that you have Chaotic, you want to template this as such:
    Chaotic Sliver 1GW
    Creature - Sliver
    All Sliver creatures have "Chaotic - Whenever {CHAOS} is rolled, gain 5 life."
    Oh, and you probably should reduce the life gain to 2 life to be reasonable.

    Chakra Sliver: Ridiculous mana cost. More preferable and magic-correct wording and costing:
    Chakra Sliver 2UB
    Creature - Sliver
    Ninjutsu 2UB
    Each Sliver creature card in each player's hand has Ninjutsu. The Ninjutsu cost is equal to its mana cost.

    Chivalrous Sliver: Bushido 3?!? What?!? That's insanely high for this cost, and makes combat a mess. How about 2WW for a 2/2 that gives all slivers Bushido 1?

    Sliver Hive: I'm very hesitant to say that this is okay, since it's really quite crazy good, but maybe. Perhaps make the second ability cost 1, T?

    Selarom's Workshop: Why is there 7/7 on this? This probably should cost more for the ability; maybe 4 or 5?

    Sliver Husk: This is rather underwhelming. This probably could just cost 1 and 1.

    Experiment S: Ridiculous mana cost. This is a mess design-wise. Maybe just cut this.

    The non-sliver-related cards have a lot of the same problems to deal with, but I'm not going to go through those right now.
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  • posted a message on Hatillo (a 4-set custom block) (235 cards so far)
    I'll go point by point with some of my main criticisms and appreciations.

    1. As worded, Riftcast doesn't work. You need to have targets be chosen again or declare in the rules text that they are the same.
    2. I've only gotten part of the way through the Sliver-related cards, but I can already sort them into four groups: Overpowered, overcosted, overdesigned, okay. (Mostly in the first three groups.) I may come back to this thread and make lists with bits of explanation if and when I have the time.
    3. I like seeing disadvantage slivers, but they should have a decently good body for their cost.
    4. A significant number of these abilities should never get put on sliver-related cards for power-level or other design reasons. A list of at least some example creatures: Judgement Sliver, Selarom Otreb's ultimate, Disruptive Sliver, Raging Sliver (sadly), Offering Sliver, Strionic Sliver (uggh), Arsenal Sliver (even more uggh), Reverberating Sliver (uggh), Supporting Sliver, Topsy-Turvy Sliver, Ghost-Flicker Sliver (uggh), Gatherer Sliver, Portal Sliver, Primordial Sliver, Burrowing Sliver, Amorphic Sliver, Graveborn Sliver, Chakra Sliver.
    5. Why are there so few planeswalkers for the number of cards that work around them?
    6. A more varied sliver set and new planechase-related cards are both cool ideas. They don't necessarily go in the same place, though.

    I like a lot of the ideas that you have here, but there's a lot of "Everything and the kitchen sink," and less attention to detail in terms of numbers/costs and in terms of standards of design.
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  • posted a message on [KoS]Kingdom of the Sun
    Quote from DemonDragonJ
    As for your suggestion about the Solatorium, it is not bad, but your proposed land requires that a player already have mana in their mana pool to make the fullest use of it, which would hinder the land's usefulness if the player does not possess enough other lands, which is a scenario that I wish to avoid.

    That's the idea! Balancing cards by giving them downsides is a huge part of design that so many people miss.
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  • posted a message on Ark42 and the like?
    Quote from TheLatvian
    They're not ripping people off. There are plenty of other places to buy singles if you think they charge too much. It's not like SCG has a monopoly on online Magic sales..

    This is not completely right. SCG has a semi-monopoly on a lot of prices. The reason that Legacy is so expensive is SCG. SCG has the ability to get basically whatever they want in terms of the market. SCG sets a price for the market, and everyone else follows based off of that, as much as people may want to pretend otherwise. Wizards even goes to SCG for some number of business deals that they don't do with other stores, such as the Hidden Treasures of Zendikar's first printing.
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  • posted a message on Sliver Overlord Combo/Aggro
    How about Mana Echoes and Lurking Predators? Also, you might like that new card from Avacyn Restored when that comes out, the 2G enchantment.
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  • posted a message on Szadek, Frog of Secrets
    I might suggest Library of Leng over Spellbook.

    I think the current president of your regional Magic club might have an extra Demonic Tutor, if I remember correctly from the last time I talked with him.

    You could try and run Creeping Tar Pit, Rootwater Depths, Darkslick Shores, Mistvein Borderpost, River Delta, Frost Marsh, Shelldock Isle, Secluded Glen, and/or Waterveil Cavern, if you can get them.
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  • posted a message on [Archenemy] and Apprentice
    Is there a patch of Archenemy being worked on for Apprentice? I'm also wondering how any of the alternate formats are supposed to be run considering the lack of a scheme zone, plane zone, command zone, etc. Maybe they just need to be Cast Through Time.
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