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  • posted a message on The Pink Swamp deck
    Quote from ROliveira »
    Laquatus is playable because it was reprinted in masters 25 in 2018

    Is that what you believe?
    To be modern playable it has to fit into exactly the definition I gave above. Standard legal set from 8th edition to current or in Modern Horizons 1 or Modern Horizons 2. Nothing else matters.
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  • posted a message on Eternal Chittering Scam
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    Poet's Quill probably. lion sash might be a consideration as well over sword of fire and ice as tutorable graveyard hate.
    tidehollow sculler is disruption and fuel for grief and solitude as well and can be abused with Hidden Stockpile as well

    utopia sprawl seems sketchy in a 3 color deck though especially with GG requirements.

    Great suggestions! I like Blade of the Oni better than Quill in Modern. You need every card to have an impact on the board. Being able to put it into play at EoT for a surprise attacker or then "equip" can be a big difference.
    I'm considering Lion Sash in here for white cards.
    Also strongly considering taking out the Sprawls for more action cards. The idea of them right now is to boost to 3 mana turn 2. That way I can play a SFM or Professor to grab the card to pay for evoke. This way I build board presence and only delay the Scamming to turn 2 rather than even further.
    Man I like Sculler. I just wonder if it's good enough as a stand alone threat in today's Modern.
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  • posted a message on Eternal Chittering Scam
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    Have you had any problems with enough cards for Evoking grief?
    That's a great question. It's not designed to Evoke him out turn 1 like traditional scam decks, but given the correct draw it's probably correct to do so. It's possible the numbers of cards should be tweaked to allow this more often though. This deck is kinda designed to win a battle if attrition more than the triple discard turn 1. I'm not discounting the effectiveness of that plan. Will have to see which is better.
    Since you mentioned it I'll be looking to see what's the best Black equipment card to be able to search up with SFM also. Just adding 1 will give 5 addition black cards effectively. Counting 1 for the card and 4 for the SFMs. Right now the Professors already do learn Inkling Summoning to help balance that.
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  • posted a message on Eternal Chittering Scam

    Working on the manabase and SB now. This deck can do some disgusting things.
    Turn 1 Utopia Sprawl into Turn 2 Professor getting Inkling Summoning. Then cast Grief or Solitude off of the Summoning and then Ephemerate it.
    Also you can play Chittering Rats then Ephemerate it to make them put back 3 cards on top of their library. Yes, I know Chittering Rats sucks, in general, and isn't normally Modern playable. Power level wise. But in this particular deck it's unbelievable.
    There's also going to be games where you cast Rats and your opponent will be like well I need to kill it so Ragavan can attack. They Unholy Heat or Bolt it. You respond with Undying Evil. Now Rats comes back as a 3/3, is too large for Rags to attack into, caused them to put a card from their hand on top of their deck, and wasted a removal spell targeting it. They basically lost at this point unless they were way ahead already.
    But this deck has a beautiful lock it can and will put on the opponent. It goes like this. Have Rats and Witness on the battlefield. During your opponent's draw after they are empty handed you cast Ephemerate targeting the Rats. As long as it's not an Instant or has Flash the card will simply be put back on top of their deck... Effectively making them skip the draw. Then on your upkeep Ephemerate is cast from exile. You target Witness. Getting Ephemerate back. The opponent is locked out of the game from that point on.
    The deck has the Complement of Grief and Thoughtseize to help ensure the game goes long. Combining this with a STM package makes it very strong. Worst case scenario is why you play Solitude.
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  • posted a message on The Pink Swamp deck
    This section is for Modern playable decks. Several of the cards listed aren't modern playable.
    In case you are wondering Modern is all standard edition sets from 8th edition to current. With the exception of Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2. Jet Medallion and the Champion are cards not in that card pool. There are others also, but yeah that's a start.
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  • posted a message on Adayum mechanic
    The main mechanic of a set I've been designing for years now. Adayum is like generating mana, but the mana acts a little differently. It's composed of 2 or more colors.

    Dreglight Timbers (C)
    Dreglight Timbers enters the battlefield tapped and you lose 1 life.
    T: add a. This mana is both B and G mana.

