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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Riku of Two Reflections - Born of the Gods Edition (post #1595)
    Born of the Gods Review

    I'll be grading cards on the following unscientific and arbitrary scale relative to their usefulness in a Riku deck:

    5: Format Staple- We are playing this card.
    4: Very good- There is a strong case for playing this card.
    3: OK- We might have a use for this. Solid role player or budget choice.
    2: Questionable- A stretch at best, or perhaps a pet card.
    1: Unplayable- Why are we talking about this card?


    Before I get going, let's talk mechanics for the set (for once) and explain how they can help us.

    Heroic: Target creatures with spells for cool stuff. Unfortunately there are almost no Riku variants that care about this with the exception of the extremely gimmicky Riku Voltron deck which may have been built by 3 people ever. Not very useful.

    Tribute: Gives your opponent a choice at how strong a particular creature is. Almost always, they are going to make the worst choice for you, so only overpowered versions of these are going to be worthy of discussion. There are corner cases though where you can choose an opponent to be your ally and he will give you the better effects just to help take down a stronger player... just some food for muliplayer thought.

    Inspired: Untap your creatures to do cool stuff. Unfortunately Riku has no immediate synergy wth tapping or untapping creatures so don't expect too much here.

    Devotion: Back from the previous set. If you have a lot of colored permanents, you get a bonus. Unfortunately in three colored decks those colors are split up an awful lot...

    Overall not too much to get excited about so far...


    blue mana

    Arbiter of the Ideal: EVERYONE likes free stuff on the battlefield because Riku can make two of them. Otherwise it's kind of slow but think of it as a cheaper Intet the Dreamer. A really fun card but probably not too competitive or anything. 2.5

    Archetype of Imagination: It's kind of like a creature-based overrun. You cast it and your tokens all fly overhead for the win. It definitely has its uses but 6 mana, no use copied and no power boost make it inferior to the likes of Craterhoof, Overwhelming Stampede, etc. 2

    Fated Infatuation: This is a worse version of Cackling Counterpart. The mana is really tough to copy it as well. It can definitely be playable though if your creature base is strong enough that you'd be happy copying at least half your deck. Still, I'd run Cackling Counterpart first because flashback >>> scry. 3

    Perplexing Chimera: This is the most hilarious card I've seen in quite some time! It combos well with any repeatable steal abilty such as that of Vedalken Shackles, so if you're a fan of that sort of thing then hop on board. It's not particularly useful for Riku but I would laugh at a double-copied one and watch as you threaten to steal the next two spells. This guy may make me build my Intet deck again. 1.5

    Retraction Helix: I love the design of this card. It's a cheaper bounce spell (and inspired enabler!), but you have to have a creature worth tapping to pull it off. Also it's a one-mana instant which has a special place in my heart. I feel like somewhere there's a combo that bounces everyone else's stuff but then I remembered they printed Cyclonic Rift :D. Ultimately pretty weak in Riku decks but I just wanted to talk about it I guess. 1.5

    Tromokratis: Giant, generic blue fattie incoming! This one has the luxury of being immune to sorcery-speed spot removal but honestly it's not much consolation. I guess one neat thing about it is that if you copy it and attack the same player with both, one cannot be blocked. I'd almost always prefer some other giant beater in this spot but it seems like a fun card if nothing else. 2

    Vortex Elemental: The third in a line of "get shuffled" creatures including Gomazoa and that void dude from M13. I actually LOVE that this is a 1-drop. It discourages early aggro from chumps like Rafiq, it can be suited up with a power increase to bait out a block from an opponent, and you can pay 6 later on to forcefully remove that Blood Artist or other annoying creature... all while starting a Birthing Pod chain from a 0 cmc token. I think this card is a lot more interesting than others like it and though I still prefer Ulvenwald Tracker as the 1-drop of choice I still like what this guy does with a pile of leftover mana. 2.5

    Whelming Wave: Sea creature tribal? With that quest from Zen block? lol jk 1

    red mana

    Archetype of Aggression: Gives all your big dudes trample (if they don't already have it), takes it from everyone else, all for the low cost of three mana? This seems like it could actually be really good. Most creature-based victories in Commander come off the back of flying or trample and this card nearly shuts down their big, beefy guys for just 1RR, half the cost of the blue one. I don't know how good this card is yet (and nearly all enchantment creatures by extension since green has no problem blowing up enchantments) but I imagine it's actually quite playable. 3

