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  • posted a message on CD3: Player #4
    (Abzan Banner for, well, lack)
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  • posted a message on CD3: Player #3
    (Bring Low)
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  • posted a message on CD3: Player #2
    (Sultai Scavenger)
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  • posted a message on CD3: Player #1
    (Bring Low)
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  • posted a message on Custom Card Creation Random Card of the Day
    The Custom Card Random Card of the Day for 12/10/18 is Affectionate Indrik.

    This was praised for its flavor when it was previewed. Deservedly, I think.
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  • posted a message on The issue with multiple cards appearing in early game
    Exceeepppppppt, it happens constantly in at least 3 out of 5 games I play. And others have reported the same thing.
    Math beats out unproven anecdotal evidence every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
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  • posted a message on Phylactery Lich & Lazav, the Multifarious
    Rule 201.4b disagrees: "If an ability of an object refers to that object by name, and an object with a different name gains that ability, each instance of the first name in the gained ability that refers to the first object by name should be treated as the second name."

    Necroed thread locked since this question was already answered correctly.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Ob Nixilis Reignited
    We house rule him that he can have Samurai cards of any color identity. Unfortunately there's not even a multicolor Samurai commander in existence that he can be mana fixing for.
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  • posted a message on The card making thread game
    Moved to Contests & Games from CCC main. Note also this is just Work That Name, which is freely necro-able.
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  • posted a message on Draw Magic: MS Paint Edition!
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Ob Nixilis Reignited
    Great flavor text, only-okay card. Still run it in Rosheen.
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  • posted a message on Draw Magic: MS Paint Edition!
    Hint: It's an artifact.
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  • posted a message on December CCL, Round 2: Behind the Next Door
    CCL December Round 2

    “Behind the Next Door”

    Time of Ice, taken from Art of MTG, by Franz Vohwinkel and Wizards of the Coast
    Welcome to the Card Creation League! Everyone is free to participate in either or both of the first two rounds. Come join us!


    As is CCL tradition, December is winter celebrations month. And of course, Christmas is still a couple weeks away, but there's something to do in the meantime: Advent calendars! A set of doors that you open at regular intervals that give you something different every time? Now what does that sound like in Magic...?

    Design a Saga.

    • Make sure to include a rarity.

    Stay tuned for November's CCL Final Poll. Anyone who votes will receive 2 bonus points for December's CCL!

    PLEASE NOTE: This month will NO LONGER use the "mandatory top 3" rule. Critiques and top 3s will each be worth one bonus point per round but it will be possible to score points and advance even without submitting a top 3. This will also be done on a trial basis; future months may once again require top 3s from contestants.

    This month's schedule has been slightly modified owing to its late start. Your submissions are due Friday, December 14th, 23:59 EST.


    • Round 1 — Open to Everyone (December 3rd-8th)
    • Round 2 — Open to Everyone (December 9th–14th)
    • Rounds 1 and 2 Critiques (Due December 17th)
    • Top 8 — Open to top 8 finishers (December 18th–21st)
    • Top 8 Critiques (Due December 23rd)
    • Top 4 — Open to top 4 finishers from last round (December 24th–28th)
    • Top 4 Critiques (Due December 30th)
    • Final (End of month, winner determined by public poll)
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  • posted a message on Petrification Counter Xathrid Gorgon
    Not at all. Counters don't stay on anything when changing zones with the highly specific exception of Skullbriar, the Walking Grave's ability.
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  • posted a message on December 10, 2018
    The DCC: December 10th, 2018

    Welcome to the DCC!
    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the DCC Discussion Thread.

    How To Play

    How does this card-making game work? It's simple! Whenever your card receives a vote in the day's poll, you receive [1] point for the month. If your card ends up with the most votes for that day, you will receive [2] additional points for the month. In the event of a tie, each person who tied receives [1] additional point. At the end of each month, the person with the most points on the scoreboard wins that month, then the scoreboard is cleared for the next month. You can participate in as many or as few days as you want in any month.


