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  • posted a message on Arjun + Reliquary Stone
    You can always just discard cards to Mind Over Matterto limit your card draw. The whole concept is exciting but not very good. Its the kind of EDH I wish everyone played because it's more fun.
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  • posted a message on Regional PTQ Promo 2016 - Snapcaster Mage
    That art is insultingly bad. The guy looks fine, but he looks like he is dancing. The red aura makes no sense and there is literally nothing going on in the background.
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  • posted a message on Trade for battle for zendikar fat packs?
    Fetches are definitely not at their max. Think about it this way, opening 2 fat pack s with 6 fetches would be awesome, and this person is guaranteed those odds making this trade.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Cutthroat Aristocrats
    Bone Splinters is just such a bad top deck when your behind. I just can't get on any bandwagon using that card. It's been in standard 3 times now and had never been good.
    I have a 4c list I'll post in a few days once I have some more testing and settle on a list I enjoy. I can't leave Butcher alone.
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  • posted a message on The best timing to buy expedition ?
    Now is the time to buy the Tango lands if you are getting those at all. Its probably a good time to get everything If you can. They might go a smidge lower before they start to slowly rise.
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  • posted a message on Blue Black Processor Control template: Reality Shift, Wasteland Strangler, Ulamog's Nullifier
    Ive been playing this since release. You can run a ton of exile and still really cant get away with more than a couple processors. The Nulifier has been the best in my testing, but I have the Strangler in the board for aggro matchups. Even then I only have 3 of each, because they are so bad in multiples unless the opponent is delving a ton.
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  • posted a message on This set is the worst magic set
    But....one of the strongest standards of all time was 2-3 blocks right after Lorwyn....there was a deck in standad that outside of a few cards and land base was played in legacy.
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  • posted a message on Has anyone bought NM expeditions from online vendors?
    I've seen exactly one expedition (the one I pulled) with damage on the right side. Strangely enough, the corners on the right are square as well.
    Every other expedition I have seen IRL (which isn't a ton mind you, probably around 20) has been normal corner and no damage.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Standard Huge Gainers
    Liliana of the Veil was the last 80$ card in standard. In fact, it was 90.
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  • posted a message on SCG Indy Standard Open -- 10/3-4
    He also didn't get rid of his Hangarback Walker after that Tragic Arrogance. Sloppy play sure does seem bad when it happens so frequently in your favor.....
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  • posted a message on Big Box Promo - Stocking Tiger
    I love this idea! I used to get these every year from a local shop, but then they started eBaying them, and they got way harder to get a hold of. I put them in EDH decks and goofy casual decks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Huge Gainers
    I love when a card sells out and someone throws it on TCG for an extraneous price and people just blindly follow it. That's how these guys make there money, and they wouldn't still be doing it if it didn't work. If there are no copy's anywhere and the only ones are on TCG are crazy, its probably not real.
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  • posted a message on Super Mario Maker
    For those of you who have Mario Maker, I have finished my first World. I am approaching the game with the mindset to make standard Nintendo esque Mario levels. The more difficult aspect is going to involve the costumes.
    My concept is going to be fairly consistent throughout. The premise is that Mario had his friends locked away throughout Mushroom Kingdom, and its your job to find them. Every level has a hidden ? Block with a character hidden inside, and to get what would be 100 Percent completion you must get that character to the flag pole. If that proves to be to challenging, the levels are also made to be able to just run through, though that is usually a bit easier. Anyways, here are the first 4 level codes, please rate my levels so I can get on those leaderboards!

    Course 1: Toad is Keeping an Eye on You!
    Code: 8CE7-0000-0027-3BEE
    Course 2: DK Hit the Jackpot!
    Code: 7E8B-0000-0027-5142
    Course 3: Finding Fish Finds Luigi!
    Code: 2927-0000-0027-5AC5
    Course 4: Goomba's Revenge
    Code: 3DA4-0000-0027-692F

    I hope everybody has fun, I will upload my next set of Levels when they are completed.

    Edit: Second set of levels are complete!

    My next set of levels are up!
    I tried to take smaller steps this time since the Luigi level was a bit to complicated, It will probably end up removed and revamped, but not until I am finished with the rest of my levels.

    Swim Swiftly for Inkling Girl!
    Rosalina's Garden Grief!
    Luigi's Haunted Mansion!
    Your Princess is in This Castle!
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  • posted a message on Bx Devotion
    Hey guys! I'm glad to see this revived and thriving! I'm going back to basics with my original concept with new additions for a tournament tomorrow, and wanted to see where the deck has gone since I last played it so long ago. There were so many iterations of the deck right around when I stopped playing it, some aristocrat style decks and some weenie hordes that I never got to try. I always like to play decks that aren't expected, which leads to a lot of brewing, but Mill, Waste Not, and Faeries haven't done me as well as my original baby Mono B Devotion.
    Thanks to Oopsimsorry for taking over and helping the place grow!
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  • posted a message on Mythic Elemental Creature (corrected)
    He has also been slightly off on quite a few. Its probably like a lot have people said, just like the phantoms from the old days.
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