    Fated Conflagration: Quite a step back from Chaos Warp or Beast Within but if you have to kill planeswalkers or 5 toughness generals you could do worse. Not a bad copy target either with double-scry 2 getting you down as far as four cards if you need to. Aftershock is still more favorable but at least this one doesnt kill you for copying it. 3

    Fellhide Spiritbinder: As much as I love copying things this guy is just not going to get to untap that often, realistically. 4 toughness is quite easy to overcome buy turn 5. If you want to get nuts and combo off with Intruder Alarm that's you're prerogative but you're better off playing Kiki-Jiki if you can get your hands on one. 2

    Flame-Wreathed Phoenix: This is a standard card, which is a shame because it's kinda cool for a Tribute card. 1

    Forgestoker Dragon: Too much mana for too little damage, no point in copying one either. No luck with dragons this set, guys. 1

    Oracle of Bones: In this format you have to be stupid or dead not to pay the tribute. Which is a shame because the phrase "cast an instant or sorcery card [...] without paying its mana cost" is exactly how you'd otherwise get my attention. 1

    Satyr Firedancer: Probably my favorite card in this set for non-Commander play. Doubling up on all your face burn for such a stupidly cheap price just seems SO much fun. If this guy was legendary we could finally see a Commander burn deck. Unforunately, he's not, and as a one-of in the 99 he really has nothing going for him except for the ability to give you more value in your damaging spells, of which you should be playing precious few that aren't Comet Storm. 1

    green mana

    Archetype of Endurance: That is a LOT of mana. Great effect but its hard to say if it's worth the price. 8 mana in this format buys you Craterhoof Behemoth and wins you the game. It buys you Avenger of Zendikar and wins you the game. It nearly buys you Eldrazi if you are so inclined. I wouldn't laugh at anyone for playing this but the fact that 8 mana on your doubled-down investment is undone by a simple wrath leads me to believe this card is win more for that insane cost. I think I'd probably play Spellskite/Academy Ruins before this. 2.5

    Courser of Kruphix: If [c]Oracle of Mul Daya[c/] has taught us anything, it's that playing lands off the top of your deck is GOOD. It's not so bad that he can't play two, because he costs one less mana and gains you life doing it. Beefy 4 toughness at 1GG is really a nice bonus too. I expect this card to be played in green decks across the format, especially alongside Sensei's Divining Top, and I think he fits in here rather nicely alongside Yavimaya Elder and friends. 3.5

    Fated Intervention: Generally inferior to Rite of Replication but this is a nice way for instant and sorcery decks to get a little bit of board presence without having to sell out and play creatures. Otherwise it's kind of a questionable play considering it's just a couple 3/3s. 2.5

    Hunter's Prowess: This has the potential to draw a LOT of cards but the sorcery-speed on it makes it extremely easy to play around. Considering all the other card draw available (since you're not really playing this for the pump), I think it's probably an inferior way to get your cards but it does have some nice upside if you're rocking a lot of high-power creatures like Wolfir Silverheart. 2.5

    Nessian Wilds Ravager: Speaking of high power... this a card whose tribute is not going to get paid often (because its tribute ability is REALLY good). So if your deck has room for a 6 mana 12/12 because of some kind of "power matters" theme... well here you go. Otherwise, pretty bland and easy to block. 2

    Satyr Wayfinder: I nearly missed this unassuming 1/1 in my first review of the set. A doofy little 1/1 for 2 but almost certainly cantrips for a land WHILE stuffing your yard with goodies. This mana dork should actually end up being quite popular in creature decks and I would consider running it in place or alongside Coiling Oracle (note this 1G is much easier on T2 than UG). I don't think it's as good as Sakura-Tribe Elder since it can't actually ramp you but it's a very solid 2-drop. 3.5

