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  • posted a message on [[FTV]] From the Vault: Realms
    Off the top of my head, the only non-black bordered legendary land I can think of is R&D's Secret Lair. I may be wrong though. Off to

    EDIT: Never mind, just read the whole "not legendary lands" thing. Still, I'd have a good chuckle if they reprinted R&D's Secret Lair.
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  • posted a message on How often do you usually play MTG?
    At school, it mostly depends on what my schedule that week looks like. Last semester, I was taking the maximum credit hours possible in my major, so on average, I could probably once, maybe twice that week. This semester, I'm taking less, so I'd usually be able to play about three or four times a week. That said, it seems like my playgroup at school discovered League of Legends earlier this semester, so I actually haven't been playing much lately.

    At home though, my playgroup and I play all the time. If none of are doing much the next day, we'll pretty much play all day until we're about to fall asleep.
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  • posted a message on What do you collect?
    I've been collecting Sanctuary Cats and Black Cats since Dark Ascension came out. I've also been collecting Mortis Dogs since I got nearly 20 in the New Phyrexia box I got. I might also start collecting Hurr Jackals one of these days.
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  • posted a message on Political Puppets, Counter Punch, or Mirror Mastery?
    I'd get Political Puppets. If you're going for combo, control, and a little bit of group hug as well, Zedruu can be really fun and silly and stuff with a little tweaking to the precon.

    I got Mirror Mastery and played with Animar at the Commander release. It was pretty good out of the box. Probably better than Political Puppets is out of the box. That said, with a little tweaking, it's surprisingly easy to be public enemy number one with Animar, and Riku to a degree I guess. It's definitely easier to avoid being hated off the table with Zedruu than it is with Animar.

    As for Counterpunch, I don't know. It's pretty easy to break it open with either three-colored legend though if you're looking for that at all, though I guess the same could be said for any of the precons. But that said, I'd get Political Puppets.
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  • posted a message on [PCH2] Planechase 2 - Introducing Phenomena, New Legendary Creatures/New Cards
    So I'm guessing the phenomena cards go into the deck of Planechase cards? The whole "perils that lurk between planes" and "Planeswalk away from this phenomenon." things seems to indicate that, I guess. Seems pretty cool. I'm also looking forward to seeing a New Phyrexia plane and possibly a few Innistrad-related Planechase cards also. Cool stuff, WotC.

    Quote from Spicay

    I literally lol'd.

    I did too. Didn't even think about that. Well played, Nobody Likes Nicol Bolas. Rofl

    EDIT: The article says the cards aren't shared between decks. Reading is tech.
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  • posted a message on [PCH2] Planechase 2 - Introducing Phenomena, New Legendary Creatures/New Cards
    Very nice. We don't often play Planechase, but when we do, we often play it with our EDH decks. The fact that they're also including a few new multicolored legends along with new Planechase cards will make our games of Planechase EDH that much more fun and derpy and stuff.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker - Sifa Grent
    Quote from Polski
    can't say what would make him red as I haven't paid too much attention to what we've been given about the character. The only argument I can personally give is a rather weak one, looking at that picture in perv's post (I don't like your name) it seems he burned his way into that building. Weak reasoning is weak, I know.

    I was thinking the red comes from him going around stealing things, not caring about the laws related to other people's property on whatever plane he's on. I guess he's the kind of guy who's into the thrill of derping around, engaging in deviant behavior and stuff like that. Living a free and risky kind of lifestyle and pretty much not taking any **** from the man I guess. Not sure how strong that reasoning is either, but that's just my analysis of him so far.
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  • posted a message on In which cities is Magic played the most?
    @Ihateworking: I was wondering the same thing.

    In Martinsburg, West Virginia, there's a place I go called Your Hobby Place. I've only been to a few FNMs, but we regularly have upwards to 48ish people attend. There was also just shy of 60 people there for the Innistrad release. But yeah, it's big, there's a lot of nice and cool people there, and it's also surrounded by a bunch places you can get food. Granted it's all mostly fast food. Not the healthiest option, but yeah, the option is still there.
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  • posted a message on Game duration
    Quote from Failure Knight
    Fastest game I ever won was in the previous standard with red-green Infect, won on turn 2 against Cawblade. I drop forest and Glistener Elf on first turn, he drops Island and Preordains. Turn 2 I drop Mountain, cast Assault Strobe and Groundswell. Attack, game.

