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  • posted a message on The Only Way You Leave [The Family] is in a Bodybag (Mafia Theory & Discussion)
    Would that I could! Just been a crazy few years, and now I done went and got all married-like. But maybe one day soon I can make a one-game reappearance Smile
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  • posted a message on The Only Way You Leave [The Family] is in a Bodybag (Mafia Theory & Discussion)
    Yo guys and gals. Miss every one of you <3
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  • posted a message on MTGS Mafia Redux 2 - Signup Thread - Closed
    I'm not quite ready to devote my full attention to mafia yet, having just recently returned to full health, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to profess my love for the original MTGS Mafia Redux game. It will be strange to see a Xyre game of only moderate complexity :p

    I wish I could sign up, but alas, I cannot. Will surely be /spectating as soon as it becomes available.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    I hate to do this, but I don't foresee being able to post for a while as this sickness is not improving. I slept 15 hours last night and I can't stop vomiting, so I have to ask for a replacement.

    Again, I am truly sorry to put Iso and everyone else in this position, but my health has to come first.
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  • posted a message on Chime Mafia Signups - CLOSED
    Unfortunately, I have to /out.
    Some nasty sickness has come over me, and I have to take a break from mafia.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Posted yesterday, nor sure how that's "disappearing".
    Worked 12 hours today, left sick, in bed, maybe going to hospital.
    Will post when able.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Holy cow, when did this game become a runaway train of posting?

    Quote from Cantripmancer »

    EWP: @AlphaI: Didn't know there was a "Beware of Listmakers" tell. Why is that scummy? He asked, I was curious myself, and I had time to go through the thread.

    I’ve found it to be generally true that players (especially non-veterans) who respond to requests for unofficial vote counts or make “helpful” lists of claim info, events, etc…are often doing so in an attempt to appear helpful. It also helps them bolster their posting, and this tell has uncovered scum on several occasions.
    Fortunately, your ruminations on the setup and your blunt reasoning for not wanting to go along with the hospital plan have me fairly convinced you are town now. Yet another reason I like discussion of this plan.

    Quote from kpaca »
    Yep. This is like a carbon copy of your behavior. I invite everyone to read Cyan in Indiana Jones. Brilliantly telling me I dont make sense in the first post and then filling the rest in with line after line of nothing rhetoric.

    Cyan did seem disengaged early, but I don’t agree with this criticism. His posts since then have been well-reasoned and they are certainly valid viewpoints, even though you obviously don’t agree with them.

    Quote from Wheat_Grinder »
    I'm Harry Mason.

    I am Town.

    My title is Forensic Investigator. Once per day I can target a dead guy and see what pathogens they were infected with, as well as what non-human entities targeted them, if any.

    This is interesting, because it seems a plausible claim, and from reading up on Saddler (who seems to have non-human forms as a boss in RE), I could see this role existing as a way to out the cult leader.

    Which would give AsianInvasion every reason to react thusly to the claim:
    Quote from AsianInvasion »
    That seems super easy to fake. The "non-human" aspect of your claim means that you can conveniently "not see" who killed someone. I also don't see how knowing what a dead player was infected with helps with scumhunting. "Aha, he lied about being infected! Let's lynch...oh wait."


    Quote from Maokun »
    Fair enough. And now, the blind has fallen from my eyes and I can see: You are indeed kpaca, who leads the town.

    Now I just need to figure whether you are leading it towards green pastures or towards the slaughterhouse

    Oof…maybe I should reconsider my town read of you.

    Quote from SilverSihhe »
    I'll close by noting that I'm okay with this nascent Proph wagon, because I do remember reading along with a game where Proph was lurking hardcore and then flipped either neutral or scum. I can't remember off the top of my head which game it was, but I do recall precedent. However, I don't think that we should be letting Wheat off this easily, and until/unless someone can explain to me why this is a good idea, I'm comfortable leaving my vote on him. I'm not seeing any reason to do so from where I'm sitting.

    And yes, in case you were wondering, it would also make sense for the presumed cult leader to be bullish on getting rid of W_G’s role.

