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  • posted a message on [Primer/Deck] Budget T1 High Tide
    What about a small black splash for yagwin and a couple more tutors in the draw section or is the dig that better???
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  • posted a message on Broken tide.
    I dont know where to categorize this deck so i am going to call it my swan song.

    I have always wanted to make a broken deck and I hope I did well.
    I want to eventually make this a type1 deck but until I own candles this will be a casual deck.

    I am going to move from mill to ANT but keep it blue based with high tides.
    I want more tutors to again make it more type 1 legal and thuss I get to just chain tutors to end the game.

    Now I want to know if I am playing Yagwin correctly, do I play that when I want to end my chain, play yagwin, replay all my cards in the graveyard then cast whatever storm spell I wish for the end game?

    Would the snap faeries engine be worth while as I like the gush bond engine, but I think I want to add in 2 snapcasters and of the snap faeries package what should I remove? I know start with what ever is restricted but will it be viable?

    I will get some real dual lands but in the meantime for just what ever magic I think my mana base will work, playtesting on tappedout says this deck is viable t2-t3.

    I want fow but foil will work as I am going for gush bond so the pitching of a basic and another card. Which is fine as I can replay them with SCM and yagwin or other cards.
    I think I want to add past in flames as it is close to another yagwin imo but the mana base is shakey as it is and abu duels will set me back a bit same with trying to get a few more fetches, I could go up to 5 fetches but I would be taking out the reason for GLM in my burn deck.

    So really at this point to keep it broken fun what should i do to make it a bit more efficent, I know I need more tutors, enlightened has been a fun card and I dk if I want to add a top to the deck or not. It will help a lot with them pesky tutors putting the card I want on top of my library but its a good option and I can replay it to help out the storm count.

    Just some musics I have been thinking about all day, just trying to get numbers right as I feel this deck in paper wiffs a lot so defiantly want to move to a tutor chain to get what I want to win.

    Noxious Revival and surgical extraction are also on the lit of I want to add, I just need help with the right numbers and I feel like I could end up killing myself as it is cause of fastbond and the insane amount of CA I can get out of it, would adding crucible and orb be worth it? Sure I wont be killing myself anymore and I can then use mill with BSZ, but I want to make sure I dont run into some reanimator deck where I cant kill them.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Dont comment on them, noone said you had to.

    Also maybe he dident have a glimmervoid to spare, honestly I want to cut glimmervoid, I would rather have tomb in its slot than glimmervoid.

    3 Tezz is to many, will go to 2, I want more draw, so thinking about getting some Thirst, ravager is cure and just there to draw counters for plating.
    I want to fit in Lodestone Golem, Lodestone Myr would be fun with a mud mana base which I almost want to move to, and AoB pisses me off. Sure hes 4cmc but only the top 5 sucks when I can spend one more for the seeker and get basicly a tinker on a body or more mana out of my opals/drum.

    Memnite sucks, is there anything better? God I wish clamps were legal in legacy.
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  • posted a message on How Much Support Does WotC Give to Legacy Currently?
    wotc is a joke, afaic they killed mtg when mirroden came out, I dont support wotc in anything they do, I just play the game anymore. wotc does not get my money.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from Plaguefather

    How is that anything CLOSE to turbo?

    Tundra?! Ok, well when you're sitting on U/W mana, and you really want black, I'm sure you're gonna want a Tundra in there... He goes ABOVE the maximum amount of lands that Affinity runs. 16 is the best number to run. and some number of them should be Glimmervoids...

    Plus, he touted it as Budget, not sure how Tundra is Budget, considering it's only the 2nd most expensive original dual...

    4 opals AND 4 Drums?

    not sure how signal pest is Turbo, considering it needs a turn to come online... Frogmite puts on more pressure than Pest...

    and I haven't even begun on the sideboard...

    4 Canonist
    4 Chalice
    3 Mindbreak Trap
    4 Rest in Peace...

    Really? Wow, it's so nice to know you'll get eaten alive by anything other than Dredge or Storm... Let's see.

    How many decks can reliably answer Canonist? ALL OF THEM.

    How many decks can play around Mindbreak? All of them...

    Rest in peace?! it doesn't even add to our artifact count... I'd run Relic or Cage over RIP honestly...plus, the inherent disadvantage of needing colored mana for it...

    3 chalices is enough.

    Really, the rest of the guy's list looks like a stock Affinity list... he didn't really do much innovating at all, besides not using the superior Glimmervoid over Tundra... Tundra...REALLY!?!?!

