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    I really appreciate the feedback. I used to play in a very competitive group and the club I'm planning to play at has both casual and competitive games. I don't mind what setting it is, I just play for fun.

    The original idea was to rebuild both my Hannah deck and Rafiq. Yet I do have that Tuvasa deck laying around so I might just start from there. Bosh always has poked my interest.
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    Hi community!

    Few years back I "gave" up on Magic due to real life things happening and I needed the funds to build a house.
    Sold my decks and leftover trades which in the end did provide enough funds for a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, tho since then I've always missed the smell of cardboard coming out of a deckbox.

    When I started playing Magic, the people in my LGS introduced me to EDH, now Commander (because the baby needs a name, no?) and I fell in love instantly.
    Now that every little piece of the puzzle has fallen into place I am looking to get back into the format I loved so much (besides Legacy, but damn .. ***** has gotten expensive). At a local flea market I found this "Adaptive Enchantment" commander deck which was still packed. This got me excited yet to me the deck is a bit of a let down.

    Now I was wondering how you guys would advise a returning player should go about acquiring the cards needed for a decent commander deck.
    I used to play a solid Rafiq deck and a decent Hannah deck, but looking at individual pricetags for cards has frightened me to get back into the game.

    Thoughts, tips and advice are very much appreciated.
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