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  • posted a message on YMTC 22: Arbiter of Moments
    This card is literally a 4cc time walk. That is because it essentially set's your opponent 1 turn behind for the rest of the game// until this is removed.

    This card is absolutely bonkers, especially vintage. If you don't understand why, then you simply haven't played enough magic.

    But yes... not only does it hose pretty much all instants. Which... really can't happen. In the meantime while things are suspended, more spheres drop... meaning that your mox that you were going to pay 1 for next turn now costs 2 and you can't actually pay for it so it fizzles.... yeah nah brah. This card is like chalice on crack for a workshop deck.

    Now I don't actually know if a workshop deck would cut anything for this though. I mean it is a deck with no draw engine, so if you don't capitalize on the 1 turn that you have between spells being casted, then you will have a threat hit the board... which really isn't that much different now except this isn't a hard lock w/ anything.

    I think the card would be good and still playable if it said all artifacts, creatures and enchantments
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Cheeri0s

    Hey cool thread. Have you guys seen this one?
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  • posted a message on Type 1 landfall deck can kill turn 1
    I think -4 enlightened tutor and +4 gush would benefit this. I'll edit later to explain
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  • posted a message on 4x Fact or Fiction
    Lol the draw engine in turbo tezz is TEZZ itself. That was the point when I built it. I replaced the draw engine with actual threats. Read the post on the drain of the NYSE & BBGD report of turbo tezz.

    EDIT: Ohh and drain regardless of FOF should be in. The fact that you don't have it with fact kinda blows my mind. Misdirection is useless. Gifts and regrowth are bad cards...not really I just don't like them.

    Also mental misstep is purty good.

    EDIT 2: 4 Monolith 3 opal 3 key is too much for all of those. You need more top.

    EDIT 3: Aww man dude you need at least 3x island. Green shouldn't be in the deck at all, especially only for claim, which is kinda a stretch of mana. You're gonna get wrecked by wasteland.
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  • posted a message on Breaking into vintage? How to do this?
    A vintage tournament and a crowbar may help.

    As for this nugget

    As my title says how do I get into vintage? It seems so ungodly expensive I am afraid to start. Yet, this is my favorite format. :/

    For being your favorite format I recommend buying the cards. So a job might help. You can hussle drugs they pretty much sell themselves, imo. But seriously, play in 10-15 card proxy events and buy everything else. Or get friends who don't mind lending you cards.

    As for specific decks... Play dredge.
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  • posted a message on This moment
    Hmmm.... I'm not sure but, you need to live in all places simultaneously to completely understand how to make correct decisions and have the most attune perception to reality and what actually happens. I recommend reading books on decisions and consequences such as Unintended Consequences by John Ross, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert GreeneThe art of seduction by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers, and Best Laid Plans: The Theory of Unintended Consequences and how to avoid them by William Sherden. In addition to this, which will suppliment your knowledge, make a effort to watch the news, look at the paper, online articles, and other forms of direct press. If you are in an industry be intune with their press releases and business statements of corporate giants. If you go to school, make a point to be in direct contact with management and head staff. I personally do not play the part of "brown noser". I think there are too many social stigmas and reprecussions with it. Instead, I ask though provoking questions at times when we are talking about semi related things. For instance today we were learning about wells and Hydrology. I built up more rapport with one of my professors after class when I asked him if the Coriolis effect changes how we should withdraw water from wells to which he replied "thats a good question, I have no idea, I'll get back to you" which is a great response.

    Be Friendly as much as possible. Hold doors most of the time. Keep your head cool and always be polite in bad situations especially if physical. It makes you look better and when the dust settles you will probabaly win in the eyes of the other people.

    Living in the moment is only possible once you understand the past and the present because then and only then with education, will opportunities present themselves. To take one from Two-Face, Make your own luck.

    Now happiness is different from this. What I told you before is the sorta "How". It's not the full how because I can't explain the full how. All I know is the key to being happy most is fulfillment. Look into Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid and see where you are. Perhaps you are not happy because something is preventing you from attaining what you want. Life is full of obstacles but the only thing you can actually do is get through it or give up.

    The only way I have found that I am truly happy is when I have nothing to do for anyone else but me. Then and only than can I focus on the stuff that I "want" to do such as paint and write. Sometimes, I feel that Magic is a chore, but I do play test frequently to keep myself as well as my teammates practiced.

    I also look at time very differently than a lot of people. It is weird, but it is sort of my "religion", though in the eyes of the USA I am a catholic.

    1st, I believe I am not going to die in the next 5 years. Ever.

    2nd, I believe everything is a balance and just a matter of sacrifices. If you want really nice things just sacrifice other things.

    3rd, I assume everything that I perceive as true until I am told differently by what I understand.

    4th I believe I can do and learn anything if enough time is put in.

    5th, I believe I shouldn't have help. That being said, I almost always take it when the opportunity presents itself.

    6th, I believe everyone is my equal just they put their time in different places. Just because a person can't read doesn't mean they don't understand more than you. Some of the most important things I have learned came from a man two men who couldn't read or write. One was my grandfather and the other was a homeless man.

    7th, I believe that humans should only sleep when tired.

