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    posted a message on [Gaymers] - We put the Amen in Gay Men
    *sets up the pink podium. Assembles all the dusty pink bean bag chairs. Pours a single martini into a glass and raises it in the air*

    Good afternoon fabulous friends. A long time ago MTGSalvation started, who even remembers when. Around the same time a nugget of gold dissolved into unicorn tears and burst into a shrapnel blast of glitter and pink. From the remnants of this mythical nugget crawled out the little baby Gaymers. They were a paragon of emotion. They believed in the right to hot guys every month. They opened their arms, and pants, and found each other there. Arm in arm, hand to crotch, clad in burning leather and lubed up chains they developed a secret code which would indicate to others they were safe. In the clan forum they carved out a niche for themselves and set down the seats, they were simple stones back then, and decorated them with flamingo feathers. Those ***** flamingos had it coming. It started small but strong, and it eventually grew legs and fairy wings.

    Each thread created brought new people into the all-encompassing, warm and fuzzy pink folds of acceptance. I look now sadly into an empty room. There are cobwebs on the beanbags and the other clans have appropriated all our booze. But let it not be said that the emptiness we see before us was the precedent for this clan, but the exception. And don't believe for an instant that we are separated and sad. We just grew up and moved on. We found each other and nurtured friendships for a decade. We had our ups and down, our drama, our sad stories. We've seen Gaymers come and go, but we've seen them all grow.

    I found Gaymers at a time where I really needed it. And with the Gaymers I also found out who I was. I owe a lot to this clan, but most of all I owe it a good sendoff.

    For two months there has been little to no activity. For two weeks I've been asking if we think we should retire the clan and no one has responded. I've been asking someone to start a new thread for months with no success. It has been 11 years my friends, and it is with a heavy heart that I return these unicorn tears back to the universe.


    *Drinks then sets the glass down on the ground.*

    Moderators. Can you please move this clan to the retired thread? Thanks



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    posted a message on (Z–>)90º – (E–N²W)90ºt = 1?
    Well... Plus turning Niv Mizzet 90 degrees to draw a card will also deal one damage. That's the silliest flavor text I've seen in a long while.
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    posted a message on The Tattoo/Piercings Thread
    Quote from RUBRDUX »

    And I think piercings on private parts is lascivious, and says,"I have many partners." If someone mutilates their own sexual organs - they must not care who they screw. :slant:

    Wow that's such a blanket statement with no way to back it up. Your opinion is misguided. If you knew me at all you would not think that.

    Sorry if that seems rude.

    I have one piercing and have ever had one piercing. I think it's called a lorum piercing. It is not a prince albert.

    And as far as tattoos, I couldn't see myself getting one but I think almost all of my friends have them. Well... most of one side of my friends do. Let's see...

    Here's a picture of my friend's most recent tattoo. It's the one he got after the Pope died.
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