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    posted a message on Dr lair's Secretorium Bundle
    I am convinced this is a scientific test to see how much you can charge people to buy almost nothing.

    Ya did you not see the full text basic lands? They are seriously treating the market like a bunch of donkeys. Sooner or later, this *****'s gonna blow up in their face and no one will play this stupid game. WotC brass is seriously annihilating the game. I miss WotC being a small company run by passionate people Frown Frown Frown
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    posted a message on Kaladesh Remastered full Card Gallery
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    I don’t see any new cards nor cards taken out

    edit oh wait The theory might hold again but Consulate Dreadnought Is not there

    You sure about that?

    I'm not seeing either Gideon, Thopter or Felidar. The last two I'm not surprised but why is Gideon missing? Considered too strong still? Even for Historic?
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    posted a message on [ZNR] The list - 296 of the cards
    Quote from Xcric »
    any gimmick to sell this flaming trash pile of a set i suppose.

    would've been nice if they put effort into it to sell it on its own merit, and included relevant reprints in it as normal, dedicating more effort to balancing standard where necessary but sure i guess lets go with a gimmick instead

    its a nice list... but its also a real *****ty list with no real theme or cohesion to anything. you can get an absurdly priced scroll rack, or you know, argothian scion. so we get a reduced chance to pull something from the list, and then an even further reduced chance to pull something of meaningful value from the list on top of that.

    gotta keep them gambling away their dollars.

    i'm just so absolutely over this FOMO gambling bull*****.

    one of the rare times i will agree with a poster on this board.

    This set is incredibly bad. BUT I think this is really really good for magic. We've reached a point where the power level was too high and needed to be reset (for standard at least). So it's just growing pains and I'm glad it finally happened.

    Also any additional bonus from buying this thing is welcomed. Sure, you are unlikely to get anything good but at least there's a chance.

    Also I would think the expeditions are what was added to sell the set more than anything else.
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    posted a message on Trigger Warning - Potential $200 Booster Product
    Quote from Xcric »
    Okay that's great. That's marvel. That's not wizards, and that's not magic.
    Though magic already has $100 boosters and a large portion of the playerbase is vocally opposed to that practice already.

    At best this thread is baseless speculation done in an inflammatory way, at worst... well we'll see.

    Although i'm with you on being opposed to the 100$ booster crap (it's going down a dark rabbit hole...) this stuff is selling like mad. So we've given them reason to do it and to keep pushing the envelope. Because people can't make a stand on anything it seems.
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    posted a message on [2XM] Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain— InMagic preview
    The more i see of this the more it's become obvious that this set was a mishmash of rejected EDH reprints and whatever was left over from an angry nerds meeting.

    And they are charging over 100$ for some packs. If I didn't think Hasbro was laughing at us suckers before, I sure do so now.
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    posted a message on Double masters preview schedule
    Quote from user-11102155 »
    not only date, but also time would have been appreciated :/

    somewhere in the world, people go to sleep already and they have no cards to dream about ^^

    Well when you wake up tomorrow, you'll have cards to wake up to! it's the same for me, it's 9:57PM, Monday right now. Not so in the states...
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    posted a message on SBMTG Spoiler - Abandoned Sarcophagus
    Quote from Eesha »
    quite an ironic necro-thread, if you think about it.

    I get what you're trying to say, but this word does not mean what you think it means.

    ironic[ ahy-ron-ik ]SHOW IPA
    using words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning; containing or exemplifying irony:

    The necro-ing of this thread has more in common with dad jokes than irony.
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    posted a message on [M21] Peer into the Abyss— SCG preview
    Cmon guys, it's a seven mana black spell. It's pure casual fun. That card is hopelessly unplayable in any competitive format. Brawl/EDH? Definitely.
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    posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement (offical announcement)
    Lurrus sucks in Modern what are you talking about. It's more than fine. Hell, it's a welcome change of pace because it encourages durdling. Which is not a thing that is often found in Modern. You wanna talk about bannings in modern? I would kill Amulet Titan already. And what are you doing with Lurrus in pioneer that is so broken anyways???
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    posted a message on Banned and resitcted announcement -March 9th
    Quote from Melkor »
    damn these people. none of the bans actually matter to me, but they just keep banning and banning. remember when they used to UNBAN stuff? the most common thing used to be to ease the sting by giving something back, now they just take.

    in all honesty, these are bans on cards that should never have existed in the first place. expect to continue to see this. this is the new business model: print busted cards to simulate sales and ban when it's time.
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