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  • posted a message on Sarkhan turned into a frog
    He loses all abilities. Indestructible is an ability, so he is no longer indestructible.
    As for the difference between keywords and ability words, it's actually pretty simple:
    - Keywords have rules text embedded in them, like flight or trample. All you need is the keyword.
    - Ability words do not have rules text embedded in them. They are as important as flavor text, from a game perspective. Ability words just tie mechanics together, like metalcraft or ferocious. Ability words don't all have the same rules meaning, they just group related abilities together. As such, they always need actual rules text following them explaining the ability. Just check out a couple different metalcraft cards. They all relate to 3-or-more-artifacts, but the effects of them are different. 'Metalcraft' doesn't mean anything to the game, it's just there to let the player know thematically that it's similar to other metalcraft abilities.
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  • posted a message on What clan will you be going tonight?
    I picked Temur and opened Surrak, but then got all the Abzan rares, so I built Abzan. Dat removal.
    Abzan seemed to be the most preferred clan, and also performed the best at our midnight release. Quite a few games went to turns, but outlast was pretty difficult to handle in a lot of cases.
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  • posted a message on What would you first pick? (#2)
    I went with Bring Low as some flexible removal, but the other choices picked so far (Ascendency, Mandrills, and Winterflame) all seem pretty reasonable to me. If I weren't concerned about milling myself out with Ascendency, I would go straight for that. Mandrills are pretty amazing and will go in almost every deck, but I prefer to grab removal over creatures, if they're roughly equal.
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  • posted a message on KTK Top 10 cards
    I've got a pretty bad record of predicting cards, but these are the ones that caught my eye for top constructed playability, in no particular order:

    Siege Rhino
    Dig through Time
    Wingmate Roc
    Clever Impersonator
    Grim Haruspex
    Murderous Cut
    Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
    Ride Down
    Savage Knuckleblade
    Sultai Charm

    There are some more I'd add on for constructed viability, such as Mantis Rider, most of the other charms, and of course fetchlands, but these are my top 10.
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  • posted a message on What would you first pick? (#1)
    Ghostfire Blade seemed like the strongest, easily. Creatures appear to be fairly plentiful in this set, so I'm expecting the ground to get clogged up pretty easily and quickly. Ghostfire Blade's really efficient for a +2/+2 equipment, and since there aren't any really amazing cards here, it'll let me see another pack before settling into any color.

    Second thoughts go to Arrow Storm, Unyielding Kumar, Abzan Guide, and Kin-Tree Invocation, in that order. I'm on the fence about the roughrider, still. It's a strong body, and with his ability, he can probably keep himself from trading easily, so I'm probably underestimating him, but he's also three colors. I do like Mardu, but not enough to commit to it first pick. The previous choices are a lot easier to stick into a deck.
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  • posted a message on Now that's I've seen a few cards, I wish the Sultai had never gotten Delve as a mechanic
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Sultai got screwed so hard in the competitive card department.

    Jeskai gets Mantis Rider.
    Temur gets Savage Knuckleblade
    Abza gets Siege Rhino
    Mardu gets Butcher of the Horde

    Sultai? Here's the garbage that they get for the rare, "pushed" creature:
    Kheru Lich Lord

    What a huge joke.

    I can empathize with not getting the sort of cards you were looking for in a given clan (Temur did not turn out how I would have liked), but I'm pretty sure Sultai got some of the best utility, regardless of how they hold in the creature department. People are a lot more excited for Dig through Time than they are for any other rare, their charm is considered one of the best, and even Murderous Cut has the potential to see standard play as 1-mana hard removal. I don't think Sultai's much of a joke.
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  • posted a message on Winterflame
    Hey, only worse than electrolyze if you wanted to split the damage. Against a 3/2 and a 3/3, I'd take this.
    I'll still take this, I really like this a lot Smile
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  • posted a message on Bear's Companion - Mark Rosewater Twitter Preview
    Quote from Squall »
    The color pie issue with this card is just one of the reasons we got a wedge set rather than a wedge block. Three-colored cards are difficult to design, and a three-color theme naturally leads to factions that have themes of their own. You solve this problem by designing three-colored cards that fit the factions, even if they don't really fit each one of its colors. Just remember Alara and the likes of Fire-Field Ogre. Hell, even two-colored factions are not safe from this: why couldn't Shambleshark be mono-blue? Because it's so Simic, that's why.

