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    posted a message on [IKO] - Weekly MTG Spoilers - Tricycle Lands!
    At first I was: "Man, the Tarkir Wedges are rare because you can cycle them?"
    Then I saw they were fetchable tricycles and I was like: "Glad I have all those Rare wildcards stored on Arena!"
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    posted a message on [IKO] Statement on Spacegodzilla
    This is a good change. We're all going to lose or know someone who will lose someone to COVID-19, leaving this on a card will just accentuate the chance the people will troll others by waving the card at them and stuff. Since Judges rarely enforce unsportsmanlike, this would be a nightmare at live events.
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    posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    Dig should go and I'd get Thassa's Oracle over Inverter, as it's likely do to problematic stuff as more and more stuff gets added to Standard.
    I will be jamming the Inverter combo in my Sultai dredgreless; it does not really mesh with what the deck wants to do, but if I can just do "Woops I win" and get more store credit or $, I'm ok with that.

    Lotus Field is fine. You can deal with it with Damping Sphere, the new equip + Assassin's Trophy or Field of Ruin, etc.
    It's a combo deck, but it is fair as far as this format goes.
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    posted a message on [THB] Gray Mercant of Asphodel
    Quote from Whalaqee »
    Turn 3: Underworld Dreams
    Turn 4: Deathless Knight
    Turn 5: GARY for an 18 point-life swing.

    This is sweet! Grin
    I was thinking more in a Fires of Invention shell, drop 2 Cavaliers, then this bad boy x 2 the turn after.
    Use Cavalier of Gales to sift for your options muhahaha!
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    posted a message on {C19} Mystic intelect full deck list + command zone preview card - Elsha of the Infinite
    Commander is bonkers.
    Sun Titan is a fine reprint, they are not expensive but almost always sold out in local stores.
    Glad to see the decks are branching out in different directions, will give brewers a ton of fun.
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    posted a message on [C19] Dockside Extortionist
    This is a fine card, and the type of card they should be printing for the format. Punitive against mana-rock heavy decks, gives you a short-term boost and isn't egregiously expensive to play. Nice work here.
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    posted a message on C19 Another Bust?
    It's too early to call these a bust. There are interesting commanders and some sweet new cards. The reprints are fine to mediocre. Seedborn Muse is welcome, but they could have printed Solemn Simulacrum or Altar of Dementia or even some jank like cyc;e duals, the Jace that mills people, or even the new Lazav since it cares about the grave.

    I'm obviously interested in the Rakdos deck, since it hits right notes in my Xantcha, but probably singles again this year.
    I really feel that they should axe the Commander pre-cons for a period and just do a booster box of Commander staples. Tack on an unwieldy draft format if you must, but just drop a reprint box with staples (Solemn, Failing that, some other limited product that can insert them back, such as Battlebond or Conspiracy.
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    posted a message on Major changes to Magic announced at SDCC? (New booster variants and premium styles)
    All of this is leaving me *shrug*?
    The all-foil boosters are great, but I won't get them unless there are absolute bombs in the set.
    Throne of Eldraine looks thematically awesome, but as I tweeted to Magic, this looks like another set without Zendikar fetches or other Modern/Eternal staples being re-printed.

    I don't see anything here that would be a "Major Change". That would involve retiring an eternal format, formalizing a "staples" reprint policy or somesuch.
    The 25th year was super cool for a bunch of reasons, but this year has been pretty hit and miss.
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    posted a message on Zhalfirin Decoy
    Kind of disappointing it did not have Flanking, seeng it's a Zhalfirin. This will probably be fine if there's token generation of some sort at instant speed.
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    posted a message on Sisay, Weatherlight Captain
    Ok, so this set is above average for Modern and simply bonkers for...Commander? How weird is this.

    Sisay looks great in this iteration too, damn.
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