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    A legacy legal cube is fun as well.
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    Fricken original art for our cube! And looks like it'll be very good too. Way to go Pringlesman! Grin
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    Quote from cuttups
    I'm pretty sure there was a discussion earlier about how there needed to be a smaller amount of people in control of the project because without that the project fades into nothingness like last time.

    Altaurus and I were just running it the best way we knew how.

    You've done well. I liked the system, it didn't feel too arbitrary to me, like the very first design process, where the organizers simply chose the cards to be used from people's submissions. The voting system is neat.

    But - I think it's very good to experiment with improvements. Smile
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    Nice, let's try it!
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    About Crusading Nomad: It was changed so that the creature searched gets time counters equal to its mana cost, which is a great idea. However, I was thinking, since this balances the card quite well no matter what creature you get, why does it have the restriction of only getting creatures costing up to four mana? I think it would be even cooler if it could get any creature. More choices is always more fun. Also, it would be more elegant that way.
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Voting [CLOSED]
    Also, is anyone opposed to moving the Captain to 4cc?

    Sounds reasonable.

    Looks like Kirtar is getting a lot of votes, and it's definitely getting into the set. It can bump out the 4CC creature that would have made it in with the fewest votes.

    I suggest doing this after the voting is done though, and generally tampering with the cards during voting as little as possible. Once it's over, we can focus on the balancing again.
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Voting [CLOSED]
    Quote from Bwian »
    CMC = 5
    4 Valkyrie of the Fields
    3 Dragon of Catastrophe
    2 Passage Paladin
    1 Gideon Jura, Avenger

    One more! Smile
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    I like the name you have now! Sounds like some angel's name, which I think fits the idea of a spiritual hero.

    The attacking restriction on the removal seems a bit harsh-ish though. It'd be a fine defensive card, but not much use on offense. What do you think, if it could target blocking creatures too?

    That way, it'd be a house of a card, but creatures could be protected from the ability by keeping them out of combat, and the opponent would have time to search for an answer. Combat would be hard for the opponent though.

    Btw, you don't need the "from the game" any more with exile. Smile hooray for shorter text!
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Card Submission Discussions
    It's cool, kinda like a white Siege-Gang Commander. It must be dealt with, though, or it's a three-for-one the next turn(s), which can be insanely hard to recover from. Powerful card.

    I'd probably like it more if the ability was blink instead of permanent exile. In that case, its stats could be better, too, maybe make three tokens and the activation cost was only W.

    Though I just realized, the exile should then be non-spirit or something, because Kraven could then be used to churn out endless tokens. :p Shroud on Kraven would do the trick too, but it'd make it pretty tough.

    Also, Kraven doesn't sound like a name I'd like for my legend hero. Sounds a bit too... craven. Wink But, I'm not an expert in naming legends, so I don't have a contructive suggestion in mind. The creative part of course comes later, we don't have to care about the names yet - just a thought.
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  • posted a message on Group Cube Draft III - all the picks made, page 58
    We played the rest of the games on Sunday. We decided to play the finals, and the whole tournament from the viewpoint of the forum deck.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get MWS files of the games, because I thought they were automatically on. My memory of the games and magic games in general is rather fuzzy, so I'll only be presenting a rough overview. Go ahead and elaborate if you wanna, magicmerl!

    The finals, Garruk vs. Atogatog

    Garruk beat with his amazing 2-for-1 aggro drops in the first game, and after emptying his hand, cast Wheel of fortune for more powah.

    The second game, Atog managed to stave off the horde, and cast something that Garruk needed to find an answer for. So Garruk made a moderately desperate Wheel with four cards in his hand and with Atog at three cards. Garruk found good stuff, but unfortunately for him, Atog had found Mind Shatter ftw. The game went on for a while after that, but Meloku grew Atog's board position to overwhelmingness.

    Game three, repeat of game 1, but Garruk didn't get or even need a Wheel.

    2-1 for Garruk

    MTGS vs Chandra

    The first game, Chandra begun with a threatening Isochron Scepter imprinting Terminate. MTGS cast a Flickerwisp targeting Isochron, practically getting rid of the artifact! Then it turned into a race, which MTGS won.

