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  • posted a message on Super B/G Grave Pact
    Hi guys. I'm a regular FNMer and Prerelease attender, so I can't really say I'm a whizz at this game.

    Before Onslaught rotated out, my pet deck was a U/W Control deck with a twist. It had no creatures, packed akromas vengeance, wing shards and ***, plus Isochron Scepter control with Boomerang, Mana leak etc, the two win conditions were Brain Freeze and Mesmeric orb. it won many games just because of surprise factor. After game one I would regularly side in raise the alarm, darksteel collossuss and proteus staff for extra surprises.

    Anyway, that's all gone now, I needed a new pet deck, and my eyes were drawn to 8th edition super tech, I mean...no one expects 8th edition right?

    here is my new deck (it's no way near perfect yet)

    4 Birds of Paradise
    4 Sakura Tribe Elder
    3 Eternal Witness
    3 Viridian Shaman

    4 Phyrexian Plaguelord
    4 Phyrexian Arena
    3 Royal Assassin
    4 Echoing Decay
    4 Rend Flesh
    3 Grave Pact

    13 Swamp
    11 Forest


    Some oxidizes, and a bunch of stuff I haven't thought of yet

    So anyway, cards I would also want to fit in somehow:

    Diabolic tutor
    Spawning Pit + Nuisance Engine
    Kokusho the big dragon guy would also seem like a good fit (must get some)

    Tell me what you think please! the main purpose of this deck is to make grave pact good in T2, and I think I'm getting close (maybe)
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