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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on I have seen a new card mention saying that Liliana belongs to Nicol Bolas now. Will he return?

    Bolas will not destroy Dominaria. It is the plane he was born on. He was not imprisoned on Dominaria, but his discorporated from was stuck in his Meditation Realm. A pocket dimension adjacent to Dominaria.
    Lily will work for Bolas, she doesn't have a choice in the matter, but on the other hand, she was using the Gatewatch to deal with her demons and didn't give two shakes of a tail feather about them or their goals. She. Is. A. Villain. Always have been, always will be. She is the epitome of a black mana aligned character, completely self centered. She may fake caring about others, but ultimately she only cares about herself. This is what Nissa tried to warn the others about, because she knows. Nissa has dipped her toe in the black mana pool and knows what kind of person does so. Nissa left because she was frustrated that Gideon and Chandra, people she considered her friends, would rather listen to the honeyed words of an obvious villain than their friend who tried to warn them.
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  • posted a message on Chances of Dominaria "Tresures" to replace masterpieces?
    Somewhere around 0%.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 planeswalker face cards speculation
    Urza being a very powerful oldwalker is part of what people expect of the character.

    Urza isn't superman, he wasn't even particularly powerful as an oldwalker, It is not WOTC's fault that people get dumb ideas about Urza's power level.

    Plus, what you describe could just easily be Tezzeret.

    You mean the Blue-centric artifact Planeswalker would have the same effects as the OTHER Blue-Centric Artifact Planeswalker? Urza wasn't a five color superman anymore than Freyalize, Ob Nix, Nahiri, Or Teferi were, infact he was less than the first two in some ways because Ob and Freya actually used their planeswalker powers. Urza was even after 3 thousand years of being a Planeswalker was an Artificier first and no amount of internet BS from the fandom will change that. Like it or not.

    No. Urza was literally the most powerful planeswalker who ever lived. This is canon, and there ain't anything you, I, or anyone not working at WotC, can do about it.
    Although, personally, I would think that Taysir should hold that title, being literally five people smushed into one. But, whatever. Shrugs
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  • posted a message on Likelihood of references to other important Dominaria characters?
    Quote from theMarc »
    Quote from krishnath »
    Urza had two sparks, his own and Dyfeds.
    It was Glacian's spark that Urza had, not Dyfed's.

    Oh, yeah, that is correct. I have no idea why I got Glacian confused with Dyfed. I blame my brain not functioning properly due to lack of sleep. >.<

    I'll go edit my above post. Thanks again. Smile
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  • posted a message on Commander 2018 planeswalker face cards speculation
    Quote from Raindance »
    Quote from void_nothing »
    Quote from Raindance »
    Taysir or bust.

    If there were a five-color deck he'd be a shoo-in, but otherwise I don't think any other color combination would represent him.
    Like Urza being the face but with Taysir as alternate planeswalker commander. Could even do some stuff that is approriate like theme it around Urza, the weatherlight, the titans, his brother Mishra, etc.

    So a mostly blue/black deck focusing on murder, manipulation, and eugenics?
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    Here's hoping for a return to Alara.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    I rather see a new Plane than revisiting something at this point. If anything, I would much rather go back to Kamigawa instead of Ravanica, and focus on Bolas doing something to that Plane. There hasn't been a "bad guys" focused set in such a long time. Last I can remember is New Phyrexia.

    Did you somehow miss Hour of Devastation?

    That still to me is a good guy arc that just lost. Not something like Hour where Jace and co just get separated. That to me is still a good guy focused arc, since it develops the good guys rather than the bad guys. I want to see a bad guy development arc. Even something like Garruk going around killing some one-shot Planeswalkers.

    No, Amonkhet block, and now Dominaria is all about Liliana Vess. A villain, a.k.a. a Bad Girl. A villain protagonist, sure, but she is a villain.
    Nissa warned Gideon and Chandra, but they were so enamored with Lily that they wouldn't listen, which is why Nissa left. And lo and behold, Nissa gets proven right. Lily was only in the Gatewatch to use it to help her kill her last demons, now that they are dead she no longer has any real reason to stick around.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    Quote from Dom4419 »
    I can see Samut (if she's finished helping on Amonkhet), Narset (if she sees this as an opportunity to learn more stuff), Saheeli and possibly Huatli joining as well. In terms of male characters, possibly Sarkhan as mentioned but i can't think of any one else. Dack Fayden?