    Scourge of Skola Vale: This is a neat little sac outlet that happens to get big. It doesn't really have a way to protect itself so I wouldn't really rely on this thing for damages but being able to sac your creatures for benefit is always nice. I expect this guy to find a home in BG and Naya decks, and less so here where higher power doesn't amount to as much without building around it with stuff like Greater Good and such. Actually it's not a bad idea for a deck at all! 2.5

    Unravel the Aether: Functional reprint of Deglamer and a fine little utility card. Tucking these things is usually better than destroying them since Academy Ruins and other recursion are generally worse problems for you than making your opponent cast a tutor to go find it. Very good against a combo meta and a solid role-player. 3


    Kiora, the Crashing Wave: A fine planeswalker for standard. In multiplayer? Her +1 is going to do fairly little to protect her. So if you're ok paying 4 mana for Explore and a fog, then go for it. Personally, I feel she falls quite a bit short in multipayer. 2.5

    Xenagos, God of Revels: I'm not totally sure where I am on actually playing this guy. Haste is awesome. Free power is awesome. But for 5 mana? And the devotion is not guaranteed either (although remember that tokens created from Riku's copy ability DO copy mana costs so they will count towards the devotion count). Once again another "power matters" card where IMO Riku decks want to be grinding out card advantage, not just big guys. The haste ability is so exceptional though that I'd say I'd like to see how he performs before he gets a pass from me, especially sharing a mana cost with Riku... since at that point you have to ask yourself if he'd be the better commander for the job. 3.5

    0 mana

    Astral Cornucopia: The love child of Everflowing Chalice and Gilded Lotus, neither of which should be played in Riku decks IMO seeing as how they can't be copied for profit (as opposed to creatures like Farhaven Elf). A great card nonetheless, just not in here. 2.5


    Not a particularly inspiring haul (see what I did there) but there's some solid role players in there and a few intriguing picks for future evaulation. I'd say the top five for most Riku decks would be:

    If you've got questions about any of the new cards or anything in general, post em on in here and we'll try to get them addressed. Enjoy your local prereleases!
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Riku of Two Reflections - Born of the Gods Edition (post #1595)
    Quote from LiquidMagic
    Brewing is fun!

    Just wanted to thank you for offering advice to people in the thread. I have been away from the site for a while for various personal reasons so thanks again for helping people that show up here while I've been away.

    Quote from Werekill
    Just stopping by to say that both Purphoros and Prophet are freaking ridiculous. Both have won me several games so far in my creature-based deck.

    I can't wait to play these cards when I build this deck again. I've seen enough of Purphoros to know how bananas he would be in here, tokens or not. I will update the OP with them shortly as well as with the new CMDR 2013 stuff.

    Quote from Smarty744
    First, love your primer man. Really helped me shape up my Riku deck.

    Second, will you be updating this primer for the new commander 2013 cards? I would love to get your opinion on the new product.


    It's my next priority. Sorry for the wait.

    Quote from OmniBOOM
    Huhu, first of all nice Primer. really well done

    I thought about to play flash in the creature-Toolbox version.
    Would like to here your ideas about it.

    Flash keeps getting better and better with the new ETB guys they've been printing. 2 mana and 2 cards for any ETB effect you could possibly want is pretty absurd and Riku's copy value absolutely breaks the crap out of the card by doubling the ETB and letting you keep a body. I support it in any creature version of this deck, especially if you're running Primordials, Bane of Progress, etc.

    Quote from JacetheBroken

    I recommend reading the primer's evaluation on most of the cards in here. Bororgymos, Lab Maniac, and a bunch of other RUG cards are sort of just thrown in here with no regard to synergy or mana cost and you want to make your fatties count when you cast them, in case you don't get to untap with them.


    Commander 2013 Review

    Late but still relevant I hope! I'll be grading cards on the following unscientific and arbitrary scale relative to their usefulness in a Riku deck:

    5: Format Staple- We are playing this card.
    4: Very good- There is a strong case for playing this card.
    3: OK- We might have a use for this. Solid role player or budget choice.
    2: Questionable- A stretch at best, or perhaps a pet card.
    1: Unplayable- Why are we talking about this card?


    Before I get going, let's talk mechanics for the set (for once) and explain how they can help us.

