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  • posted a message on Upcoming Planeswalker Redirection Rule Change
    I'm curious how this will affect something like The Rack, since that's 8-rack's primary way to deal with a resolved planeswalker outside of Mutavault. Also curious how it will affect things like Atarka's Command since the each wording seems like it gets tricky.

    Honestly I'd rather they just not errata all of these cards and errata hexproof somehow, since it sounds like Leyline of Sanctity causes a lot of the headaches. I'm sure there are many holes in my argument, but it almost seems like if you had a way of indicating that the replacement effect takes precedence over hexproof then you'd only have to worry about this problem on a handful of cards instead of thousands.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    This is a local meta question, but I'm wondering what people's thoughts are about Solemnity in the sideboard?

    My meta has Affinity, Infect (!!!) and Eldrazi Tron as fairly consistent threats at my LGS and I'm wondering if it could help out as it:
    - Shuts down infect
    - Prevents Chalice, Ballista and Ratchet Bomb from doing things in ETron
    - Obviously hoses Affinity's greediest strategies
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  • posted a message on Perilous Voyage
    Maybe I'm alone in this feeling, but I love this card.

    I actually want to try this as tech for Ad Naus, definitely sideboard and potentially main board. It's a deck that loves to scry, and there are enough cmc 2 or less threads in Modern right now that I think the ability will trigger plenty often.
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  • posted a message on Hascon IMA (And Ixalan) Spoilers Thread!
    Fine, I'll ask the question since I'm starting to get worried...

    Where the **** is Uncle Istvan
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  • posted a message on {XLN} Ixalan spoiler discussion for Modern
    Wow, now Spell Pierce was spoiled too.

    Some major love for blue.
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  • posted a message on Sentinel Totem
    Oh good, now the threads about graveyard hate preference can get even longer... Laughing

    You always had:
    RiP: gets the job done but can be a deal draw and costs 2, symmetrical
    Crypt: cheap, targets, but doesn't net you a card. Asymmetrical
    Relic: chips away, draws a card, but you always have to leave 1 open, symmetrical
    Totem: scrys so it draws half a card and doesn't require 1 open, symmetrical

    Now we just need an artifact that costs 0 to cast, 1 to exile all and scrys on exile just to confuse things more.
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  • posted a message on Several XLN spoilers via Wizards WPN
    Re: Unclaimed Territory:


    Why they couldn't have put this in C17 astounds me.
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  • posted a message on Full Spoiler Up
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Woah woah woah

    No Riptide Laboratory reprint in Wizards?

    Wow dude. Just when that deck couldn't get more lame.

    Worse...it senergizes with the deck since the commanders abilities involve ETB wizards and it bounces the wizards back.

    And why in the world is it a $21 dollar land it only works with one tribe. And it taps for colorless

    Literally only $21 because the C17 designers all have parents who are cousins that also don't know which reprints should have been included.

    It was $5 this morning before the decklists were spoiled. How do I know? I tried to buy some and they sold out as I was going through checkout.
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  • posted a message on Full Spoiler Up
    I'm really disappointed with this. So much so that I actually canceled a preorder at $99 for the lot.

    I wanted to get them for a group of people who are just starting to get into Magic because I thought tribal would be fun, but these just feel clunky to me.

    I really want them to take the mana bases more seriously with these products. The Dragons deck boggles the mind; 18 basics and 15 ETBT lands seems terrible in a 5 color deck. Why they couldn't reprint Reflecting Pool, Ancient Ziggurat, City of Brass, or Mana Confluence? Even a lightweight Cavern for these decks that didn't have the anti-counter ability would have gone a long way.
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  • posted a message on Triskaidekaphobia in Modern
    Was batting this around too as a thought experiment.

    Part of me thinks a Jund shell would help because you can run Grove of the Burnwillows to help keep your opponent at the life total you want. Grove is also surprisingly effective against Shadow decks.

    Quote from ikariw »

    Hidetsugu's Second Rite also works in the deck as it give you a 2nd option to get them to

    Oh wow, how did I not know this card existed?
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  • posted a message on Mark of the God-Pharaoh (Fake)

    it apostrophe s

    it is controller discards a card.

    If you're going to produce a fake, at least get the ******* grammar right.
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  • posted a message on MTGGoldfish spoilers: Hate cards
    Quote from sss123 »
    Oh God, I just saw it...

    Solemnity + Phyrexian Unlife

    Doesn't this combo exist already:
    Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Phyrexian Unlife

    It do, the caveat being that creature removal is ubiquitous and enchantment removal can be fringe. For certain decks this is more or less a hard lock.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Ad Nauseam
    New card from HOU seems like a contender

    Supreme Will 2U
    Choose one:
    Counter unless controller pays 3
    Look at the top 4, choose one, rest on the bottom.

    Basically Leak or Impulse on 1 card for 1 more.

    I plan on trying it as a one of at the very least and going down to 3 Unlife since Unlife is so bad in multiples.

    Being able to put 3 cards on the bottom makes Spoils less dangerous of a gamble as well.

    Thoughts? I feel like it would be crazy to not at least try it. I might actually do 2 of them and cut to 2 Spoils.
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  • posted a message on Supreme Will & No Mercy
    I plan on trying Supreme Will in both Ad Nauseam and RUG Scapeshift
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  • posted a message on 4/24 Commander Banlist Update!
    Quote from jturphy »
    Quote from SonofaBith »

    Took 15 mins to go from $3 to $8, and another 15 mins to go from $8 to $13. Managed to snag 2 from StrikeZoneOnline for $3 apiece. Smile

    EDIT: well, I HAD purchased 2 copies at $3 from StrikeZoneOnline, before they cancelled on my as "out of stock". Last time I buy from them. Pissed me off too, I didn't buy these to flip, but to use. Also, at the time I could have bought from other sellers at $6 but didn't, now that ship has sailed.

    I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better, but from what I understand talking to some friends who run LGS's and sell through Crystal Commerce (which SZO does iirc), they have very poor inventory coordination mechanisms which causes issues like this to happen with some degree of regularity when things spike. The orders end up canceled automatically later on when Crystal Commerce reconciles the inventory. I know a few owners who get frustrated because they get hate mail from people accusing them of canceling because of the spike.

    Not saying no owners do that and not saying it's definitely a Crystal Commerce issue in this case, but knowing that made me more forgiving about this kind of thing.

    Using software that you know doesn't take these issues into account, and not paying attention to your inventory on ban day is not an excuse for poor business practices. In fact, those are poor business practices, which they compound by then cancelling orders because of their own poor business practices. They deserve every bit of bad publicity that comes doing this, and no one should understand or feel sorry for them.

    You're totally right, every small LGS should write their own distributed transaction system that can synchronize inventory across multiple third parties that have mixed modes of item reservation in real time under heavy load.

    Crystal Commerce is the biggest game in town when it comes to this. Also, how many resources do you legitimately expect stores to expend to hedge against ban announcements? Like anyone saw the Hulk unban coming.

    It's not poor business practice, it's a small store with limited resources using the major player in the market for their logistics.
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