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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Quote from LuckyJoe1988 »
    I am DIGGING that Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God.

    Seriously, why hasn't the committee for commander allowed Planeswalkers yet? I need to build a deck around THAT Nicol Bolas.

    Play Oathbreaker Wink
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  • posted a message on VorthosCast preview: Despark, Prison Realm
    Mtg players: desparking will kill Bolas
    Bolas: you should have gone for the head
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  • posted a message on Return to Nature (reddit leak)
    I really dislike "catch-all" effects, as it makes deck building so much worse and main-deck hate cards are just tedious.

    But with the amount of graveyard shenanigans they print every time stuff like this is quite needed.


    So in the end, modern day Naturalize that might just randomly deal with a graveyard card if needed.

    Gotta make main deck hate so they can switch everything over to best of one for parity with Arena. Also gotta remove decision points for fewer clicks in Arena. Coming soon to paper Magic 2022: we-wanna-be-hearthstone elemental.
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  • posted a message on Oath of Kaya (Del Rey Books spoiler)
    I hope they keep the Gatewatch around but don’t focus on them for every story. It’s like the Avengers. It’s cool when you get a team up movie every couple years but it’s also nice to see new faces and stories in between.
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  • posted a message on Soul Diviner (email preview)
    Domri super dead.
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  • posted a message on Huatli, Sun's Heart
    Quote from Manite »
    Quote from Jason Justis »
    Unfortunately this won't make it into my Arcades wall tribal deck as it doesn't allow my walls to attack.

    Arcades allows your Walls to attack anyway, so what's the problem?

    For when your commander has died five times and is essentially uncastable.
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  • posted a message on God-Eternal Rhonas
    My vote is to nickname this Craterhoof Bejesus.
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  • posted a message on Karn the Great Creator
    Quote from Pappy »
    Could be me just looking into this too much but it may be the case that Karn is the only one keeping Bolas's Citadel from activating. Bolas keeps playing ***** for free with it and gaining life back from the Dreadhorde Invasion. Ravnica and the walkers keep killing the army but it just keeps coming back as Bolas keeps playing new stuff. Jace might be an answer to all this with his win the game ability but really unless something changes soon I think Karn is going to be killed in order for Bolas to move onto the next phase of his plan.

    They’ve set up Karn as the impetus for a return to the Phyrexian storyline. I don’t think they can kill him here.
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  • posted a message on Jaya, Venerated Firemage and her greeting
    Quote from 13055 »
    Can I get some clarification as to whether her static ability includes herself? I think it does not, but I'm not 100% certain if "other red source" is just meant to exclude the static ability itself, or to exclude Jaya as a source.
    It excludes Jaya as the source. Abilities aren't sources and aren't colored.

    Pretty sure that second sentence is wrong. Pretty sure abilities have a source and get a color from that source.
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  • posted a message on Dovin, Hand of Control & Law-Rune Enforcer - StarCityGames
    Quote from Cyborg Huey »
    Interesting. So with Dovin being hybrid, that means Narset will be WU. Neat.

    Actually with Teferi occupying the WU slot. Narset will definitely mono U.

    I don't doubt the veracity of that statement, but doesn't that give us considerably more blue walkers than any other color? Maybe I'm losing my mind, but it felt overwhelmingly blue before we had 4 more blue walkers spoiled one after the other. I'm not hating on it...just seems super weird.

    Welcome to Magic, where blue gets all the best toys pretty much every time.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark preview panel from PAX
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    Yeah Amass can't be parasitic because it's self contained.

    By that logic, energy wasn't parasitic because (with only one or two exceptions) all of the energy cards gave you the energy you needed to use them. Sure, Amass isn't terribly parasitic. For example, the 3/2 for 4 that gives you a 2/2 when it dies works regardless of where you play it. But to really use the mechanic the way it's intended rather than a glorified "create an x/x zombie token" you have to play it within the set. It's certainly more parasitic than proliferate but less so than energy, since it would interact with some older cards.

    Will we be getting Army as a creature type? It´s weird that non of the spoiled cards is an army creature

    I doubt we'll get any 'army' creatures in the set. If we did, Amass would put counters there rather than a zombie token, which seems to be the intent of the mechanic. Though I guess they could make one if they really wanted you to be able to boost it with Amass. A flying Army creature would be really good for draft. Assuming they don't do something weird with Army though, it'll be a creature type so Changelings or other cards that mess with creature types will interact with it.
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    While I was hoping for flip walkers, I could just as easily point to a response where Mark confirms that 36 walkers with one in each pack IS the "crazy" element.


    While wishing is free, I'm going to need some compelling evidence before I buy into this theory.

    36 walkers is pretty crazy. Planeswalkers are complicated enough already, and they represent something that is hypothetically rare (even if Vraska, Domri, and Ral are all from Ravnica; Chandra and Saheeli are both from Kaladesh; Kiora and Nissa are both from Zendikar; etc.)

    Three or two planeswalkers being from the same plane doesn’t disprove the rarity of planeswalkers. We don’t know the population of these planes but it’s probably pretty decent. Hell, in the US, you could have 300 thousand people have XX trait and still be less than 0.1% overall. Even at 0.001% you’d still have 3000 people. Dominaria is canonically twice the size of Earth but I don’t think they’ve confirmed a population overall.

    And 36 planeswalkers being here doesn’t make it less rare. Since they can all move between planes and are being drawn by Lightning Bug. Nuclear physicists are rare but if you live near a nuclear power plant, the concentration will probably be higher than usual.
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  • posted a message on War of the spark potentially getting 3 color multi color cards (atleast one anyway)
    The whole talk about guilds against guilds suggest that the set will have cards where 2 guilds work together, like having a card with both Surveil and Undergrowth on it

    This set will probably be mechanically separate from the GRN block. Dragons Maze didn’t go over well plus the new model is supposed to be separate sets. We could see throwbacks to the mechanics (ie surveil written out without the keyword) but I don’t think we’ll see returning mechanics.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Promos and Packaging
    Quote from kwanyeegor »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Doesn't look like there's going to be Jace in this set Frown

    Thats pretty much a given, Maro even said the walkers in these sets are two colored and working for Bolas and the gatewatch won't appear at all.
    I must have missed that. Makes sense. I suppose Jace will appear in Milk. Damn, I didn't want to wait this long for Jace to appear.
    "this long" which means since ixalan?
    As in, seeing Jace again is the only thing keeping a third return to Ravnica, the plane I loathe most (alongside Tarkir) palpable enough to endure, this long. But he's going to be three sets in before I finally get the one good thing Ravnica could deliver for me.

    Growth Spiral though. Not bad. Lavinia too. Not bad.

    Oh no, we have to wait another set for the dumbest, most pushed-in-our-faces planeswalker. I hope he dies to Bolas so we don’t get 20 million more Jace cards. He won’t tho, since Wizards has a hard on for him and seem to assume the whole audience does too.
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
    “it's strange that she's on Ixalan of all places. That plane was just "reopened for easy access", so to say, during the current year of MtG story.“

    It was opened to leave but planeswalkers like Jace and Angrath could go even before the Sun was removed. It’s possible she planeswalked to Ixalan before the events of the block. Could also explain why she didn’t planeswalk away when things started going south. She’s not yet aware that planeswalkers can leave again.
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