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  • posted a message on Jund
    1. I don't think we need Maelstrom Pulse and if I'm very honest I don't like it very much. I played it quite a bit and it feels clunky and slow, something you don't want now. We have Trophy to deal with whatever we need and the rest should be cheaper removal since format is faster and Trophy isn't early game removal. I'm not against Pulse but I think we're better without it. If control becomes more popular against then it might be worth to play it since it's always good to have additional removal for their planeswalkers but for now we can survive without it.

    2. I'm on 3 Fulminator Mage. Tron is still an uphill battle and Fulminator Mage is good against other big mana and some other decks too. I think that 3 is the right number.

    3. Playing less than 4 LoTV seemed like a mistake in the past but she isn't very good in the current metagame so playing less than 4 isn't mistake anymore but it's actually correct most of the time unless you expect lots of big mana and combo decks. 3/1 split with LtLH seems to be the best configuration.

    4. I was thinking about cutting Ancient Grudge not long time ago (as weird as it sounds to play zero copies of it in the Jund's sb) but considering Hardened Scales and KCI perforamce I think we need it. I'm fine with playing one copy but wouldn't cut it entirely.

    5. Ipersonally like Surgical because it's quite versatile. It can act as a gy hate (although it isn't otherwise) against Dredge, is good against combo and can be useful against big mana decks along with Trophy.

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  • posted a message on Jund
    Unfortunately it really seems that Jund is more like a 45:55 deck. However as I said metagame doesn't seem friendly to fair decks and this isn't just for BGx decks but control sin't doing great either. At least there are some other decks on the top of the table I like so I can focus on them more until BGx becomes better. Dredge or better said Creeping Chill really turned the whole metagame on the head.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    I still don't think midrange decks are in a horrible place but I agree that they aren't in the best spot right now but I think this is true for basically every fair deck let it be midrange (Jund or any other) or control. Dredge change metagame a lot and made it worse for fair decks. This includes Jund and other midrange decks but I don't think this is because of the mu these decks have against Dredge (I believe that Jund has good Dredge mu if you pack enough gy hate). The problem here are decks that see an upstick because they have a good Dredge mu. These are mostly big mana decks which midrange struggles against and KCI which in my opinion also isn't good mu for midrange decks.

    That said I think you can still do well with Jund although it may not be the best option. I started to play Bant Spirits after looking at some better positioned decks but I'll still keep playing midrange decks too (at least BGx, Death's Shadow seems to be even worse positioned (at least Traverse version).
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  • posted a message on Abzan
    @HockeyPr0: I just responded to tjd2191 who ask why the archetype lacks results in the last year or so. If you find it killing constructive conversation in this threat then this is your problem. I just stated my opinion which can be backed up by the results (Abzan doesn't provide good results at the moment) and almost all BGx players play either BG Rock or Jund over it at the moment.

    This doesn't mean Abzan is bad deck in general neither I said this. It's just that BGx decks while having a lot in common they also differ in a few things. Because of that they are not equally good against specific metagame but one is better than the others but this can change per time. Right now Abzan isn't good choice but this doesn't mean it will stay like that forever. If midrange and most control decks become more popular then Abzan can be the BGx deck of choice.

    As far as Path goes I'm not fan of it. It has upsides and you can definitely play it but I'm not very excited about it (as a card). When I last time played Abzan I played the version of Reid Duke without Path and I would do the same if I played it now. So for me, when deciding whether to play Abzan (over other BGx decks) or not the main deciding factor is Lingering Souls-how good this card is. In the current metagame Lingering Souls just isn't good card so I think other BGx decks that offer you some other cards/colors are better options. I simply don't understand how can you think that Lingering Souls is a good card right now. Most of the top tier decks don't care about it. As you already mentioned UW control is one of them. Lingering Souls is good against Jeskai control but straight UW control with lots of sweepers fares a lot better against it. I think that BBE, Bob and Tracker are all better against it quite a bit than Lingering Souls.

    To sum it up it's certainly possible that Abzan will come back as the premiere choice of BGx decks when metagame will be suitable for it but right now it isn't. You can still play it if you want and might even do well if your local metagame supports it but otherwise it's better to play some other BGx deck.

    Again this is just my opinion as a part of conversation and not attempt to kill constructive conversation in this threat.

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  • posted a message on Abzan
    I think Abzan is really bad now so I'm not surprised that it doesn't put up results.

