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  • posted a message on Lich's Mastery
    Quote from tchntm43 »
    Lich's Mastery plus Platinum Emperion equals near hard-lock?

    Yes, but this combo also prevents you from exploiting one of Lich's Mastery's best parts: drawing cards when you gain life.

    Rules question: Can you still "lose life" when you are already at 0 life? If not, wouldn't that imply that getting to 0 life means no more discarding/saccing/exiling from life loss?

    While I don't have the exact rule, I'm certain that you can go below zero. Besides, Wizards does know the rule, and they would not print this card if it were not so.
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  • posted a message on Lich's Mastery
    Please tell me that's not Josu, or I'll have to get this card.
    And I mean, the drawback is nasty and all, but how does an Enchantment with Hexproof actually leave the battlefield in Standard? Commander has the likes of Merciless Eviction, but...

    Well, Gatherer search says there is Hour of Revelation and River's Rebuke in Standard.
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  • posted a message on Tag-team Synergies in OGW?
    Preface: I have never actually played 2HG, so all of what I am about to say is based off of what I have heard and my own conjecture. I hope I don't end up sounding foolish.

    To begin, your proposed scenario sounds rather like you don't know partners share pools, so the hypothetical W/B lifegain deck could run the other persons payoff cards while the second does something else with the other powerful cards. 2HG decks tend to be of higher power levels than normal sealed because of this.

    As for specific deck combinations, the most obvious is a U/R Surge deck combined with one to trigger it; I'm thinking either a hyper-aggressive R/W deck perhaps or a more control-y U/B type. Another is a W/G support deck to go with a go-wide deck with Scions etc., though this combo looks lacking in interaction with the opposing side. Basically, an idea in 2HG is that one deck "supports" the other to make is function more like a single deck, rather than two individually powerful decks each doing their own thing. For instance, LSV was with Paul Cheon for the OGW 2HG World Premiere, and his deck apparently had no way to win on it's own, but was rather focused on helping Cheon do the dirty work (I don't know the deck specifics or the results of that event, so I can't say how well that worked).

    One synergy that I think would be especially fun is an Eldrazi-ramp deck combined with a U-based control deck, the idea being that the control player covers for the ramp player until they can start landing the bombs, and then counter the removal that goes towards said bombs.

    Again, I don't play the format, so take my comments with a grain of salt, but I hope you get something from them!
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  • posted a message on OGW Prerelease Format
    As I understand it, the set WAS designed with 2HG specially in mind, but by no means does that make the prerelease a different format from usual. Normal sealed deck is still the "main event", though I imagine that any 2HG events run at the prerelease will have better turnout than usual.
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  • posted a message on Drafting colorless
    While I agree that there are not enough common "true-colorless" cards to warrant it being a full second color in a deck, the excellent colorless activated abilities on many of the creatures leads me to believe that a large number of decks will pick up some colorless <> producers (especially the common lands) to get that value. In essence, even if you don't draft true colorless cards, you almost have to make a concerted effort to avoid having any cards that benefit from <>. Given that picking up those sources is of little cost to you, lets you activate your Kozilek's Shrieker, and also leaves you open to pick up a Spatial Contortion in pack 2, I can't help but think those lands, Hedron Crawler, Warden of Geometries, and other <> producers will be much more valuable than the impression I've gotten from people thus far.
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  • posted a message on Post your pre-release results here
    3-0-1 picking black and ended up going B/W-kill-everything. Seriosuly, I got Languish as my promo, opened a second one, and also got a bunch more black and white premium removal. Played a pretty low curve with Shambling Ghouls and Topan Freeblades on two and Deadbridge Shamans and a Graveblade Marauder on three notably, and just beat down while spot killing everything that could stop me, or baiting a Languish blowout. Didn't drop a game until the just-for-fun match with my 4th round op whom I drew with. All around, a very good and fun prerelease :).
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  • posted a message on Post your pre-release results here
    Today I discovered that B/R sacrifice is completely viable, assuming you have enough cheap removal like Reave Soul to stay safe from agro until you stick a Nantuko Husk. 3-0-1, only dropped one game to a ridiculous Timberpack Wolf start with pump to protect from Reave. Granted, I had TWO Priest of the Blood Rite, 3 Act of Treason and an Enthralling Victor to go with the Husks, on top of some good removal and a Hangarback Walker for additional shenanigans. Split with last op, played it for fun, and crushed him with both the normal deck and my transformational B/G sideboard deck with Gaea's Revenge. Twas a good day, and I'm hoping for just as good tomorrow!
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  • posted a message on Magic Origins Sealed Generator
    Small bug: Stalwart Aven is in as a rare, I believe. Great job otherwise; always love these things!
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  • posted a message on Modern Masters 2015 preliminary discussion
    Quote from spairy »
    U/W artifcats looks terrible to me this time. I don't see the suppport for it.

