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  • posted a message on Stop Playing Magic
    stop waiting for spoilers
    stop checking you posts daily and getting dissapointed when nobody replies
    stop spending money on plastic with faux value
    stop playing and go rent a house
    stop playing and meet a significant other
    stop playing all you are is a corporate dependant eagerly awaiting the next spoiler season to see what 1cent to make piece of paper that you buy for 25 dollars
    stop playing and make a savings account
    stop playing a take a trip somewhere nice

    if took all of the time you spent brewing, playing, buying added it all up then spent the equvialant amount of time starting a blank wall the end result would be the same...you will have achived nothing!

    MTG is an inspiring game, maybe the best card game i've played, but it will give you no inspiration and do nothing besides feed itself

    lol and im unbanned/infactable b/c im gone for good! i regret nothing and yes that playmat is exactly what is wrong with magic and anyone that defends that **** has their head so far up their nerd arse they can't feel the lonliness above the sound of their screaming prostate, the taste of v a g i n a outweighs anything magic can provide you

    logging out for good! Yippe! THREE wasted years gone for nothing!
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  • posted a message on Your top 5 things magic players need to STOP doing
    1) stop spending money on ****
    2) do something spontaneous
    3) spend money on rent/cars/fuel
    4) stop saying gay/f#gt, stop saying ****ty bad jokes at the lsv which embarress us all and the 1 girl that ever came
    5) stop playing magic

    6)stop waiting for spoilers with glee rubbing your hands...lol waiting to buy more inflate pieces of plastic! Yippe! Spent 35 dollars on a junk rare in 6 months time! Winning...
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  • posted a message on Help! MWC needs Combo disruption...
    Quote from Dougleton
    Usually when people cast Genesis Wave they tap out, Mana Tithe could work. Also I hope you know about Aven Mindcensor.
    Nevermore can prevent a general from being cast, really hurts the mono red or mono black player.

    Definatly away of Aven, he's already in. Any white cards that make people pay extra mana to cast things? And enchatments are brutal vs red/black. Any more good ones?
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  • posted a message on Help! MWC needs Combo disruption...
    Hello, I'm setting out to make a Mageta the Lion MWC deck. Tons of board wipes and as much card draw/advantage that white can make (and a subtheme of discard/reanimation package to use Mageta)

    I can forsee few problems dealing with the board between instant speed exiles/wraths/spot removal for all types of permanats. However a fat, hasty threat like Genesis Wave into Akroma's Memorial, Tooth and Nail could be a problem. Also Jhoira, Azami, Black/X combo decks...etc..etc...

    -What are the options for counterspell-esque cards, hand disruption, library searching? Cards that shut down threats before they are threats
    -What are the options that White has to shut down decks that tutor, draw and play must be countered threats.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker advice.
    Sorrin and Liliana. You're never going to use espelth +3+3 and her ultimate is never going to win or be relevent. When compared to the eddict removal and group discard (its stax after all) i think shes better than Elspeth. Sorin has a more impactful ultimate compared to Lil so i'd pick him over Elespeth to. Thats my feeling...it's not all in tokens like you were after but a bit of diversity and disruption seems pretty good.

    As for cuts your deck is pretty tight but Magister Sphinx seems a much needed win con in you build bit i do agree with
    -Desolation Angel
    - Scrabbling Claws ? It appears to be the inferior gravehate and how much do you need?
    - Also on lands High Market i've found better than Miren in evey aspect. How important is the life gain? I've not played a deck that had less than 7 creatures rather i have but potential life gain was never an issue.
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  • posted a message on Grimgrin EDH
    I dont run a tribal deck. Im going to bed right now, feel free to have a look at my list and i'll follow it up.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Kor Cartographer
    Quote from Helspont
    Might have to re-visit this card. Though I only have 1 deck currently that has white in it.

    It does give ramp'ish land fixing to a color that lacks it. Though Knight of the White Orchid is somewhat similar.

    Yeah for white its nuts. It has changed the way i play in that I always choose to draw so i can play KoTWO/Solemn with messing with Land Tax/Tithe .

    There is a really consistent amount of thinning/fixing/ramping between
    Land Tax
    Weathered Wayfarer
    Knight of the White Orchid
    Kor Cartographer

    And any colour things like
    Wayfarer's Bauble
    Solemn Simulacrum
    Pilgrim's Eye another favoirte of mine. An evasive, sword carrying, skullclampable dude is pretty decent.