    Second a game, Chandra got the Stick again, this time with Fire//Ice. It proceeded to screw MTGS's mana while drawing Chandra cards. Unfortunately, the only source of black mana for MTGS was a bounceland. When MTGS cast a fifth-turn Flickerwisp again aimed at the stick and neutering it, it had already lost way too much tempo to Chandra's quick deck.

    Third game I don't remember much, but Chandra was too fast and brutal for MTGS.

    2-1 for Chandra

    Ertai vs Niall Silvain

    First game, Niall countered everything relevant, and dropped a Jwar Jwar which smashed face.

    Second game, Niall quickly (in these super slow decks' standards) got a Glen Elendra Archmage equipped with bonesplitter. It swung, swung, swung... dealing 12 damage in the game. After being aimed a removal spell at and beconming a 1/1, Niall equipped the Clamp to it and drew. We agreed he probably should have kept steadily attacking with the 1/1 Archmage and Faerie Conclave. Instead, he played Jwar Isle Sphinx again. Ertai had a Deed, which saved him after one Sphinx swing while he was at 1 life. Here begun the slow rise of Erai back into the game, first with Wall of Roots and Mold Shambler, then Sorin Markov, which proceeded to dominate the game enough for Ertai to eventually win.

    Third game, Ertai won somehow.

    2-1 for Ertai

    MTGS vs Niall Silvain

    First game, Niall goes first, and MTGS gleefully put out a first turn Weathered Wayfarer, ready to search all kinds of nasty nonbasics. It does exactly that, getting a Strip mine. Niall stumbles on mana, while MTGS gets to four mana, and starts dropping bombs. Ajani is countered, but Spectral Procession + Geddon finishes it.

    Second game, Niall gets it on fast with a second turn Signet. MTGS responds with Vile Bile. It get control magiced. Third turn, MTGS has the choice of playing Vindicate on the Signet, or doing nothing. He decides to wait, and cast a Kor Sanctifiers next turn to get Bile back. For Niall, down comes Kira next turn. MTGS thinks whether to run the Sanctifiers against two untapped blue, but does it, and it resolves. Next turn, down comes Morphling, and that plus Kira are win.

    I think that game MTGS should have played the Vindicate 3rd turn or even 4th and cracked the Strip mine he had instead of using it to cast the Sanctifiers, to prevent the Morphling play.

    Third game, Niall counters early threats, gets to four mana, plays a Solemn, then a bribery getting Cloudgoat Ranger, then a Control Magic, which is enough to win the game.

    2-1 for Niall Silvain

    It's officially finished now. Thanks again for all participants! Smile Cube on!
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Card Submission Discussions
    I didn't realize at first we wanted to make the creatures "printable", so I didn't focus on the creatures' overpoweredness much. Or, I focused on making them overpowered. :p

    I've now tweaked most of the cards' power down to a level I consider acceptable but definitely cubable.

    Why not make it a flip card that is a 2/2 creature with "When THIS is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control, flipped." on the one side and an Anthem on the other side.

    1. I couldn't think of a name for the flipped version. The "default", Novator's Essence just didn't feel cool enough, and nothing else that's good came to mind either.

    2. I dislike the appearance of flip cards, mainly the art.

    It's still possible to do it as a flip card, and I'd rather see it put up for voting as a flip card than not at all. I simply prefer the divinity counter version of it - and the counter can be something cool and massive, since it's likely no other counters will be placed on it. Smile
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Card Submission Discussions
    I really like Reflecting Dragon. I also think Silver Dragon would be a better name for it, being simple and epic, and still serving the concept. Anyone who's played Nethack will love this one. Smile Sure to get votes from me!

    Having the +1/+1 be static is a HUGE power boost. I think the card is fine as is. Forcing the angel to attack also gives the card some risk and means something like an awesome flyer or reach dude on your opponents side does something in this situation. I'm honestly more worried that the defending player will have too hard a time with some of the white cards being made. Remember, you're going to be the defending player 1/2 the time. This may be an unfounded concern however and best left up to the development phase of this project, not the design phase.

    It could really be either way, one being more elegant and the other more balanced.

    And what do people think of giving Knights Horsemanship as an ability?

    I think horsemanship is more like a joke ability. Smile
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Card Submission Discussions
    Quote from bondafong
    This is virtually a "all other creatures you control gains +1/+1". It makes the card more simple, and only a little more powerful.