    Samut is more likely to join Nissa than the Gatewatch, yes she hates Bolas for what he did, but she is currently more concerned with helping the survivors of Amonkhet than anything. And since Nissa's Hour of Devastation Planeswalker deck indicated that she would return there to help them rebuild (as well as work to rebuild Zendikar), it is a lot more likely that they will join forces. I think Nissa will start to recruit her own group to oppose Bolas.

    So Ajani is willing to save Elspeth but not stop Belzenlok on Dominaria interesting...
    I think Samut is going to busy for a good while maybe she shows up for a final strike on Bolas. She has more reason to hate Bolas then anyone not named Umezawa or I guess Ugin. Narset and Sarkhan should be easy pickups for attack on Bolas. Narset takes orders from Ojutai who take them from Ugin and Sarkhan is Team Ugin now.

    For saving Elsepth specifically though you have to take Gideon, maybe grab Koth?

    Narset no longer takes orders from anyone. Ojutai sees her as an equal now, and even commended her for her pursuit of knowledge. She left Tarkir, she does not know about Bolas. Sarkhan is the only Tarkir native with a full on hatred of Bolas to the extent that he would join the Gatewatch, and since he got a significant power upgrade due to the temporal paradox he has become. He isn't quite Elder Dragon level, but he would still be a powerful ally.

    As for Koth, last we saw him, he was fighting the Phyrexians, alone.

    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Not sure who else will join but I'm sure we will see a little bit before the ravinca showdown

    There's still a good chance Nissan could come back around

    It's a possibility, but it is far from a guarantee. She feels betrayed by Gideon and Chandra because they'd rather listen to the obvious villain Lily than her, despite her making a really good point and was, as the card In Bolas's Clutches shows, right. Lily would abandon the Gatewatch once her final demon was dead. That is the problem with purely black aligned characters, they are only in it for themselves. Nissa may return eventually, but it will take a lot.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    Reading that analysis regarding composition of the Gatewatch I am wondering whether there is a new monoblack character to take Liliana's spot (since the Gatewatch itself is currently down to 0 even partially black-mana members).

    Hmmm, has there even been a new monocolored planeswalker in Standard for a while? The most recent would be Ob Nixilis Reignited if you consider "never had a planeswalker card with that planeswalker type in Standard before" And before that... Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage? Wow.

    Well, IF the speculation in this thread is correct and we return to Theros soon, then Elspeth's return is imminent - to take Sorin's spot as the go-to white-black planeswalker (because you know that's what she's going to be after returning from the afterlife Smile ).

    A monoblack character is a very poor fit for the gatewatch by their very nature, which is why the Liliana debacle could only end in one way: With her leaving them once her demons were dealt with. Nissa saw that, and when the others didn't want to listen to reason, she left. I could see the Gatewatch going to Theros to try and rescue Elspeth to recruit her to the fight against Bolas. I have a feeling we'll be getting a few new planeswalker characters in the next block, some of which may join the Gatewatch. But I do have a feeling that Vraska will end up taking the black spot.

    Quote from Temur_Wolf »
    I am all for Ajani rallying the Gatewatch to go raid the Underworld in Theros to get back Elspeth.

    There will be no need for raiding, I am sure that Erebos would be more than willing to make a deal with them, particularly considering that Erebos is Hades in all but name.
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  • posted a message on Likelihood of references to other important Dominaria characters?
    Quote from krishnath »
    It can't be Urza or Dyfed's, because they were used up during the legacy weapon firing and Karn's closing of the Tolarian rift respectively.

    Wait. Does that mean Karn is on his third spark with Venser's? Or did he never have one of Dyfed's/Urza's?

    Karn should be on his second spark now. Urza had two sparks, his own and Glacian's. One was used up when the legacy weapon fired. Karn got the other. Karn then burned out that Spark fixing the Tolarian Timerift, which led to him having a massive "Oh, Crap" moment, when the Glistening Oil he had been trekking all over the multiverse through Xantcha's Heartstone started to affect his body (Having a spark makes one immune to the Glistening Oil.), which in turn made him activate the planeswalking engine from the Weatherlight (which was a component of the Legacy Weapon) to planeswalk to Mirrodin before it started to compleat him.
    Then Scars/New Phyrexia happened, and Venser gave up his Spark to reignite Karn, and he has been spending the intervening years trying to undo the damage he caused by inadvertently trekking glistening oil all over the place and fighting the Phyrexian influence on dozens of worlds, including Dominaria.