    A few weeks ago i wouldn't have thought mono white would have smoother mana than my mono black deck.
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  • posted a message on Am I crazy for removing Artisan of Kozilek from my deck?
    Quote from Genra
    not at all. people call me crazy because i dont run primetime in my ghave deck all the time. i just dont have the room for 6cmc spells that only produce 1 creature in that deck.

    ! Khalni Garden Smile Now cram primetime in

    I ran him in a deck that could really use the board presense, reanimation, use his actual casting cost and his P/T but he's too much mana for the effect, somebody else pointed out what else you can cast for 9 mana which wins. He isn't terrible but high cmc cards need to justify themselves and are high on the getting cut radar.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Kor Cartographer
    Kor Cartographer

    I completely forgot about this card until a few days ago and it’s the nuts. It's Solemn .5 for white, use it when Bouncing/blinking/reveillarking and unlike solemn it can fetch dual lands. Why is nobody running it? Is fetching one plains not enough value?
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  • posted a message on How Much Draw is Too Much?
    You can have enough draw, you need action. Nothing is as ****ty as a deck that tutors/draws/controls and cant win. A blanace is best.

    White/X decks are suited to both Tap Out or Draw Go control. Decide what you like (Counters over sweepers or sweepers over counters) I despise Recuring Insight but ... it's suited to tap out control. Instant speed draw is always best for permission decks. Ohh Austere Command is nuts.

    Don't be tricked into thinking CMC of counter spells doesnt matter in EDH. The smaller the better. Any counterspell that cantrip are prime.
    Bone to Ash
    Hindering Light
    Cryptic Command
    although the CMC is slightly high

    Things like Wall of Omens aren't really decent in my experience for EDH, unless you have deck that abuses recursion/blink but that isnt 'control'.

    Mystic Snake
    Venser, Shaper Savant
    Voidmage Husher
    interact with each other pretty well

    Brainstorm, Ponder, Preordain are important cards for digging t but you can't lean on cantrips. Stoke of Genius, Jace's Ingenuity is where you will find long term gas.
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  • posted a message on What do YOU grab with Bribery?
    How long is a piece of string?
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Loxodon Punisher
    All dudes that get +X+X per equipment fail. Evasion trumps the buff when Sword of X/Y, Worldslayer and Quietus Spike reign supreme.

    Even Auriok Steelshaper (who is better imho) was carp. This is mono white kemba speaking and i've been refining my list for months in an attempt to make it compedetive.
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  • posted a message on Banned Grand Prix Indy Playmat?
    Quote from Surging Chaos
    The real hypocrisy comes from the fact that no one would be batting an eye toward the art if it were all males instead. Our society is just fine with appreciating the male body, but when it's a female's figure? HOLY **** STOP THE PRESS!

    And the fact that we don't care about violence, blood, gore, and murder is also hypocritical in of itself. That's just fine, but seeing boobs and curves = bad? Ugh.

    A few things. They will never be males, never have been males and you will struggle to find any overtly sexual males begging at the feet of the queen, especially scantily clad ones. Where are the japanese playmats of little boys in skimpy shorts with panties showing? (actually don't even go looking...its japan) And what bodies inform your standard? Just this air brushed ones in commericals?

    A harem of voluptuous, scantily clad, supplicants, with one licking the face of the king is appreciation of the female form? That is about as subtle as sledgehammer meeting a brick. Where are the uncut, not skinny, flatchested women. Are they appreciated?

    Two things are at work here. Advertising and projection. The playmat is risque but cliche. Ones a dark demon whatever, one has fire hair and the other an elf but none of this prevented the artist drawing a perfect set of tits. Look how out of proportion the elf is for ****s sake. This is clearly catering to the pre pupescent/puescent teen market or the psychosexually immature.

    There is also the typical ortientialst approach to art work ,"Only in the mysterious goblins den will you find beautiful, lavish temptress willing to do your every bidding". Every creature is conveniently humanoid, therefore not really like me. That only this wierd golbin could live so lavishly and poesses such strange lusts. It's a convenient mechanism to allow people to distance themselves from their sexual fantasies and or lack of furfilment.
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  • posted a message on Man Cuts Up A Beta Black Lotus :O
    Good he isn't the property of his tiny plastic possesions.
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  • posted a message on What is the first world consumer to do?
    In relation to the suicide rate at foxconn is far lower than national average, its pretty much a beat up

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