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  • posted a message on Blue Modular deck
    Your sideboard consists of 15 cards. You can exchange cards from your 60 card maindeck with cards from your sideboard on Game 2.

    Domineer looks nice. But if you're confident on producing 2 more mana, Mind Control is another choice. It will get any creature, assuming that creature doesn't have shroud or protection from blue. Smile

    EDIT: If it's to sideboard against a pure artifact deck, Domineer is better.
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  • posted a message on Blue Modular deck
    Goblins? Infect decks?
    Your deck needs to be faster.

    -1 Cloak +1 more collar (if you can afford it)
    -2 Archmage +2 Trinket, the deck needs more speed and consistency. If you're getting burned badly, being able to search for the collar can be a lifesaver.
    - 1 Arcbound Overseer +1 Triskelion, he's great when you're getting mauled by a bunch of 1/1 goblin tokens. Will also get rid of some merfolk, provided you can slip him past their counterspells. And your energy chambers are good for "reloading" him.

    Sideboard suggestion:

    Chill will give goblins and other mono red decks a hard time
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  • posted a message on Blue Modular deck
    Personally, I would replace the overseer with Triskelion. He's easier to cast, and gives you access to direct damage.
    Your modular creatures would feed him counters as well.

    If you tell me what kind of decks that you would possibly face in the tournament, then I could suggest a sideboard.
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  • posted a message on Blue Modular deck
    Your deck looks like the win condition will be by attacking with creatures.
    Maybe try to increase the number of Arcbound Crushers? He's good, espescially if equipped with the collar.

    And lastly, I notice that there will be a lack of card drawing spells (since Skullclamp isn't allowed).
    You might want to try infiltration lens. Can also be tutored witht the mage, and equipping it to a large creature will usually give your opponent a hard decision on whether to block or not.
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  • posted a message on Blue Modular deck
    If the Skullclamps would be legal in the tournament that you plan to join, then I would suggest having some Trinket Mage (cheap price at stores too).

    Other suggested cards:

    Basilisk Collar - can be tutored with Trinket mage and makes your creatures deadlier in combat.
    Fabricate - helps tutor for cards in your deck.
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Stoneforge Mystic - have been testing Stoneforge Mystic for a few days against people on my playgroup (put 3 in my deck replacing 3 Disciples). Mystic is slow, I admit. The only time that I'm glad to to have 3 mystics in my deck is against Merfolk, because they have to counter it, or I'll be able to cast the plating using the mystic's ability. Against my friend's Eva Green deck, she duress + extirpate the plating on her turn (ugh! -_-). When playing against any deck with targeted discard, it's best to cast the plating on the same turn that you tutored for it.

    Disciple - the reason I want to replace him is because he rarely meets ravager on the battlefield anymore. It's either ravager has already been killed, or disciple gets killed before I can cast a ravager. The games where I was able to make opponent lose a lot of life using Discpile still happen, but they are few. I have no intention to have less than 4 Ravagers, but I really want to find a replacement for Disciple.

    Quote from herbert west

    I think these ideas get rejected because they haven't been proven, but that doesn't mean they're wrong. Hell, it doesn't mean they're right, and I'm not totally sure why I'm even posting this because as soon as I hit Submit Reply, someone out there will have an aneurysm and I apologize ahead of time, but within testing that I've tried, it can occasionally lubricate your machine to get more mana out that you may otherwise have trouble achieving.

    Ok, I apologize for my opinion yesterday. When I saw the 2 damage from the Ancient Tomb that you're using, I thought that the tomb will cause auto-lose situations against Zoo decks and Burn decks (both are largely played in my meta). Well, if you say that it works in your testing, then I believe it now. Your play area probably has only has few decks with a lot of burn.
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  • posted a message on Polymorph
    This might also be helpful in speeding up your deck.

    -1 Ulamog, -2 See Beyond, -1 land, +4 Ponder

    I would also suggest having some Dispel on your sideboard.
    They're effective, when you're playing against another deck with many counterspells.
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  • posted a message on How many decks do you own?
    Currently have 14 in all.
    12 casual, 1 Legacy and 1 Vintage.


    UG Lorescale
    UGW Madness
    RB Aggro-Control
    UW Angels
    B Vampires
    UG Combo Elves
    RB Agadeem
    UWB Esper Aggro
    WG Spiritdancer
    BG Quillspike
    UG Polymorph
    URG Thresh - the "leader" of my casual decks. It's also the only one that has fetchlands.


    Affinity - my favourite, even made a box for it. :3
    The Gate


    UBR Dragon
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Quote from herbert west

    On top of that, Ancient Tomb, while not an artifact land, gives you 2, which help to either be a turn one plating, or even a turn two equipped plating, given you draw into any other land. It also helps you drop Master of Etherium quicker, which is very nice because he pumps up your other attackers, giving you even more advantage.

    Sorry to say but Ancient Tomb is not good for the deck. You're going to give Zoo decks and Burn decks that you'll face in tournaments an easier time, because your land will shock you on it's own.