    Blue doesn't get a 2/1 for 1U (or even UU) with 2 bonuses. That's why Shambleshark is multi-color. Blue is 5th on the list for creatures according to WotC.

    They do when it's convenient for Wizards. Snapcaster readily comes to mind.

    Not that I'm disagreeing. I don't think multicolor cards need to have properties of every color. As long as the design and flavor match a tri-color card, it's fine to make it tri-color.
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  • posted a message on 9/9 Mothership Previews - Butcher of the Horde, Kheru Lich Lord, Clan Banners!
    Between all the land cycles and these banners, I'm starting to wonder if this set is going to feel like the third set of RTR, with all its mana fixing and utility shoved in to make the set work in limited. I was so tired of opening cluestones, I didn't want to open another pack :\
    I really want to like a wedge set, though. Hopefully the larger size will help compensate for the number of utility fixing involved.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Previews (9/8): Refuge lands and 4 new cards!
    I see they did end up regretting giving the refuges plane-specific names. Honestly, I didn't expect the refuges to be reprinted ever. I preferred the cleaner design of the gates (minus the subtype), but whatever. Mana fixing for limited is welcome, and now we have it at all rarities.

    Edit: Oh yes, prowess on Pearl Lake Ancient is a slap in the face to anyone playing Jeskai. Until now, I had assumed they were aware of how limited a mechanic it was, and would be seeking creative ways to put it on cards, but putting it on this is pretty obviously pointless.
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  • posted a message on Cards from WotC
    Instead you get to be surprised about why your opponent always seems to have more cards than you, and why can't you deal with this lousy 2/2 morphed creature?? Grin
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  • posted a message on Cards from WotC
    Augh. Maro's all, "No, don't worry, Temur mechanic has a name!"
    Naya mechanic was boring. Slapping a keyword on it doesn't make it any better. Of all the possibilities they had for RGU, they went with a power-matters mechanic?
    Artwork for Icefeather Aven is amazing, though.
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  • posted a message on All PAX spoilers!
    Quote from tiago_tm »
    Probably that XXBBBB spell Maro mentioned would impact standard. That's my guess.

    Where did you see about this?

    Delve is a fine keyword that uses the GY as another mana source, which is interesting because it is a limited resource. If the cards are well designed, its the kind of keyword that makes you think before playing. I like the charm, and the outlast card is interesting

    http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/ld/developing-wedges-2014-08-29 -
    " Next week, I'm back with a pretty exciting preview card, one that I am almost positive will make a splash in Standard, despite its pretty steep cost— XXBBBB."

    Sorry, it wasn't Maro, I had misremembered the quote.
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  • posted a message on All PAX spoilers!
    Probably that XXBBBB spell Maro mentioned would impact standard. That's my guess.
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  • posted a message on PAX Prime - 9 cards + 2 mechanics released!
    Quote from Inchtall »
    I was iffy between Jeskai, Sultai, and Abzan, and based on what we see here, I'm going Sultai. I love that charm, and using Commune with the Gods, Satyr Wayfinder, and Necromancer's Assistant, we could alright start making a Delve deck.

    Now, we wait for an enchantment that lets you exile from your opponent's graveyards to cast it's Delve cost.

    (just a quick question, if I exile 7 cards from my library while casting Necropolis Fiend, does that essentially mean he now costs BB?

    You have to exile from your graveyard for Delve, but yes, if you exile 7 from your graveyard, he is a mere BB.
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