    The uncommon lands enter the battlefield untapped. Are fetchable, but allow your opponent to scry 1 when they enter and are a little slower than shocklands.

    Eerie Hallows (U)
    Land - Forest
    When Eerie Hallows enters the battlefield your opponents may scry 1.
    GT: add 1a. This a mana is both B and G

    Mana produced by these lands can pay for either color in a mana cost.
    So if you were casting a spell that costs BG you could pay for either the Black or the Green with either. Pretty basic. BUT where this stands out is in the cards in the set.

    Decaying Growth 1a (C)
    If a was paid with G create a 2/1 Green fungus creature token.
    If a was paid with B put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

    This feature is fantastic for limited as both "cards" are somewhat playable. More the green side, but a really decent card if you can manage to produce the Adayum mana to fully power the spell.

    The set is designed so each color pair has a common and an uncommon land to produce this mana. The rare land also exists so it's possible to have 12 lands in a 2 color deck that do this as well as a few green creatures and 2 artifacts. If you wanted to design your deck around this mechanic it's totally possible.

    Adayumite Core (R)
    Legendary Land
    At the beginning of your upkeep you may tap an untapped permanent you control. If you do not you lose 1 life, sacrifice Adayumite Core, and draw a card.
    T: add a. This mana is WUBRG mana. (All colors)

    A few more cards from the set.

    Adayum Dispersal 1Ua (U)
    If a was paid with U counter target noncreature spell.
    If a was paid with W tap target creature, put a stun counter on it and gain 2 life.

    Keeper of the Furnace RBa (U)
    Creature - Goblin Zombie
    If a was paid with B put a +1/+1 counter on Keeper of the Furnace and target player loses 2 life.
    If a was paid with R put a +1/+1 counter on Keeper of the Furnace and it deals 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker.

    Beastial Carnage a (C)
    If a was paid with R target creature gets +1/+1 and Firststrike until end of turn.
    If a was paid with G target creature gets +1/+1 and Trample until end of turn.

    The lands are purposely designed to be slow and have a slight drawback. Adayum spells are quite powerful so they are designed to play catch-up for proper balancing. Also the spells are designed to be slightly suboptimal if you can't produce the Adayum mana needed. That way they are passable, not completely unplayable, if you don't get the producers needed. This is heavily designed for limited play. Probably would be able to enter standard and possibly pioneer or modern with the right deck build but not be a dominant force.

    Adayum Helix a (C)
    If a was paid with W you gain 2 life.
    If a was paid with R Adayum Helix deals 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker.

    Story wise Adayum (ã dāy ūm) is the force that holds a broken plane together. The plane was shattered like so many when Urza actived the Sylex. The plane consists of floating lands around a fiery core. The lands, or floating continents, frequently smash into one another. When this happens a strange mana is shot off. Like a spark from a flint. Over the years the tribes on these lands have tried to tether lands together. The advanced people use iron cables to do this. The more primitive tribes use vines and ropes. The dark tribes use negative energy. The holy use spirit bindings. They do this to actively try to prevent these collisions from taking place. This has benefits. First it stops cities from being crushed in these collisions. Sometimes the impact could ricochet the smaller floating island in an unpredictable way. A peace loving tribe could find themselves coming closer and closer to an unholy land filled with devils and the undead for instance. In the worst case scenario the people of a smaller continent could find themselves floating off into space. In between the core and the floating lands is a thick heavy mist. It's nearly a fluid made up of water and pure mana. This keeps the intense heat of the core from baking everyone on the lands as well as being a breeding ground for leviathans and other large unnatural creations. On the most outer continents there are frozen glaciers hiding ancient secrets beneath impenetrable ice sheets. No one here knows what force shattered their once peaceful realm. The only choice left is to try to survive in these dark times. The very same Adayum mana that holds the plane somewhere intact is also responsible for holding the unhallowed spirits to this realm. Hope is nearly lost to all who dwell here.
    Recently however one of the lands holding a frozen glacier drifted down. As the ice began to melt the people found tablets and clay cylinders describing machinations that could alter the entire plane. Many have visions of the world being whole again. Releasing the Adayum mana and once again belonging. That's where this story begins.
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  • posted a message on Fable of the Indomitable Rhino Titan Shift
    “I’m playing modern”
    “Cool, which deck are you using?”
    “I just told you. I’m playing Modern!”

