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  • posted a message on Female Hall of Famer
    Really? We are taking to feminism and equality in a card game. A card game where no bias exists. Maybe the problem isn't with magic, wotc, or the product advertisement.

    Consider the following: Maybe MOST females would find more joy doing something besides showing up to FNM at your FLGS. Girls know magic exists, in fact every girl I've talked to knows of it. The vast majority simply do not care to waste time or money playing it. Occasionally you'll get the oddball who does and that is GREAT. Good, another PLAYER.

    This seems to be just another case of white knights running to the side of their idealistic waifu. Beta tactics, bros.

    A woman will win when she draws the right cards and makes the right decisions with the right deck. Just like any other champion or hall of famer. Whether someone has a vagina or a penis is not something to be taken into consideration when crowning a champion.

    *gets off soap box*

    Thank you. Seriously guys, when a woman starts top 8-ing GPs and earning good results on the Pro Tour, then they should be considered. What inequality exists that limits women doing as well as men in Magic? Stigma--please. The smell--hygienic male players put up with the same ****. Price--it's the same. There's no reason a woman hasn't achieved as much as a man except for the fact that a woman hasn't earned it yet.
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  • posted a message on What should I do about this?
    Honestly, you should just keep the item and the money. The company has already written the item off as a loss, so it's not like their books will be off. If it's really on your conscience it may be worth the anxiety to contact the company and let them know you finally received the package and pay them, but that's probably not necessary. Are you aware when they shipped the item? If they didn't ship the item for a two or three weeks then that's their fault for not processing your order in a timely manner.
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  • posted a message on [Modern] Wizards are in Control
    You have no cards that care about wizards, so why limit yourself like this? And if you did want to stick to Wizards, then you should be playing 4 Snapcaster Mage, 4 Vendillion Clique (in which case probably 4 Spellstutter Sprite, then Mutavault / Faerie Conclave), 2-4 Venser, Shaper Savant, maybe Curse Catcher, probably Cryptic Command. Delver of Secrets is a wizard is that's the route that you want to go. Hell, Voidmage Husher is better than a lot of the guys you have.

    Again, why are you going wizards? There is nothing in your deck that cares that all of your creatures are the same creature type, so why does this matter? Even if you maindecked Sage's Dousing and maybe played Distant Melody I would give you an "alright," but as it is now this is a casual deck, whether you want to identify it as such or not.

    There's just so many things wrong with this deck:

    Counterbalance is not good. You don't have top, so you won't reliably lock people out of games. You don't even have any form of library manipulation--no Serum Visions, no Telling Time, no Sleight of Hand, etc. Not to mention there are almost no circumstances with this deck where multiples will not be redundant.

    Why Realm Wright? This card is just bad. If you want to be competitive, play Watery Grave, Hallowed Fountain, Scalding Tarn, and Misty Rainforest to fix you mana. Or play Darkslick Shores and Seachrome coasts. Or the filter lands, etc. If you really want to stretch for the guildmages, then play a real manabase instead of terrible 1/1's. If you're on a budget, state so. It's not the end of the world; but make sure you're playing all basics for a very good reason.

    Speaking of which, the Training Grounds subtheme probably isn't going to work. Alone Training Grounds is completely useless, and you're playing cards that are bad by themselves that are marginally good with Training Grounds. If you really want to play Training Grounds, then play cards that will just win the game with it in play. Elite Arcanist is bad--you will 2-1 yourself almost every time you play it unless you want a 4 CMC 1/1. You're also running 8 Enchantments, which could be more targets to exile with him.

    Your deck isn't trying to DO anything. What do you want to accomplish? For instance, play UR Wizards with tribal cards and in order to play competitive wizards like Magus of the Moon, who is legitimately good in the metagame. Play cards that actually care about tribal if you're playing all wizards. If you don't want to stick to wizards, then you might as well play cards that are good and synergize.

    tl;dr: this is a casual deck whether you like it or not.
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  • posted a message on so, which prices will jump?
    Quote from Fallen_Nightwolf
    You know what you should have gotten? Gaea's Cradle...

    I'm all for wild speculating, but I have a financial limit. We'll see if it maintains its price. I don't really intend to play anything requiring a Gaea's Cradle, and that's a card that seems like I would have a tough time unloading in a trade due to a prohibitively high price.

    That said, holy **** SCG. I feel like they overshot its true final price in order to get some panic buys from people.
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  • posted a message on so, which prices will jump?
    I bought two playsets of Thespians Stage solely based on the Dark Depths combo. The card was a dollar rare, but I could definitely see it becoming the next big thing in legacy. Dark Depths + Thespian's Stage isn't that easy to disrupt with hate for other mainstream combos. It'll be good in EDH too.
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  • posted a message on [Blogatog] Maro Wants...
    Mulligan rule should be 7-6-6-5-4-... It would make the opening hand less luck based, and prevent games where you lose because you had to mulligan to 4 etc.
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  • posted a message on Would you buy alpha cards at a garage sale?
    Of course I'd give him $10. People who let their conscious cripple them at opportunities like this are not people who get ahead in life. These types of moments are few and far between and you have to suspend your convictions and take advantage of the situation. We're talking about enough cards to sell and buy a car, etc. I'm not responsible for the man's ignorance, so I shouldn't feel guilty taking him up on his offer.

