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  • posted a message on Wizards announces official magic film
    If Odric, Master Tactician is in any of those movies, he MUST be played by Sean Connery

    But, to be serious, no one has considered that they could just release the movie in coincidence with the release of a block or standalone set created specifically to match it, with new characters or a return of old characters?

    For example, they could release a standalone set coinciding with the realease of the movie but with mostly new cards and some reprint, called simply Dominaria. That set could introduce an Urza planeswalker card, a Yawgmoth card, some new phyrexian creatures seen in the movie, a new card for some important characters like Gerrard, Multani, Squee, Barrin, and spells and lands matching the movie, etc.

    The same idea could be done with a new plane created specifically for the movie in which a currently existing Planeswalker or a new one could be presented as the main character, with the movie presenting some new characters and spells and places that the set could expand upon.
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  • posted a message on Twenty-Five Dollars (Best booster pack ever)
    You could also buy something else, like music cds, a movie, some book(s). It would be a much more better deal on Amazon, as most prices there are less exepensive than in store for almost any given item
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  • posted a message on How much is a booster pack?
    I go to a store (which is not a card store) where i know the owner and every new set, he lets buy a box of packs for 2$/pack or up to 4 fat packs for 10$ each. He also sells me the duel decks that way for 11$ each on release day
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  • posted a message on Voice of Resurgence Rarity
    Quote from mastergee
    1. Go to a website that sells singles.

    2. Select Voice of Resurgence and the quantity you would like.

    3. Purchase the quantity of cards that you want.

    4. Wait about a week.

    5. Own the cards you want without ever opening any product.

    6. Save money and eliminate luck from the equation.

    Paying 30$ for a single card is not saving money. I would rather open 6 boosters in a gamble to get them and get 90 cards out of the deal
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  • posted a message on My one problem with Modern Magic: All vs You Control.
    Quote from Infallible
    That moment when you're playing mono green stompy vs your buddies elf deck and he drops an Elvish Champion and the stalemate is instantly broken, and any moment like that, should have been the moment when you realized that lords having the 'you control' clause opposed to 'all' was better for Magic.

    Does it get rid of a certain dynamic? Yeah, sure does. Is it one you really care about in the long run amongst a sea of major changes that have been made to the game's core concepts over the last half decade? It shouldn't be.

    To add futher on this subject, when was the last time Flame Rift or Sulfuric Vortex" target="blank">Sulfuric Vortex was printed? Why did they get rid of Shroud? How about Eye of Ugin being the last legendary land we've seen? What happened to playable random discard effects? Will standard ever have Ponder/Preordain/Serum Visions/Sleight of Hand ever again?

    The biggest question you should be asking yourself is has these changes made the game better over all for you? And more importantly, to the less experienced/new/casual player, did they enjoy these aspects of the game?

    You know the answer to your own opinion and the latter statement has been discussed to death.

    Sulfuric Vortex was in the last Duel Deck: Sorin Vs Tibalt
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  • posted a message on losing all abilities+Indestructible
    We play a limited game of Dragon,s maze. I have Tajic, Blade of the Legion on the battlefield and someone plays Turn/Burn on it, using only the ''turn'' half. Will Tajic remain indestructible, since indestructible is not an ability but a condition?

    And how does such cards interact with unblockable?
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  • posted a message on Modern and Vintage Banned List update
    There is something I don,t get with all that arguing: why don,t you people get creatuive and build your own decks, like for example: A Kitsune deck or a deck around Lighthouse Chronologist or whatever, then you won't have to argue over the ban list everytime a new ban comes out.

    Try building your own decks dammit
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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Shadowborn Apostle

    The only demon here is Griselbrand. I would definetly put a lot more demons than that in a deck built around the Apostle XD
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Nivix Cyclops
    His art is so awesome!!!!
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  • posted a message on [[DD]] Duel Decks: Heroes Vs. Monsters
    I think Theros could be a legendary block done more right than Kamigawa and maybe the hero deck will have a legendary subtheme. I will even go as far as predict that all rares in the heroes deck will have something to do with legendaries or be legendary themselves

    They could reprint a lot of the (really bad) common and uncommon legendaries from the Legend set for the Hero deck (or some rares also).
    I wouldn't mind getting a couple Tobias Andrion ou Nebuchadnezzar or Stangg in that deck, it would be flavorful
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  • posted a message on Old Card Frame v. New Card Frame
    I started at Urza's Destiny and I love the new frame much better, in fact, I got rid of all my cards with the old frame. I only play with new cards now
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  • posted a message on Card with the best art in your opinion?
    Elesh norn, Grand cenobite hands down is the card with the best card. A friend of mine even made me a painting of that art for my living room
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  • posted a message on Where in the world if Fblthp?
    This last one with Nin is genius!
    This is the kind of easter egg that they should do on a real card
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  • posted a message on What card names have you screamed out when you played them?
    I play with english cards but my first language is french. Me and my friends always call the french names when playing a card, some we made up, because we don't know the real translations. Actually, it,s pretty funny.

    Like Volrath the fallen, which translates as Wöhlrajh le Déchu
    (Why in the world did they translate his NAME?)
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  • posted a message on Most Valuable Card you own?
    I just started a Powerbinder of foil Mythics about a month ago.
    I sold a LOT of bulk and had a huge credit, so far I have: All 3 Eldrazi Titans, Avacyn and Griselbrand, Aurelia, Obzedat, 2x isperia, 2x Trostani, Rakdos, Jarad, Lazav, Thrun the Last Troll, Wurmcoil, All Praetors (Including a 2nd Urabrask), 2xPhyrexian Obliterator, a Judge Reward Phyrexian Dreadnought signed by Pete Venters, 4x Judge Morphling, The Champs Avatar of Woe, all 3 XboX Titans, 2x Nicol Bolas (M13), Liliana Vess, Liliana of the Veil, Jace, Memory Adept and Chandra the Firebrand.

    I plan on acquiring all legendary creatures and Planeswalkers in foil.
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