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  • posted a message on First Impressions of BoK - What'd You Get?
    So far, I think I've opened just under a box and a half of BOK, and I think it's a very balanced set. It has a few bombs, but not that many for a set of this size; there's an inherit quality to a lot of the cards, and the crap of the set isn't that bad.

    I would have enjoyed getting more than my 9 Prerelease Ink-Eyes, though, as I couldn't match my 18 Prerelease Ryuseis. I also got 2 Final Judgment, 2 Jitte, Tendo, and just a lot of generic variety.
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  • posted a message on Why Buy Boxes?
    I like opening boxes because it changes your binder, adding pure variety into a binder that may have waned down into only bad cards and constructed bombs. 36 additional rares and a few chase uncommons added to a binder that you didn't expect is something that I enjoy.

    I will note that the last set that I bought a full box for was Legions. I've found alternate, more effective ways to get my packs and boxes.
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  • posted a message on Threads of Disloyalty
    It is on the Ishi-Ishi, controlled by the player who owns the Ishi-Ishi.

    It sounds complicated, but it isn't. With Threads, you gain control of Ishi-Ishi, but nothing happens to Tenza in terms of control; however, since it's attached to the creature, it follows it. So, you do not have control of the equip ability on Tenza, but you both have Ishi-Ishi and (until your opponent unequips Tenza) the bonus that Tenza gives Ishi-Ishi.
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  • posted a message on Make-up Prerelease Announced for Much of North-Eastern US
    But it's good to know that madison area has moved the prelease to a different time... we had over 14 inches there I think

    8, and Misty was really nice both days.

    Hey, I'm fine with this; more judging experience for me, and these are a great time for judges.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Mono-Green Beats
    MonoGreenBeats v.2.0

    >>> Lands (22)
    22 Forest

    >>> Creatures (24)
    04 Birds of Paradise
    04 Sakura-Tribe Elder
    04 Eternal Witness
    04 Troll Ascetic
    03 Fangren Firstborn
    03 Iwamori of the Open Fist
    02 Jugan, the Rising Star

    >>> Spells (16)
    04 Kodama's Reach
    03 Oxidize
    03 Tel-Jilad Justice
    04 Beacon of Creation
    02 Rude Awakening

    >>> Sideboard
    04 Karstoderm (Replace Iwamori and artifact-hate)
    04 Isao, Enlightened Bushi (Replace Ascetic and artifact-hate)

    Questions I have been asked about this deck:

    >Q: How's this different from Beacon decks?
    I just like to think of it this way: Beacon decks win with Beacon, this deck doesn't need it. Think of this deck as the dream of a green player; no combat tricks, no single basis of strategy, just pure power forcing through.

    >Q: Where's the Blasting Station/Meloku? Without it, it looks crappy.
    Station: The deck isn't designed to be a combo between two cards. It's a pure-aggro deck primarily designed to defeat Raffinity.
    Meloku: Meloku decks are a little different, and I feel they're a little slow for what I'm looking for.

    >Q: What about Blinkmoth Nexus/Okina?
    Originally, this deck did have an Okina in it, but I've taken out all non-forests, since what they can do is countered by what they don't do, which is help Beacon of Creation. People have said that I should have Nexus in for a target for Jugan/Firstborn, but I counter that Birds of Paradise does the same thing, and is more effective for the deck.

    >Q: What's the deck's record?
    I hate to say this, but within Standard it (pre-BOK version) is at 13-0. 7 wins are against Raffinity (4 games from what I consider a sub-par build), another 3 from a very promising Honden build, and the rest from a very nice Mono-Blue Shackles deck. Outside of standard, it's 0-1. (Extended Enchantress)

    >Q: What about Might of Oaks/Blanchwood Armor/Echoing Courage
    As of right now, the synergy I choose is in Fangren Firstborn, which is simply more permanent. I am a person who loves synergy in a deck, but this deck is all about brute force.

    If there's someone out there who's big on Magic Online, I heard over the prerelease (this was a hit deck) that a form of this deck has been taking online by storm to the point that some decks are countering with SB Thunderstaffs against the Beacon and early game. Is any of this true?
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  • posted a message on New Betrayers of Kamigawa FULL Spoiler (165/165)
    Well, we still need the text for:

    Indebted Samurai
    Heartless Hidetsugu
    Mannichi, the Fevered Dream
    Shizuko, Caller of Autumn

    Don't mean to sound pessimistic, but let's not say this is a complete spoiler if we only know the full checklist and not the full spoiler.
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  • posted a message on Error in Spoiler
    In Slumbering Tora...

    Discard a Spirit or Arcane card: Slumbering Tora becomes an X/X artifact creature until end of turn, where X is the discarded card's perverted mana cost.
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  • posted a message on Who is going to what Pre-Release?
    I will be judging at the Madison, WI prerelease, probably doing a lot of the drafts.
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  • posted a message on How Many MTG cards do you own?
    It's something around 20,000 for me, give or take a couple grand. about 1/4 is before Invasion, and about 5000 for every block since Onslaught.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] ten arts, aka "WTF OMG IBM LOL"
    The second overall pic (1st post, 2nd pic) is Final Judgement, or at least that's what it says in the credit for the SCRYE cover art, which is that image.
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