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  • posted a message on The other 4 Flipwalkers of Modern Horizons 3 potentially leaked
    Looks real. New Grist is welcome, whatever the set. Not an origin I'd have expected to see though. Which is a good thing.

    I hope they make a habit of doing these and we get more over time.
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  • posted a message on [BIG] Ancient Cornucopia — Kotaku AU preview
    Quote from Courier7 »
    That sure looks like a portal to another world. So...how long has it been here? Before Rashmi's experiments led to the Planar Bridge?

    Could be a pocket world on the same plane. Though since the Vault is related to a pre-mending multiplanar empire, why not?
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Caustic Bronco and Calamity, Galloping Inferno — Hareruya previews
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    That would still be worded poorly IMO. It would have made more sense "Choose up to two creatures that saddled it and create copies of them tapped and attacking".

    Except that would be functionally different, no? The current wording allows to choose the same creature twice.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Smuggler's Surprise — LoadingReadyRun preview
    "You may" and "up to"?
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Slick Sequence, Forsaken Miner, Rustler Rampage, and 4 commons — Draftsim previews
    I so hope there is a Brushwagg to go with these tumbleweeds. One with a tiny cowboy hat, of course.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Kambal, Greedy Mayor - Yuuki Ichikawa preview
    I don't think Kambal looks particularly young. Maybe the angle is a bit more flattering and he got a bit more fresh air out here in the frontier.

    I'm almost certain given the "you may" is correct, this won't have "This ability triggers only once per turn" but the variant phrasing for optional effects: "Do this only once each turn".
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  • posted a message on [OJT] "Seraphic Steed" — Val & PL preview
    Quote from Faruel »
    When I saw the name I thought we would ride on an Angel :D. After that I was wondering why the unicorn was named that way. Well everything become clear after seeing the effect. I don't think I like it. Saddle 4 is a lot. Saying that... The unicorn can basically saddle itself after creating 2 Angels...

    Yeah, but won't you have better things to do with you 6 points of evasive power?

    It's really awkward how the Angels are just to small to saddle this individually, but also so big that you waste a lot of additional power if you use them.

    I cannot believe how after day-log discussions about how players cannot comprehend nonflying Birds we get this art of a Unicorn with indicated cloud-wings and it doesn't gain flying when saddled. I have a feeling this art got commissioned before a mechanical change to the card.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Geralf, the Fleshwright and Outlaw Stitcher — TCGPlayer previews
    Quote from pierrebai »
    Anyone knows why they felt they needed to make new zombie tokens? Why the blue? Seems totally random and annoying, now I'll have to accumulate new tokens juuuuuust for this set.

    To be fair: Even if they weren't blue, they'd still be Rogues so they can be outlaws. You'd need to accumulate new tokens regardless of the color choice. And given that, adding blue for Skaabs totally fits. I suspect it also signals that this might be a blue-black theme.

    I'm always happy to see new iterations on tokens. Seeing blue Zombie tokens on Innistrad would be totally cool, too. I guess, you should be happy they only changed the color when they had to add a creature type anyway.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Desperate Bloodseeker and Loan Shark — Jacob Madson previews
    Quote from pierrebai »
    It is the fact that a fish is living on the ground. Not only that, but it's a pure oiut-of-nowhere fish, not as if there were a shark-like land species native to the plane. The card was made only for the art pun.

    Most of the stuff we get to see is not native to the plane. That's the whole point. It's actually neat to see something that clearly comes from another plane rather than something that seems it might be native, because such a fish-out-of-water fits the concept of the plane better.

    Maybe this is not a Simic mutant, but since you don't know what plane it is from, you don't really know whether it might not be something that makes even more sense than a Simic mutant.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Hellspur Brute — Duniaku preview
    This is not the first time I see those magma-like forearms. Is that a style from a known plane? Is it particular to Thunder Junction? Could it be something that we might see on a future plane? If Mirrodin was still a thing, I'd guess there.

    I have many misgivings about how OTJ handles the way many planes are coming together, but I would say the idea that we could get previews to creatures/characters from upcoming planes is not one of them. I hope, we get to realize in the upcoming year some flash-forwards from OTJ.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Vadmir, New Blood — day9 preview
    Quote from Kimaati »
    Someone remembers when they started abilities that trigger only once each turn ? I start getting fed up.

    There is no fair way to make commit a crime triggered abilities without an extra cost or per-turn-restriction except for a few effects that don't stack (animation, gaining redundant keyword abilities etc.)

    You also in the past often would get "At the beginning of our end step, if you did the thing this turn, do another thing."-style triggered abilities. They already were restricted to once per turn, but you just straight up couldn't do some effects that don't matter at end of turn, or you'd get less useful timing (e. g. you couldn't get the counter on this one and attack the same turn with the counter already there).

    Is that what you want? Remove the explicit "once per turn" restriction and replace it with an implicit "once per turn" restriction that also makes the card weaker? Or do you want to pay an additional mana for each counter? Why would you want a worse card? Because at the end of the day, they still do play design and you don't get the card that is exactly the same without the restriction.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Marchesa, Dealer of Death — @aishawakatsuki preview
    A multiplanar gold rush is happening, and you'd think Marchesa wouldn't want to grab some land for herself? She's here for the same reason most of them are: free real estate means more money.

    I expect no one has a problem with Marchesa wanting her slice of the fortune, but she's both a monarch an has been shown to use a group of capable agents since before becoming a monarch. Given that, she ought to delegate.

    I don't think, her being mentioned in the flavor text as the employer of another character filling this slot would be a problem and could still serve a purpose without ripping every single character from their home plane.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] "Crafty Coyote" — Xunshuilu preview
    Magic's first Coyote lets you give a late-turn play some much-needed haste, if you weren't going to drop this for 3 on turn 3.

    Should be "3 on turn 2"?
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Fortune, Loyal Steed — BGN Squad preview
    Apparently it was a missed chance for it to be an Arynx.
    Quote from mikol »
    Missed chance for it to be a Felidar
    likely it was not a cat so you cant abuse its blink trigger with Kemba, Kha Enduring

    I doubt attaching an Equipment is the most powerful thing we could do with this.
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  • posted a message on [OTJ] Insatiable Avarice — Geek Culture preview
    Quote from seilaoque »
    seems like a super weird kicker templating.

    It is. It's pretty similar to a new template for kicker I was pondering a few years ago.

    The central conceit of spree seems that the spell is entirely modal i. e. it has no "unkicked" base effect. As such this could be considered closer to a fixed fuse, where the base mana cost allows for more nuanced cost. Fuse cards always had the issue that the cost for fusing was just too high to be really attractive. Here you have a portion you pay for each single mode that doesn't get doubled if you choose multiple modes and that will really make for some more attractive designs.

    I also think the card is put well together. Top grades.
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