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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    my hope is sterling grove or false prophet, but its probably the seb cuombajj witches
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] The list - 296 of the cards
    Quote from netn10 »
    Wizards can fold bills of 100$ into boosters and people will complain about how their bills were folded...

    If I'm paying $1000 for my $100 bill you bet your ass I'll complain if it isn't pristine.
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Mana Confluence
    damnit. I already have one, but its in my teysa deck, and that flavor text........
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  • posted a message on State of design 2020 (ELD to M20 jumpstart as well)
    Quote from user_938036 »
    blah blah blah

    You left out the second part of the sentence, though. And my second post. In context, that is not what I said. And if it is, its not what I meant.

    To be perfectly clear: I'm saying that if you think it is not his fault, it doesn't matter. He is partly responsible, and should be viewed as such. Add to that the fact that he takes credit for many of the well-received decisions, but doesn't seem to realize the actual problems with the current state of the game, nor the role he played in making them a reality, then we agree that none of these are entirely on Maro. That doesn't mean it isn't his fault.

    If this article is his internalization of recent feedback from players, then he has filtered out most of the recommendations that would improve the game imo.

    There's either a lot of Sophistry going on here, or a lot of stupid.

    Either way, it is a rather poor presentation of ourselves.

    Quote from Flamebuster »
    A lot of times change can happen so long as you aren't a pompous ******** Thumbs Up

    Quote from user_938036 »
    It is fine to ask and learn.

    hhhhhh. I remember why I stopped posting now.
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  • posted a message on State of design 2020 (ELD to M20 jumpstart as well)
    Quote from user_938036 »
    The cashier at Arby's is the most prominent audience-facing member of their staff and thus they should be held accountable for the pricing and quality of items!

    I'm glad we could step back and realize this profound truth. That because someone in a company interacts with the public all of the company's decisions must be considered their personal decisions and they must take responsibility for them. I assumed that a person should only be held responsible for things they did or held influence over not anything that I wanted to attribute to them.

    How absurd.

    Maro is not a cashier. He is the de facto spokesperson for the Magic brand as a whole and frequently claims responsibility for major decisions. So yes, I'll continue to hold him accountable for things he did, and I'm not attributing to him anything he did not claim to be responsible for. He was behind (or participated in designing if you're triggered by that wording) several of the problematic products released this year. He, along with anyone else responsible, should be held accountable. This has happened repeatedly. His leadership of various teams, whether its vision design or anything else, whether uniquely his idea or merely a suggestion, his handiwork is behind some of the worst years of magic design. He's also behind some of the best. Choose to ignore the former if you wish, but imo you should not.

    @Flossed_Beaver I'm upset by that wording in particular because its a classic non-apology; the implication from that alone is that the inherent advantage of having an 8 card opening hand is not actually the problem, and the set/environment it was printed in is why it was overpowered, which is factually and unequivocally BS (It even says so elsewhere in the article). Maybe he meant "Companion, with revisions" but he didn't say that. He said that it shouldn't have been printed in the same set as mutate. Hope that answers your question.

    Quote from user_938036 »
    This means I can start blaming Neil Degrasse Tyson for any science-related problems such as global warming, pluto not being a planet, and our general lack of flying personal vehicles? He is the most audience-facing member of science so it sticks right?

    Point yourself at a wall my dude, you're projecting.
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  • posted a message on State of design 2020 (ELD to M20 jumpstart as well)
    this article comes tantalizingly close to understanding the massive, massive issues facing this game, but skirts past them with a self-congratulatory wink at how excellent everything is. And while I do think Mark Rosewater is a ponce, it doesn't matter whether you like him or not, it matters that you recognize that under his management this game has seen some of the absolute worst mistakes in card design, product glut, and metagame stagnation. You can think that a particular area of botched whatever is not his fault, and it doesn't matter. He is the prominent audience-facing member of staff, he takes credit for a lot of decisions (usually successful ones), and players can and should hold him accountable when appropriate.

    In case you haven't noticed because you're buried up to your eyes in Secret Lair drops and titan excrement... it is appropriate.

    EDIT: If you read this article and weren't at least a little incensed, read this line again.
    "For example, I think both mutate and companions are things we should have done, but in hindsight, it shouldn't have been in the same set."
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising Leak Crawling Barrens
    I hate the set symbol. That is all.
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  • posted a message on Amonkhet remastered
    It sounds like they are collapsing it into a single set, to align with the more recent sets they've produced that can be drafted in 3 packs without any issues. This seems like a great idea and hopefully Shadows over Innistrad Remastered is on the way for October. That was the most balanced draft environment ever imo.
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  • posted a message on B & R Announcement 8/3 Major Shakeups
    EDIT: wrong thread my bad
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement June 1st and change to companion
    I mean, doesn't that completely change the ability?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Can You Feel with a Heart of Steel!
    So that's where Walking Ballista went..

    Quote from Xcric »

    edit: these look like left over art for something transformers related. that's lazy.

    This doesn't even remotely look like Transformers. I see Warhammer 40,000 more than anything else.

    Pretty sure the last one is a tf artist... looks quite alex milne either way.

    Edit: Nath'd
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  • posted a message on What are some former heavy hitters that no longer pull their weight? What about old unsung heroes that are the hot ticket today?
    Eternal Dragon used to be seen in a lot of lists, but it is terrible nowadays... Same with Simic Sky Swallower. There's the obvious tuck removal, like Spin into Myth and Condemn. The thing that gets me most is how streamlined the commanders have become, so that many fun or silly ones can't be used in mid-power or higher games; I used to get a lot of mileage out of my Commander Eesha voltron deck, for example, but there's very few effective low-speed voltron strategies at tables in my area, and they tend to be card advantage engines instead.

    On the other hand I've played against multiple Maze's End decks recently, and rarely a game goes by where I don't see Mind Stone, which I think is rather subpar for a 2cmc ramp artifact, compared to some new alternatives.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Sean Plott - Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy
    finally, a birds tribal edh general!!!
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  • posted a message on [C20] Hipster of the Coast - Manascape refractor
    idk man this seems insane. I'm definitely using it for thespian stage shenanigans.

    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Nykthos, Itlimoc/Cradle, Serra’s Sanctum. White can use this with sanctum, Nykthos, etc to ramp rather well.

    The only downside is we already had Mirage mirror which feels a little more versatile. I prefer this personally though

    Too bad Arixmethes doesn't have more activated abilities, eh?

    so any aura that can enchant creatures will be copied by this as long as the creature is also a land?
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