    Quote from Lormador »
    It's like antiques, except the average person is suspicious that any given piece of old furniture may be a valuable antique. Many antique dealers include making the rounds at garage sales, estate sales, and so forth and acquiring such antiques part of their business model.

    I've thought about this a lot, and I used to think buying those cards would have been wrong. However, now I've got a new line.

    1. Making a profit is not a priori a bad thing.

    2. Any given transaction can, however, be detrimental to various parties involved (or not involved), for example if one party is deceived, coerced, or a third party is damaged (a con, robbery, or environmental damage are examples of these).

    Now if I buy a set of Power 9 at a yard sale for $10, I have not solicited the sale. As long as I make no statements as to the value of the cards, my ability to determine their approximate value, or any related question, I am not deceiving the seller. The value of the cards is only a few clicks away on the Internet. Obviously there is no coercion, and no environmental damage results from the transaction. No third party is damaged.

    However, the moment the buyer answered the question What do you think these cards are worth? with I don't know instead of I'd prefer not to comment on that, that's deceptive: and it may be a crime.

    This a good point regarding the difference between deception and accepting the offer outright. It's debatable whether saying you don't know the price versus not disclosing the price. I'm more of a consequentalist, so the scenario that the man sells the cards either way means, in my perspective, that there's no difference in what you say. It also certainly is not a legal crime.
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  • posted a message on No Vintage or Legacy Champs at GenCon?
    Many people who play vintage are players that have been around for a long time. These people most likely have not payed 1/2 of what their cards are worth, so it is unfair to assume they are somehow more rich than players who drop $1,000+ to keep competitive in standard each year.

    EDIT: Maybe $500+
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  • posted a message on asking girl to prom regrets
    Forgive the uncouth expression: "Don't put the pussy on the pedestal."

    She's a person just like you. She's probably just excited to have a date to prom (and hopefully that her date is you). She probably doesn't even care how you asked her, just the fact that you did.

    Not that romantic gestures have no place, but you might want to save that stuff for when you're sure she's into you like you're into her. I see way too many guys open up with the "I love you", "I want a relationship" bit too early, don't be one of those guys. The best romantic gestures are typically unplanned and spontaneous anyways.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from The Big Dunks
    You'll still look stupid. Is that what you want?

    "Looking stupid" is a perception, so in that sense I don't really care. "Oh no, my internet handle is being ridiculed" isn't a thought that keeps me up at night. Plus, most winning protests historically suffer a lot of losses before achieving what they want.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] High Tide (Spiral Tide)
    Quote from feline_o1
    This is random much, but it was something I noted in another discussion on another board for High Tide, so now I feel compelled to ask it here, what's the worst luck you've ever had playing the deck?

    For me, I once casted a Blue Sun's Zenith on myself to draw 10 cards, then I drew 9 lands and a force of will, the likelyhood of me seeing that ever again is so small I doubt I'll ever see it again, but it did happen once, so I'll never forget it.

    I've had the 6 land + 1 force hands a few times. 5 land, 1 Force/Flusterstorm, 1 Turnabout hands happen too. I once Time Spiral'ed an opponent into 2 Force + 2 blue cards, that was fun.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from The Big Dunks
    petitions dont work

    especially ones like this.

    i'm 100% sure there have been multiple petitions against the reserved list, and each one of them failed.

    It's not always about winning or losing. Sometimes the goal is to make as much noise as possible.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from Valarin
    http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=302108 is the official reserve list discussion thread. It covers a multitude of theories and hypothesis about the RL.

    Thank you. Not a debate guys, just a PSA.
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  • posted a message on Dega Decks. W/B/R
    Here, let me do all of your work for you: ...

    No seriously, check out the deck creation forum. You have to do some research by yourself. Maybe Boros splash black, though you'd probably want Bob in that. Smallpox splash red? Just because you have the fetches for the 3 color combo doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't play a better 2-color deck.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Being the apathetic, time-consumed, generally lazy college student I am, I frequent change.org to "make a difference, man." Also, I like keep up with what's going on in the world.

    Anyways, I got bored and typed in "Reserved List" and lo and behold there was a petition about it. These things actually do gain traction when they reach an arbitrarily large number of signatures, so perhaps if we all sign this (well, those community members who agree) and spread it to people we know it will create a snowballing of signatures. It only takes 30 seconds to sign this.


    Please don't turn this into another Reserved List rant thread, there's already too many of those of this site. This thread is meant to alert members to a new petition in case they want to sign it, that's all.
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