    Tempting Offer: Get a cool effect, then get more of it by throwing the table a bone. This mechanic is pretty poor if you are already winning as the rest of the table will *probably* just all take something and use it to beat your face in, or otherwise do whatever helps you the least. If you are not already winning, however (and statistically this is more likely to be the case than not!), it can be a real gamechanger, helping you dogpile a more powerful player or otherwise buffing up your board state into something that must be dealt with. This mechanic works better as well if you have ways to build combos off of the offer, be it multiple reanimations to set up insta-wins like Kiki/Mite, multiple clones of a creature that shuts down the table and such. Overall it's pretty swingy and savvy opponents will play around it but never underestimate the power of individual greed in a multiplayer setting taking the place of common sense...


    blue mana

    Tidal Force: Nifty ability on this guy that shuts down their most aggressive creatures but 8 mana is a ton to pay for this. Compared to Magmatic Force he is lacking in general as Magmatic can simply kill a player outright with 9+ to the dome per go around the table. He could do well in a stax/stasis situation if you could somehow manage to resolve him, but Riku isn't the commander for that deck... yet. 2.5

    Tempt with Reflections I'm not a fan of this one because copying it is sort of useless as the card otherwise generates multiple copies of a creature by itself. Generally I don't want my opponent to be able to use these cards as well as I can and with this one (as opposed to the black one, for instance), the best creature on the board will be used against you. I'm not really a fan but it's definitely in the category of "fun card that can do some work if you get lucky", and it DOES copy things which is what we want to be doing. 2

    Order of Succession: This is a fun card but Riku can't really do anything with it as copying it and reversing the mode will just give everyone their old creatures back and copying it with the same mode will have vastly diminishing returns in almost all cases. Not for this deck. 1

    Curse of Inertia: Tapping and untapping can be good with a lot of mana dorks and token producers that need to tap to make their minions but mostly this is a lot of mana and a lot of card just to give a creature vigilance, which is what it will be used for 90% of the time. This is nothing like Curse of Echoes or Curse of Exhuastion, which can just shut people down completely for one extra mana. 1

    True-Name Nemesis: A financial hotspot but ultimately no one cares about 3 damage a turn in this format (or even six, really). If you are running multiple swords he does get better but that's not a good enough reason unless you are featuring tons of equipment, which you probably aren't. 1.5

    Illusionist's Gambit: This is a pretty expensive fog, basically. It's nice to redirect lethal damage to another player but honestly it's pretty much a fringe case when you are going to blow someone out with this and you'll almost never want to save the mana anyway. This would be exclusively for control decks and even then Tangle is just miles better. 1

    Djinn of Infinite Deceits: At least the ability on this guy grabs my attention. 6 mana and a required untap step leave a lot to be desired but if you can protect him he will take over the game. I think he's a poor fit for most Riku decks lacking an ETB ability and being so expensive but I wouldn't want to have to play against one if I could help it. 2

    Diviner Spirit: With only two power, I'm sorry but this guy will get blocked all day unless you can beg someone to let him through. It's kinda cool if you want to dogpile a winning player but like the tempt mechanic you are asking for cooperation from your opponents to get value from this and the cost is just too great without a way to abuse it. 1

    red mana

    Witch Hunt: This deck doesn't want this effect and it's not cheap either. Decks which want to force life totals down will really like this but Riku has bigger, stompier plans in mind and doesn't want to durdle with this. 1

    Widespread Panic: Green ramp has way too many shuffle effects we rely on to ever use this card. Non-green decks will just love this though and it's a very powerful card against players who rely on library search in general. 1

    Terra Ravager: Sounds like a weapon from a Final Fantasy game or something. Sort of looks like a Weapon too. Anyway this is pretty efficient beats but consider he's competing with Wolfir Silverheart and I don't see how he makes the cut outside some sort of "power matters" theme. 1.5

    Tempt with Vengeance: THIS is a tempting offer card. XR for X tokens is good. If you have any sort of anthem effect at all or Purphoros or Warstorm Surge or Skullclamp or whatever, you can just blow up half the table immediately even if no one else buys your offer. If you are in tokens you have to at least look at this for its sheer efficiency. 3 in tokens

