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  • posted a message on Best Fantasy Book Series?
    I'm a big fan of the Gormenghast books. If only Peake hadn't degraded...

    Chronicles of Amber is pretty good too.
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  • posted a message on What Book Are you reading right now?
    Finishing up The Sickness Unto Death. Always fun to read philosophy that turns out by chance to be very similar to yours.
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  • posted a message on Ghostbusters (2016)
    Quote from thememan »
    Call me cynical, but I don't have faith in Sony not to abuse gender politics for marketing purposes. A good many companies have done far, far worse than drag important social issues through the mud for marketing purposes. I would not doubt in the least that Sony would actively do something that was ultimately destructive towards social issues, as I feel the entirety of the Ghostbusters controversy has been (As nobody is particularly innocent in the matter). This entire mess just wreaks of marketing ploys and pulling at people's emotions from all sides to get some really good publicity for the film.

    As for when it started, I think you could probably find the beginnings of it when the cast was announced, and it got really bad when the trailer came out. Someone else who paid attention to the whole thing could probably give better details, but I vaguely remember a few people harrumphing about an all-female cast in Ghostbusters. That said, I have found a scant few article from March of last years discussing the controversy. It seems it didn't get nearly as heated, however, until the first trailer rolled out. And then the world just kind of blew up with the trailer. It's always been around, basically, but was pretty muted for most of it.

    I would also ask anyone who looks at the """""controversy""""" examine who is talking about it and where. Always heavily featured in the interviews of people involved in the project (ones I saw at least), oft mentioned by critics. I saw tons of dislikes on the trailer (which I thought was terrible) but not much hate on women anywhere, really.
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  • posted a message on The Beer Thread!
    I just like drinking at good breweries or wherever has good alcohol for a decent price.
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  • posted a message on The Beer Thread!
    Quote from Oopssorryy »
    Finally had a Strongbow Cider, and I was impressed. I'm usually not a fan of hard ciders like Angry Orchard, but this has got to be the best I've had as far as ciders go. Give 'er a shot it your in the mood.
    Angry Orchard (at least the few I've tried) is basically just sugary fruit + a bit of alcohol, it's a bit unfair to judge hard cider by it. Don't listen to the people and awards that say it's the best hard cider. I've had a lot of Ace's Joker hard cider recently and it's fantastic stuff, dry to the point that it reminds me somewhat of drier white wines. Good change from overly-saccharine hard ciders like AO.
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  • posted a message on The Beer Thread!
    so Dragon's Milk from New Holland brewing finally made its way to CA and... damn it's good. Expensive but good. Tastes just like you would expect good bourbon and heavier stout mixed together would.

    If only it wasn't so expensive so I could drink it regularly...
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  • posted a message on Anime!
    Oh ***** there's going to be a Sakamoto desu ga adaptation? Neat.
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  • posted a message on Movies that You Can Watch Over and Over
    The Thing
    Pan's Labyrinth
    Repo Man
    Princess Mononoke
    Die Hard
    Dr. Strangelove

    Also, it's not something that'd make the list, but on a related note... I've seen Space Jam more than 300 times (conservative estimate).
    Quote from VaultTechy »
    Can't tell if necro or if this board actually just moves this slowly - either I'd have to amend my answer to include Mad Max: Fury Road
    That will probably become one of mine too, just a bit soon to say.
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  • posted a message on Story Behind Username?
    I shamelessly stole it from a stranger on WoW, found the way I pronounced it euphonious. Turns out most people pronounce it differently. I haven't really used this one anywhere for years now.

    I tend to prefer names with no meaning or ones most people won't recognize.
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  • posted a message on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    Having a place in the plot is not being a good character. I do think a lot of the FA characters are bad (Kylo is alright though) but they collectively have more personality and development already than everyone in the prequels. Name me one prequel character that possesses more than 1 personality trait at once, one that develops at all aside from Anakin, and one that is characterized by action instead of passive exposition.
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  • posted a message on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    Quote from Saandro »
    This movie was garbage. Nothing made sense and characters were shallow with no real motivation behind them. The prequels, while completely mediocre, were miles ahead of this in every way.
    But the prequels have quite possibly the shallowest, weakest characters I've experienced in any media.
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  • posted a message on What Is Your Favorite Video Game?
    Ancient Dragon is pretty easy to solo actually as long as you know how to handle the fire breath.

    I agree that the level design had issues but I think people overrate DaS 1's. Lots of *****tily-done areas because they were rushed. We can agree that DeS' was the best.
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  • posted a message on What Is Your Favorite Video Game?
    Demon's Souls for me as well. The game is a perfect examplar of how deliberate design may elevate an artwork beyond the level where lack of polish can harm it. Beyond the numerous means to horribly cheese almost every boss, the large number of overtuned weapons/mechanics and similar oversights is a game with unparalleled atmosphere and level design. I love figuring out obscure mechanics, mastering punishing games, ARPGs with iframe mechanics, slow and/or subtle stories, tone-centric art, and innovative mechanics... so it's practically made for me.

    Not sure how many hours I've spent on Demon's Souls, but I'm positive it's 4 figures and that it would be much more if the community had not dried up.

    I have still yet to play Bloodborne (soon), but Dark Souls' inferior level design and combat mechanics did not quite make up for its increased content and polish in other areas. I think the general distaste towards DaS2 is overblown or sometimes flat out wrong, but did not appreciate it as much either.
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  • posted a message on The Beer Thread!
    Well it's not beer but I'm partway through a case of ACE Joker Hard Cider and it's easily the best hard cider I've ever had, actually dry instead of a sugar bomb and only 3g of carbs so I feel pretty good about drinking it instead of beer.
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  • posted a message on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    Quote from italofoca »
    The coincidence arguments in this thread are hilarious. I think my (mentally will) dog understand reality better then you guys :/

    Every single event in your life is just as coincidental as Rey meeting Finn. What is the coincidence of two people meeting each other ? Seriously ?
    Every single event in my life is not just as coincidental as
    Finn finding the droid he needs almost instantly after crashing on the PLANET that contains it.
    That said, there were not too many coincidences in my opinion, and it's nothing new for Star Wars anyway.
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