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  • posted a message on Are there cards you don't play for power reasons?
    I avoid using any commander-set legendary creature as my general.

    I've built Nekusar before, just to play the Legends Underworld Dreams that I found in my old binder. Games were very similar and the deck did feel built already for me.
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  • posted a message on Scooping to Chaos cards?
    The cards I dislike playing against are steal effects, because I don't like handing my cards to other players. But I don't scoop just because someone plays Treachery, etc.

    Scooping in the sight of chaos cards is no different than scooping to spot removal, counter magic, etc.
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  • posted a message on So what could WotC realistically do to help white in Commander?
    Quote from DirkGently »
    (By the way, about Lin Sivvi, um, rebels are too parasitic to be "as big a threat as Azusa or Azami", IMO. There are only three blocks with rebels other than Whipcorder: Masques, Time Spiral, and Lorwyn.)
    There's nothing that says rebels can't exist outside of those sets, it doesn't add any mechanical complexity and would make flavor sense for a lot of cards. The only difference between rebels and goblins is that goblins happened to get printed a lot more, so they ended up with a critical mass of good ones to support a commander deck, while rebels did not. No one complains about goblins being parasitic.

    Lin, as a deck, is much worse than azami, no question. But in a vacuum I don't think she's a weaker card. The theoretical power is there in the commander, white just doesn't have the payoffs to make it work. Imagine if something like elesh norn or sun titan were a rebel.

    Rebels don't make sense as a creature type for most things. IMO, it's a Mercadian thing and that's fine. But what's the point of arguing for it to make sense? Just slap it on the next Snapcaster Mage or any other insane-ETB creature. Rebels don't have enough ETB to make it work. If they started today, it would take a decade of printings for it to work.

    For some reason, White pretty much misses out on the "this will be good in EDH" train that runs through every set. They print stupid stuff in every set, just not for white or white creature-types (e.g. soldiers, humans, rebels) bedsides high-CMC Angels.

    Creature-wise: They could print an insanely power-creeped general in a CMDR set for White or a Craterhoof-level threat for white. And then just run back that benchmark goal for 4 years straights.
    Spell-wise: They could print a white sorcery on the level of Torment of Hailfire and/or print a white Jace PW that's juiced-up to sell boxes.
    Land-wise: Unban Karakas or power-errata it. /s

    Those aren't the only options. But any of those options seem poor to me. I personally dislike the power-creep that's been EDH and the CMDR sets yearly. But that's pretty much what it'd take to make white stand out.

    As a support color, white seems fine to me. It's got the best removal and some of the best enchantments. The generals and decks you get to build with Bant, Esper, Azorius, and Selesnya seem like it should be enough for people not to whine about color parity. At this point, I don't think color parity should be a design-goal of the game.
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  • posted a message on The Return of the Annual Dream Banlist Poll
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    Iona is never an interesting addition to a game. She often shuts down interaction and sometimes turns off a majority of the ways in which to get out from under her thumb. Good players with good decks are rarely the ones who resort to playing her as the only commander I can really think of that naturally wants to include her in the deck is probably Kaalia.

    I don't understand how we have so many things that we have banned for essentially the exact reason she should be banned and yet she continues to run free.

    That's your perspective. But I find it equally arguable that Iona, Shield of Emeria is the exact type of card that was made for EDH. A huge, fat, flying angel with a truly impressive, flashy ability. A salty opponent (who's not a good player) once told me that my counterspells weren't "interesting" so can't ban just on that. Good players with good decks don't play her because she's 9cmc and in white (almost all of the good decks with reanimation are not white), that and she actually doesn't shut down all that much for 9cmc. A card in Humility shuts down even more for even less (4cmc).

    What I don't understand is the people who want Iona and Painter's Servant to switch places. They say that Iona shuts off interaction, yet most of the huge impact "colors-matter" cards that Painter's Servant would enable are color-hosers and Grindstone. People also forgot about Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Got to ban that too if Painter's is off the list?

