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  • posted a message on Food Chain cycle
    I like the general concept as well. Unfortunately I missed which specific ones you are having problems with. The removal? The shroom making counters taht may be irrelevant to a board that is empty once it dies?

    I personally would have made the cycle "Whenever ~ or a creature named <foo> you control dies, <bar>" due to damage no longer using the stack.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Useless ability? WHAT? Mishra is a very good grixis commander. He has many combos.

    How? Is you don't get that many copies of a single card in commander.
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  • posted a message on [Duel Thread: Duergin vs. Calamox] black snow vs. red bloodthirst
    After not even eight years a first decklist:

    ²) Reprint

    Sample cards:

    Chill Conduit 1B
    Snow Creature - Human Cleric (R)
    If you would gain mana from a snow source, you lose 1 life and gain an additional B.
    The bargain struck with the grey lord is sealed by offering a town member. They return soon after transformed, overseeing the people's adherence to the agreement.

    Duergin's Exposure 3B
    Snow Instant (U)
    Target creature gets -4/-4 until end of turn
    If you control a legendary Shade, that creature's controller loses 4 life.
    Flurries of snow and biting wind are deadly, but so is the calm that entices fools to rest and never rise again in life.

    Harbinger Crow 3B
    Creature - Bird (C)
    When ~ dies, look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a snow card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
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  • posted a message on Microprose's Astral Set and the Dreamcast specific cards
    The mechanics seem correct. Though I only ever used the Astral set myself and rely on the same sources as you otherwise.

    How do you suppose to resolve Aswan Jaguar?

    I remade those cards multiple times with more modern mechanics that can be used offline or with randomness more streamlined according to modern design principles (also applying moder color pie, that's why e. g. Aswan Jaguar is shifted into black). Of course that's far from the original designs in function, but maybe you are interested.
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  • posted a message on Arena Unique Cards
    What blinks in standard right now? Anyway yeah 5 Damage straight up on ETB would get played. I mean it reminds me of Kokusho, The Evening Star.

    Siren's Ruse is a playable one. I don't think Oath of Teferi is worth mentioning in this context since you'd probably have better targets once you pay for that card.
    Quote from orlouge82 »
    They will definitely use these cards again at some point in the future, though, since Wizards isn't one to pay money for quality art that is only used once in a relatively low-profile manner.

    I wonder whether they actually commissioned new artwork for thi or used some leftover art from recent blocks. That might certainly explain some aspects.

    The Crab e. g. looks like it was art for Shore Keeper before someone mentioned "You know, that artist didn't get the memo that the crustacean was supposed to be prehistoric" and understandably they then still wanted to use the great art somewhere and who pays for new art for the NPE? Easier to Raise Dad from the art graveyard like they did for Myr Enforcer's promo.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Quote from Grisly_Bear »
    Quote from NZB2323 »
    There are Dimir vampires on Ravnica, and I believe there is a Grixis vampire or two, but on innistrad the vampires are Rakdos.

    Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge is a grixis vampire from innistrad

    The whole point NZB2323 is making that individual characters (like planeswalkers or in Jeleva's case a legendary creature - basically anyone legendary) can differ in colors from the tribe as a whole, so that's actually entirely in line with the grander point made.

    Legendaries (whether planeswalkers or creatures) are special. That's why they can be characters who define themselves outside or beyond the color scope of their home tribe.

    Quote from NZB2323 »
    Liliana’s people are white and she’s not white. Sorin’s people are Rakdos and he’s not Rakdos. Bolas’s and Ugin’s people are 5 colored and they’re not 5 colored. Sarkhan’s people are Mardu and he’s not Mardu.

    That's also why Sylve's post is in favor of NZB2323's point:
    Quote from Sylve »
    I don't think that Sorin's people are Mardu. Edgar Markov was Mardu. The whole vampire tribe was manly black/red before Ixalan. There are some exceptions like Tithe Drinker, Blood Baron of Vizkopa (Ravnica), Cliffhaven Vampire, Drana's Emissary (Zendikar) but nothing from Innistrad.


    Vampires are Blue when they are Wizards but the main point is RB is the Traditional Core of Vampires.

    This, btw, is also questionable. The "traditional core" of Vampires is black. Period. In Ravnica they dabble into blue (in RTR block in white as well, but not origianl Ravnica IIRC), in Innistrad they spread to red. That's about as traditional as Innistrad's decision to make Zombies blue and red-green Werewolves. There is a whole article explaining that these tribes are traditionally black and the decision to spread them into other colors is a deliberate departure from tradition (similar to mono-white Zombies in Amonkhet; mono-white and mono-black Treefolk & mono-black Elves in Lorwyn etc. - in each of those cases we get articles explaining that this is a departure from tradition specific to that plane and in service of a greater vision etc.)