    This. If not that, I would win on turn 3 or something. Usually if I didn't win by turn 4 or 5, I probably lost. I played that deck against a friend's Tempered Steel-ish deck and the match took less than two minutes.

    One of the longer games of Magic I ever played and finished was at the Commander release. There were four of us, and we were using all of the decks except Heavenly Inferno, the one with the most board wipes. That game went on for about four hours if I remember correctly. I remember the other table started a game before us, finished it, waited around and watched our game, got bored and started another game, finished that one, watched our game again, got bored and started a third game all before we finished one game. It was just... derp...

    Then there was a ten-person game of star two-headed giant we played in a classroom after school one day back in high school. We started at around 4, and at around 6:30, they kicked us out. So yeah were playing for about two and half hours. I remember not a lot happened within that amount of time. If anything, I think the lowest life total among us was about 25 or so. So yeah, had we not just quit when they kicked us out of school, that game would have gone on for hours.
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  • posted a message on Females at your LGS? Do they exist?
    At school, out of the almost 60 people at the Innistrad release, two were women. One is there regularly, and apparently kicks ass on a pretty consistent basis.

    The other I've never seen there before. She seemed kind of timid and shy. I played her in the first in the first round. The first game, I lost pretty quickly due to mana screw. While shuffling up for the second game, jokingly, I said something along the lines of, "ha, I'd say good first game, but that was a little one-sided, I guess. Anyway, hopefully this one will be a little more close." Afterwards, she started apologizing profusely to me. The whole time, I'm thinking, uh, it's fine. No big deal. It's just a game. It's whatever. I don't know, it was a little weird.
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  • posted a message on How well is Innistrad selling in your area?
    In in effort to get back on topic...

    It depends on the area for me. Back home, I don't really know. I was home for the prerelease, and in terms of attendance, it was probably a little bit more than for the New Phyrexia prerelease. Personally, I'd guess about 24-32 people or so. It's kind of a smaller shop, and we had to have a few people play outside the store and few people in a coffee shop that's in the same shopping center.

    At school, Innistrad is without a doubt a hit. I've never seen so many people at a release before. I believe there was just shy of 60 people playing, which would make this release the second biggest event I've been to (the first being the Mirrodin Besieged regional prerelease).

    In terms of actual sales and not prerelease an release attendance, I think Innistrad is selling well back home and at school. From what I heard, after the release, they had to order more Innistrad stuff. I'm don't remember how many boxes there were specifically, but I do remember seeing quite a few cases behind the counter.

    tl;dr: It's selling pretty awesomely.
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  • posted a message on First Magic Deck you Constructed
    My first deck was a combination of an M10 intro pack and a Zendikar intro pack (Firebomber and Pumped Up respectively). The M10 was mono-red and the Zendikar one was blue/red. I remember really wanting to run black/red, so I took out the blue stuff and replaced it with what little black cards my friends and I got in the packs included with our intro packs. Here's the deck list:

    I eventually turned it into a somewhat derpy Vampire deck, then eventually into the mono-black discard deck I have now.
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  • posted a message on Human Deck Discussion
    I'm curious, what do you all think of the GW human deck posted the other day on dailymtg ( I'm no expert, clearly, but I think it looks solid. Once I get a box of Innistrad, I could see myself making something similar.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] The Decks I want to build after Rotation Thread
    I'm trying to make WU/RW Tempered Steel. Chances are I'll finish the WU build first because pretty much all the stuff I need for it is already around, except for a couple Isolated Chapels I might need, mostly for cards like Vault Skirge and Dismember. As for the RW build, in addition to the Chapels, I'll need a playset of Curse of Stalked Prey and Cilfftop Retreats.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] preview Nevermore
    Ha, that's kind of cool. I'm sure that'll be a fun card for EDH. Yeah, no, you can't cast your general.
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