    Quote from Seppel »
    He's so quick to defend that he never voted wheat, as if that's supposed to be a point in his favor. Why should it? Being wrong isn't a scumtell, after all.

    No, what he knows here is that Wheat is town, and that he shouldn't be persecuted for (fake)voting him.

    Very nice. Lynching SS today and Asian or Proph tomorrow seems like a good idea.

    Quote from Megiddo »
    Though I am still bothered as to why AI has the plagas at all now.

    Ahyup. My thoughts exactly. I could even see them as co-cult leaders starting off with a QT, and only being allowed to recruit one player a night.

    In the end, I really can’t shake this: Saddler

    I mean, there’s taking creative liberties with a role, but then there’s that description of the guy.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Quote from Cantripmancer

    I know I'm not the mod, but I had a moment. Changes in bold.

    DYH (1): SharkFinnigan
    Prophylaxis (1): Megiddo
    AsianInvasion (1): Magenta
    kpaca (0):
    SilverSihhe (7): DYH, kpaca, Seppel, Wheat_Grinder, Archmage Eternal, desCoures, AlphaInsidious
    Wheat_Grinder (5): Cyan, SilverSihhe, AsianInvasion, Cantripmancer, Prophylaxis

    Is that a "Beware of listmakers" tell I see?

    Quote from ganderin_dan

    @AlphaI: Source the Ataghan reference re: SS?

    This post in particular. I gave him a pass in the game because he seemed to be genuinely upset by Asenion's lies, and it felt like real indignation.

    Quote from SilverSihhe »

    The sole reason I backed off on the Hospital Plan and said that I would go there (which I never really planned on doing, by the way), is because everyone and their mother is lining up with Kpaca on this.

    So? You still seem pretty convinced that it's wrong. For the record, I'm mostly interested in the reactions to kpaca's plan, than the plan itself. I find it unlikely to have game-breaking effectiveness, but it did help to bring your situation to a head, for starters.

    Quote from SilverSihhe »

    I'm burned out now. More later if I'm still alive by some miracle. I'm absolutely disgusted.

    And I can't count this as town frustration, as I noted earlier.

    Quote from KittyCupCake

    @Infected players: Would one of you mind stepping forward to explain what sort of effect that has? (Just one, I don't want a mini mass claim here. And the description can be vague.)

    This is a pretty dangerous question...and way too open-ended to be useful at this stage of the game, except perhaps to you . Slant

    Quote from DYH

    Quote from Cyan »
    As far as SS goes...his play has been so bad so far that, if he were scum, I assume he would have just flatly claimed it by this point. I think he is town and just playing very poorly under pressure.

    I think you're missing an option here.

    Thumbs Up

    Quote from Seppel
    Assume 6 anti-town roles, that gives us 5 scum, 1 CL, and 12 townies.

    Unless we manage to lynch the entire scumteam, we can force them to have to deal with the cult. And since Silver is fully outed as the CL, there's nothing they can do except force themselves to expend a NK dealing with the CL.

    I am suddenly liking this plan.

    I dislike the plan (it allows for too many wrenches to happen in night), but I do like the mindset. It seems hard to imagine mafia suggesting such a thing with SS on the verge of lynch.

    Quote from AsianInvasion

    Quote from SilverSihhe
    I'm trying to think of any way I can confirm myself, and the only thing I'm coming up with that isn't damaging to the rest of the town, is if there's a mason. I'm not particularly happy about being put in this hole because of flavor :|

    oh hai

    SS is definitely not a cult leader because I started the game infected with Las Plagas which makes us unconfirmed masons. Las Plagas is granting me an ability that goes away if SS dies, so I would appreciate it if we didn't lynch him.

    Well, that looks like a call for help, and an answer.

    Also, Asian, what makes him definitely not a cult leader if you are unconfirmed?
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!

    @kpaca - I'm ready to shack up in a hospital bed.

    Quote from SilverSihhe

    I really don't give two ****s where anyone goes. I can't be infected anyway. If you want to go to the hospital, go to the hospital. I just feel bad for Iso, that's all.