    Hmm, yeah, that'd be elegant for sure. A 3/3 for 4 that Anthems is hella (heavena?) powerful, I thought getting the pump only on your own turn would offset it a bit. Do you think the card isn't too powerful with just a normal Anthem effect?
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] Card Submission Discussions
    I like Battlesong Angel, but shouldn't she be a little bigger as an angel? Maybe 3/3 or 3/4? Also, the name kinda implies some sort of 'When ~ attacks all creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn' ability, as she sings the troops to battle. Maybe make the Anthem effect conditional? (Giving her a sort of 'Exalted for your whole team feel').

    I admit, it was kinda small for an angel. I made it bigger and made it give the bonus only when attacking (and when entering the battlefield so that it would have some immediate impact). What do you think now? At least feels a lot more angelic.

    Battlesong Angel 2ww

    Creature - Angel


    When Battlesong Angel enters the battlefield or attacks, other creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.


    She turns adversity into advantage, defeat into destined victory.

    Some card reviews from me too:

    Knight of Pure Fire: Seems more like a red card to me. I'd love to see something like this in red... Smile

    Caravan Quartermaster: I love the white (and more useful too) Imperious Perfect.

    Ancient Loremaster: Heh, tutoring always good.

    Angel of Divinity: Indeed pretty cool. Could maybe even affect any permanent type?

    Iconoclasts: I dig both the flavor and the ability of this colorshifted 'Monkey.

    Mallard of the Moat: Great (esp. the name, heh). Not too powerful since it's a removable creature, but still powerful enough to win the game on its own. The paragon of the skies deck, if we enable it.

    Simple Shadow Dude: I wonder if we're going to support shadow or not... We have 3 ways, i think: A) Put many shadows into the set, making shadow combat possible, B) Put some shadows in there and expect them to just be "unblockable", and C) no shadows- I'm leaning on B, since that's the way a normal cube feels too. That said, somehow this dude doesn't seem that white to me. Maybe it's the fact that there aren't that many 3/1 creatures in white.
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  • posted a message on [MTG:A^3] White noncreatures (Now 4cc+, Deadline 28 June 2010 @ Midnight)
    Novator, the Ascendant 2W

    Creature - Human Cleric

    If Novator has no divinity counter and it would be put into a graveyard from the battlefield, instead put a divinity counter on it and it becomes an enchantment with "Creatures you control get +1/+1".


    "If I leave this world behind, fear not, for I shall never forget you."

    Battlesong Angel 2WW

    Creature - Angel


    When ~ attacks, other creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.


    She turns adversity into advantage, defeat into destined victory.

    Well, a couple of token making sorceries came to mind too, I'd count at least the first one as a creature in my cube:

    Apostles of Serra 1WW

    Put two 2/1 Human Cleric creature tokens into play. One has protection from red and the other protection from black.

    Law smothers anarchy. Grace repels darkness. Together, they are impeccable.

    Muster 2

    Muster is white.

    Multikicker W

    Put two 1/1 white soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield for each time Muster was kicked.


    Mobilizing Commander 2W

    Creature - Human Soldier

    Creatures you control have vigilance.

    2W: Put a 1/1 white soldier creature token onto the battlefield.


    "Retreat the vanguard! Reinforce the left flank! Inform the reserves!"

    Steelweaver Adept2W

    Creature - Human Artificer

    When Steelweaver Adept enters the battlefield, search your library for an equipment card and put it onto the battlefield.

    When Steelweaver Adept leaves the battlefield, shuffle the chosen equipment card into your library.


    Supreme Divinity 5WWW

    Creature - Angel Avatar


    When ~ enters the battlefield, you gain control of target creature of an opponent's choice that he or she controls.



    Hero of the PeopleX1WW

    Creature - Human

    Convoke (Each creature you tap while casting this spell reduces its cost by {1} or by one mana of that creature's color.)

    When ~ enters the battlefield, put X 1/1 white citizen tokens onto the battlefield.


    Guard Hounds 1WW (added after june 11th 12:00 PM, just wanted to put this out)

    Creature - Hound


    Whenever you're attacked, untap all other creatures you control.


    Can you tell I love tokens and huge armies? :p

    BTW: Muster would compete in the 5+CC section, as an x-card that shines when cast with 5+ mana.
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