    No manland either... Inkmoth / Blinkmoth are affinity staples now. You should be running SOME number of either... To me, Inkmoth Nexus is an alternate win-con just in case someone pulls off the Lol-7's wurm, or happens to gain a crapton of life... Or, It can be a primary win con killing often on turn 3...

    If I played against his list, I would probably win. 99/100 times, I would win.

    No disruption, no removal, no reliable counters... This list is all theory-craft and probably has no real numbers under its' belt...

    Or maybe SCG is overstocked on Tundras and wants everyone to buy one...

    Honestly not sounding like an asshat would of been better trying to get your point across. Its not like he was saying its the best thing ever but its responses like this is why I only come on here when I need some 15 year old information on a deck noones looked at in 20 years.

    Can we grow up a little bit and actually make people feel welcomed here instead of alienated 5 year old responses.

    Remember not everyone lives in this world like most so can we try to be a bit more civil.
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  • posted a message on [Read This] Official Forum Organization Discussion
    IDK about the rest of you but I am getting sick and tired of always looking for the deck forum, oh look its here one week oh its over here another week.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Jund
    IMO Pyromancer is crap, I would rather run shard volly than her.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Theros in Legacy
    Its another **** set, only card I want is TS and thats just to bring the price down.

    Lightning Strike looks ok but its still no bolt and never will be.

    Ashiok is ok only cause of the 3 cmc.

    Underworld Cerberus is intresting to say the least.

    Xenagos i like but thats about it, not legacy playable.

    Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, could be a new lotus of sorts imo, get this land, wish it helped artifacts.

    Temples suck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Oh yeah i forgot how mtgo modern is different where everyone plays the same deck same list.
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  • posted a message on The SnapCast lives!
    Pyromaster is ok but at 4cmc it has to compete with elsepth and jace and thats not happening.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Quote from zombie_sky_diver
    I don't necessarily have a problem with Guide, he is played a little in Delver legacy decks but giving your opponent cards is not good for any reason. For me it seems there is always a blocker early game that can kill him right away. Some games you can ride him out for a win or close to it... but most you cant, and generally because you gave your opponent the answer.

    And now with Vexing Devil in the mix I think he is just a better choice.

    Knowing what is happening on there end is huge compared to modern, your opponent getting a free land is enough to keep guide around a could turns and if you can counter, bounce or kill there threats you win.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    So far my testing has been this.

    When I see index I would rather have it than map other than if I need Ruins or the last tron piece.

    Remand is great great "tempo" but over all weak, I want one n the first 2 turns but after that its a 2 cmc conditional draw spell.

    I am looking at other counter spells to actually replace remand and run more draw, 4 sad robot is a bit much but I dont have 4 treasure mages and I wouldn't run 4 anyway, 1 sad robot and something else is going to be 2x scm.

    IDK about you guys but I usually draw into my fetchables or lands, I actually want to run my 4 mistys cause we dont use shackles so staying with a heavy blue base really is not needed. Yes I know cheap deck is cheap but I think some clues from other top decks could do this deck a lot of good.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] MonoU Tron - "The well-oiled machine"
    Quote from guyterto

    What do you think guys of Steel Hellkite?

    Personally I love steel hellkite, its an excellent card but its just like any other creature, easy to get rid of.
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  • posted a message on How viable is WW in modern?
    Priest is a 2/2 not a 1/3, a bigger but is nice but both die to bolt, the added power is better.
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  • posted a message on Odd Request - Most Competitive Modern Deck w/ Conversion into a Solid Legacy Deck
    Im going to say many in this topic dont know anything about legacy and there price tags.

    With legacy you buy an investment and get to play with the cards still, modern you just buy the cards and play and not worry to much about the investment unless its a card used in many legacy decks.

    Yes affinity gets hated out a lot but so does every other deck, same with burn, but legacy burn is actually good compared to moderns burn and all legacy decks vary.

    I saw a 1.5 affinity deck that does not run free creatures, just sol lands and hate bear artifacts, It was much like a MUD deck but better and not so combo or aggro orientated.

    OP, I say go through the 1.5 primers and base your decks off what you have and want you want to play towards cause imo your not going to get a good answer out of the modern forum.

    Modern you have to run 3 colors to be tier1.
    In legacy a mono color deck can be tier1, Any deck, any day, any week, any shop, can be tier 1, It depends on the player and how good they are with the deck.

    Legacy is a whole nother ballgame than extended type2.
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