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  • posted a message on [2XM] Isochron Scepter and Ash Barrens— Good Luck High Five previews
    Reprints undermine the entire collectable aspect of the game, and that is damaging the entire franchise.

    Yeah except the original printings just become the collectibles, while reprints serve as more affordable options for people who care about playing :) :)
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  • posted a message on B & R Announcement 8/3 Major Shakeups
    There are multiple factors at play here.

    • When R&D prints cards that make one or several archetypes more dominant than others, it is less a matter of designing overpowered cards and more indicative of simply not designing powerful enough options for other strategies that are considered fringe or unviable. In a vacuum, cards like Cauldron Familiar and Growth Spiral are fairly innocuous. But given the context of the format and the card pool, which enables decks to contain highly recursive value engines and/or backbreaking haymakers that arrive several turns ahead of schedule, other decks just don't have the tools they need to keep up.
    • The Magic community is solving Standard metagames at an increasingly accelerated speed. Back in the older days of Magic before the internet was so prevalent, it would often take weeks or months for the best decks to be figured out, and metagames varied wildly from region to region. Now that information can be shared so rapidly and online Magic content is everywhere, formats are getting solved in a matter of days. The best decks rise to the top sooner, which leads to more time being spent playing the same metagame. Every now and then you'll see a new deck emerge at a Pro Tour (har har, get it? Like the Temur Emerge deck from PT Eldritch Moon?), but that hasn't been happening nearly as often as of late.
    • R&D doesn't seem to be playtesting these cards and sets nearly as extensively as they need to be. This sort of goes back to my first point, but also it brings up the potential issue of Wizards not having a large enough pool of people to playtest their upcoming sets. As someone else in this forum pointed out a while ago, the entire Magic community logs far more playtesting time in a single day than R&D's comparatively small team could hope to accomplish in many months of designing, developing, and tweaking. It might not be a perfect fix, but expanding their development/play design team might mitigate some of these oversights.

    In other words, I don't really see these bannings as the result of poorly balanced cards, but instead poorly balanced sets.

    Quote from Mystic_X »
    I had bett4r open some sweet stained glass window walkers in those lairs to make up the loss or I'll never take the bait for one of these overpriced special edition products again!

    Bruh why would you still open them instead of just keeping them sealed to resell later
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Vexing Shusher and Veteran Explorer— Caleb Durward previews
    Veteran Explorer is a nic fit for the uncommon slot.

    Fry I see what you did there
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Ravenous Trap and Savageborn Hydra
    Ravenous Trap upshifted. These WotC buffoons have NO clue.

    Two 25 cent rares. 12 to 16 dollars a pack. Legal theft.

    Well now that I think about it, the Double Masters list was probably finalized last year when Phoenix and Hogaak decks were ruining the meta and Ravenous Trap was a $7 card.

    But your point still stands, I don't know what makes them think that Ravenous Trap would be that expensive for an entire year. If the Modern meta was really that stagnant and degenerate for that long, then they would have much bigger problems.
    And that still doesn't excuse the fact that, even if Ravenous Trap was still $7, leaving it an uncommon would be much better for pack sales than upshifting it to rare. Modern Masters 2013 went down in history as one of the best sets because it had so much value in the non-rare slots.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Ravenous Trap and Savageborn Hydra
    Okay the absolute last thing I was expecting was for Ravenous Trap to be upshifted to rare.

    Like... why?
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  • posted a message on [2XM] - Cast Down at common
    Yeah, this is basically replacing all of my Victim of Night copies in MBC.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Two Unoffical spoilers which are........
    That's... a fairly significant functional change. For the better, mostly. Takes equipment with it, doesn't trigger ETB or LTB effects... in addition to corner cases such as keeping a stack of mutated creatures as one entity instead of bringing them back as multiples, etc.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar rising first look on July 25th
    Oh damn, that angel is using weapons crafted out of Kozilek's bismuth! Neat!

    Also, those spectral-looking wisp thingies coming out of that Sea Gate tower kinda look like Ugin's manifest magic, or the planeswalker sparks flying around Ravnica during War of the Spark. It's probably not related to either of those things, but it looks quite similar.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Noah walker - Trinisphere and Academy Ruins
    Okay that showcase foil Academy Ruins might just replace the TSP foil copy that I have in my Legacy deck.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Becca BLM - Blasphemous Act and Rolling Earthquake
    Damnation is only $30, it's not even that expensive
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Council's Judgment and Crop Rotation— Best Marmotte previews
    I wonder if that full-art Crop Rotation can finally out-price the Urza's Legacy foil.

    I don't. ULG foil will easily win out.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] 3 new dogs and Isamaru reprint - MTG offical twitter
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    You know that’s a song about disparaging women, right?

    You know that's actually a song disparaging men who disparage women, right?
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  • posted a message on [M21] Twinblade assassins - TheAsianAvenger
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Based on the name I thought this would be black's take on Twinblade Paladin.

    Huh, the first card I thought of was Twinblade Slasher.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Enthralling hold - Magic esports
    I read the thread title and thought that the card would invoke some sort of slightly sensual wrestling move.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Elder Garganoth— hobbyjapan.co.jp/cardgamer preview
    Looks like they were trying to go for Baneslayer levels of rate here
    Seems like a neat cube card but I don't see it making too many splashes anywhere else
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