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  • posted a message on [Promo] SDCC Promos at GPs
    Except it definitely says they will be prizes at GPs through mid next year, not a single GP.
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  • posted a message on Melissa DeTora's Artistocrats 2.0?
    Perhaps you are confusing her with Carrie Oliver, who did win a MWCQ with Aristocrats Act 2.
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Simic Fluxmage
    Gatecrash card in Ravnica pack at FNM tonight. Simic Fluxmage, uncommon with an ability called "evolve". Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your controls, if that creature has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.

    Will post picture soon.

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  • posted a message on what decks won your fnm?
    Our top 8 was:
    3 Zombies (2 Jund, 1 GB)
    2 Jund Aggro (Non-zombies)
    2 GW/r Midrange (Angels, Tusks, and Wurms)
    1 UR Delver
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  • posted a message on Help Recover Justin Parnell’s Stolen Cube
    Quote from Vols
    baltimore is the scummiest area ive ever traveled to for magic and otherwise (and ive been pretty much everywhere). its currently the only event i go to where i am on guard at all times and when trading (which is 24/7 during the event cause thats what im there for). i only have one binder out at a time and put all valuables into a diff binder in my bag (with all the cards reversed in a black sleeve). only if someone asks for high values do i dig it out....literally hugging my bag at all times though in baltimore.

    they were announcing like every rouond about thieves being about and snatching bags, kids walking in from the street who dont play magic just looking shady taking bags just to take them..

    all in all ive been to baltimore like 3 times now and might not go back, its just a hassle...

    Yeah Dan, Baltimore was trash, with my playset of Elesh Norn stolen basically right in front of me in the hotel lobby and all. I actually entertained the idea of going back to Baltimore for the SCG Invitational there since I'm Q'd for it but after being in Baltimore once I never want to go back.
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  • posted a message on Lgbtq...(gay) magic players at your LGS and community acceptance
    My best friend, who I met through Magic, is gay and even though there are a few right wing conservatives at my store, he is accepted by basically everyone (Even them Republicans). Nobody cares either way, he is a person and is treated like such. Some stupid comments here and there, but that's to be expected I guess.
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  • posted a message on Nephalia Drownyard?
    Quote from Cyan
    I watched my buddy Adam Prosak, en route to winning this year's States(he also has won an SCG 5K), mill himself at every available opportunity. I'm going to assume that he knows what he was doing. You should consider doing the same.

    And I watched my buddy Matt Hoey win Illinois states (he also just got 3rd in Legacy at SCG Nashville, and defeated Joe Bernal, a multiple time SCG Open top 8er) by milling his opponent at every available opportunity. I'm going to assume he knows what he was doing. You should consider doing the same.
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  • posted a message on [OFFICIAL] Wolf Run Ramp
    Quote from JackMahone54
    How would we deal with a UW control deck based on Venser and Stonehorn Dignitary? Having to skip our combat step feels kind of bad...

    Beast Within is a real card.
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  • posted a message on [OFFICIAL] Wolf Run Ramp
    Quote from leh1982
    Deathtouch and Trample don’t interact this way together. In order to deal damage to your opponent you must first deal damage greater than the creatures toughness, deathtouch is irrelevant when trample is involved I’m afraid guys.

    You are wrong, please get familiar with the rules change in M11.

    EDIT: Here's your proof
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  • posted a message on The return of Draw-go?
    Quote from LostCondottiere
    Where were all these UB draw go lists at the Indiana SCG? For a deck many claim to roll over aggro, and in consideration of the metagame at Indiana, you would think UB Draw Go Super Deck would have walked away with the tournament.

    Look, I'm not saying it's a terrible deck. I don't it's necessarily terrible. But until it puts up serious results at a large tournament, color me unimpressed.

    I placed 31st with draw go, you can find my list on SCG. I received a game loss when I had a match won on board, causing me to lose the match. I should have gone 8-1-1 which was the cut for top 8, although I probably would have finished 9th or 10th on breakers. The only real match I lost was to the mono green Dungrove Elder deck because 8 hexproof guys are hard to deal with, especially when some of them cannot be countered.