    🤣 😂 🤣 😂
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  • posted a message on Fable of the Indomitable Rhino Titan Shift

    I'm not going to pretend that I've play tested this in the slightest. I like what it could do. Not sure if it's competitive or not though. In theory it should be the best deck in modern since it has the key component to several top decks. Lol
    Just to run through what you can do with this deck.
    Off of any fetchland and a shock land you can cast Leyline Binding or Fire//Ice turn 2.
    Every Cascade card will hit Rhinos.
    It has the one card win combo in Scapeshift.
    I'm using Titan rather than the demon because you can win the turn you play creativity. Especially if done for 2.
    Teferi protects and allows Demonic to act as Outburst 5-7.
    The early rhinos can keep the opponent busy for Creative combo to catch them.
    Some games you'll play an EOT Outburst then fetch a mine and Creative a Titan. Then every land you play after that will be able to Bolt something.
    It has Dead/Gone, Fire//Ice, Teferi, and Binding for early protection.
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  • posted a message on Deck optimization question - BRAZIL- MonoRed Burn (MODERN). Goblin Guide ou Vexing Devil?
    I'd also suggest Guide as the better option. It compliments the Swiftspear in a good way. The problem with devil is they are going to pick the best option for them. Sometimes that will be taking 4 and other times it'll be letting it resolve then killing it.
    I'd suggest cutting the Incinerator personally. You need lots to go right for that to work.
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  • posted a message on Flummox
    How is it strictly inferior to counterspell? The casting cost has 1 generic. That makes it easier to cast in a multiple colors deck.
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  • posted a message on The One Word Card Game
    Member Details
    Messenger Macaw 1GU
    Creature - Bird Scout
    Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, reveal a land card from your hand or discard a card
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  • posted a message on *Impossible Creature Type Game*
    Goblin-Fire Angel 3WR
    Creature - Goblin Angel
    When Goblin-Fire Angel blocks you may pay W. If you do target creature you control gains lifelink until end of turn.
    When Goblin-Fire Angel attack you may pay R. If you do target creature you control gains firststrike until end of turn.

    Human Angel
    Frog Squirrel
    Fungus Horror
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  • posted a message on Valakut Ramp
    Ah okay. I got you now. In that case I would love to give some advise. Thank you for clarifying.
    First change I would suggest is cutting the Harrow. I love that card just as much as anyone else since it was a big player in Domain back in the day. But it does have the disadvantage of sacrificing a land when cast. A counterspell opponent can 2-1 you. 2-1s aren't too bad as your deck is designed in a way but it does suck for you main wincon to be 2-1'ed. In that place I would suggest Explore. That will let you dig deeper for your wincon and also allow land drops.
    In place of the Rangers Path I'd suggest Nissa's Pilgrimage While doesn't go from 4 to 7 can be bad it does get you from 4 to 6 or 7 over a few turns it costs less mana. I'd cut 2 maps (6 Val searches should be enough) in favor of Search for Tomorrow. This helps you get to where you are casting your spells a little faster. Efficiency is king in modern.
    I just thought of this. Scrying Sheets would help if you replaced all the remaining Forests with Snow-Covered Forests. It would occasionally work as CA while also letting you activate to see if the top card is one you need prior to casting one of your spells. I'm sure there are times that you cast a card and search for a forest mid to late game where the Omen or the dryad was on top.

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  • posted a message on Valakut Ramp
    Are you saying the other deck is too complicated so play an easier deck? I mean I suppose that's an argument, but wouldn't a better idea be to play the better deck and get better at it? I just saying that putting in effort to design, post, and playtest an inferior deck is kinda silly. If you'd have just practiced the good deck with all that effort you'd probably be winning tournaments by now. IJS
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