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  • posted a message on [MCD] Fires Archetype
    I like Lightning Mauler for this archetype. As you mention your hard hitters cost three mana so it curves nicely if you don't have a mana dork on turn 1. Sure you are locked into one creature, but the opponent is heavily incentivized to kill the other soulbound creature, freeing your Mauler for the next threat.

    Another card that has played well is Rabbit Battery. When things go perfectly, it is awkward because of the activation cost, but that is rarely the case. It sticks around through wraths and has the bonus of being a creature (compared to Lightning Greaves for example). Definite step down from the others, but at one mana it is solid!
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    With the increase in removal/interaction efficiency (often costing 1 or 2 mana), I have a really tough time 5+ mana cards that don't do anything when you cast/they etb. So easy Warchief for me.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    In a cube with so few slots, I think I would opt for versatility. So Inquisition would be my pick over the Hymn as the mana prohibits Hymn from fitting in many decks.
    I think Urza is a cool build around that can function by itself (2 bodies, a little ramp, mana sink).
    Then I would pick either Venser or Glen as staple Blue cards that will play well in all decks. I lean towards Venser as I love flash and the board impact it can provide, but you can't really go wrong.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret Prison
    I'd love to see 4 Baleful Strix in your list. They replace themselves and serve as a nice deterrent since it trades with everything. They smooth out your draws nicely too and are artifacts for Tezzeret. I would probably replace the Thoughtseizes that aren't great in MP games.

    I also like cards like Chromatic Star as cantrips to complement your Baubles. I would remove the Jars that seem low impact. They would also help with your Red splash.

    If you do add Strix + Stars in addition to the Baubles,Lurrus of the Dream-Den and Emry, Lurker of the Loch both become quite appealing as card advantage engines. That might be taking the deck in a different direction though.
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  • posted a message on Advice for Storm variant
    Does Tidespout Tyrant or Hullbreaker Horror fit the bill?

    Tyrant can be brutal if reanimated early and you can chain a few free spells together to bounce their lands. Horror hits harder, but can't target lands. It is strong at stalling them by turning all your spells into Venser, Shaper Savants (which you should have plenty of since you are a storm deck).
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Quote from Breathe1234 »
    1. Opt - Blue slots are too competitive. I find these do nothing cards that don't really have any significant contributes to an archetype should not be played.

    Its unlikely for people (at least in my group) to draft blue decks without splashing at least two colors - blue cards are too competitive. I've found these decks struggle with consistent mana in the early turns (ETB tapped lands, prefer to play shock lands tapped to avoid taking damage etc.)

    Maybe I am not understanding this correctly, but aren't Opt and others the perfect cards to help decks struggling with consistent mana? Using your mana in the early turns to set up future draws is exactly what you want to be doing. Also, they have late game value where you can send unwanted lands to the bottom and keep gas.
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  • posted a message on Mono black spells
    Got to play with the BR deck yesterday in 4 player FFA games. The deck was good! I got to go off with Citadel and Onyx a few times and it was fun. A Top would definitely be a good addition, but playing online with Top is slow and painful so I skipped it.
    I got to go off with a Burning Wish for Past in Flames with a juicy GY, cast triple Dark Ritual to cast Onyx and then chain some cantrips for the win, while at one life.
    Lot's of fun, but not super interactive deck. The combo turns is just you doing your thing while everybody watches.
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  • posted a message on Blue control deck for casual play
    For a good control deck, I think you need to find a solid win condition and some good wraths to control the board.

    I like Whelming Wave as a way to bounce everything for cheap (4 mana and price wise).
    Comet Storm could be a nice win condition if you are able to generate a lot of mana.

    To make that mana, Storm-Kiln Artist seems like it would be good for a spell based deck. Mana Geyser is also a solid ritual effect.

    Then you play some cards that let you chain through your deck like Expressive Iteration, Curate and some more interaction like counter magic. A few big draw spells would probably be good too for the mid-late game.

    I am really rusty with these types of decks so this might not be the best advice, but no one has responded yet so hopefully this is better than nothing!
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  • posted a message on Burn Birgi Burn
    I really like Manamorphose in these types of decks. With Birgi it's a ritual effect that draws you a card. It effectively allows you to run a 56 card deck.

    Chain Lightning looks pretty bad, especially since you already have 4 bolts. I understand you need some 1 drops for Arcanist, but I'd rather see some more cantrips like Crash Through, Warlord's Fury or my favorite Overmaster. These are nice since you don't have to target anything and Overmaster can randomly protect your Wheels from counter magic.

    With Birgi, these are effectively free and draw you towards your business spells. Speaking of Birgi, I would probably play 3 as it seems like a key card for your deck (maybe shaving a ritual effect or an Expertise).

    Whatever direction you chose to go, the deck looks super fun!
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  • posted a message on Abzan lifegain
    Have you thought about whether you want to maximize life gain triggers (think Archangel of Thune) or go for max life (think Serra Ascendant)?
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  • posted a message on Mono black spells
    It just hit me. The missing piece to the BR deck is actually Burning Wish.

    It gets all the goodies:

    I also want another cantrip and settled on Overmaster as a way to cycle through my deck and randomly protect my spells.
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  • posted a message on Mono black spells
    That's kind of the problem though with my build. I want to play spells and I have random permanents that don't advance my game plan. The Specter idea is a great one, but I think I'll be trying something a little different. Here is the updated list, it's now Rakdos

    What I like about this build is that I have more early game filtering and ramp.
    Dockside Extortionist is really good here since he ramps me easily to my 6 drops and can also fuel the sacrifice part of the Citadel.

    Manamorphose is perfect to chain spells together and fix mana.

    Faithless Looting helps me clear the top of the library for Citadel as well as count as 2 spells for Onyx.

    Cut // Ribbons is cheap removal that plays well from the GY late game. Both Onyx and Looting dump things to the GY so having these lying around can be sweet.

    I am cheating on lands, but I should be able to get there anyways between the filtering of Looting and Manamorphose and the ramp of Extortionist.

    I am 5 slots away from 60 cards. I would love more cards like Manamorphose that let me chain spells. Any ides?
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  • posted a message on Mono black spells
    After testing the deck out in goldfish mode, I have to be real. This should just be UB deck with way fewer lands and a ton of cantrips. I wanted to try the mono black version first, but I need more manipulation to avoid flooding and finding impactful spells.
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  • posted a message on Mono black spells
    I haven't played MP in a while and wanted an outside look for a deck I am working on. We are using Legacy banned list (since this isn't in person, any card price within the banned list is acceptable). We have a no infinite combo rule and this is for 5 player FFA.

    I want to try the new Magecraft cards and an old favorite of mine Bolas's Citadel. I realize that this isn't necessarily the optimal mono-black strategy, but I am not looking for that.

    The goal is to "storm" everyone out with Onyx and either cheap spells or Bolas' Citadel. I really like the adventure creatures as both spells and board presence. Grey Merchant clearly isn't at it's best, but that card is just dumb and 8 life and a body for 5 mana is still decent.
    I'm hoping that Plumb the Forbidden will help with a combo finish if Sedgemoor Witch did it's job of providing random bodies.

    Cling to Dust is just a 1 mana cantrip that can be recurred late if I am out of gas. Bonus points for small GY hate.

    I've been thinking of adding green for some ramp (stuff like Nature's Lore and Harrow that ETBs untapped meaning you can chain more spells).

    Any feedback appreciated!
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