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  • posted a message on Cycle of Enchant Lands
    Will there be a cycle of Enchant lands that Rancor when the land dies? So far we have seen a Red one 6/1. We have seen a Blue one 3/2 w/flying. We have seen speculation on a green one 4/4 w trample??

    Here's what I would like to see.

    White Enchant Land - white mana
    Enchant Land
    :2mana:: ~This becomes a 1/5 creature that can block as if it were untapped.
    Blah blah back to your hand.


    :2mana:: This becomes a 2/4 Vigilance.

    I like the first one better cuz you can tap it for mana and then block with it ^_^.

    What about the black one? Fear doesn't seem right for some reason O_o. I guess cuz the Blue one already has flying and while attacking they are very similar. What else could black have?
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  • posted a message on An 'Eyes' Cycle?
    what are the other colors then?

    Red -
    Frost? Fire? Flame? Blazing? Angry?: Eyes
    Green - Jade? Moss? Snake?: Eyes
    Blue - Empty? Floating? Vacant? Moonlit? Twinkling... um. These don't make sense.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Shoal Speculation
    Well what is in White's wheel?

    Removing things from the game
    Land equalizing
    Preventing Damage
    Gaining life
    Preventing Attack
    Destroying attacking creatures
    Destroying Enchantments
    Creature pump in battle.

    well... I like the armageddon. What's in white's flavor for Kamigawa. We have seen temporarily removing creatures. Blocking while tapped. Vigilance. Bushido.

    That'd be cool. Target creature gets bushido X. Course the Red would not be as good then.

    Tap X creatures is good. Tap X permanents is good. this is difficult!
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  • posted a message on Patron of the Orochi, Patron of the Nezumi
    I don't like the specter on all your nezumi. It sounds cool, but it'd be nicer if the rats did something else. Maybe an activated ability like the Blue one. Or maybe instead of discard they put cards on top of their library. It'd be sooo cool if they did damage and then searched the library or graveyard for a rat and put it into your hand. What's good at instant speed? Whenever a creature you control attacks target player loses 1 life?

    What about the Green one. Does it have to be Patron of the Orochi? I guess it should be... hmm... Maybe..... whenever a creature you control deals damage... search your library for a land and put it into play.... nah that'd be too good.

    This is fun.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Hero's Demise & Aura Barbs
    Nevermind you already posted the card. Sounds really cool.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Shoal Speculation
    Man I would love it if the black one was

    Demonic Shoal - XBB
    Instant - Arcane
    You may remove a black card with a converted manacost of X from the game instead of paying blah blah blah.
    Search your library for a card with a converted manacost of X, reveal it, and put it into your hand. You lose X life. Shuffle your library afterwards.

    I'd like it if the White one was

    Sacred Shoal - XWW
    Instant - Arcane
    Alt cost X
    Remove up to X target attacking creatures from the game....

    Or ...
    Sorcery - Arcane
    Each player sacrifices X lands.

    I like that green one though... Destroy x arts and enchants... sounds pretty cool ...

    Or it could be XGG destroy up to X arts and the white could be XWW destroy up to X Enchants.

    That'd be cool too.

    Oh yeah! What if the black one was a really really lame card like Raise dead!

    You may return up to X creatures from your graveyard to your hand.

    We already have Hideous laughter so it wouldn't be cool for them to make it that. Maybe the cost won't always be XUU and XRR or XGG. Maybe it's X2BB and it destroys X target nonblack creatures.... or something. I dunno. This cycle is really cool Smile
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