    There's always Glamerdye and its ilk, if anyone is actually interested in colors.
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  • posted a message on EDH stats via Command Zone
    Quote from DirkGently »
    I tend to think it's rarely worth trading 1:1 with ramp, tutors, or draw, at least in 4+ player games. I'd rather wait for the actual threat and answer that. If you're too proactive with your answers you miss the opportunity for that player to have weak follow-up and be a non-issue, for someone else to answer it for you, or for it all to become moot in a board wipe.

    Varies by meta ofc. If you know it's a cEDH deck at your casual table, then fire and brimstone all the way.

    This needs to be brought up more often. Player skill in threat-assessment, play sequencing, etc. is not talk about enough. Whereas it's the first thing that should be brought up.

    It's just difficult to quantify skills in play and deck building. Scapegoating a particular card, budget, or gathering "stats" on colors/turn order is just too simple. I've had opponents be mad at me for having a foiled deck at the end of games.
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  • posted a message on Looking for suggestions
    Darien, King of Kjeldor
    Chainer, Dementia Master
    Heartless Hidestsugu
    Talrand Sky Summoner
    Titania, Protector of Argoth
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  • posted a message on Horde of Notions Reanimator Deck
    Bloom Tender is one of the best mana producers that you can play.
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  • posted a message on Purphoros, God of the Forge (Banlist discussion)
    Yes, he's red. But that shouldn't really matter one way or the other. And IMO, it's not really a strike against him. Mono-red has one of the most diverse suite of generals to build from (i.e. Godo, Krenko, Daretti). However, the strike against most of the mono-red generals is that they pretty much are all glass-cannons.

    I just don't see Purphoros ever being built and played in a way other than to just spam tokens and avoid hitting 7 devotion. So the games end up being very archenemy. Even in a highly-tuned, yet not T4-9 environment, it's still going to result in archenemy. Very easy to see why people don't like him.

    In a way, he's centralizing like Prophet of Kruphix. Personally, I was never for banning that card either. So maybe that's what it boils down to. Do you think Purphoros centralizes the game too much (@ 4cmc + indestructible)?

    At the end of the day, I would want people to play Purphoros if that's what they wanted because that's how I want to be treated as well. I played against a Purphoros player and even though everyone else in the group told him to never bring it again, I told him that I enjoyed the game and to just bring it. Ironically, the Purphoros player ended up telling me to not play my UW enchantment-heavy control deck again.

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  • posted a message on The Return of the Annual Dream Banlist Poll
    Many ban suggestions simply boil down to "what I want" vs "what I don't want." So after seeing people post more and more cards, I decided to just post as many off the top of my head that I could. Not that I would want any of them banned. People should get the opportunity to play as many of the cards that they want. To me, that's an important aspect of "casual" play. That's why I would only want to see certain cards unbanned.

    Cards that I'd move to unban:

    Biorhythm: There was a time where creatures weren't as good as removal. That time has past, and commanders are creatures. If the only permanents in play were mana + everyone's generals when Biorhythm was cast and someone lost because they had a Planeswalker commander. Shed no tears for that guy. Nowadays, Biorhythm is a more expensive Triumph of the Hordes.

    Coalition Victory: Some people just assume that having your 5-color general in play and a few duals in play is a given. Therefore, there's no cost to playing this other than the 3WUBRG. Well, there's a cost to playing 5-colors. There's also better ways to win other than playing this 8 cmc card. Alternate win cons are cool (like Biorhythm) and people should get to play them if they want.

    Limited Resources: It's so funny how a crappy card from Exodus ended up here among Moxen and like. People just cannot get over losing their lands. Come on, you don't even lose all of them. /s Stax players are pretty maligned and bullied out of this format (by the good players and the bad players). Real casual, real inclusive... Besides Balance and Braids, it's the only stax piece on the list but pales in comparison. Again, people should get to play what they want.

    Panoptic Mirror: Cost is high, payoff is low. So why is this cool card on the list? Oh, because it copies time magic, yet all [non-RL] time magic is, again, people should get to play this if they want.

    Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary: This guy ramps- not even that hard by modern standards. Out of the banned-as-commander cards, this guy doesn't lock anyone out. So why is he still here?

    Cards I went back and forth on:
    Gifts Ungiven: It tutors, so people more opportunities to get to play their cards during a game. But it makes combo really easy and Intuition is close enough that I don't feel bad people cannot build Gifts piles. Stay banned.

    Purphoros, God of the Forge: I personally don't mind sitting behind a Solitary Confinement which will never be dealt with by the mono-red player. But this card means the game is essentially archenemy, no matter the power level of the build. Even with the over-use of "exile" on new cards, it's still the same. However, if people want to play it...
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  • posted a message on What hurts the format more? Fast Mana vs. Tutors
    Seems like you could answer this question from many perspectives. From the perspective of winning as many games as possible and playing one of my own decks, I think I'd almost always rather have a turn 1 Vampiric Tutor rather than a turn 1 Sol Ring.

    Sure, ramp begets more ramp and some games have that snowball effect. But I've built decks without Sol Ring that don't miss it. I couldn't say that about any of those same decks and tutors. From a deck building perspective, cutting Sol Ring/Mana Crypt and getting to play 2 more cards doesn't lead to games that play drastically differently. Playing with the pre-cons shows you just how much turn 1 Sol Ring isn't that big of a deal. Fast mana makes games fun more often than not. No one wants to play this game on curve, no matter how fair you're playing. Besides, enough games with turn 1 Sol Ring do not end with that player winning. Fast mana doesn't nearly mean the same anymore because threats are massively undercosted anyways.

    One new thing that they don't print though is massively undercosted tutors. Cutting Mystical/Enlightened/Vampiric Tutor/Entomb/Demonic Tutor/Merchant Scroll/etc. would make my decks play drastically differently. Tutors are much better draws in every other phase of the game, sometimes even on turn 1 they are better.

    I'm not in favor of banning any addition card (another discussion but casual format should mean people get to play with their cards). Just my input that from the perspective of winning games, tutoring has more consistently lead to wins than Sol Ring/Mana Crypt. And why not? You could even tutor for mana. But most of the times tutoring for cards that lead to more cards is better than getting mana. Being able to build a deck that can reliably tutor to reliably access a certain card in the 99 affects my deck building more than the opportunity of including Sol Ring/Mana Crypt.

    However, this entire poll is kind of a false dilemma. The overwhelming factor in EDH deck building and game play is 40 starting life. Not fast mana, not cheap tutors.
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  • posted a message on Philosophical Archenemy, or How to Invoke Prejudice and Lose Friends [Deck Help]
    Play Blind Seer and build so that you can hate on specific colors at any time for whatever reason you'd like during a game.
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  • posted a message on The Return of the Dream EDH Ban List Poll
    Quote from escoe »
    why ban Wheel of Fortune, it's like the only tool red has to try and compete with black/green/blue
    Quote from cryogen »
    Hey everyone,

    IN THIS THREAD: post a list of what cards you want to see on the poll. Please just post cards, no added chatter about your reasons. Additionally, don't comment on someone else's cards. If you want to have a conversation about cards, there's a subforum just for that. If there are any questions about this poll, you can post them here and I'll clarify.[/cards]

    Are you still updating or was I too late with my post?
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Child of Alara -- Lands.dec
    Muldrotha and Child lands.dec is going to play out drastically different because Planar Cleansing isn't going to be in your command.

    Since you've already played Child, why not try Muldrotha out? I haven't noticed a deck list for sultai lands posted yet. Pros would be you get to try something and learn something new. I don't think cons really even matter since you're not trying to win a tournament.
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  • posted a message on [C18 1/4] Aminatou, the Fateshifter - The 8-year-old Planeswalker (Super Friends -OR- Reanimation)
    Have you assembled each your planeswalker decks and played them against each other?
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  • posted a message on Post your pimp decks here!
    Very nice alter. I like the choice of keeping the original card's text box.
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