    • Each day you may post any card you want. On the next day all of the posted cards will be put into a poll the thread as long as your card didn't get disqualified - see the next point for more details. If you post more than one card in a DCC thread, only the first card you post will be taken.
    • When you vote, you need to make exactly two votes for two different people. Vote for the cards that are listed in the first post, not other cards being posted in the thread. If you notice that you've only voted for one person, include your second vote in a post, even if you're not submitting a card.
    • If you want to change your vote for any reason, post that change in the day's thread (you can include it with your card if you want). Changed votes in the discussion thread will be ignored.
    • Voting for only one person, for three or more people, or for yourself will earn you an asterisk by your name in the monthly leaderboard. So will failing to vote if you've posted a card. (We're not going to do anything about people who don't vote or post cards; that would be kind of silly.) This indicates that you're on probation for the next 21 days. If you're on probation and you make another improper vote, your card will be disqualified. Repeated disqualification is grounds for warnings and/or infractions for not following the game rules, so please don't do it.
    • Voting for everything in the poll will be grounds for a lifetime ban from the DCC. Don't do it. It just wastes the thread creators' time.
    • If you wish to post a render, please use the hyperlink option when posting your card and make the card name the image link. Renders are usually large enough to clog up the list, so submit a text-formed card and (optionally) a link in the name to the render.
    • This thread is just for your card submission. Take your questions/comments to our discussion thread. If it's a question, comment, or complaint about probation, PM me instead and I'll explain it.
    • Anyone can post the new thread for the day. When you post it, make sure that:
      • You have a poll in the thread;
      • You include everyone's cards (excluding cards that have been disqualified);
      • The poll is marked as public and multiple choice with a one-day time limit; and
      • You update the leaderboard with the previous day's scores.
    (An easy way to post the new thread is to hit the multiquote button on every post in the previous day's thread, then click Post Reply. Select everything in this post, copy it, and then paste it into the first post for a new thread. You'll have to clean up a few small things, like quote tags around the opening post and the previous day's cards.)

    Notes of the Day

    Several hours' work turned into all-day work.

    DCC December Scoreboard

    netn10 28 (+3)
    void_nothing 22 (+0)
    Indighost 21 (+3)
    BrainPo 20 (+3)
    lookashiny 7 (+0)
    Conntroll 7 (+7)
    InfinityDie 6
    Rudyard 0
    Jimmy Groove 0*
    Probation: Jimmy Groove (14 days)

    Quote from BrainPo »
    Votes: Conntroll, Netn10

    Baleful Evolution BG
    Sorcery (R)
    Destroy target creature with toughness equal to or less than your discovery, then distribute a number of +1/+1 counters equal to that creature's toughness among any number of target creatures you control. (Your discovery is equal to the number of lands you control with different names.)
    Quote from Conntroll »
    Votes: brainpo, Indighost

    Edge Out UUUU
    Instant (R)
    Split Second
    Edge Out costs U less to cast for each spell on the stack.
    Counter target spell.
    "One of the fundamentals of debate is being able to refine your position mid-argument."
    Quote from soramaro »
    Controll, Indighost

    Primordial Mass 3GU
    Creature - Ooze
    2GU, discard a creature card: Create a token that's a copy of that card except it's an Ooze in addition to its other types.
    Other Oozes you control have "1GU, T: Create a token that's a copy of this creature."
    Quote from netn10 »
    Votes: indighost, Conntroll

    Consume Time 2U
    Sorcery (Rare)
    Target creature you control becomes a 8/8 colorless eldrazi until end of turn. Skip your next turn.
    Quote from lookashiny »
    Conntroll, netn10

    Regal Pomeranian 1W
    Creature- Hound
    Quote from Indighost »
    Conntroll, brainpo

    Oblivion Blade BB
    Instant (U)
    Exile target nonblack creature.
    The warlock cut a razor thin wound into existance, and his foe hemorrhaged out into the nothingness through it.
    Quote from void_nothing »
    Votes: BrainPo, netn10

    Lim-Dûl's Weathervane 4
    Snow Artifact (U)
    T: Add C.
    5SS, T: Destroy target nonsnow creature. Exile the top card of that creature's controller's library.
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