    8th, I believe that humans should be allowed to do what ever they want to their own bodies.

    9th, I believe you can never trust individuals in a mass group of people rallying behind a single cause.

    10th, I believe in Due Diligence. Following up. And making sure what I want done is done.

    I hope that helped. Also these are just a few of the rules which I generally follow. I also write down my life daily and frequently self reflect to get an understanding on who I actually am, what I actually want to do, and how I am going to do it. Currently I have no why and that bothers me. A lot of the time I feel like I am moving through motions. Thatss usually when I do something spontaneous.
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    Hey all, so I am at my university and am trying to use MS.Paint in the library. I am on windows XP. Long story short, for some reason the people who run the library have deactivated the links to paint, wordpad and note pad (they show up with whitebox and shapes on the Start Menu). I need Paint. I used to be able to add a folder to my desktop and put in :/C to get paint that way, but now I can't because some how they managed to make it so my created folders can not have the characters / \ :* ? " < > or | . SO I tried looking for a decent one online, but none are good.

    Does anyone know how to get around this, or a decent site that they frequently use? I need to make a quick drawing and really just need paint.

    LMK Thanks all
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  • posted a message on WotC Integrity
    We should bring a civil suite against them for 255 dollars. We could probably make them either release all information early to all parties or not release it at all. Either way I wouldn't care because I play vintage, because of higher expected value and as a result ignore 99% of the cards they print because they simply are not good enough. Maybe we can start a players union... because that worked before....

    Edit: it doesn't matter what they do or do not say. Fact of the matter is that this game is collectible and the prices are usually based off of how well decks perform. Giving anyone, especially tournament players is inevitably hurting the collectors. Now in addition to this, they actually have said they don't give the information our. This is why leaking it is a big deal. Remember rancored elf? Same thing.

    As for the release I don't care I actually commend guillame for giving it out as then everyone has the same access to it . Fair is fair, this is why I don't directly support wotc anymore. Mainly because they care too much about the money.
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  • posted a message on New to Vintage. What deck to play?
    Play Shops or Play Dredge
    These two decks are the most assrapiest decks in the format as I know it. Tezz fell off the charts a little, uwg fish is around a little, tps is really non existant,

    Go to the manadrain. Vintage is actually very territorial, if you look at it from the perspective of regions. Mainly because a lot of vintage players don't travel out side of their zone. Which generally can be referred to the Midatlantic, Up near Boston, Out west; then of course you have the europeans, which I don't know much about. Just that there are a lot of fishy decks... idk... I'm not european. And the japanese, they are always doing all the crazy things. Like that dude who won a 32 person with lich's mirror combo, where he only had one channel and zero personal tutors. I didn't understand it.

    Go there, find players like you, BE A CHAMPION!

    I personally gamble on which deck I play. The night before, I play dice. Based on the amount I win or lose in Islands... Is the number of the deck i chose from the two. I simply count like eeny-meenie-miney-moe. Then I pick. If the next day, I get a gut feeling, I switch decks. However, if I see black birds flying the morning of, I keep because I know that I will bring death to the tournament. I have only seen blackbirds flying once and that tournament, I won with Control Slaver. I got me a Workshop. So idk. Have fun figuring out your meta.
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  • posted a message on Five Years Later - Who's Still Here?
    Still alive. Somewhere.

    Edit: Wheres TFE when you need him?
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  • posted a message on Top 20 Draw Spells?
    I don't think mystic remora deserves to be there. That card just recently got good, and once again it is bad.
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  • posted a message on Top 20 Draw Spells?
    Quote from D00msday
    Contract from Below should be 3 if it's not going to be listed at 1 or 2. If we're not including that card, then Brainstorm or Yawgmoth's Bargain.

    Agree, especially if Contract isn't at number 1. I'm not sure if yuo have actually ever casted it but i've played 5-color when it was still ante and trust me there was reason a terrible card like recoup was restricted in that format.
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  • posted a message on Top 20 Draw Spells?
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  • posted a message on Top 20 Draw Spells?
    Quote from greggg230
    Are you joking? In Vintage, a resolved Necropotence is basically a 1 turn clock on the opponent. Brainstorm is good, but its restriction was questionable and really only a response to the dominance of the Big Blue decks and various blue combo decks.

    There's a reason why Necropotence is banned in Legacy but Brainstorm is allowed as a 4-of.

    The thing is necro can only be played in a deck where winning the game with necro is the point, ie storm combo or a straight 4x necro deck. However Brainstorm can and will go into everysingle deck running blue if it is avaliable in the card selection.

    Remember were talking about the best draw spell so we have to see everysingle aspect of the card. Necro is a very limited card only to be played via rituals turn 1 for the win where as brainstorm is very general to be played by island. Also Brainstorm is still better because it can protect your hand and replace useless cards in your hand via a fetch. On an actual list of all real playable cards, brainstorm should at least be 2-4.

    Clamp should be like 8th.

    I think stanstill should definately be on the list, not only does the card make the opponent cry when it his the board because its essentially them +3 CA but it also makes opponents do stupid things.
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  • posted a message on Top 20 Draw Spells?
    Wow yeah I forgot about top, top is definately in the top 10
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