    EDIT: BTW, I did crush all the other aggro decks I played, which included GW Humans, WU Humans, and the UW Blade decks. Was not remotely hard.
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  • posted a message on The return of Draw-go?
    Quote from LostCondottiere
    Oh, please. Can your Doom Blade take out an artifact or enchantment? Have fun paying 6BB to wrath a field of large creatures. Etc etc etc.

    See? Anyone can do that.

    Why there are titans in play is beyond me. Through 10 rounds of the Indy Open I never had to cast BSZ for 6. Ever. I needed to cast it many times for 2 and 3, which makes on par with Day of Judgement. Day's mana cost never varies but BSZ can kill a board of x/1s quicker and shuffles back to cast over and over.
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  • posted a message on The return of Draw-go?
    Quote from Cyan
    UW has DoJ, Timely Reinforcements, Oblivion Ring, Gideon, and can still cast Dismember. This is far more valuable as a 'removal package' than Doom Blade, GftT, and Black Sun's Zenith.

    No, no it is not. Instant speed is a big deal in a draw go style deck.
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  • posted a message on The return of Draw-go?
    Draw Go is real, believe it. I just went 7-2-1, good for 31st, at the SCG Open in Indy but effectively went 8-1-1 as I received a game loss that cost me a match in which I had the win on board. Myself and two friends all played UB and the only two UB decks to top 32 were myself and my friend, you can find our lists on the Open coverage or in Pat Chapin's article from the other day, our names are Peter and Matt.

    We tested the entire night before against mono red and were splitting game 1's down the line. The games only get easier after board, so RDW might be a coin flip but I wouldn't consider it a bad matchup.

    I played against 3 UW decks, all with Geist and Moorland Haunt. I went 2-0-1 against them. While they certainly are tricky to deal with and will kill you quickly if unanswered, I didn't have that much problems with the Geist or Mirran Crusader for that matter. UB has many options that deal with these creatures quite easily, I cast Tribute to Hunger to get the Geist numerous times and Black Sun Zenith still does what its done for the last year, kill everything in play. Moorland Haunt was not effective as a win condition without a Sword in play. I didn't play Ghost Quarter (probably a mistake) so I could never remove a Moorland Haunt but it turned out I never needed to. I clocked my UW opponent numerous times with Nephalia Drownyard with no fear of the Haunt. It's hard to be proactive while keeping up mana to activate Moorland Haunt all the time.

    I would play more Drownyards if I had to play the open over again. Throughout the tournament I realized how effective the card could be as a win condition in a draw go style deck. Against Solar Flare I just allowed them to dig deep with Forbidden Alchemy and Think Twice. After countering Unburial Rites a few times and activating Drownyard a few times they just die. Same against UW. I am playing a deck that is fully reactive while they are playing a deck that is trying to be proactive with Geist or mirran Crusader and Sword of Feast and Famine and then reacting after they put that plan into action. The UW decks felt very inadequate once the game progressed to the late stage as they floundered to resolve a threat while I just sat back on a semi full grip and continue to flashback spells like forbidden alchemy and mill them out with Drownyard. It's certainly slow, but I won 5 or 6 games on the day without dealing a single point of damage.

    Anyone saying UB Draw Go is not a real deck is just wrong. If you write the deck off and don't prepare for it you are going to lose to it. I punted a match I had locked up and my buddy lost in round 10 on the bubble. My final record should have been 8-1-1 which was the cut off for top. The deck is real.
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  • posted a message on Premium Deck Series: Graveborn (Full list spoiled!)
    Quote from TheEndIsNear
    I'm scared they'll screw it up and leave us all disappointed.

    Anyone else thinks they'll go mono black and have stuff like Kuro, Pitlord, Scion of Darkness, Pestilence Demon, Umbra Stalker. Meh Reanimator targets?

    It was already announced that the reanimation targets will span all five colors.
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  • posted a message on Vamps smash low-key SCG Open
    Quote from Sopcich04
    ah yes, that is true. on another note, im glad they are changing the bye-system.

    what store u play at? cracker or past-times? i used to play at gamestorm in lemont but found peotone to be a better environment

    I'm more north, I play at Xtreme Games and occasionally at Pastimes.
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