    Count the red Vampires that aren't from Innistrad. All of them are justified (or at least explained). Most of them are legendaries (with one exception from the post-Innistrad Commander product that wanted three red-white-black Vampire commanders, so there colors were in service of that deck and follow the above rule of legendaries being beyond their tribe's core - especially in a post-EDH success world) and the oldest of them, Vampiric Dragon, felt like justifying its secondary color by also being from a core-red tribe.

    The one other exception to being legendary and being from Innistrad is Blood Tyrant - from Alara, where traditionally monocolored tribes get three-colored cards to fit the arc-colors of the shards.

    Special mention goes to Garza Zol, Plague Queen, who despite being legendary actually deserves being mentioned because the set as a whole didn't justify the color choice for Vampires at all - the card just happens to be a member of a three-color rare cycle with that Fairie in the traditional Fairie colors gree-white-blue.
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  • posted a message on "Formal logic" and the comprehensive rules: the recent changes to loops
    Quote from peteroupc »
    nothing in the comprehensive rules explicitly allows players to reveal cards they're allowed to see, and

    You mean e. g. a player is allowed to look at another player's hand and you argue they should be allowed to just reveal that card to a third player? Seems sketchy.
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  • posted a message on Expert Explorers Hunting Relics - Elf and Kor Partner legends
    I like what partner with can offer and these two tell a neat story about their partnership. "Hey, found a mystical doodad for you." "Neat. It points us toward more treasure. Let me show you the way." is straightforward and evocatice. Those two could have their own tv series that goes downhill when they adopt a troublesome teenage goblin girl grabbing all the screen time in season three. ^^

    What I mean is that they have character and are functional. Good.

    I'll echo though that the cards that you look at shouldn't go back onto the library. If there is one thing I'll never (or immediately) tire of telling people it is that Augury Owl takes the bad of Sage Owls design and replaces it with good.


    @Legend: Recall that partner with legendaries still are inherently card-advantageous. 2/3 for two with upside hence likely is pushing it despite the drawback legendary presents.
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  • posted a message on Graftable Chimeras
    The concept is very good. The cycle is new and unique enough that the "no reused keyword" aspect is something not necessary, but its your arbitrary restriction. You go with a four-card cycle that has blue in every member. Any reason for that?

    I recall exploring both reinforce and Chimeras, but not ever putting the two together like this. Neat.
    Quote from user_938036 »
    If you want to stick to evergreen abilities that don't repeat you can give red prowess

    I would not count on that. Wink
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Quote from Watchwolf »
    Maybe Gavin's comments weren't directed toward the stream, but there's no defense for the fact that the product page sold us on four decks built around planeswalker commanders, then they come back and tell use that's not true.

    This cannot stand. The stream does not tell you anything that contradicts "Call on powerful planeswalkers and deploy their signature strategies to make sure you're the last player standing." [>] That statement is still true. In fact the theme reveal clarifies what "their signature strategies" are. The product page mentioned those strategies and the theme reveal enumerates them. When talking about "themes" a mechanical theme is a reasonable expectation just as much if not more than a 'top-down theme'.

    The product page does not tell you what came first: the planeswalker or the strategie, just that both are expected parts - the stream goes into more detail on one of the two - as promised.

    I personally wanted more and hoped for it because there is precedent for more significant reveals, and it is okay to be disappointed and even call the marketing in question by underdelivering within the realms of expectation.

    But your criticism implies they lied to you, told you something that is "not true" and that is not conclussive.

    I for example expect still planeswalkers and now expect them to be either designed towards the signature strategy revealed or picked with the strategy in mind. Which is indirect information towards the planeswalkers. You wished for more direct information? That's fine. You imply the information invalidates earlier information? You seem to be just too narrow in your focus.

    You literally had approximately two data points to latch onto and chose the one that wouldn't be satisfied. It happens.


    BTW, have you watched the whole sream/video the Kamigawa quote is from? It's from minute 14 of a 35 minute video and I have not verified that the quotes context is not just that video and he talks about Kamigawa within the very same video. At the very least he makes the statement right after stating that he likes to "slip in" Kamigawa cards like O-Kagachi into supplemental product. That doesn't actually sound like "main theme" or "face character" as much as "individual cards". Maybe this time we get twice as many references to Kamigawa than last year, but that still wouldn't equate to a dedicated deck theme.