    Sudden Demise: I think the card most similar to this is Bonfire of the Damned. X for a potentially one-sided wipe. It's a lot cheaper than Bonfire (minus miracle of course) so it has that going for it. I love how versatile it is. Keep in mind 3 out of 5 colors will waste your commander but there's nothing cheaper that kills an army of Zombies or Saprolings that also scales well into the lategame. It's Pyroclasm and Starstorm rolled into one, and to me one of the best cards in this set for a color which sorely needs the versatility. Consider it alongside Starstorm, Blasphemous Act, Bonfire, etc in your wipe package. 3.5

    Curse of Chaos: Looting is great and all but these curses are kind of weak unless you deck combos with them, which it doesnt. 1

    green mana

    Tempt with Discovery: Another tempting card whose original effect is very strong, although like the others copying it is pretty much useless unless you are getting a two-land combo to kill someone like Cradle/Wolf Run. Cradle is a land worth fetching for sure but otherwise you shouldn't need a specific land so badly in this deck that you're willing to pay 3G for it. Just play Sylvan Scrying. And if you're using it to ramp instead? You're better off with Explosive Vegetation or Boundless Realms or something. 2

    Spawning Grounds: Costs 9 to get your first 5/5? No thank you. Way too fragile- every color but black can remove either enchantments or lands, and unless you have Earthcraft even token decks will have a had time abusing this one. 1

    Naya Soulbeast: If you're looking for fun, random crap to play (see my Intet deck which this would fit perfectly in), this is your guy. He's overcosted but he gets big in 4-player games. Not a good card by any means unless you are stacking your library to give you the advantage. This is too expensive to be anything but a pet card at best, but it pretty much defines the term. 1.5

    Restore: 9/10 times you'll be using someone's fetchland, perhaps your own, making it an upgraded Rampant Growth in those cases. As long as you don't draw this too early (and you play fetches!) it will be a fine addition to any ramp suite in metas where fetches are common. 3.5

    Curse of Predation: I don't really like this even in token decks because Beastmaster Ascension is just miles better. It's definitely the best of the three curses from this set we have available to us, but that's not really saying a lot. My vote would be to just spend the three mana on something that improves your army more quickly or more certainly. Get haste or a persistent anthem effect or something that doesn't force you to attack. 2

    Primal Vigor: It's a symmetrical Doubling Season. Between Doubling Season, Parallel Lives and now this, there are THREE of these enchantments. Normally they are quite difficult to tutor for in these colors but now that there are three of them the effect is much more viable as a build-around-me effect. It strengthens the token decks by being more prolific and by working extremely well in multiples. Have this and Doubling Season? Get 4 tokens instead of one! And the symmetrical part isn't even that big a deal since hardly any general but Riku is going to abuse the effect as much as he is. Bottom line is that this should be considered in all creature-based decks (particularly as a budget alternative to Doubling Season, though all three are probably overkill) and almost certainly run in the token deck. 5 in tokens, 3 in creature toolbox

    Bane of Progress: Artifacts are kind of like drugs in this deck. If you can help it, you want to play as few as possible because even though they tend to oil up the squeaky machine, you can really abuse other players for depending on them if you can manage to live without them. This is the latest card to really incentivize going with few-to-no artifacts at all. This ETB effect is outrageous and will totally shut down any deck relying on the permanent type. If you can free yourself of critical artifacts (Equilibrium over Crystal Shard, for instance), Bane of Progress will be a hero. If you are going to be blowing up your own stuff? Probably best left on the bench. 4


    Opal Palace, Suveyor's Scope and Eye of Fate are a pretty bad for this deck so they get a collective "1" without much fanfare.


    Overall blue got the nifty bells and whistles while green got the goods and red fell somewhere in between for Riku. Your top 5 cards to consider for your decks are:

    Frankly it's about time blue got shafted :D. Otherwise I'll be placing my singles order probably after Christmas like most of you guys. Have fun and buy the new sets!.
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  • posted a message on Is it weird that I don't like Command Tower?
    Quote from Massive Marc

    should probably stop playing Islands as well...



    Otherwise here's a serious question: Where do you draw a line between two theoretical extremes "No one plays the same cards" and "everyone plays the same deck"? Command tower is an unequivocal shift towards the latter as it is autoincluded in every multicolor deck. Where is your preference? Can you understand that people who want to see variety in some decks and want to be challenged by deckbuilding maybe would prefer something closer to the former, where decisions like Command Tower are not made for them in deck construction?