    I know you later say you're okay with going to the hospital, but this quote here tells me that you are not interested in overall coordination just because you personally can't be infected.

    Is that a town mindset? I don't believe it is; at least without reason to doubt the effectiveness of the plan.

    Vote: SilverSihhe
    Your general indignant attitude gave me pause until I realized you acted more or less the same way in Ataghan.

    Quote from DYH

    I don't think such a role exists, but unless there's reason to believe the virus kills rather than provides bonus abilities, it could be town-aligned, sure.

    Agreed. There's assuredly a lot about the virus interactions we don't know in any case, since the game is largely built around it.

    Quote from Cantripmancer

    @kpaca: I knew I was inviting an early vig, especially in a larger game, but I'd rather take the early vig shot and the late-game win with town than keep quiet and lose the game because I get investigated the night before LYLO.

    I don't know how to respond to this, really. I've never actually been a miller, though I've claimed it on a few occasions after an investigation result.

    I assume the usual action is just to treat it as null and analyze behavior as normal?

    Quote from SharkFinnigan
    Quote from kpaca
    What if the majority says yes to the lock in? You plan on going rogue?

    IIRC, I thought the plan was for a yes for the person saying yes to go into the hospital, not a yes that everyone has to be in the hospital.

    Quote from kpaca
    Also youre a SK so hard right now.

    Aww, your sweet. I am actually town, but feel free to check Gotham Underground for meta-argument to support your case.

    Pointing to self-meta is a worthless gesture. Why do people continue to do it?
    The instant you show awareness of your own meta, the meta is invalidated.

    Gah, does this practice drive me crazy...

    Quote from Wheat_Grinder

    I want Shark lynched but I want Silver's claim first.

    That's just bad town practice...putting extra claim info on the thread from people you don't intend to lynch. Is this your actual conviction, or how you think you can appear to not be flailing?

    Quote from Maokun

    You didn't answer my question, though: Why is holing up in the hospital a townie thing? You seem to subtly be pushing this idea that getting infected = scum win, which has no foundation and makes me suspicious of you. I can't give less of a damn about being right: precisely because I care about town is that I don't mind risking being an outcast. Someone, after all, has to consider that you may actually be scum and that your proposition may be loaded with danger. Not giving you the free town pass that many seem willing to give you.

    I actually like this post, even though I am favor of seeing this hospital plan in action. It is notably thoughtful and self-righteous, and more impressively so after some slight bullying by kpaca.

    Definite town read on Maokun.

    Quote from desCoures

    ...mm. Come to think of it.

    Serious question: who here is familiar with RE, and who here is familiar with Silent Hill?

    I have passing familiarity with RE, and very little with Silent Hill.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Quote from Seppel

    Unvote, vote AlphaInsidious for giving me Joss Whedon vibes.

    Not Joss Whedon Mafia vibes, just Joss Whedon vibes.

    Surely you know I take that as a massive compliment?
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Quote from Seppel
    I don't think I've ever voted for DYH in a game where he wasn't scum.

    That's either impressive or romantic.

    If it's the latter: Back off, he's mine!
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    Vote DYH

    My love for you knows no bounds.
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  • posted a message on Chime Mafia Signups - CLOSED
    New to the league.
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  • posted a message on The Mafia Council & Helpdesk Thread
    Quote from zindabad

    And I'm not completely ruling out a return to playing. If DYH and arimnaes and the others can come out of retirement, why couldn't I? But for the foreseeable future, I think it would be a better use of my time to dedicate myself to something I'm very passionate about, which is hosting. That's something I'm doing regardless of the outcome of my candidacy for the council.

    For what it's worth, you are easily one of my favorite hosts and I'm just super excited that you'll still be making games.

    Now that I don't enjoy playing with you too, but I'm always invigorated to start playing again when I see a Zinda game popping up.
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  • posted a message on [FTQ Game] Survival Horror Mafia - Game Over - Family Reunion; Town Wins!
    /con soft and firm
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