    The fact that from context it was a throw away comment and may very well be a spontaneous rather than scripted/planned comment calls into question any criticism that relies on the quote. If the quote came from a written post to social media just containing that line, I would consider likely part of a conscious marketing strategy, but the treatment focussing on that line as clickbait stand-alone statement were AFAIK the media reporting on the incident not WotC.
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  • posted a message on Arena Unique Cards
    Digital and Paper formats featuring different cards is nothing new. Anyone remember how Aether Revolt Limited Booster Packs did not contain Masterpieces in Magic Online? That's how it starts.
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  • posted a message on Arena Unique Cards
    Quote from Jiyor »
    And why are some of the cards themed from planes that aren’t even in Arena? Arena is Kaladesh forward, so why even have Innistrad and Tarkir artwork?

    Doesn't Arena have C19? That means it should have any plane, right? Since core sets are planar mish-mash. Why would NPE cards any different?
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 themes and art
    Quote from Empathogen »
    However, Wednesday Addams has a *lot* of blank space above her head,
    and I suspect that could mean she isn't a PW.

    I have checked the way these arts would/could be cropped for card art and both of these have an aspect-ratio-of-card-illustration-shaped section that fills out nicely. For the person with the masks, the masks themselves define a horizontal region that fits nicely in a card frame (both if used as planeswalker, and used as illustration that crops the bottom section entirely). For the creepy kid the butterlies actually do a great job allowing the kid to be positioned in such a way that the "empty space" above sells the "this is a small person" aspect that comes with being a child, while still filling out the frame with something to look at that avoids any real "visual vaccuum" (same as above: this works for planeswalker frame as well as normal card frame, but due to the color scheme looks far better in a monoblack frame than a gold frame). It's neat and both artists deserve credit for taking this into account (assuming the art is cropped like I did - and I don't see why it wouldn't be).
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  • posted a message on Arena Unique Cards
    Also; why format cards with "only play this if you're under attack" instead of just making it an instant?

    Please clarify. Confront the Assault is an instant.
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa - Vision and Expectations
    Disclaimer: I'm currently playtesting a Duel Deck that doesn't try to "return" to Kamigawa, but is part of a project to "reimagine"/"remake" the original block with better mechanics.

    Yep, Dominaria certainly took the wind out of my sails on the front of exploring history. My pitch for Kamigawa always was: "So Kamigawa is a prequel to Legends and by now thousands of years have passed? Well, then the thing tying old Kamigawa to new Kamigawa is one of history - legendary creatures are descendants of legendaries of times past, there are ancient artifacts left from the time of strife, flavor showcases the leftover battlefields and ruisn of the old feud and the restoration after the war."

    Another point flavorwise to emphasise is that the war is over and the kami/gods are still there. They are omnipresent and interactable, revered. Notable is that mortals/kami are no two opposing factions anymore, so any venture into tribal would have to be less "Spirit vs. non-Spirt" but more "Spirit plus non-Spirit" the same way Oni use to work in the original Kamigawa-block (Demon+Ogre tribal). (Once again: Something I put forward before.)

    Kamigawa being a split plane predates the split Theros, so some neat ideas like enchantment creatures have been used there.

    I consider "anime" not much of a genre to take from. It's so broad, it's meaningless. Is it about love icosahedra? About someone trying to find out how to make the bread that best represents their home? About a novel by American author Louisa May Alcott? There is obviously the issue that "shounen" kinda imports some issues being about a target demographic as well/rather than as themes - unfortunately I cannot say anything about the "Bleach" you mention to use it as a reference point.

    As far as I can tell though the story of "transformative journeys" is not something that is unique to anime and has a long tradition in japanese culture and is part of what the flip-cards in the original Kamigawa-block were about - a student becoming a master through accomlishment. Whether that should happen to transform is another question.

    Something western audiences might be appreciative of is also Japanese horror stories - many of them kinda overlapping with the everyday mysticism that involves kami. Having little gods live in the world separated from your own by a thin permeable veil can be wondrous as well as terrifying.

    One aspect that the aforementioned "Shounen" stories often emphasise in addition to pure action and comedy that might serve as a cool jumping of point is camaraderie. A large shift from how Kamigawa-block didn't emphasise the relationships between characters, but the big names themselves. There were rulers and martial masters and generals, but does the flavor text even know about the Hyozan Reckoners (okay, maybe not the most functional group)?

    Representing that mechanically may be a challenge, but certainly a new direction that moves away from "re-skinned Innistrad" as well. My own take on this always wanders towards the "a kid and their monster" motif - something that's also well-represented in some of the anime that makes it across the pond.
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