    I've made my preference clear. Autoincludes are boring. HURR DURR or something like that
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  • posted a message on Is it weird that I don't like Command Tower?
    Quote from Jivanmukta
    Command tower is worse than g/x duals because it can't be searched by things like Skyshroud Claim or Natures Lore.

    Command Tower is like Sol Ring. It shows how insane our format is, and that's a huge part of why I play it. If I wanted to play "fair" magic I'd waste time with bad formats like Standard.

    You still run both so your first point is unimportant. I agree with you on your second point though. It's exactly like Sol Ring. It's overpowered and everyone plays it. To me, I like playing with really good cards but when everyone else is playing with the same exact ones it just doesn't hold my excitement over the near-5 years I've been playing Commander.
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  • posted a message on Is it weird that I don't like Command Tower?
    Command Tower is too good.

    I like the card because it is good. It fits in all my multicolor decks. ALL of them. Think about that. Better than any Tundra. Better than City of Brass. It lets you keep almost any opener three-land opening hand. It does its little 1/38 part in completely trivializing color management in the game. It makes all multicolor commander decks 98 cards and a Command Tower instead of 99. And EVERYONE HAS IT. Doesn't anyone else just think it's too easy?

    And more importantly... I enjoy the things about our decks that make us unique. The fun pet cards everyone plays or kills you with. The different ways people like to durdle and suddenly combo out. The theme decks we make for funsies. All that individualistic stuff that says "this is YOUR deck" and "this is MY deck" is what I love so much about this format. Some people want to kill you with a 45/45 Consuming Aberration with a Whispersilk Cloak. Others want to triple-cast Molten Psyche after a Wheel. It keeps the games fresh and gives the decks a little extra meaning than just a pile of 99 cards trying to get your life total to zero. I believe that the fun is in the journey, not the destination.

    Command tower is the utter antithesis of this. You slot it in and it's done, and every deck is just a little more the same than it was before it was printed. We are one step closer to multiplayer solitaire because of it.

    tl;dr Command Tower is a guilty pleasure that trivializes color management and homogenizes decks across the entire format, and at least someone should be able to see how that might not be desirable.
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  • posted a message on What are you most excited about so far with the new commander precons?
    Nekuzar and Jeleva are getting me into my first black EDH deck(s) in a long time. Years, actually. I'm excited to give the color another shot after getting so bored with it so quickly the first time around.

    Also the red X spell that sweeps creatures of a certain color is a huge sleeper in this set. I'm looking forward to see what cards become this set's Chaos Warp that end up played almost everywhere.
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  • posted a message on Theros Top Ten for EDH-Time to Vote!
    Elspeth, Swan Song, and Purphoros are probably my top three. Special mention to Steam Augury which is so much better than most people think (so, most underrated?).

    I'll probably vote for Swan Song. It lets you just do whatever you want on the board without worrying about overextending for a measly one mana. These kinds of polls really need multiple votes though.
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  • posted a message on Tibor & Lumia - Spellslinging blue aggro
    I'll be building the crap out of our zombie friend. Black is the new red baby. I'm still in the research phase but I'll report back when I have a real deck. I am really excited about tricks like Hive Mind + Wheel + Cerebral Vortex, Mind over Matter + Jace's Archivist, Guiltfeeder/Abyssal Nocturnus/Sangromancer shenanigans... there's so many options! Going with punishing draw, gaining off of discard triggers and mass discard... I'll be having a difficult time balancing it at first but I'll get there eventually. Hopefully I don't forget to buy any of the good black cards I need Grin

    Melek was good to me and I'll definitely build him again someday but it's getting to be time to move on, old buddy
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Unexpectedly Absent
    White gets a better Submerge? Madness! Hits all nonland permanents for WW in response any shuffle effect? Sunforger shenanigans as well? This is absurdly good. Get your copies if you are at all interested in the color.
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  • posted a message on The Design of Tempting Offer
    Quote from Justice1337
    On passive v non-passive, these cards raise 2 questions, one on each side of the board - 1) Do I ever need to double up on an effect so badly that I don't mind giving my opponents something? 2) Do I ever want to opt into an effect that another player chose for their deck?