    TL;DR: Urza burned up either his own or Glacian's spark when the legacy weapon fired, Karn got and used up the other, then got a new spark from Venser. So Karn is on his Second spark.

    Also: Teferi will be on his second spark at the end of Dominaria.

    Edit: Accidentally mixed up one dead planeswalker with another. Fixed now.
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  • posted a message on No masterpiece series
    Quote from Gojira X »
    Quote from saneatali »
    They went too far with the masterpieces by putting them into every set, so they pulled back and decided to save them for special occasions. Here we are, special occasion central. Magic's home plane on its 25th anniversary.

    That plan worked well...

    I heard a rumor that they are just going to do them in Masters product since they have started to lose their shine.

    What shine? The Masters Products have consistently failed to deliver what they promised and are over priced to boot. Had the masters sets been 25-30% cheaper or been better made, I doubt people would be complaining as much.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    Quote from Chosenone919 »
    I really wish Elspeth would return. Maybe she would be WB then but I would prefer her still being mono W. But for sure Gideon would easily be the main focus for the next Theros Set, maybe as the old and new Sun's Champion?

    At least Elspeth would make sense to join the Gatewatch, but there are for sure others. Maybe we will see Ugin and Sorin (I know he is encased in stone at the moment) join the battle against Bolas at least as they are really powerful?

    At least I would like to see where the Core Sets go to with Story and all. Do they get 3 or 5 Walkers? But it seems like they are not Mono colored. We got Tezzeret and I saw an image with Ajani as well so I assume we will see him again. From the same source i heard we will see 10 PW Decks for the Core Set, but that may just be another form from the Intro Decks. If there is at least a bit story, I can see some PW that Ajani is searching for here. I still do hope they do not go to Ravnica, if that is the next battle against Bolas, though I really love Ravnica. And if Lili leaves the GW as well I can easily see Theros and looking for Elspeth and other allies.

    Lili was using the Gatewatch to help deal with her demons, she had no intention of helping them fight Bolas. Indeed, after Dominaria she will be working for Bolas, not because she want to, but because she defaulted on her contract, which makes Bolas her master.

    After Dominaria the Gatewatch will consist of Ajani, Chandra, Gideon, Jace, and Teferi. (As we are getting an Oath of Teferi, him joining them is a given). Jaya being Jaya she'll not join the Gatewatch, but she will be an ally, much like Tamiyo. And Karn, well, he has a massive issue he still needs to deal with before he can join the Gatewatch, namely the issue with tracking Glistening Oil all over the multiverse. He will likely also be an ally to the Gatewatch, but not a member.

    That means that the Gatewatch is at a major disadvantage, even with the now fully realized Guildpact Jace among them. So they need both Allies and Members. Vraska will likely help them, but she can't turn directly against Bolas (yet), and there aren't that many other known planeswalkers who could ally with them. Elspeth would likely join if resurrected (and the Therosian afterlife being what it is...), and Sarkhan Vol *hates* Bolas and would likely join to oppose the Elder Dragon. Most of the remaining planeswalkers either won't join for various reasons (such as Koth's hate of Phyrexia), are antagonistic towards individual members of the Gatewatch (such as Ral Zarek, but he would likely help out if Ravnica is threatened directly), or are outright villains.
    Thusly, most future members are likely to be new(ish) planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    There was a Tezzeret planeswalker deck for M19, so maybe he'll show up in the main set as well? I assume Vivien is pretty much a given.

    Unless she is for the next block. It took over a year for Kiora, Nissa, and Ral to show up after they were revealed after all.
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  • posted a message on seeding creature types/etc.
    I am half expecting Thrulls in M19.
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  • posted a message on I think the next "block" might be Theros
    We will be getting at least one black aligned walker in Core19, so I wouldn't worry about it. WotC wants to balance the planeswalkers over the year, not in the individual sets.
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