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  • posted a message on Force of Will TCG (FoW)
    I tried this once. It's too similar to Magic for me. The shop keeper said there might be a Duel Deck type product in the future. That would interest me. But I have no interest in constructing decks from boosters.
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  • posted a message on Do you have all 40 duals or just those you use?
    I started playing during Fallen Empires. I currently have all 40 from Revised Edition, plus an extra Plateau and an extra Badlands.

    The day 4th Edition released I traded off all of the few duals I had except the Bayou I was using in a deck. Collectively, this was my second worst trade ever. I did not learn until some days later that they were out of print.

    Getting a complete set was a dream for years. I finally got the last piece in 2009. Next, I tried upgrading some of the lower quality Badlands by picking up an extra Badlands at $34. Then I found the extra Plateau as part of a $20 Craigslist collection.

    I stopped because I no longer feel comfortable paying the asking price. The rise of Magic theft a few years ago disturbed me. Even though I have high value cards, I proxy anything I play in casual that's over $10. My duals sit in storage, since my last Eternal Event was prior to the shift to Planeswalker Points.

    I really should sell off the extras. But I'm reluctant to sell off the 40. It's not because I expect the price to rise. It's because they're iconic cards from the era when I started the game.
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  • posted a message on It can't be helped. [MTGS Brigade] will have to use THAT!
    Sorry I wasn't around when the last thread closed.

    I stopped being a regular after the switch to Curse. The slow browsing speed is too annoying.

    If anyone here is at Anime Expo Day Zero, there'll be tabletop gaming at the Compass Cafe (the tables and chairs near South Hall). This is the third year for this. Magic and other games have been played there in 2013/2014.

    Also, next season looks like...

    God Eater

    I'm looking forward to that.
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  • posted a message on Should players be kicked out of tournaments for being unhygienic??
    Screening for strong offensive odors is easy. Every player has to submit a deck list or pay an entry fee. If the TO notices a foul odor at that time, then that's the time to inform the offender that they can't participate unless they fix the problem.

    But this won't happen because the TO's want those entry fees. Elsewhere, some people have pointed at L5R as the example of how to handle this issue. But looking at sales linked below, the people running Magic don't have much motivation to copy the people running L5R.

    Top Collectible Games--Fall 2013 (

    Conclusion: Trying to make the game exclusive requires turning paying customers away. Greed > Hygiene
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  • posted a message on What Tabletop Games are you playing?
    Quote from Blinking Spirit
    Does that really count?

    It does to me.

    Quote from Blinking Spirit
    I mean, you lay tiles, but not not in the strategic nation-building sense that you think of (or at least that I think of) when you think of "tile-laying games". Hell, I don't know what genre to put Betrayal in. I mean, "horror", obviously, but as far as gameplay is concerned. It's just so freaking unique.

    Tile-laying is a mechanic, not a genre. I'm not sure Deadwood, my second favorite tile-laying game, is really about nation building either.

    Quote from Blinking Spirit
    Also, here's hoping for a reprint. A mint copy is currently two thousand dollars on Amazon.

    All the on-line game shops I visit are taking pre-orders for the reprint expected in March/April 2014.
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  • posted a message on What Tabletop Games are you playing?

    Quote from Dolono
    Have you heard of chess 2?

    I looked at it once but was more excited about Omega Chess at the time.

    Quote from Dolono
    Is there a definitive tile-laying game that you hold as the pinnacle of that genre?

    My favorite tile-laying game is Betrayal at House on the Hill. Deadwood is probably my second favorite.

    Quote from Jay13x
    Last night I played a real game of Bang! and I think I like it more than King of Tokyo.

    Bang! (the card game) or Bang! The Dice Game? Most people think of "Bang!" as the card game, but your comparison to King of Tokyo makes me wonder if you are referring to the recent dice game.

    In the card game, I feel the odds favor the Sheriff/Deputies while the Renegade has the hardest challenge. I like the dice game, but with only one session so far, I do not feel qualified to make a real assessment of the game balance.
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  • posted a message on What happened in the 5 years while I was gone?
    One more thing I forgot to mention:

    * The DCI dropped the ELO rating system in favor of "Planeswalker Points". The new system was widely criticized for rewarding frequency of play rather than quality of play.
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  • posted a message on What happened in the 5 years while I was gone?
    I scanned the other responses and I believe the below items have not been mentioned yet.

    * Not sure if this happened before or after you left, but WotC put a stop to the Magic player rewards system.

    * WotC removed support from independent tournament organizers. All of their support now goes to tournament organizers affiliated with brick-and-mortar game stores.

    * To promote Zendikar, WotC acquired many old and valuable cards and repackaged them into packs of Zendikar. This is known as the "Priceless Treasures" promotion. During the promotion, it was possible (though incredibly rare) to open desirable out of print cards such as those among the Power 9.

    * Many suspect Star City Games cornered the market on Misty Rainforests shortly after the Modern format was announced, causing the price to spike dramatically. Magic "market manipulation" conspiracy theories have become increasingly popular since then.

    * About half-way through a big tournament in Texas, someone was caught with six copies of Elvish Archdruid in his deck. He went on to win the tournament.

    * A rise in reports of theft and robbery of Magic cards began appearing on this and other forums sometime in 2009/2010. Examples include: bags stolen while playing, binders snatched while trading, car break-ins, and physical assaults in convention center restrooms.

    * After printing several cards from the reserved list as foils, WotC reviewed it's policy and reaffirmed its commitment to not reprinting those cards. From the Vault Relics was the last set to contain any cards from the Reserved List.

    * In 2012, someone in Florida was murdered in his own home for his cards. The suspects were guests he had invited to his house to play.
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  • posted a message on What are some of the pros/cons for the newly revised Curse MTGSalvation site?
    [i]Quote from parinoid
    Mousing over the timestamp gives the exact date and time of the post.[/i]
    My first thought is "what timestamp?" Then Stoogeslap wrote:

    [i]Quote from Stoogeslap
    I'd like to add 3 more cons to my original list:

    1 - The fonts are too light, overall. I'd like to see the fonts darken up a bit for easiness to read. The fonts are too thin as a whole, which makes the black appear dark gray.[/i]
    I highlight the page and woah! My timestamps are all in white text on a white background!

    Also, my quotes are weird in this post because clicking on preview wipes out my post data, forcing me to either rewrite the post or copy paste the preview text.
    List tags are malformed.
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  • posted a message on Advice Needed: How To Find Players / Play-groups
    I found my main group via

    Other social networking sites like Facebook might work too.
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  • posted a message on Cardfight!! Vanguard
    Quote from Card Slinger J
    I still prefer 1 vs. 1 and Tag Team like how Bushiroad has it

    I missed this statement earlier. How does Tag Team work in Cardfight Vanguard? I still only play casually and don't watch the anime.
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  • posted a message on What are some of the pros/cons for the newly revised Curse MTGSalvation site?
    • Posts no longer show the posting date.
    • The main site no longer has a link to the main forum (have to detour through newest posts first)
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  • posted a message on Our Last Day "Here"
    My biggest issue: none of our posts show when the post was made.
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  • posted a message on What if: Mythics
    This is similar to how Cardfight Vanguard handles it's rarest cards:

    Double Rare
    Triple Rare
    Super Premium (functionally identical to lower rarity but with alt art and/or flavor text)
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  • posted a message on What Tabletop Games are you playing?
    Last weekend I just started playing Dungeons & Dragons adventure system board games with Legend of Drizzt. I picked up Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon but haven't broken the shrink wrap on those yet. I'm going to be hooked on these for a while!
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