    White gives you access to Lingering Souls, Path to Exile and Stony Silence. I'm not a fan of Path and if I played Abzan I would go with Reid's Pathless version. Stony Silence is good but I don't think it's worth to play Abzan just because of that. With this said it comes mostly down to Lingering Souls which isn't good card at the moment. This means that if you play Abzan you basically play Rock with worse, more painful manabase so it's better to go with straight BG at this point. If you want to splash a color I think red is superior to white. Red gives you Bolt, Anger of the Gods and BBE and more. I think that at least these three mentioned cards are better than anything white can offer you at the moment.

    I said right after that Trophy was spoiled that BG Rock or Jund will be the best BGx deck moving forward because this makes the most sense to me according to what I sad above.

    Abzan is at its best when metagame is grindy with lots of midrange and most control decks. Right now these decks aren't popular enough. If this changes in the future and BGx becomes better and more popular then I can see Abzan becoming better choice. Until then I think Jund and Rock are just better options if you want to play BGx.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    The problem with discard against Living End is that they have lots of cascade spells. Even if you discard one they can just draw another and discard doesn't help against topdeck cascade spell. It can still win you games but it rarely works (at least for me but I'm not very lucky at Mtg so take this with a grain of salt).

    It's cool if they have Living End itself in their hand and you discard+Surgical it but this is even more unlikely to happen although I did it several times.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    Nice to see that we have a new, its own threat for Rock.

    Great work as always!
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  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the November 26, 2018 announcement?
    As always,

    Unban: nothing because there is no reason to

    Ban: Ancient Stirrings, results speak for themselves
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  • posted a message on Jund
    I don't understand how did he do so well with playing 22 lands along with 7 three drops and 4 BBE and 3 manlands. He must have been super lucky. The list is beyong any greed. I wouldn't go below 24 lands no matter what.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I'm not a big fan of deprive but I've might give it a try.

    Btw it seems Grixis Shadow did pretty well at Regionals (tbh midrange in general did quite well) (referring to the results already posted, 10 out of 14).

    Edit: Here's the link if anyone's interested: http://www.starcitygames.com/decks/results/format/28/event_ID/7/start_date/26-08-2018/end_date/18-11-2018/w_perc/0/g_perc/0/r_perc/0/b_perc/0/u_perc/0/a_perc/0/order_1/finish/limit/25/start_num/0/
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I might give Grixis Shadow a try again although I'm not very excited about Death's Shadow in the current metagame. It seems that at least Grixis Shadow has some game while Traverse Shadow is pretty much unplayable in my opinion.

    @Spsiegel: I wouldn't say Jund is extremely poorly positioned. I think it's fine but it's not amazing but I have feeling that none fair deck is in a great spot at the moment.

    Btw: DeFish congratulations on result.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I just decided to try this deck (played a few games before but then gave up on it). So I have a question about sideboarding. How do you sb vs Hardened Scales Affinity? I imagine Stony Silence is good but don't know about the rest and what to board out.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from gkourou »
    I replied to Hoogland saying:
    "You spoke about Modern decks lasting less than 3 rounds and mocked Modern, then we see a grindfest.
    Then you talked about Tron beating a fair midrange deck, then we see Faeries winning Tron. Don't be so hasty judging Modern"

    I earned a ban for that friendly and engaging comment, because obviously I can't understand "result based thinking".

    Hoogland on the other hand, was requesting Tasigur, Angler, Storm, Tronlands, and at least 10 more bans and a Treasure Cruise unban, without presenting any numbers or data. Also, during every new set, he is requesting a new ban.

    He has slowly and steadily become a "ban Tron" meme-caricature by now.

    That's Jeff Hoogland.

    I wouldn't bother with trying to convince him something at all.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Quote from Hume86 »
    Quote from Ayiluss »
    What do you guys think about Ancient Grudge? I saw plenty of lists without it and after some thinking I came to the conclusion that it's not very good right now. There's no (standard) Affinity, Hardened Scales Affinity and Lantern which makes Ancient Grudge a lot worse (since these are decks Grudge is the best Against) but I'm not sure about that.

    In case I cut Ancient Grudge what could I bring in instead of it?

    Here's my sb for reference:

    Side note: I play 1x Nihil Spellbomb in the md (that's why only 1 in the sb).

    I play 1-2 Abrade instead of Ancient Grudge. Slighty worse against Affinity and other artifact decks, but also an additional option against Humans, Spirits, etc.

    This doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. I'm not sure about it but it's something I'll consider if I decide to cut Grudge.
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