    There's another way (as said already by Avatar of Light), to achieve turn one plating without losing life.
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  • posted a message on Who is your favorite artist for MTG?
    My favourite artists are...

    1. Rebecca Guay - unique style, auramancer is one of my favourite cards
    2. John Avon - his lands are amazing, and arrogant wurm looks good too.
    3. Raymond Swanland - Magma Pheonix.
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Quote from Vader
    [color=gray]Not only would stoneforge get one of our key cards around counterspells, but it would let us do it at instant speed for some insane combat tricks

    There's also the added benefit that if Mystic isn't removed, all equipment that we draw later on would also be uncounterable. It's rare for me to get double black because wastelands are quite prevalent in my meta. But even without combat tricks, plating is deadly.

    Quote from TheRogue
    @equipment people.

    Mystic wouldn't be a bad idea for getting useful stuff like jitte and cranial plating. three seems like the max i would run though. fetching equipment seems great in all but other than grabbing those two it seems like its use is limited. I would throw in a basilisk collar as well for utility sake but doesn't improve the how limited stoneforge mystic would be.

    Since were on the subject, i've long speculated about putting in 4 bonesplitter in the deck so you can give a boost to thopter as well as anything else.

    Not sure if I'm the only one here who has experienced this particular situation many times..., it's mid-game, both me and opponent are at single digit life. Both of us are in top-deck mode. But he/she is at an advantage in board position because my Memnites, Thopters and Frogmites don't even have a prayer on resisting against goyfs, wild mongrel, or tombstalker. At that point of the game, my wish would be to topdeck a plating or burn. The equipment gives my outclassed 1/1's, 0/2's and 2/2's a better chance in the damage race, or even finish off an attacking goyf (headbutt it to death? :3).

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that plating helps. And having additional chances of getting it mid-game (3 mystics), might spell the difference between winning and losing.

    Basilisk Collar also seems nice. Have no more room in my deck for it though...
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Quote from Vader

    A question for the thinktank: Stoneforge Mystic... 8 copies of cranial plating? For games where I am being disrupted, my ravagers, MOE's and Enforcers being ripped to shreds I always am wanting a cranial plating so that my thoptor or memnite can swing in for the kill. I have thought about removing galvanic blast and tossing in 3 stoneforge and a jitte. In any aggro matchup that I face, I will usually be able to replace any of my mans that fall in battle while still killing theres. However, if they have a jitte on the field it can really cheese battles in their direction. Running a jitte MD would A) offer me a very solid late game force (if and when we get there) and B) it offers me a maindeck answer to a common threat that hoses me badly.

    Just an idea, what do you guys think of a stoneforge package in affinity?

    My deck has 3 Disciples, and I took them out to get 3 Mystics in.
    Still in the process of testing it. So far, it's been effective against decks which rely on countering spells like Merfolk. If I resolve the mystic, they can't counter the plating anymore.

    Quote from Izor
    Before discussing the fact that Stoneforge is not an artifact and only a 1/2 for 2 mana, which slows us down considerably, I think it will suffice to consider the following:
    If we see Mystic as our Platings number 5-8, which I think is appropriate, we have to ask ourselves if we would actually want to play 8 Platings if we could. Personally, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. 4 Equipments is the right number, I don't think we could run 8. So the question about Stoneforge Mystic is kind of unnecessary imo.

    I do agree about the slow down. But I only own 3 platings, so I'm trying if 3 mystics will be good.
    Will probably cut down to 1 mystic if she slows down the deck too much.
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Quote from Yamikiri
    7) It isn't redundant in multiples. Ravager can eat them, allowing you to cast extra copies from your hand, sometimes even generating extra mana for you to abuse. At it's worse, you can cast a copy to destroy another one with the Legendary rule to deal two damage with Disciple.

    Have been playtesting a lot today, and would have to say from personal experience that an opening hand having 2 Opals, 1 artifact land, and a ravager is usually ok. Just feed an opal to ravager, cast 2nd opal and use the mana it produces to cast something useful (galvanic blast for example).
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  • posted a message on Tarmogoyf vs. Baneslayer Angel! Who wins?
    Both creatures are certainly nice. Though I simply had to vote Tarmogoyf for being easier to cast. The low cc of Tarmogoyf also makes it easier to leave mana open for a counterspell, to protect him on the turn that he enters the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Ravager Affinity
    Quote from lazris
    Here's a list I am currently thinking. Its an all in aggro with burn.

    I wana fit in memnites or another blast but duno what to take out. I could take our worker because hes a 1/1 for 1 and memnite is a 1/1 for zero but worker if he dies he makes another artifact bigger...

    I would suggest having Memnites instead of the workers, it will help you get a more explosive first turn with Drum. I had the same thoughts as you before, that the +1/+1 given by the worker (when he dies) might be relevant. But after a few days of testing, I realized that a chance for a faster start is simply better than the +1/+1.
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