    If the baseline, active strategy of a deck works, then the answer to either is No. If it's a ramp into who knows what, I don't care what game state I'm in deck, then possibly Yes.

    In a vacuum your analysis is pretty good but when you factor the existing board state in your card evaluation has to change. Some of the cards with this mechanic allow two or more players to recover from a poor position at once and turn the game around on that guy taking 10-minute turns counting his ETB effects on an abacus. Furthermore the caster is rewarded moreso than anyone else who takes part in it.

    Take the red one. The player with a dominant board position taps out with a commanding board state. Next player untaps and taps out for Tempt with Vengeance. Uh-oh! This card lets everyone dogpile that player with maybe 30 total 1/1s or more. Can he withstand the attacks? I'd say the caster of the spell is in pretty good shape now (say this is a 4P game, he now has as many 1/1s as everyone else combined). That is massive reach for the mana. You can't get that kind of value out of Firecat Blitz and that is saying something!

    I'm not trying to say Tempt with Vengeance is better than Firecat Blitz... but there are times where it will be a better card and those scenarios aren't exactly hard to dream up. Multiplayer is full of opportunities for the weaker players to rally together and defeat the strong player (and afterwards, fight it out themselves). This is not only multiplayer magic at its most "Magical", but it's nice to have some cards that enable it not be just bad cards. This is a pretty big upgrade over Join Forces Smile
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  • posted a message on How long will the new precons last?
    Check your LGS, Target, Wal-Marts, etc. every day. You'll get them eventually. You can try ordering them online but you'll end up paying an extra $25 or more for the set.

    I liked this better last time where you could get the whole thing for $120 if you looked hard enough. No discounts this time!
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  • posted a message on The Design of Tempting Offer
    Quote from Jivanmukta
    Your definition of fun is strange. Chaos is never fun.

    You haven't lived until you've cast Strategy, Schmategy and rolled a 6.

    Chaos can definitely be fun in small doses. I don't think you're really this closed-minded. Fun is different for everyone and you know it.

    Which brings me to my point about Tempting Offer: It's a fantastic political mechanic. It's complex and many times the right answer is going to be to accept the offer either to dogpile a winning player or to just get yourself back in the game. The reanimator one in particular is great because the first creature brought back will be the best one, so subsequent accepted offers don't really have has high a price as the caster gets diminishing returns on those offers as the creatures remaining in his graveyard get worse and worse. I have a feeling these cards will be cast more than once in our playgroup.
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  • posted a message on help me break Sydri, Galvanic Genius
    The Mycosynth Lattice interaction really bums me out. It's too powerful. I wanted to jank around with her and I guess I'll just leave that out if I want to build her.

    Also YAY Terese Nielsen!

    What a cool general. I'm just afraid she'll be doing stupidly broken things. She's like the Esper Glissa 2.0. SO MANY SHENANIGANS.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Diviner Spirit - wizards finally understands politics, everyone whines anyway
    I have to say I thought this guy had flying at first. I can't believe it doesn't! (Maybe it would be too good 1v1)

    Dirk I agree with you on all points regarding politics and this is a good post. I love the design of this card. But having no evasion for this cost is a huge bummer, because it makes it impossible to force the issue. If it had flying or 2U: unblockable til EOT then that's a huge difference and you can make the card work for you if your opponents would prefer than it doesn't.

    It will be playable as long as your game is three players or more, but I just wish it had a little more going for it for the mana cost to take up a precious card slot.

    For the record, Arcane Denial is my favorite counterspell in multiplayer so I totally see where you're coming from.
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    Quote from Dechs Kaison
    Not possible. You put the fate counter on the Eye, then you only lose what you have to sacrifice to cast anyway.

    If you want to destroy something you have to sac it, in which case you can be dogpiled. Think of it as a Choice of Damnations type effect and you see what i'm trying to say. Yes you don't HAVE to sac it but then you've already sunk 4 mana and a card into the effect...

    I think the card is better than it seems if you read it as ":6mana:, :symtap:, sac: bring the OP player back down to your level"
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