    Beg to differ. I ran it today and did quite well. Faerie Mechanist is as insane as ever, and Rusted Relic plus Myr Enforcer make for a solid ground. Usually I'd win with either those, or steady air pressure from the Mechanist plus Qumulox. Thoughtcast was good, but of course the whole deck gets all of it's explosiveness from Darksteel Citadel. U/W has plenty of removal besides, so I'd say the support is there. The only problem is that, since it's artifacts, some of the lower drops like the Living Weapons and mana artifacts get taken by other decks. But if anything, that just shows how much support for it there is.
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  • posted a message on [DTK] Your most unexpected Pre-Release MVP?
    My top two were Artful Maneuver and Glaring Aegis; both of those just did so much more work than I ever expected. Maneuver routinely won me a combat and then allowed me to beat face hard the next turn, and on several occasions allowed me to get around mana problems by playing it on their endstep and using the rebound plus another spell to finish people off. Aegis I wasn't sure about at fist, but anything it goes on practically is unkillable, and often let a Dromoka Captain on three swing in and bolster itself without fear the next turn. Both these cards on Ellusive Spellfist also won a game.
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  • posted a message on DTK Clan promos?
    Quote from randomdragoon »
    Why don't you think Blood-Chin Fanatic could be a promo? They've had stuff like Kurkesh as the seeded pack rare in M15 prerelease, and they made sure to put a Tyrant's Machine in that seeded pack so his ability isn't totally useless.

    Them putting Kurkesh in does lend some credence to the notion. I did also forge that the packs are completely preset, so they could make sure there were one or two Warriors in the pack. Still, Kurkesh is a little different to me because he was part of that Legendary cycle, which kinda guaranteed his inclusion. It's certainly a possibility, and any rare that has the clan watermark merits consideration. I just don't like the notion of a tribal card for B/W being in a pac that is supposed to push B/R, especially in an allied set with as little fixing as this one.
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  • posted a message on DTK Clan promos?
    This is something I have been wondering about myself, since the clans actually have different numbers of watermarked non-mythic rares, and the Silumgar clan only has 6, which means they basically have to have a non-watermarked rare as an option. My current hypothesis is as follows:
    -Mythic Dragonlord
    -Former Khan (except for Narset, who is replaced in this slot by Living Lore)
    -Two Color Rare Dragon
    -Megamorph Dork (Stratus Dancer and the like)

    The last two get a bit tricky, since this is where clear cycles break down. My first reaction would have the 7th possible rare be as follows:
    -Myth Realized, Profaner of the Dead, Pitiless Horde, Crater Elemental, and Avatar of the Resolute as off-color creatures (Myth Realized is a bit of a stretch here, but its the only thing that fits)

    The problem with this is that it leaves absolutely no pattern at all for the 8th rare. It can't be either an on or off-color non-creature, as not all the clans have an option here. In fact, Kholaghan doesn't even have a rare that is thematically tied to her clan if you exclude Blood-Chin Fanatic, which I would think is not really a candidate for a sealed promo. Conversely, Dromoka and Ojutai both still have at least two options for this last slot, and I really don't know how to distinguish between. Basically what I am left with is just saying that the last two slots could be any two rares in either of the two colors, so long as they are not directly ties to a different clan. No pattern. Best bets for that would be:
    -Avatar of the Resolute/Gleam of Authority for Dromoka
    -Profound Journey/Blessed Reincarnation for Ojutai
    -Profaner of the Dead/Foul Renewal for Silumgar
    -Pitiless Horde/Berserkers' Onslaught for Kholaghan (really, try and find a better one for her, because I can't see Blood-Chin as a promo)
    -Crater Elemental/Commune with Lava for Atarka.

    Of course, I'm making the very basic assumption here that there are 8 promos for each clan, which makes sense to me and I know that is how it has run at least at some point in the past. If it went down to 6, then all the problems are solved and we go home happy. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Living Lore
    Quote from diosioscies »
    I'm sold on the Alesha interactions. Thinking of going UG with a tiny tiny splash of Red just for Alesha.

    Well, you need B/W to actually activate her. Personally, while the combo is hilarious and I want to try it in casual someday, it seems like too much luck is needed for the payoff.
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  • posted a message on Dragons of Tarkir Sealed Generator
    Something I am curious about; when setting up the seeded pack rares, how did you account for the fact that the dragon clans have different numbers of watermarked rares? I assume you det up each clan with the same number of possible outcomes, but did you just arbitrarily decide which ones got in when there was a difference? Or am I missing something?
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  • posted a message on Dragons of Tarkir Sealed Generator
    I think the generator has Crater Elemental as an uncommon, as it is showing up with the red uncommons and there always seems to be 7 rares when this happens. Otherwise, fantastic!
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