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    Today starts my volleyball league experience. I was on a team when I was in 5th grade but they never let me play because it was al girls -_-. So my only actual interaction with volleyball is watching my mom play when I was a kid, watching from the sidelines in 5th grade, and gazing off into the silvery clouds above daydreaming of a time in the future, or alternate reality where I might be good at volleyball. A place where all the mediocre looking accountants and 30 something secretaries and house moms might hold me in esteem and cheers to me at Cici's after the game before we all go back to our menial jobs.

    Or ya know, maybe it'll be fun and help me get into shape Smile

    Wish me luck!!!
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  • published the article Oatmeal Car Jump
    Woke up this morning a little early because I was supposed to go to work an hour before my regularly scheduled time. Got to my car and lo and behold my battery was dead. Saw a neighbor, whom I'd never met before, but she said her car was in the shop so I'm out of luck there. Called a few friends nearby and finally got a hold of one of them who said she'd be over in a few.

    In the meanwhile I made oatmeal. To keep my peace of mind for my oatmeal's freshness I had, long ago, sealed it up in a clear rubbermaid container. However, for whatever reason, I didn't save the cooking instructions; therefore, I hadn't made oatmeal in a long time. Sure I could have looked it up online but by the time I think about it it's time to do something else. Except this morning I noticed that I was keeping straws in a cylindrical container and voila! I discovered I'd had the oatmeal cooking instructions all along! Yes. I feel stupid.

    My friend came over shortly after I finished my meal (the first breakfast I've eaten in months) in her VW. Her rear window was sporting the HRC equality sticker I bought when I was in the gayborhood. It was heartening to say the least Smile

    Together we got my car jumped and I made it to work about 40 minutes late (or 20 minutes early depending on how you look at it.)

    The funny thing is, it's one of my coworker's birthdays today. The presents we got him include tic tacs (because he eats them constantly while he works), a scooby doo bedecked "You're the best grandpa ever, happy father's day" card, and ell oh ell a set of jumper cables.

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    How long has this blog thing been on here?!
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